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“You ever saw one before?”

“Not for real. Debbie showed me her mom’s dildo, shaped like a real one and I’ve seen pictures,” she replied.

“Debbie? Really,” I laughed about her BFF showing her something like that.

“She found it snooping around in her mom’s closet and just had to show me.”

“What did you think of it? Did you want to try it out?”

“It was weird looking and really big. It looked like it would hurt and I was surprised someone could really put that inside themselves.”

“So that’s a no on trying it out?”

“Uh yeah… real ones aren’t that big, are they?” she asked hesitantly.

“Well I don’t know how big the toy was, maybe,” I replied.

“It was about this long and this wide,” she said, indicating about eight inches and making a circle with her thumb and middle finger.

“Oh, well then yes, some are that big and even bigger. Most though are smaller than that.”

“What about you? How big is yours?” she asked glancing down at my crotch again.

My average five and a half inch cock lurched in my pants. I was semi hard talking to my girlfriend about penis size. We had been dating for a year now and both still virgins. She wanted to wait until we were both eighteen. I had turned eighteen back in May and she just recently turned the same three days ago mid July. So obviously I brought up the subject of sex now that she had finally reached her birthday.

“Actually it’s quite a bit smaller than that,” I said ashamed.

“Oh good I was hoping for that.”

My girlfriend, Rachel, is a tiny little thing. Standing under five feet and ninety pounds soaking wet, she’s pretty miniature. Perfectly proportioned though with narrow hips, small matching breasts and beautiful long brown hair, blue eyes and very attractive. We were sitting on my couch alone. My parents were out for the evening. I’d been waiting for this day for quite awhile.

“Do you want to see it?” I asked.

“Yes… we’re both eighteen and I think it’s time I saw a real one.”

“Okay,” I said standing up.

I was just wearing shorts and a T-shirt due to the summer heat. My dick was growing rapidly now as I was about to show her. I undid the button and zipper and dropped them to the floor with just my boxers on. She watched eagerly and I had to wonder what this was doing to her body. I hesitated, feeling my penis throb to full stature, making a bulge in my boxers.

“You’re already hard?”

“Yep, just the anticipation got me going.”

“Oh… well I kinda wanted to see it before and then after,” she said disappointed.

“Sorry, I didn’t know. Do you still want to see it?”

“Yeah, I guess so. Can you make it go soft again?”

“Umm, well not really unless we do something else for a bit.”

I knew cumming would make me soft again but I didn’t want to tell her that. I maybe a virgin but I’ve masturbated.

“Okay, just show me then, I’ll see it soft some other time.”

I was hoping she would reach out and remove my underwear for me but apparently not. I kind of felt on display, nervous and embarrassed. I slowly pulled the elastic band down, over my oozing head and off my hips until my boxers too slid down my legs to the ground. My fully hard dick was exposed in all its glory. Her eyes widened slightly and I hoped that was a good sign.

“It’s not as long but I think it’s wider than the dildo. Do you need to pee? Why is there liquid on the end?” she asked seeing my pre-cum shining on the slit.

“No, that just happens when guys get turned on, we ooze a little,” I explained.

“Kinda like girls? We get wet too.”


“That’s weird. I didn’t know guys did that.”

“Yep,” I said just standing there not knowing what to do while she looked at my cock and balls.

“It’s moving up and down a little by itself..”

“That’s the blood pulsing into it.”

“Oh right, that’s how you guys get hard.”

“So do you want to touch it or anything?” I asked.

“Debbie wanted me to hold the dildo but I wouldn’t. I was too scared. I guess I can touch yours.”

Looking down I noticed the drop of pre-cum was getting larger and about to run down the underside of my head. She sat forward on the couch and slowly reached out to me. The anticipation of her touching me had my heart racing and my body stimulated fully. Gently she touched the middle of my shaft with her index finger, running it down and back up. Sensations of pleasure ran through my dick, it was the first time anyone had touched me sexually.

“It’s hot, and you’re really oozing now,” she said watching the pre-cum makes it’s way down my head to the shaft.

“You touching it feels awesome.”

“Really? Well I don’t know what I’m doing so you will have to teach me and tell me if I’m doing it wrong.”

“Okay. The head is the most sensitive,” I said hinting to her.

She moved her finger off my shaft and touched the top of by purple head, but kept her finger out of the pre-cum. It felt incredible. Just her finger caressing the head of my cock had my balls rising.

“The clear ooze is really slick; you could rub it around with your finger.”

“Like bursa escort this?” she asked using her finger to push up the drip of juice onto my head again.

The sensation when she ran her finger up the underside made my dick jump and shudder. When she started rubbing it around in a circle on the tip I moaned spontaneously.

“I guess you like that. It’s moving by its self,” she giggled.

“Oh yeah, that feels wonderful, Rachel.”

“I heard some girls at school talking about blowjobs. I asked Debbie about it and she said some girls liked to suck guys with their mouths,” she said still playing with her finger.

“Ahuh… are you curious?” I asked.

“Kinda, but you’re so wide, I don’t know if I could.”

“Worth a try,” I said smiling down at her.

She squinted her eyes at me, knowing my desire plainly.

“Fine, what do I do?” she asked removing her finger.

“I don’t know, just suck I guess,” I lied.

I knew what to tell her exactly, having watched tons of porn but she didn’t know that.

“Okay, move closer,” she said.

I stepped forward, putting my very hard and wet cock right in her face. My heart was really racing now and I was worried I might blow as soon as her lips touched my head. She hesitated, opening her mouth and going forward but couldn’t get the right angle to take it in her mouth because of how hard it was, sticking almost vertical against my body.

“You can bend it toward you with your hand. It won’t hurt.” I said.

“Okay, I was wondering about that,” she said using two fingers to pull it forward.

When her hot mouth spread over my head I about passed out. Masturbation could never simulate the sensation of her warm wet mouth on my head. I moaned loud as she took my head inside. I felt her tongue on the underside make contact and she quickly took me back out.

“Salty… you’re slick juice stuff is thick and salty,” she said looking up at me with my cock still in her hand. She had finally wrapped her thumb around, naturally holding my shaft now.

“Is that bad?”

“Well… I guess not, just kinda surprised me.. It’s not terrible.”

I just smiled at her. She got the hint and looked back at my cock, throbbing in her hand. She put her mouth around it again and sucked softly. I instantly moaned, letting her know I liked what she was doing. She sucked harder and I moaned louder. Letting the suction end she took me back out and looked up.

“Feel good?” she asked.


“Strange, you guys like that, doesn’t seem like I’m doing much.”

How do I go about telling her to stroke and take me deeper, use her tongue and twist her head? How do I turn her into a porn star without giving myself away?

“Well I think there is more too it. I don’t know, use your imagination and I’ll tell you if it’s good.”

“What we need is a porno,” she blurted.

I about choked on spit, hearing her say that.

“Are you serious?”

“Well yeah, how else am I going to learn if you can’t tell me? I’m sure if I saw a girl giving one I could try and copy. Where’s your laptop? From what I’ve heard about porn on the internet we should be able to find an example easy.”

I was literally freaking out at that moment. I just stood there in shock with my cock trembling in her hand and making a mess with copious amounts of pre-cum. I couldn’t believe she was saying this. I didn’t respond or move until she asked what I thought again.

“Umm, wow… okay my laptop is in my backpack.. I’ll get it.”

“No I’ve got it, you can’t really move very far with you pants around your ankles,” she said laughing.

I remained standing, still in shock, watching her run to my room and return with my backpack. She took my computer out and fired it up on her lap. I sat down next too her without pulling up my pants.

“Okay, I guess I just Google blowjob?”

“Sounds good,” I said knowing what would happen.

I don’t think she was prepared to see what came up when she did so. I had the restrictions off on Google because of my searching for porn to toss off to, so the images that popped up were graphic and included women sucking large cocks and even getting sprayed with cum.

“OMG! Is that guy peeing on that girl?” she asked about the cumshot picture.

“No, he’s ejaculating on her.”

“What? Really, that’s semen? Why would he ejaculate in her face?”

“I guess that sometimes happens with blowjobs.”

“She’s smiling, like she likes it, weird. These pictures don’t really tell me much. We need a video.”

The list of web sites under the few pictures had a brief description of what they were. She ran down the list until she found one that said free blowjob videos and clicked on it. Up came the age verification and she clicked on enter. It was one of those sites that offers trailers of all their movies and a small tour to hook people in buying a membership. Many pictures of women giving blowjobs appeared and my cock bounced and oozed in my lap as I viewed the pictures. She seemed to be figuring out the site as it loaded.

“Looks like we can watch a clip of the full thing. Maybe that will bursa escort bayan be enough to teach me something,” she said turning her head to me.

“Worth a try,” I said, trying to act nonchalant.

“Let’s try this blond girl’s trailer,” she said moving her finger so the mouse hovered over the clip. She double tapped and the video began to load.

It was only thirty seconds but got right down to a very aggressive and sloppy blowjob. She was taking the guy all the way down her throat while he held her head, not letting her up. Saliva was dripping out of her mouth and covered his large member. I looked over at Rachel and her eyes were wide with shock but she was glued to the screen. Once the dude let the blond loose she sucked and stroked using the saliva on his shaft and twisting her head, bobbing up and down. The clip ended before the guy shot his load in her face but it appeared to me they cut it right before he let loose.

“Oh my goodness, that was something. How in the world did she swallow his penis like that?

“I have no idea.”

“I really doubt I could do that to you. Maybe the other stuff with my hand and the end but I’ll gag for sure if I try deeper. I need to see that again,” she said clicking play on the already loaded clip.

We watched it gain and I felt the trail of pre-cum inch down my shaft almost to my balls now. She studied the video as I watched her out of the corner of my eye. It had her intrigued, exciting me beyond belief.

“Okay, I could try that I guess. Let’s watch another girl and see the difference,” she said closing the video and going back to the site.

She scrolled down a little, finding a gorgeous brunette to click on. I think I was shaking with excitement as the video loaded. I couldn’t believe I was watching porn with my conservative girlfriend. The video opened, the brunette was much more subdued than the blonde. Slowing taking the man in her mouth and stroking slowly she took her time, bending the member up and licking the length of the shaft. Next she circled the tip with her tongue a few times before taking a few inches into her mouth.

“Well that’s much different isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” was all I could get out.

The clip changed about half way through to the end and the brunette was on her knees not touching the guy any longer. He was standing over her stoking his cock until he shot his load all over her face and tits. She laughed and hollered as the ropes of cum splattered her. When the guy finished he stuck his cock back in her mouth and she sucked him clean with both eyes closed since she couldn’t see.

“That’s semen I guess. Wow she really seems to like that. I don’t get it. She’s covered in the stuff.”

I was afraid it was too much and she was going to close down and be grossed out. I mean she hasn’t seen anything even remotely like this before. I didn’t respond, not knowing what to say.

“Well okay. Should we watch more or just try some?” she asked.

“Up to you.”

She closed the laptop and set it on the coffee table, getting on her knees in front of me. I sat back as she reached out for my dick. She grabbed it with her full hand and began to slide up and down the shaft, spreading my pre-cum all over the shaft and head. I almost lost it right then it felt so good. Pulling me toward her she put my head back into her mouth and sucked, moving her head up and down on it a couple of inches while her hand rubbed the shaft. She continued for about thirty seconds and I was on the verge of ejaculating when she stopped.

“How’s that? Better?” she asked.

“Incredible Rachel, it feels amazing.”

“Will you shoot like that guy on the video?” she asked slowly moving her hand on my cock like the girls in the videos.

“Eventually if you keep doing this, but I doubt I’ll have as much as him.”

“Well I don’t think I want you to spray me in the face so you better not.”

“Okay, I’ll warn you if I’m about to and you can stop.”

She grinned, bent down and sucked me hard again. She was really getting the hang of it quick. She learned she could grab my shaft and move the skin instead of sliding. She also took more of me in her mouth, probably thinking about the blond and how much she had swallowed. Rachel never took all of me but at least half and it felt astonishing. She was taking the brunette’s approach, slow and deliberate, not making a mess so I figured she was swallowing my pre-cum and her saliva.

She sped up on the stroking about a minute later and I couldn’t take it any longer. If I didn’t stop her I was going to blow in her mouth, probably ruining any chance of this happening again.

“Rachel! Stop, I’m going to cum,” I said pulling away.

“Really? Already?”

“Yes, it feels so good I can’t stop it,” I said breathing hard.

“Okay, well what should we do? Do you want to ejaculate?”

“Well yeah, sure I do. It will probably go soft then as well,” I said giving her another reason to continue.

“Oh, good well what should we use to catch the semen, ’cause I really don’t want you messing up my hair.”

“We could put a towel on the coffee table. I could do it over escort bursa that.”

“I’ll get one, be right back,” she said.

She stood, rubbed her knees and quickly disappeared. She was back faster than when she retrieved my computer. She had a full sized towel from the bathroom. Unfolding it she spread it over the coffee table and got back down on her knees, grabbing my dick again. She seemed very eager to suck me again or maybe to see me cum. Either way she was into it and started stroking and sucking immediately. I was in heaven. It felt wonderful and since I had nothing to compare it too, I was beyond pleased. I tried to hold on, delaying the inevitable but she seemed to anxious and working to get me off quickly now. She stroked faster and harder and moved her head up and down, twisting as she went until I was at the point of no stopping.

“Okay, lookout I’m going to shoot,” I said moving forward on the couch.

She stopped and let me get up, moving to the side, closer to the towel. I grabbed my cock, standing over the table and stroked my member while she watched.

“Let me,” she said reaching for my dick.

I let go as her hand replaced mine. She began to stroke, moving the skin only. She was still on her knees tossing me off from the side. Two more strokes and I tightened up, holding my load in as long as I could to increase the pleasure.

“Here it comes, Ahhhh, mmmm,” I said as my cock exploded like I’d never seen before.

It must have been the excitement of my first blowjob, the porn and Rachel stroking my dick because the first burst of cum almost flew over the table, just hitting the edge of the towel. It was followed by several slightly smaller ropes of cum any of which were more than I’d seen before.

“Oh my, you’re doing as much as the guy on the video easy!” Rachel said astonished.

I couldn’t respond, overcome by the pleasure racking my cock and body. I swayed side to side as more cum shot out of my cock while she slowly stroked up and down. It finally lessened and dripped large globs onto the end of the table. She stopped, letting go of my member, staring at all the thick slightly yellowish semen. I watched her tentatively run her finger though the large puddle closest to her.

“It’s really sticky. You would have covered me. Good thing we thought of the towel.”

“Yeah,” I said with weak legs and humming dick.

I had never even close to cum that much before. I sat down as she continued to admire my load on the towel. She smelled her fingers and looked back at me as she tasted some.

“Huh? Kinda bitter and even more salty than the clear stuff,” she said.

“Really? Well I guess some girls like it.”

She looked between my legs at my oozing cock, moving back in front of me. She reached forward and wiped off the last few globs and ate them off her finger. I was shocked, not knowing what to do or say, just keeping quiet to not ruin the moment.

“So when are you going to go soft?” she asked

I looked down at my ragging hard member, “Probably a couple of minutes, it shouldn’t be long.”

“What do you want to do about the towel?” she asked looking aback at it.

“We’ll just fold it up and put it in my room. I’ll sneak it in the wash later.”

By the time she came back my hardon was dwindling. She noticed right off.

“Oh wow it really does get smaller, that’s amazing.”

“Good thing, I’d hate to walk around with it that big all the time.”

“Yeah, good point. I can’t believe how wet that made me. I’m all squishy and feel like I need a shower.”

My cock froze, never making it to flaccid with that comment.. I smiled at her as she sat next to me on the couch.

“I should return the favor,” I said leaning toward her for a kiss.

She kissed me back, opening her mouth to let my tongue explore. I tasted a little of my cum left over, it was pretty bitter and potent. My hands made it under her T-shirt, up to her bra covered breasts. She moaned with my tongue in her mouth as I cupped her round perky orbs, palming them. Pushing her gently she took the hint and lay down on the couch as I fondled her breasts and kissed her. I wanted to get at her wet pussy more than anything in my life. While still kissing her my hands drifted down to her shorts. She let me undo the button and zipper while kissing me. Arching her back she helped me pull them off of her. She was wearing pink ‘boyshorts’ panties and I froze for a moment taking in the sight of her incredible body.

“You are so gorgeous! Do you know that?” I asked.

“You might have mentioned it before, but it’s nice to hear,” she giggled.

I smiled back and ran my hands down her silky smooth legs, my cock was already growing hard again, must be my eighteen year old body. Helping her wiggle out of her boyshorts I again took a moment to admire her neatly trimmed muff. She had shaved around her lips and only left a small one inch wide patch above her folds toward her bellybutton another three inches. It was sexy as hell. He lips were engorged and glistening from the moisture she had mentioned. Slowly I moved my hands between her legs, caressing her inner thighs. She moaned as I made contact with her lips, running my finger from the bottom to the top, spreading her luscious wet lips open and ending on her clitoris. She arched her back and pressed toward me as I lightly teased her engorging bud.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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