Druids13f – Long Ride Back

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The long ride back

The morning following Walter’s first meeting with Eileen’s parents, found him driving back to the Joint Base where he lived in the BEQ. (Bachelor Enlisted Quarters) It was a relatively easy drive, mostly on back roads with only one intersection that he classified as ‘exciting.’

He had a great night with Eileen. He had stayed over for the first time. Eileen was probably getting an earful from her ‘Mum’, but Walter was sure that she could handle the ‘flak’. He was really falling for this lady, and he now called her his ‘Lady’ when he talked to her or about her. She was far and away the best looking, sexiest and most exciting woman that he had ever been with. She had definitely had a hard time with an unsuccessful marriage to some clown that everyone referred to as ‘That Rat-Bastard’ Robert. He would probably meet him some day, soon. And that guy had better watch out, after all he was a ‘trained killer’. Alright, he is a trained linguist and Intelligence processor, being a killer is his secondary job.

Last night, Eileen told him a few of her secrets and he shared one of his own. What he always thought might be incest with his sister, Eileen identified as mutual masturbation. Eileen also wanted to meet his sister Cathy. Her having a son from a prior marriage didn’t bother him. In fact, he was impressed by the shape that she was in and the way she keeps herself. He still hadn’t met Ian but he looked forward to it. Her parents are certainly ‘interesting’, and their accents really make him listen up. Her father, ‘Pappy’, seems like a regular guy, but, her mother, ‘Mum’ as she calls her, is a different story. Walter is certain that he will likely hear a little more from ‘Mum’, while he gets to know Eileen even better.

‘What was that other secret? Oh yeah, she’s not a US citizen. Well, he certainly doesn’t care and the Army most likely doesn’t care either. His Platoon Sergeant is married to one of Eileen’s sisters, Meagan, and Jim has a clearance level that supports his work on the most sensitive intelligence. Now, if Eileen is here legally, which he assumes is true since she apparently has a ‘green card’, then there are not likely to be any questions, from anybody. People from England are definitely on ‘our side’, at least since 1812 or so. He decided that he wouldn’t worry about her citizenship for now, and likely not in the future. He wonders what his own mother would think if he told her that he was involved with a ‘foreigner’.

Now that last thing. The story that she told about the ritual, or whatever it is, that she and her sisters are supposed to perform on the Equinox. That was very interesting. Ritualized ‘butt fucking’, what an idea! Apparently, her sisters Meagan and Jennifer keep with the tradition. Somehow, he can see Jim pounding into Meagan’s butt but he can’t really visualize Jennifer clearly in his mind; and he can’t remember what her husband looks like, or his name. He will find out, and then have a good time visualizing both of these women with a pecker up their asses. And the mother? Good grief, she must have done it, too! How else would she pass it on to her daughters? Does she still do it? Is that sly old man, Pappy, still poking that old woman in the pooper? Mum is still in reasonable shape for a woman her age, but does she still ‘do the deed?’ Can that old guy still get it up hard enough to ram himself into that old woman’s poop chute? And how, in the hell, does a mother tell her daughters about a semi-annual ass fucking?

Walter wrestled with these thoughts as he cruised along the mostly wooded road. He remembered last night. Teaching Eileen how to get herself off by rubbing on his leg was fun. Wow, that woman can really come. When she gets off, she shakes the whole bed. And she took care of him by herself, last night. He had just lain there, feeling her ass while she jerked him off catching his spew in her mouth. He knows now that she is a ‘swallower’. Too bad that she was on her period, he would have liked to give her a quick ‘rogering’, as she calls it, this morning before he left. With any luck, he’ll be back there next weekend and they can continue the exciting and varied sex. She was certainly a sexy woman. He still cannot understand why that asshole Robert would want to leave that woman, but he was glad that he did.

Next weekend, Ian would be home. Walter had to think up something, to get in good with her kid. No ideas yet, maybe a trip to the PX, kids section, will trigger an idea. For now, he just hoped that he could make it back to the base in time for lunch. He should make it, lunch ran long on weekends. Dinner tonight-Sunday, in the mess hall, is usually steak and that sounded pretty good, right now. All he had for breakfast was a ‘scone’; whatever-the-fuck that was, with a little butter. The ‘scone’ reminded him a little of a muffin, it also reminded him a little of cardboard. And tea! He has definite plans to try to hang on to this lady, but she will have to come around on this issue; Americans pendik escort drink coffee.

Walter continued his solitary drive, arriving just in time for a late lunch. The bulletin board caught his attention; an Air show next weekend! That’s the idea that he needed to entertain Ian. He went back to his room in the BEQ and watched a little TV before doing his boots and getting his uniform ready for Monday morning inspection, then work. He called Eileen at the usual time. She was happy to hear from him. Ian was home and already in bed. When he asked her how things went with her mother, Eileen seemed elated when she said: “Mum likes you! She really likes you and she hopes that you will be coming back. Pappy said that you seemed like a really nice guy, for a Yank, and that he was impressed by the way you called them ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am’. So, by any comparison, you got very high marks from them.”

Walter: “Anything said about me staying the night?”

Eileen: “Well, Mum would never admit to approve of anything like that. But she did say: ‘In future, perhaps your friend could park around the corner on the next street so that it’s not so obvious. The neighbors do talk, you know’. Now, for my Mum, that’s completely out of character. Normally she’s an old stick-in-the-mud prude. You really impressed her!”

Walter: “Can I take a try at impressing Ian, too.?”

Eileen: “How do you mean?”

Walter: Well, next Saturday there is an Air show over on the Air Force side of the base. Would you like to go? With Ian? Little boys always like airplanes.”

Eileen: “Yes, definitely. We’d love to see an air show. How will we arrange it? Should I drive there and meet you someplace, or what?”

Walter: I’ve been thinking about this too. At first, I thought that I could come down to your place on Friday night, then we could come to the base together on Saturday morning. But, the more that I thought about it, I thought that Ian would not have any idea who this strange man was, why he was in the house and why he was sleeping in Mommy’s room. I figured that it might just put the little guy off and I really want him to like me. So, as much as I would like to spend another night with you, it might be best if I pick you both up early Saturday morning instead. What do you think?”

Eileen was extremely impressed with Walters’s consideration for the feelings of her son, whom he had never even met. This was certainly a special man and just understanding how he thought about her and her son made her throat a little tight. She did manage to say: “Sounds like a plan, what time Saturday morning?”

Walter: “I’ll get there around eight, OK?”

Eileen: “Will that give us enough time?”

Walter: “Sure, the Air show starts at eleven. We should be able to get there, find a good parking place and maybe get a little snack or lunch before the show gets going. What do you say?”

Eileen: “It sounds like a lot of driving for you, but I like the plan. And, in consideration for all the extra driving and missing out on another night of debauchery, I will have something for a surprise Saturday night, OK?”

Walter: “It really sounds good, but it’s not something to eat that’s going to make me fart all day like that cabbage, is it?”

Eileen: “No silly, it’s something that I hope you will like. Pack your bag, you’ll be staying over on Saturday night, OK?”

Walter: “OK!” Oh, yeah and you will need to bring ID for when we go onto the base. I think Ian will be OK without any paperwork, but adults get checked.”

Eileen: “Will my green card and driver’s license be enough?”

Walter: “Yes, I’m sure there won’t be any problems.”

Eileen and Walter chatted on for a while and then every night until Friday. Walter was tantalized by the hints of something ‘that he’ll like’ being planned for Saturday night. Eileen dropped little hints each night and by Saturday morning, Walter had half a hard-on just driving to her house.

Walter wore his utility uniform. A fresh one, nicely pressed. He pulled up in front of Eileen’s house and walked up to the door with a small paper bag in his hand. He rang the doorbell and Eileen answered promptly. “Well, hello soldier, come on in.”

He gave her a quick kiss as he walked into the living room. “Where’s that little man?”

Eileen called to Ian and asked him to come down to the living room. Ian stopped half-way down the stairs and looked at the strange man, in uniform, standing in the middle of the room. Eileen said: “Ian, come on down, there’s someone here that I want you to meet.” Ian cautiously approached the camouflaged giant and looked up, looking back and forth between Walter and his mother. Walter took off his cap and extended his hand, inviting Ian to shake hands. Ian, not familiar with the custom of men, slapped Walters’s hand, giving him a ‘five’ like he does with his few friends. Walter recognized what was happening and said: “Glad to meet you Ian, want to go see some airplanes?”

Ian looked to his mother escort pendik who was smiling at him. “Tell him yes, Ian. His name is Walter and he wants to take us to see some airplanes.”

Ian said: “What kind of airplanes?”

Walter: “Really big airplanes, and really fast airplanes and some airplanes that can do some really neat tricks. What do you say? Want to go?”

Ian: “OK” and with that he turned and walked into the kitchen.

Eileen: “Ian, where are you going? Come back here, OK?”

Ian returned, holding a juice box: “I’m ready, let’s go.”

Eileen giggled a little and looked at Walter. Walter was smiling and brought up the little paper bag. He pulled two camouflage pattern hats out of the bag, one for Ian and one for his mother. “Here, these are for you, to keep the sun out of your eyes.” Eileen took the larger of the two hats and put it on. “Well, do I look all military?” Ian allowed Walter to put the remaining hat onto his head, without comment. Walter put his own hat back on and asked: “Ready to go?”

Eileen suggested that everyone, including Walter ‘go pee before the long ride.’ Ian disappeared up the stairs and Walter turned to look at Eileen. “Wow, you’re wearing those Yoga pants again.”

“Yeah, you like them, right” she asked while turning around slowly.

Walter looked closely and said: “So will every guy there. Most of those Air Force guys wouldn’t know what to do with you. My biggest worry would be those women from the Navy, they make everyone a little nervous.”

Eileen turned a little red, which for her was a lot of color. “Go pee, I’ll wait till last.”

As Ian was coming down the stairs, Walter went up and peed, as ordered.”

Walter washed his hands and returned to the waiting mother and son. Eileen started up the stairs and said: “I think we should take my car; Ian’s car seat is installed and it would probably be a bother to move it over to your car, right?”

Unable to find any fault with her logic, Walter started to reply but noticed that she had already reached the top of the stairs and was out of sight. Damn, he wasn’t paying attention and that Yoga pants clad butt had gone up the stairs without a proper inspection by him. Missed opportunities.

They were soon on their way. Walter found it a little uncomfortable driving Eileen’s car for the first time. He guessed that they looked like a typical couple cruising along with a youngster in the back seat. Walter found that he liked that idea. They arrived at the base in plenty of time, there were more lanes open at the security check point because of the extra traffic for the air show. When the security guard saw Walter, in uniform with his ID card already out, he gave it a cursory glance, looked at Eileen and Ian and waved them all in.

The air show was a complete and total success. Ian was thrilled. He was happy to sit piggy-back on Walters’s shoulders so that he could see everything. Walter was happy to let him sit up there and happier to hold Eileen by the hand as they watched sortie after sortie of the Air Forces finest show off their stuff. After the flying portion of the show was done, they walked through some of the really big planes that were open for display. Walter was able to get Ian the chance to sit in the pilot’s seat of a UH-1 Helicopter. Ian was speechless. Eileen told Walter that she had never seen him smile that much, ever.

Walter was also aware of all the looks that Eileen was getting from the men at the show. Those Yoga pants were really doing their job. Walter was even happier when the heads turned as he escorted Eileen and Ian into the NCO Club. He had made dinner reservations and they went right over to the club following the air show. Ian was surprisingly good for a four year old and they had an enjoyable meal together. After the dinner, Walter asked them if there was anything else that they wanted to see while on the base. Eileen couldn’t think of anything but Ian said: “Do you have any tanks?” Walter said that they had a few of them and drove slowly past a battalion motor pool where eight of the metal monsters were parked. “Those are Abrams tanks, Ian. The best tank in the whole world.”

Ian was impressed with the tanks but asked: “That’s all of them?”

Walter: “No, we have lots more of them, we just keep that few of them here, OK?”

Ian accepted that answer and they headed for home. There was even less fuss at the check point and they were soon headed down the road toward home. It was about seven when they left the base and Ian didn’t last too long. He was ‘out’ before they went five miles and Eileen was thrilled with the day. There was very little talking on the way home. Walter was enjoying the ride; Ian was asleep and Eileen was planning the rest of the evening.

Walter carried Ian into the house and up to his room. Eileen pulled down the covers on his bed and Walter put him down. Eileen carefully took off his shoes and pants. She decided to leave him in his shirt. Carefully, ever pendik escort bayan so carefully, Eileen lifted the ‘cammy’ hat from his head, putting it on top of his little dresser. She pulled the covers back up and left the room as quietly as they could.

Eileen: “I sure hope he can sleep through the night.”

Walter: “Well, I took him into the men’s room to pee right before we left the club. He might make it,”

Eileen: “Let’s hope so, let’s go back downstairs for a little while. Keep your ears open.”

They crept back down the stairs and Walter sat on the couch: “OK if I take off these boots?”

Eileen: “Sure, make yourself comfortable. There’s a little of the wine left from last week. Want some?”

Walter: “Yes please, but only if you’re having some, too.”

Returning with two glasses of wine, Eileen sat down next to Walter and put her feet up onto the hassock next to his. “I had a great day, but it feels good to finally sit.”

Walter: “Yes, I had a lot of fun today. What do you think the verdict is, does Ian like me?”

Eileen: “Ian absolutely adores you. Actually, you had him with the hat, before we left.”

Walter: “He’s a nice little boy. I like him and he was very well behaved today.”

Eileen: “Walter, we had a great time, thank you. Really, thank you.”

Walter: “I had a good day, too. The best part was being with you.”

Eileen: “I have to say it, Walter, I’m falling for you hard. You’re not going to disappoint me, are you?”

Walter: “Do you mean that you think that I am not sincere about you and Ian?”

Eileen: “No, I am just so scared now. I am beginning to think that we have a future together. I don’t want to scare you off, but Walter. . . I can’t find any other words . . . I’m yours, if you want me.”

Walter: “Lady, I could never hope to have someone as fine as you. You are absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to me. I think that we definitely have a future together; if you’ll be able to put up with a soldier.”

Eileen: “Walter, I couldn’t be happier. Now sit there and don’t move.”

Walter: “But I have to pee.”

Eileen: “OK, go pee and come right back here, OK?”

Walter got up and, remembering the sleeping four-year-old, crept up the stairs as silently as he could. Eileen disappeared into the kitchen. She was sitting on the couch when he got back. Walter took his seat at the left end of the couch, right next to her. He noticed that the table lamp was on full brightness and he looked at Eileen with one eyebrow up: “What’s up with the light?”

Eileen picked up his right hand and said: “Remember, I told you that I was planning something special for tonight?”

Walter smiled and nodded his head. With that, Eileen produced an emery board and started to inspect the nails on his hand. She started to run the board along the nail on his little finger when Walter said: “The surprise is a manicure?”

“Not exactly, you’ll see. By-the-way, how did you like the Yoga pants today? I wore them special for you.”

Walter gave her a devilish grin and said: “Those pants are dynamite. Every man was looking at you today; and you were walking next to me. Wow, I was proud of you, and you definitely have a killer ass.”

Eileen finished her inspection and touch ups to his nails. “You really think that I have a nice butt?”

Walter: “Absolutely, it could be a calibration standard for great butts.”

Eileen: “Then how would you like to fuck it?”

Walter: “What? Do you mean what I think that you mean?”

Eileen: “Yes, if you’re going to be sticking around here, I need to know that you can help me get through the required rituals, and things.”

Walter: “Are you serious? I have never done that!”

Eileen: “Then it’s high time that you learned how. I promise to be gentle with you.”

Eileen got up and took Walter by the hand. He followed her up the stairs still disbelieving that he was going to actually get into that beautiful ass that was right in front of his eyes. When they got into the bedroom, Eileen looked at him and said: “Get out of that camouflage stuff, no shorts and no socks, on the bed in two minutes, got it soldier?” She turned her back to him and bent forward slightly: “Now, one last grab with the Yoga pants and then I’m taking them off.”

Walter could barely muster a: “Yes ma’am” He was a little short of breath. He reached out and gave her butt a nice fondling. He was certain that every male on the base would have liked to do just that. Walter noticed that the bed only had a fitted sheet and four pillows. There were no covers or top sheet. ‘I guess she’s prepared for action,’ he concluded.

Eileen came back from the bathroom and Walter was on his back, on the bed, naked as ordered. Eileen had shed her blouse, bra and those Yoga pants. She was wearing a pair of skin tight pink panties. “OK, mister, I will be going through this slowly so pay attention. She started to giggle and said: “Am I actually getting your ‘cherry’ here?”

Walter nodded and said: “I was telling you the truth; I’ve never done this before. I have always dreamed about it, I have truly lusted after your butt, but I don’t even know where to begin.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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