Emma’s Awakening Ch. 05

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After Emma’s gangbang at the neighbour’s house, where her English teacher James had fucked her asshole raw, she started staying late at school. She told her family she was staying late to study, but all she really studied was James’s thick black cock.

Despite his love of poetry, James was no romantic: with hardly a word, he rammed his cock into her mouth, her pussy, her ass, between her tits … his favourite was to bend her forward over his desk, still clothed in her schoolgirl uniform, and rip her panties apart. Then he’d punish her asshole through the torn panties, while she bit down on a ruler to keep from screaming.

He insisted on ripping her panties to shreds – Emma loved how rough and animalistic he was, and she didn’t care about the ripped panties except that she kept having to buy new ones. She’d gotten him to agree to pay for them, at least.

As a bonus, Emma found she was better able to concentrate after she’d sucked off James at lunch, knowing she had a hard fuck coming at the end of the day – so ironically, even though she was getting the shit fucked out of her instead of hitting the books, her grades were going up and her parents were happy to let her come home late.

On Friday though, James was sick, and the substitute was a greasy loser, so Emma headed home early. She decided to skip out on some of her classes, and made it home not long after lunch.

She should have been alone at the house, but as soon as Emma entered she could hear someone moving around, in her parent’s bedroom.

It freaked her out. She’d rather be caught skipping school than catch someone breaking into the house. But maybe it was just her parents? They shouldn’t be home yet, but she didn’t want to end up calling 911 on her Dad. However, if she just ran off before anyone caught her skipping, then she might come back to find the house robbed. She figured she’d just sneak close enough to see who it was, and then skip out.

The door was partially open, and she snuck her head around the frame, cautiously, for a glimpse of who was inside. To Emma’s shock it was her Mom, naked, slamming a huge blue dildo in and out of her cunt.

Emma froze, shocked, eyes widening as her Mom pounded her own pussy. She had both hands wrapped around the dildo, with her head back and her eyes closed as she gasped. Her long legs were spread wide and even from this far Emma could see that her cunt was dripping.

She’d never guessed that her Mom would even own a dildo, never mind skip work to slam it into her pussy. Emma and her Mom had always gotten along, although they’d been more distant lately. As Emma became obsessed with sex, and making up for lost time as a late bloomer – in other words, getting fucked raw – she had been home less and less, and at the same time her Mom had started being bitchier and bitchier.

Lately, they didn’t seem to agree on anything, and her always prim and proper Mom had been especially annoying to Emma with her demands for neatness. It’s not that Emma was rebelling, but that her sexual awakening had caused odd, unintentional tension in the house.

The other day, Emma had snuck next door with the urge to suck off Tommy. She choked down his dick, deep-throating it as he face-fucked her. At the end of it all, her mascara was running, and even though she cleaned it up as best she could, when she got back home her Mom noticed.

Mom had chewed her out about being sloppy and letting her makeup get all over. Weirdly, letting the neighbour boy fuck her throat wasn’t the issue – thank god she didn’t know about that, or think to ask why Emma’s makeup had started running! – but the smeared makeup had given her Mom the excuse to bitch at Emma about something.

She had thought it an odd thing for her Mom to even care about, and suspected something else was bothering her. Maybe she was just frustrated and not getting enough dick from her Dad. That would explain why she felt the need to take a day off for a dildo.

She was really into it now. She slammed it into herself as far as it would go, fast, and then pulled it out slowly. Then slammed it in fast again. Emma was mesmerized. Then, suddenly, her Mo drew the dildo all the way out. It exited her pussy with a wet plop and she pulled it to her mouth, holding it with one hand, sucking off her own juices. Meanwhile, her other hand reached across the bed, towards …

Emma couldn’t really see what her Mom was reaching for from where she stood. She inched closer, then closer, cautiously … it looked like … but it couldn’t be …


A butt plug.

Emma gasped, a sharp inhale with a bit of laughter. Her Mom with a butt plug! Holy shit! She covered her mouth.

But Mom had heard. She spun around, and spied Emma just outside the door. Her eyes went wide and she rushed to hide the butt plug and the dildo, shoving them under her pillow, then grabbing the sheet to cover herself up.

“What are you bahçelievler escort doing home?” Mom asked.

Emma deflected. “The better question is What are you doing with a butt plug?”

“I don’t – I’m not -“

“Come on, Mom! It’s a fucking butt plug. What the hell?”

Then her Mom started to cry.

Emma’s heart fell. What the hell? She wanted to run away, but she forced herself to calm down, and instead sat down on the bed, reaching to console her Mom. At first, she pulled away, but then she allowed Emma to hug her, and even dropped the sheet to pull Emma closer.

This put Emma in an awkward position, of trying to hug her naked Mom while at the same time trying not to be weirded out about everything. Her Mom was still a fit woman, not that old (she’d had Emma young, and was just 38), with short blonde hair and quite large tits for a slender woman. Her bare tits pressed into Emma’s clothed ones, and Emma could feel her own nipples hardening inside her bra just on instinct.

Her Mom could have no idea that Emma had been fucking like crazy lately – men, women, even the neighbour’s mom. Emma wasn’t turned on, exactly – this was still too weird for anything like that – but she could feel her oversexed body responding a little to her Mom’s warm nakedness.

“Jeez, Mom, I’m sorry, it’s not a big deal.”

“I’m sorry,” her Mom said, finally, calming down enough to stop crying. “It’s not that. I’m just being a baby.”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s – don’t worry about it.”

“Come on, Mom! Just tell me. I won’t judge.”

Her Mom sighed. “It’s just that … I’ve never – ” She breathed in heavily. “Your Dad wants to fuck my ass.”

Whoah! Emma was sorry she asked. “Um, okay.”

“He just can’t stop talking about wanting to fuck my ass, because I stupidly promised him that he could do it sometime. And now his birthday’s coming up, and he asked for that as his present. I didn’t commit to it, because I’ve never done it, but I thought, well, maybe, and I was reading up about it and it’s starting to freak me out. So I bought this buttplug to try to … I don’t know, stretch out my ass I guess. I thought I’d get myself excited first, and then try it. But I’ve tried, like, ten times already. I just can’t do it, it hurts too bad, and … Well, it’s just upsetting, because I’ve been so nervous and anxious, and so I’ve been such a bitch lately, and he’s only been putting up with my bitchiness because he knows he’s got an assfucking coming his way, and I can just tell I’m going to chicken out and fuck it all up for him. On his birthday, even.”

“But Mom, I mean, if you don’t want him to … uh … well, just tell him you changed your mind. It’s not like he owns your – uh, your ass.”

“I know, but I just feel stupid, and I feel like I promised, and I don’t want to just chicken out, it’s just, I don’t know, I just feel like a prude.” She sighed. “I’m not a prude, it’s just that this assfucking thing is freaking me out for some reason.”

Emma could understand. After all, it wasn’t long ago that she was a prude herself, whose boyfriend dumped her because she would only give him a prim blowjob now and then, with her pussy off limits. Now she was getting her own ass fucked on a daily basis, giving sloppy blowjobs to strangers, gangbanging … but all stuff she wanted to do, that she had initiated herself.

Emma couldn’t believe what came out of her mouth next. “You know, it’s not that bad. I’ve been fucked in the ass. It takes some getting used to, but it’s awesome.”

Her mother’s eyes went wide. “You’ve what?”

“Come on, Mom … ”

“Really? I … I don’t know how to feel about that.”

“Mom, I’m not going to get into a discussion with you about this. It’s already super-weird right now, so I’m going to take off, okay? But, like, if you don’t want to get fucked in the ass, then just tell Dad, uh, that you changed your mind, and … uh … find some other fantasy of his you want to do.”

“I guess, but … ” She bit her lip. “What do you do? When you … when you get, uh, when you … “

“Mom, this is really uncomfortable.”

“I just want to know what would help.”

Emma sighed. “Well, your butt plug idea is good, but you need, like, a lot of lube. I don’t really need that much, some spit is fine for me, but you will. Also, you could let him, uh, like, lick your ass or something, to relax you and get you into it a bit more … it’s hard to say, Mom, I mean, I … uh … I like it rough, so I just slobber on his cock for a bit or something, and lube him up with spit, then let him hammer my ass. It sounds like you would want to go slower and do a bit more, um, preparation?”

Her Mom shook her head. “Wow. I didn’t expect … anyway, I just don’t think I can do it.”

Then a lightbulb went off in Emma’s head. “Mom!” she shouted. “Wait here – ” and she bounded bahçeşehir escort out of the room. When Emma ran back in, she was carrying a strap-on.

Her mother was confused. “What the – “

“Mom, think about it! You make a deal with him – he can fuck your ass if you get to fuck his! Then you show him the strap-on. He’ll chicken out, and you’ll be off the hook – just distract him with a titfuck or something, I’m sure he loves fucking those big tits.”

Her Mom smiled. “You know, that’s perfect. Then he can’t say I didn’t give him the chance, and yeah, I can do some other fantasy thing for his birthday. Once he cums he won’t care anyway.” She giggled. “You’re so smart!”

Emma beamed. “So, I’m going to leave this strap-on with you, and OUR deal is that we pretend this never happened, and you never ask me about how I get fucked in the ass a lot and why I have this strap-on, and I’ll never ask you about shit like that either, and we can just pretend we never talked, okay?” She winked and her Mom laughed, and after one more hug Emma bounded out of the house.


Well, that was fucked, Emma thought, as she went on a walk to clear her head. At the same time, she felt pretty helpful. When she came home later, at the normal time, her Mom acted like nothing had happened and Emma happily acted the same.

She caught herself looking at her Dad funny – how weird, to think he was begging to fuck her Mom’s ass! – and almost felt bad for helping out Mom. Why shouldn’t her Dad get an ass to fuck? Oh well. She giggled as she imagined his disappointment at her Mom’s strap-on proposal, but also felt a little bad about it.

When his birthday did come, her parents retired to the bedroom early, and Emma did the same. She couldn’t sleep, however; her thoughts kept returning to her parents and what kind of sexual weirdness they might be up to. She felt a little on edge, somewhere between being grossed out and being turned on, and just kind of silly. She was naked and bent over, looking for her vibrator, when all of a sudden the door to her bedroom burst open.

She was so startled she almost fell down – if her breath hadn’t rushed out of her in surprise she would have screamed. It was her Mom, naked except for Emma’s strap-on, frantic and freaked out.

“Mom, what the hell! What are-” but her Mom rushed over to cover her mouth with her hand.

“Ssh! He’ll hear you! Oh, shit,” she whispered.

“What are you doing?” Emma mumbled against her Mom’s hand.

Her Mom pulled her hand away and grabbed Emma’s shoulders. “It backfired. He’s into it.”


“He’s into it. He agreed! I don’t know what to do now.”

“He agreed to let you fuck him with a strap-on?”

“I thought for sure he’d bail. But he just giggled and said, ‘Fair’s fair,’ and now I don’t know what to do.”

Emma didn’t know what to say. Her Mom’s tits jiggled as she nervously shifted her weight, and the strap-on bobbed up and down. Emma couldn’t help herself – she laughed.

Her Mom looked down at the strap-on, bobbing stupidly, and quickly removed it, tossing it onto Emma’s bed. “It’s not funny!” whispered her Mom. “I bought some time by blindfolding him and telling him I was going to get ready. He’s in the bedroom, waiting. What am I going to do?”

Emma smiled. “It sounds like you’re going to get your ass fucked.” She was giggling still – she couldn’t stop. “I’m sorry, it’s just so weird.”

Her Mom looked towards her bedroom. “You’re right. I’ve led him on too much now. I’ll just bend over and take what’s coming, I guess.”

“It’ll be fine.”

Her Mom bit her lip, and then turned back to Emma. “Come with me. Tell me what to do.”


“Please? Just, like, navigate.”

“That’s so fucked.”

“I’M fucked! Come on, Emma. You said you knew how to do this!”

Emma just shook her head, but her Mom grabbed her hand and when she pulled her Emma followed.

Before Emma could protest or grab some clothes, they were in the bedroom leaning over her blindfolded Dad. He was laying on the bed, naked, his cock limp from waiting. As they rushed into the room, he stirred. “Mary?”

“Who else?” answered her Mom, voice cracking a little. Emma tried to rush away but her Mom was squeezing Emma’s hand in a death grip.

“Where are you?” he reached out and almost grabbed Emma’s tit, but her Mom intercepted the hand.

“Just lay back for a bit. I’ll, uh, I’ll get you hard again.” She shoved Emma’s Dad back and sunk her head down, sucking his cock into her mouth.

Emma just stood, dazed, as her Dad’s cock started to stiffen in her Mom’s mouth. Her Mom might be an anal virgin, but her mouth was no stranger to cock. She slurped it down like a champ – and it was a big cock too, long and thick. It gave her big black teacher a run for his money.

Her Dad was aggressive too, which was another bakırköy escort thing she hadn’t expected. As soon as his cock was stiff, he grabbed her Mom’s head and started facefucking her, hard. She deepthroated him like she did it every day – maybe she did! – and if it wasn’t already weird enough watching her Mom give her Dad a blow job, his aggressive facefucking definitely upped the weird factor.

This was her out – her Mom was too busy getting her throat drilled to notice if Emma slipped away – but she was mesmerized and, truth be told, a little horny at the display. Even though it was her parents, it was still two people fucking in front of her – and fucking hard, the way she liked to fuck.

Without even noticing herself doing it, Emma reached down and started to play with her bare pussy. She was dripping wet – her Mom glanced over to see her rubbing herself and that’s when Emma noticed her own hand. With her Dad’s cock stabbing in and out of her Mom’s mouth, she couldn’t read her Mom’s expression, but her eyes looked wild.

Then her Dad popped his cock out of her Mom’s dripping mouth. “Lemme fuck that ass of yours now,” he moaned.

She pulled away, eyeing Emma with a “help me” look. “Let me grab the lube,” she said. She crossed past Emma, just a few feet away.

“What now?” she mouthed, grabbing the lube and handing it to Emma. They were standing close together now, and Emma motioned silently for her Mom to turn around. She had already turned when her Mom passed her, so they were now both facing away from her blindfolded father. Her Mom placed her hands on the dresser and bent over to push her ass towards Emma.

This is so fucking weird, thought Emma, as she squeezed the lube out. Here she was, naked in her parents’ bedroom, lubing up her own Mom’s ass so her Dad could fuck it. And judging from the facefucking he’d just given her Mom, he was ready to fuck the shit out of it, no pun intended.

That might have been the strangest moment of Emma’s life, if what happened next hadn’t happened.

As Emma massaged the lube into her Mom’s ass, her Dad grabbed her hips. “You must have enough lube by now,” he said. “It’s time to take that ass of yours.” He pulled Emma away, suddenly – she dropped the lube and gasped in surprise as he threw her roughly onto the bed.

He thinks I’m Mom, she thought in a panic, and then in a flash her Dad’s cock pushed into her asshole.

Luckily, Emma had by now made a habit of getting her ass reamed. Even without lube, her ass was trained enough to accept the large cock – and she had been right, her Dad was going to town on it. Emma gasped and moaned – still in shock, she just lay facedown to accept the anal pounding, her body reacting as her mind raced. Her Dad was fucking her, Fucking her ass. She was paralyzed in a panic, and all she could do was moan and grunt as he fucked her and fucked her and just kept fucking her tight teenage ass.

“You’re so hot,” her Dad grunted, shoving deeper and deeper. “Such a hot little slut.” She had never imagined they would speak to each other like that. The whole experience was overwhelming, and Emma’s mind and body felt overloaded – she knew she should speak, or try to shove him off, but she felt strangely passive, unable to really control her body.

There was something else, too – it was the best fuck she had ever had.

Her Dad had her bent over in her parents’ bedroom, his cock buried in her ass, drilling her deep while her Mom watched – her Dad! – and she had never felt better. She had never felt so full, so truly FUCKED – so alive.

Emma gasped and gasped as her Dad pummelled her ass. She felt the bed shift in front of her – she looked up, barely able to see through hair matted with sweat. Her Mom had silently crept onto the bed, in front of where Emma’s Dad had bent her over to fuck her senseless. Her eyes were wide and wild, almost glassy, showing some strange mixture of sorrow and excitement. She didn’t seem to know what she was doing, or what she should do.

Emma reached out, instinct taking over, to grab her Mom’s ass. She pulled it towards her and her Mom, dazed, moved her hips to help. Emma drew her closer and, still not truly thinking, dived her face into her Mom’s pussy.

Her Mom gasped and started to bite her own hand to keep from making noise, as Emma’s Dad started to fuck her ass faster, almost shouting out his groans. Her Mom’s other hand pressed Emma’s head against her pussy, as Emma ground her tongue into her Mom’s cunt.

As her Mom came in her mouth, Emma’s Dad, still oblivious to what was going on, shot his seed deep into her ass.

When her Dad pulled out, her Mom rushed to stop him before he pulled off the blindfold. She pushed him back against the bedroom’s far wall and started to lick his cock clean – licking Emma’s ass off of his cock – to distract him while she motioned for Emma to escape.

As Emma rushed back to her room, her Dad’s cum dripping out of her ass, she felt stunned. When she made it to her bed, she reached down to collect some of her Dad’s cum out of her asshole, cupping it in her hand. She raised it to her mouth, tipped it in, and swallowed.

If it wasn’t for her Dad’s cum running down her throat, tasting like her own ass and her Mom’s spit, she’d think it was a dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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