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In the late seventies, a prestigious fashion columnist for the New York Times was asked if he thought mini-skirts would continue to get shorter, as had been the trend. He responded, “I believe the end is already in view.”

Maryanne was a widow, a single mom with two children. She was not typical of single moms in the least. Most women who find themselves alone and raising kids have to struggle financially, but Maryanne’s husband had been a financial wizard. Before he passed away—far too young, of pancreatic cancer—he had already made a small fortune and had invested in such a way that his wife was well provided for by the time he died. She lived in a very nice house in a well-to-do neighborhood. She did not have to work.

At first, she buried her grief in raising her two small children. Austin and Connie were five and three, and required her constant attention. Over the next several years the pain of her loss passed and her children grew. Maryanne dated occasionally. She found that these opportunities to meet new men were enjoyable. Maryanne had a lush body and really enjoyed having sex. She rarely waited for a third or fourth date to invite her date into her bed. These boyfriends tended to be fun, sexy guys. Some of the relationships lasted a month or more.

Maryanne just wasn’t looking for a long-term replacement for her husband. She really enjoyed the attention she commanded from each new suitor, loved the anticipation of that first kiss. Each time she beheld her latest lover’s cock for the first time, it was like Christmas, or her birthday; she was unwrapping a present, and it was hers to play with and enjoy. The guys she dated all enjoyed their time with her. She made no pretenses, so they weren’t under any pressure to provide for her, nor did she expect them to take part in raising her kids. Likewise, she was never inviting any of these guys to move in with her.

When Connie started elementary school, Maryanne suddenly found that she had a lot of free time on her hands. One of her neighbors had a son who had just graduated from high school. He was taking a year off before starting college. Stephen had mowed her lawn for her for five years. She was feeling lonely, bored, and extremely horny when this familiar—but now strapping and very sexy—young man rang her doorbell. Maryanne tended to wear rather skimpy, revealing outfits around the house. The school year had started, but really it was still summer weather. Stephen’s eyes roamed her body, and it delighted her when he was embarrassed to be caught looking.

She had so much fun seducing Stephen. Initially, she had not intended to. She loved teasing and flirting with this much younger man. Stephen had always thought she was attractive, and he kept coming up with excuses to visit again and again. When he ardently kissed her for the first time, Maryanne decided that she had to have him. He was inexperienced, but she loved guiding and instructing this enthusiastic young Adonis. Her outfits allowed him easy access to her body, and he took full advantage.

Maryanne loved it when she would hear the doorbell ring each day. She looked forward to seeing his reaction to her outfit. She loved it when he would lift up her short skirt or robe and worship her sexy round bottom. Often, he would playfully chase her around the house, finally cornering her and taking her passionately.

Twice, Stephen brought over one of his young friends to play with her as well. He was respectful and got her permission first. Those were far more intense experiences for her. She was careful to stay in control; she did not want to get a reputation for being too slutty, nor did she want to be caught up in a gangbang or anything like that when her children returned from school.

Stephen was the first, but he would not be the last. For the next decade she was the sultry seductress in her neighborhood. She still dated men her age, but those relationships were less frequent. The eager young men who found their way into her life were inexhaustible. They were so enthusiastic to learn everything she had to teach. Maryanne spent year after year this way. Throughout the school year, she would welcome a new crop of young lovers while her children were in school. After school, and throughout the holidays, she was a devoted mother. Summer vacations were family time, and the three of them usually traveled to someplace memorable for the bulk of that time.

Austin and Connie were a little more perceptive than their mother realized. They were aware of her sexual exploits by the time Austin started high school. It wasn’t that big a deal to either of her kids. Nobody was calling their mother dirty names, or anything like that. The handful of young men who had enjoyed her body tended to keep it to themselves, or at least among the small group of friends who had shared her. Every one of those young lovers adored her. None of them would ever say anything bad about her.

Their lives began to change subtly when Austin silivri escort was a sophomore in high school. Some of his mother’s lovers were now guys Austin had known from high school. Also, he was now turning into a strapping young man in his own right. He played several sports in school. He could have been really good, but he had never developed much of a ‘work ethic’ as his coaches bemoaned it. He easily made the teams, but he never put in the really hard work in the weight room or studying the playbook to become outstanding.

He had begun to date, and he was popular. By Austin’s senior year, he was one of the most popular young men on campus. Connie was in the same school, only one school year behind her brother, and she was also becoming very popular. They were both attractive teenagers. Austin was tall and muscular, with light hair and dazzling blue eyes. He had an electric grin and a sharp wit. Connie had begun to develop a voluptuous body like her mother’s. Her large breasts and curvaceous hips drew admiring looks wherever she went. She had infused her dirty blonde hair with pink highlights, and she had to be reprimanded more than once for dressing too scantily for school.

While her children were in school that year, Maryanne was spending her days having sex with Thomas. He was their next-door neighbor’s middle son. He had played sports with Austin the year before. He was particularly fond of filling his forty-year-old lover’s tight asshole with his thick dick. Maryanne loved it. She wore miniskirts and short robes, keeping her horny little sphincter lubricated to make sure it was always ready for him. It was not the only form of sex they had, but it was certainly their favorite.

Maryanne was unaware that three different times her kids had come home from school and witnessed her eagerly grunting as her ass was pounded from behind. They never mentioned it to her.

They spent that summer in Belize. It was an amazing place to vacation, and far more educational for her children than Maryanne realized. It wasn’t that she was stupid; she just hadn’t fully accepted that her kids were now becoming adults. Their house was large enough that Austin had perhaps too much privacy. Maryanne never heard his eighteen-year-old girlfriends moaning in pleasure as they discovered just what a man he had become.

His sister did.

After that summer, Austin went to college. He used the trust fund his father had set up so he had money while he went to school. The campus was only an hour’s drive from home, so he was able to visit easily. He did live on campus that first semester, so Maryanne once again had her privacy while her kids were in school. She once again found a nineteen year old lover to eagerly fill her hungry holes.

November changed everything.

Austin was a little wistful as he drove home that Friday evening. His latest girlfriend had broken up with him on Monday, after he had returned from another weekend at home. She cited the same reason as her predecessor. He just wasn’t serious enough for her. He was casual about their relationship, didn’t take his studies seriously, and his goals in life were ill-defined at best. She probably would have broken up with him sooner, but she had really been enjoying his large cock too much. A big dick and active sex life will make up for having nothing else in the way of common interests, but only for so long.

Austin had been busy enough that week that he hadn’t yet sought a new girlfriend. It wasn’t that he was broken-hearted that his relationship had ended; they would likely still be friends and might even have casual sex in the future. He was just really horny after a long week of school. This weekend, though, was his sister’s eighteenth birthday party. She had actually turned eighteen on Wednesday, and he had called to wish her happy birthday. The party promised to be ‘epic’ as she had put it. Connie wanted her weekend and her party to be so over-the-top that it would be talked about for years.

Austin smiled at the thought. He hadn’t made a big deal about his own eighteenth or nineteenth birthdays. Oh, they had been nice, but not anything that memorable. He hoped Connie wouldn’t be disappointed, and when he finally arrived at their neighborhood it seemed that she wouldn’t be. Cars were parked the length of their block. It took him ten minutes just to find a space to park, and he could hear the music emanating from their house the entire time.

What surprised Austin was how many parents were in attendance. Many were familiar, from their neighborhood, but many of Connie’s friends had brought their parents along. Evidently, this was so that the kids could really cut loose and drink. Some of the parents were clearly inebriated as well. Hopefully there wouldn’t be any drunken driving, Austin thought.

“Wow, Mom really went all-out on this one,” he thought as he made his way through the crowd.

There was a live DJ, şirinevler escort and the living room and back lawn had been covered with temporary dance floors. Long tables full of snacks and drinks stretched the length of either side of the living room, and there were more of those out back. At least a hundred people were there, dancing and laughing and having one hell of a time. Austin joined his sister for a dance after giving her a big hug. He danced with his mother a few times after that, and had a couple of drinks.

The live DJ left at two in the morning. He was loudly applauded by everyone as his crew packed up the van. Guests began to leave then, but the party continued for another two hours. Finally, the last guests said their goodbyes and Austin gave the birthday girl another big hug before making his way to bed.

Austin slept in Saturday morning, and when he awoke he was astonished to see the house. He had expected it to be a wreck, but it was exactly the opposite. To look around the place, you would never suspect that there had even been a party. The only evidence was that his mother and Connie were both clearly hung over. Austin restrained himself from being mean. He had been hung over enough times that he could empathize.

“Hey, Connie,” he said softly to her, “You were right. That was one epic party last night.”

She smiled up at her sexy brother. “Thanks,” she said. “I’m glad you could make it.”

Austin went outside and moved his car from the end of the block to their driveway. In the process, he spotted some young men making their way back to their homes and realized that they had been the clean-up crew responsible for removing the evidence of last night’s excesses. He was just glad he hadn’t had to do it. He parked the car and grabbed the dirty laundry he had brought with him from the campus. His mother had encouraged him to bring his laundry home each weekend, mostly to encourage him to spend more time with his family.

Despite the chill outside, it was nice and warm in the house. Austin loaded his dirty clothes into the washer, and peeled off his sweats and boxers to add them to the load. His bedroom was right around the corner from the laundry room, so this wasn’t something new. In his room, he pulled on a pair of soft, comfortable shorts and a t-shirt and made his way back to the living room.

“Did you guys already have breakfast?” he asked. He was careful to keep his voice down.

They shook their heads at him a little miserably, so he got to work making them something appropriate. He started them off with a glass of water and some Alka-Seltzer Plus cold medicine. The stuff was designed for colds, but it was a miraculous hangover cure as well. He had actually discovered it his senior year of high school, when one of his older classmates had explained it to him.

He went back to cooking breakfast, and before that was even done Maryanne and Connie both felt remarkably better. Austin wasn’t an amazing cook, but he could make French toast. It smelled delicious, and with melted butter and syrup, it really helped everyone’s stomachs feel improved.

After breakfast, Connie and Maryanne both excused themselves to shower and change clothes. Austin quickly disposed of the dirty dishes into the dishwasher, and then he turned on the television to see what was going on in the world. It was a Saturday in November, so there would be some college football on in the afternoon. A handful of those games were going to be significant matchups, and it was something the three of them enjoyed watching together.

Connie was pissed off at herself for drinking so much last night. Oh, she had wanted her friends to be able to drink. Their mom inviting over so many adults to the party was a really nice touch. Instead of worrying about kids getting into trouble for drinking at her party, or having the police show up to break it up, it had instead become a major neighborhood event with everyone on board for it. The thing was, she had planned to lure her sexy brother into her bed, and had gotten drunk instead.

The two of them had never had sex, hadn’t even discussed the possibility. However, Connie had spent the past year observing how her brother had satisfied so many women. She had seen that wonderful pussy pleaser in his shorts, and she wanted it. She had become a little obsessed with the thought. She had erotic dreams in which her brother fucked her thoroughly. Just this morning, she had watched him saunter naked from the laundry room to his bedroom. She had been too hung over to enjoy it.

Now, as the shower invigorated her body and cleared the last of the hangover from her mind, she was determined to make her move. Her nipples hardened as she thought about what she would do. She knew he had broken up with his girlfriend from their phone conversation earlier in the week. He was probably the horniest guy she knew, and he was waiting for her in the şişli escort living room. He just didn’t know it yet.

Maryanne really took her time, luxuriating in the hot water of the shower. She was a little surprised when a bit of residual spunk came out of her pussy and ass; she thought she had gotten all of it out last night before she finally fell asleep. Those young men had been lovely, she thought. She had paid them to clean the house this morning, and that seemed a really wise investment. With her kids in the house, and her head pounding with hangover, she had not been up to a second round with them this morning. She looked forward to having them Monday, though. With her hangover fading, she felt a little twinge of regret. That quickly faded as she looked forward to spending the weekend with her beloved son and daughter.

Austin admired his sister as she strode into the living room. He knew his sister had an amazing body, just as he had known for years that his mom was one sexy woman. Being around the two of them was arousing, though he always managed to keep his hormones in check. The only evidence was usually a semi-erect dick in his shorts all the time. Connie could actually see his cock grow as his eyes took her in. She wore a mini skirt and thin blouse. Her hard nipples were clearly visible through that top, as was the fact that she wore no bra. Her big breasts moved around in her top quite noticeably as she walked up to him.

Connie could still hear their mother’s shower running. It was time to make her move and see where that led. She leaned down and put her hands on Austin’s knees, giving him an eyeful of her breasts.

“Thank you for fixing breakfast. My head feels one-hundred percent better. What was in that glass, anyway?”

Damn! Those were some impressive melons, Austin thought. He felt his dick hardening down the leg of his shorts.

“Oh, that was Alka-Seltzer Plus cold medicine,” he answered, “It’s really amazing for hangovers, isn’t it?”

“It sure is,” she said, sliding into his lap. Her breasts were right in his face, and his hard cock was only separated from her hot pussy by the thin fabric of his shorts. She leaned her face toward his until they were barely inches apart.

“Austin,” she breathed, “Have you got a nice kiss for me this morning?”

He smiled up at her. “Sure thing,” he said, and then he leaned up to kiss her lips softly.

It was a bit more sensual a kiss than any they had shared before. It also lasted longer, as Connie wrapped her arms around his head and pulled him into her. Austin also felt her wiggling a bit in his lap. She was really turning him on. He was a little concerned that his erection would be exposed if she kept rubbing his shorts upward like that. Unaware that she wore no panties, he thought her crotch felt really hot on his shaft.

“Mmm. That was really nice,” Connie said as she broke off the kiss. Her eyes opened a bit wider, and she added, “Oh! I got you a present.”

“You shouldn’t have,” Austin replied, “I didn’t get you anything.”

“Oh, yes you did,” she thought, “and I’m sitting on it.”

Out loud, she said, “That’s okay. Your present is in my room, come on!”

She stood and took his hand, admiring the way his shorts tented out in front of him as he rose to follow her. Austin couldn’t help but notice how the bottoms of her ass cheeks peeked out from beneath that tiny skirt. He imagined she was wearing a thong as he followed her to her room.

When they got to her room, she turned and faced him. “Now, you have to promise not to get mad. I put a lot of thought into this.”

He nodded. When she tilted her head and pursed her lips at him, he said aloud, “I promise, I won’t get mad. I’m sure I’ll love it, whatever it is.”

“Good,” she said, and she pushed her bedroom door closed and led him over to her bed.

Connie sat on the edge of the bed and pulled him over until he stood right in front of her. She lay back, spreading her legs and lifting her mini skirt up out of the way. Her voice was a growl.

“I got you a wet, horny, eighteen-year-old pussy, Austin. I really want you to fuck it for me.”

He was shocked, but his cock lurched in his shorts at the erotic sight. Her puffy little pussy was just beautiful. He couldn’t think of anything to say. She reached out her arms, looking irresistible and vulnerable. How could he turn down such an amazing gift? He dropped his shorts before sliding into her arms.

Finally, he found his words.

“It’s beautiful,” he said softly as he guided his cock inside her for the first time. “I absolutely love it.”

Connie gasped into his mouth as her pussy was spread wide open. She had been fantasizing about this moment for so long. Her fingers had spread her pussy as she had imagined how her brother’s cock would feel inside her. The reality was so much better than that fantasy, and it was only getting started. She shook with pleasure the first time the thick ridge of that cock head stroked her g-spot.

Austin savored the hot tightness of his sister’s sweet pussy, slowly working more and more of his iron dick inside her. When he was fully sheathed inside her, he stopped and kissed her.

“Your pussy feels incredible, Connie,” he said, “but shouldn’t I put on a condom?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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