Emma and Her Family

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My whole life I’d been told I have a killer body. So, when I turned eighteen, I put it to use and started working in porn. I started masturbating in front of my webcam before I moved away and worked with a production company where I starred in many movies. I lived a four-hour drive from my parents, but still far enough away to work and be free.

It was a long, hard and day at the fucking office. Pun always made me smile to myself. I opened the door to my apartment and instantly I felt at home in the beautiful expanse. It was a two-bedroom apartment I bought myself after my first successful movie. Something besides my body that I was proud of. I was curvy in all the right places with natural F tits, thanks to my mother, but the dark hair and sultry looks I knew I inherited from my father.

I was taking three months off work to catch up with family, spending the time at my parent’s place for the first time in a few years. While I spoke to my mother several times a week, my father not so much; I was lucky to speak to him once every three months. Mum said he struggled with my choice of career.

When I arrived at their beachside house, the one I grew up in, I was greeted by my mother at the doorstep. She was excited for me to be home. I was twenty-three now and the last time I was here I was nineteen. Felt like a life ago. Dad was at work, the absence of his van answering any question I had.

Mum helped me cart my luggage up to the bedroom, and she sat with me on the bed. “Emma,” she said.


“I have something I need to talk to you about.”

“Okay tell me.”

She bit her lip. “Well it’s about your father.”

“Is he sick?”

“No sweetheart, he’s fine it’s just difficult to talk to you about.” She thought about it a bit more and I stayed silent, letting her mull it over herself. “Okay, while you’re here I need you to know that we love you very much.”

“I love you both too,” I said with no hesitation.

“Good, because I want you to let your father rape you.”

I processed what she’d said, and my eyes widened. “What?”

“Remember how I told you your father struggled with your career?” She waited for me to nod. “What I think he struggled with is the fact that he watches every movie, every clip. He has porn subscriptions to every company you work for. He never got to try you for himself. He never got to suck on your clit or fuck your tight teenage, virgin pussy. Instead, someone else did. You need to let him do this.”

“What you’re saying is absurd. You’re telling me that dad barely speaks to me because he’s torn up over the fact that I never fucked him?” Mum nodded. “Well I hate to say that is fucked up.”

“I don’t care how fucked up this is Emma, you’re going to do this. You’re going to make your father happy.”

“When does he want to do it?” I asked curtly.

“I don’t know.”

My mouth dropped. “You don’t know? You’re sitting there telling me that he wants to rape me and you can’t tell me when he wants to do it?”

“Anytime over the next three months. And you remember the family rules?”

“What fucked up rule are we talking about?”

“No contraception is to be used in this house. If a baby happens, it happens. Hand it over, Emma.”

“You can’t be serious right now.” I moved over to my bag, handing her the packets of the pill I bought with me. “And you wonder why I don’t come home very often.”

“Now now Emma, don’t be cranky with mummy.” The tone made my nipples peak and my sex clench. I was standing over her, and she pulled me by my shirt and smacked her lips against mine. Oh, I missed my mother. I missed her soft form, and her tits that were the same size as mine. We pulled apart while we lifted my shirt over my head, putting my bra and cleavage on full display. Mummy nuzzled her face into them before stretching up to my lips again.

I straddled her and sat on her lap, kissing her deeply. Grinding my clothed pussy on her, I tried to tell her what I’d missed. We stood, removing all our remaining clothes, before she lay me on my back and laid on top of me. Her pussy moving in circles on top of me while she licked my tits and rubbed her nipples on mine. Our huge tits pillowing each others. Mummy sat back and separated my legs, diving her mouth on my cunt. Taking my clit between her teeth, and forcing three fingers inside my wetness. She knew me like a memorised map. Mummy knew what made my cunt tingle, what had me writhing, and what had me throwing my head back as the orgasm took over me. She’d perfected her skill. It didn’t take long before she was doing it all over again to me.

“Ahhh. Oh my god, fuck me mummy. Fuck me.” I screamed as I came.

“Want me to ride you, baby.”

I nodded vigorously. She aligned her clit on top of mine and using my legs as a support mummy grinded her cunt on mine. She started slowly, but it wasn’t before long that her speed was so fast that we both came. She didn’t stop. Our pussy’s gyrating against each other’s. Her anadolu yakası escort grinding was almost animalistic, abandoning any rhythm I could possibly follow. I climaxed, and within seconds, so did mummy. I loved watching the orgasm take over her body. The almost unreal aftershocks that rocked through her. Her mouth that perfect O.

“You know I see you fucking those girls in the videos, and I think to myself… oh, I think to myself that I taught you so well. I taught you how to fuck a girl, didn’t I?”

“Yes mummy…”

“I was the one who showed you how to eat a cunt. I was the cunt you feasted on for a long time, wasn’t I?”

“Yes mummy…”

“The other girls don’t taste anywhere near as good as your mummy, do they?”

“No mummy…”

“Want to taste mummy now?” She pulled away from my cunt and settled right at my face. While she lowered slowly, I used my tongue to fuck her. In and out. My head shaking side to side, my nose rubbing her swollen clit. She climaxed on my face, her wetness going straight onto my tongue.

“Good girl,” She cooed as she lifted off me, laying by my side and caressing my tit, the nipple peaking again. “Now Emma.”

“Yes mummy?”

“You will let your father rape you, do you understand?” Her tone hardened. There was no arguing with her.

“Yes mum,” I responded quietly. She climbed off the bed, fully nude, and started walking out the door. “Where are you going?”

“Your sister just got home. She only turned eighteen a week ago, so she has a lot of catching up to do.”

I rolled my eyes and within minutes I heard the tell-tale sign of my mother’s form of sex-ed. I looked to the end of my bed, seeing if I could keep the packets of contraception hidden, but no, she had taken them. Sneaky bitch.

In my family sex was our rite of passage. When we turned eighteen, we were fucked by our mother for two years, and when we turned twenty, our father would then have his turn. I was out of home by nineteen, so my mother missed half of her rights to my body and my father, poor daddy, lost them all. I wanted to save Carly from all this fucked up parenting; no contraception, fucking the parents at certain ages, when we turn eighteen we’re not allowed to wear much in the way of clothing, no masturbation unless a family member was present. I loved my family, but these rules… it was follow them or leave the family.


We all sat around the dinner table, me next to my father and opposite my mother, my sister next to her. My sister, Carly, had come into my room, dressed in almost nothing to wake me for dinner. When our mother was training us and she forced us to wear next to nothing to tempt my dad. She always claimed that she was training us for two years so we would be ready to fuck daddy. And now it was my turn. I didn’t know how many times or for how many years daddy had the ‘right’ to fuck us, but I figured it’d be better to get it done and then get away. I gave him a perfunctory kiss as I sat down, dressed in translucent lace, with a matching bralette. His eyes darkened as he watched me sit. My nipples tightened under his stare.

The family pestered me with questions about the porn industry. Carly looked at me intently as though she was interested, but I noticed my mother’s hand was no where to be seen. Within a minute, Carly exploded in orgasm at the table, her body shaking in her seat. She’d failed her lesson. I remembered that one, and the time I passed it and my parents bought me an extravagant necklace that I wore in some movies.

“To your room, Carly,” my mother scolded. She lifted her wine glass to me and winked.

“So, baby, have you anything to say to Emma?”

Dad looked at me and I licked my lips in anxious anticipation. “You’ve become a beautiful, woman.” Was all that he said.

“Thank you, daddy,” I replied in a whisper. Turning all my attention to my plate, I forced myself not to cry. I came back here at my mother’s request, because she said dad really wanted to see me, but he didn’t even care if I was here. At that moment, all I wanted was to fuck my daddy – give him my body in a sacrificial sex offering, but he had to be in control.

“Sweetie,” mum interrupted my monologue. “What are you going to do tomorrow?”

“I don’t have anything planned.”

“You could help your daddy. He needs someone to do all his filing. I could find you something secretarial to wear.”

I swallowed. “What do you need filing for, daddy?”

“Your daddy bought the business from under the Carters. So not only is he now doing all the jobs and making all the money, but there’s a lot of office work to get done.”

“I’ll do whatever daddy wants.”


I was here one month and daddy hadn’t even touched me. He looked at how I dressed for his attention. All I would wear was the lingerie, or shorts that didn’t cover my ass cheeks. Leaving the door open when I showered. He asked me at dinner every night if ataköy escort bayan I would be his secretary for the following day. I went and bought sexy office attire, a knee length with a slit almost all the way up one thigh and a blouse that my huge tits burst out of. His colleagues looked at me like I was a prize, like they wanted to fuck me hard for hours; I saw their erections and the salivating mouths. But daddy didn’t even give me a second glance.

Even mummy didn’t even touch me. All she did was fuck Carly, because she was mummy’s new play toy. Trainee, mummy liked to call us. Every night I lay naked in my bed, wishing that tonight was the night daddy would finally take me.

It was another week before I interrupted a training session mummy was having with Carly, crying because daddy hated me for running away. Mum was sitting on Carly’s face, teaching her just how to use her tongue the way mummy liked it.

“Sweetie, I promise it’ll happen. He will punish you, I wont lie, but you will get fucked by your daddy’s huge cock before the three months are up.”

“Well I hope he wont tonight. I just got my period.”

Mum grinded her cunt on Carly’s face. “You’re nearly there, Carly, keep going little girl. Is this day one of your period?”

I nodded, gesturing to my tank top and tights. Period clothes, we called them in our family.

“Okay well, I’ll tell him.”

I left the room just as mum climaxed and I went to the television room where I found my father watching porn. My porn.

“Hi daddy.” I announced my presence.

“Hi baby. How are you?” Not even batting an eyelid that his dick was tenting his pants.

“I’m on my period, so I feel like shit. Are you watching my porn, daddy?”

“I turn it on sometimes. Probably your biggest fan.”

“Well I can give you an autograph if you want…”

He laughed, “Thanks for the offer baby.”

“So, is today day one of your cycle?”

“Yeah… so I’ve got at least five days left of this. I hate that one of the family rules is no contraception, my period pain is awful.”

He smiled. “Was this an all-natural one?”

“What do you mean?”

“Was this one induced from your pill or is this one you’re having by yourself?”

“Myself… why?”

“Just trying to understand how they work.”

It was my turn to smile. As much as I loved my daddy, I doubt he would ever understand the menstrual cycle. “Daddy, can I ask you for something?”

“Of course, sweetie.”

“Can you just hold me?”

He opened his arms to me without hesitation. I choked on the sobs that threatened to spill. We watched me fuck someone else on screen, just holding on to each other. I wanted to say sorry for taking off the way I did, and that he could fuck me whenever he wanted but things had to happen on his timing. Not mine. As much as I hated it, I understood. But this was the most interaction I’d had with him in the five weeks I’d been home.

Mum came into the television to see dad but, when she saw me draped all over him, she backed out of the room.


When my period finished, things between my dad went pretty well back to the way they were. He would only talk to me if I spoke first. And directly to him. It broke my heart but I knew that I broke his when I left. I never wanted to leave him again. I would do anything I could to please my daddy.

I went to bed early one night feeling hornier than ever, but I knew I couldn’t masturbate without a parent watching, so I went to sleep instead. I was woken in the middle of the night when something heavy fell on top of me. Sucking in air, I went to scream my lungs out but a hand stifled my mouth. My daddy’s hand. At first, I was scared, but when I knew it was him I calmed myself a little, ready to brace myself for whatever he wanted to give me.

He dragged me from under the covers by my hair and, using scissors, he cut my pyjamas throwing the shreds of fabric onto the floor. “You’re a fucking slut and you’re going to be treated like one.”

“Yes daddy,” I whispered.

He moved his fingers across my tits, taking a handful and not having nearly enough of it. He bent over and bit each nipple so hard he bought tears to my eyes; then he moved on and spanked my tits repeatedly. I deserved this. It wouldn’t have been so hard if I just stayed. It wouldn’t be this hard. This was why daddy had to force it out of me.

He gripped my hair again, pulling my head over the edge of the bed where he unleashed his cock from the confines of his pants and forced it past my lips. With one push, he’d touched the back of my throat and he held himself there. My gag reflex went into overdrive trying to heave him out again.

He slapped the side of my face. “Keep me there, slut.”

I struggled to breathe and tried harder to suppress the retching. My jaw started to ache and I closed my mouth a touch and was met with another slap to the face, ataşehir escort bayan this one harder than the last.

He pulled himself out, wiping his dick on my lips. “Kiss the cock that made you.”

I did as asked, kissing it from base to tip, between open mouth kisses and pecks of my lips on his dick. Using my tongue to worship it the best I could. He put his sac directly on my mouth and I sucked on the balls until he told me to stop.

He forced his cock into my mouth again, this time he moved his hips, thrusting his prick in my mouth and his balls hitting my nose. He got further down the back of my mouth and fucked my throat. I choked on his dick as he pounded my throat hard. He placed a hand over my throat and pressed while he fucked for a minute before releasing. He didn’t stay still to let me catch my breath, but a minute later, he pressed my neck again. He started moving his hips faster, and he released his hand to let his creamy cum choke me instead. I swallowed every drop.

He pushed me on my stomach, pulling something up from the floor. Whack. The pain sliced across by buttock, and then he slapped the mark, forcing a scream. Before repeating. Three whacks of the cane, and then three painful slaps in quick succession. Four. Five. Six. I lost count. Daddy bent down over my ass and licked the cheeks, his hot tongue like ice against the scorching skin.

Climbed on my lower back, leaning over to bite my earlobe, he whispered: “You want more slut?”

“Yes,” I rasped, my voice dry from the screams.

He sank his teeth into the sensitive skin of my neck, before moving to another spot. Marking me. Making love bites all over my neck.

He sat me against the headboard and spread my legs. His breath touched my cunt and I trembled. “You do not come until I say so. Understood, slut?”

“Yes daddy.”

He attacked my cunt with his mouth, his tongue licking my clit fast before taking it between his teeth and rolling it back and forth. My muscles tensed, waiting for the permission to release and spread bliss from head to toe, but it never came. He lazily rolled my clit while his fingers entered me and fucked me. It wasn’t long before my pussy was grinding against his face but my body squirmed, trying desperately to get away from the torture.

Daddy slapped my leg, “Sit still, bitch.” I tried to turn my body to lead but it was impossible when I was shaking. “Don’t come, or you’ll be punished. Or do it, I dare you.”

I fought the tide. Steeling my muscles and closing my eyes.

“Grunting like a pig? Slut. You love this.” And then he removed everything from my cunt.

“Ahhhh,” I screamed in exasperation. I saw the moonlight over his face. Smirking as he watched me. I wanted to scream that I hated him and that I didn’t give a fuck about him anymore.

“It’s time I fuck you. Think you can handle it?” His voice was deep and heavy.

He climbed off the bed, turning on the light before grabbing something from the floor. Handcuffs, I realised when he took one hand and tied it to the pillar of the four-poster bed, then did the same to the other side. With my legs, he used rope, tying them to the top so my legs stayed up and open. My sex completely open to him.

“Your mummy trained you well.”

I watched as he rubbed his cock up and down, getting himself ready. He bent between my legs and pressed the head of his dick inside me and without any hesitation slammed himself all the way in, his shaft pressing on my cervix. I tightened my walls around him as he pulled out and pushed back inside. He quickly grabbed a pillow, lifting it under my ass, so that he could slide in deeper.

It wasn’t long until the brutal thrusts became hard to bear, and my cunt was in desperate need of an orgasm. “Wait,” he murmured in my ear, “I’ll tell you when you can come.”

The force of his movements sent my tits flying back and forth. They still hurt from his earlier torture.

“I want you to come at the same time I do.”

My mind thought first of finally being allowed to orgasm, and then a rational voice pierced my mind. I wasn’t on the pill.

“Don’t come inside me, daddy. Please. I don’t want to be pregnant. Please.” My pleas fell on deaf ears. He wanted to come inside me, so he was going to come inside me.

His palm connected with my cheek. “Slut doesn’t want my sperm?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Too fucking bad,” he spoke through clenched teeth. “And if you don’t come when I say, oh slut you’re in for a punishment and then some.”

Tears fell from my eyes. He fucked me again hard, his sac slapping my buttock; his cock reaching as far down as possible. I could feel him start to swell. I pulled at all my restraints to stop him but it was futile. He pushed all his weight on my pelvis so that I couldn’t overthrow him. With a tweak of my nipple and a hard thrust, we came together. Him releasing his thick and creamy sperm, and my catching on to it. Part of me was so happy that I’d held off for so long and was finally rewarded with a climax. But the other part shattered. I looked at him with tears in my eyes. If I got pregnant, I could be ruined.

He pulled out, his flaccid cock covered in my juices and his sperm. Daddy leaned down and kissed me. Gently, at first, before taking full possession of my lips.

“Do you love your daddy?” He asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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