Dressing up daddy

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This was not going to be easy, but if I really wanted to pull off the costume at the company Halloween party, I was going to need help. While I was thin enough to pull off looking slutty, I just didn’t have the experience in makeup and hair that I needed, and I would certainly need practice in heels again, as my wife had passed away three years ago, leaving me without access to her clothes and heels to practice in.

I had raised our daughter, who still lived with me at 23 years old as she finished up college, but for some reason, sneaking into her room to wear her things didn’t seem quite right. However, we had raised her to be open minded, and I felt she would at least consider helping dad with a costume, and maybe some tips on what to buy. With that thought in mind, I tentatively knocked on her bedroom door.

“Donna, do you have a minute?” I asked through the door.

“Come on in dad,” she replied, and I opened the door to see her room immaculately kept, as usual, with just a few things out of place, like the outfit she wore to the bar last night near the closet.

“Donna, I am not quite sure how to ask you this, so I am just going to come out and ask it,” I started. “I decided to go to the office Halloween party dressed as a woman this year, but I have no idea how to do makeup, and hair…”

I couldn’t even get my long-winded question out before I saw her eyes light up, and she interrupted, as she headed for her closet. “Mom told he you liked to wear her things, daddy, I was hoping you would ask me someday…”

My jaw about hit the floor as she flung open her walk-in closet doors, and started filtering through her clothes. I was actually surprised at how many clothes she had, but then again, she had been a size 8 since she was 14, and kept everything, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

“What kind of woman do you wanna be daddy?” she asked. “If you want prim and proper, we could go with some of the stuff I wore when I worked at the library., But…umm, I think it would be more fun to go with something like this,” she said as she pulled out a pink skirt that was so short, it couldn’t possibly cover anyone’s ass.

I must of turned ten shades of red, but since I didn’t say no, she tossed the skirt my way, and started looking through her tops. It took just seconds to find a black halter top, but she looked upset when she turned back towards me.

“Aren’t you going to try it on daddy?” she pouted.

“Honey, I don’t think your clothes will fit me, and anyways, I shouldn’t change in front of you,” I stammered out.

“Mom said you used to get into her size sixes, so my stuff should fit,” she replied. “And if I am going to help you pull off being a slut, you are going to have to be comfortable around me.”

I still hesitated, not sure if I had wanted things to go this way or not. After all, all I asked for was help in coming up with a costume. Or, had I secretly wanted more all along? I had to shake those thoughts from my head. I didn’t want my daughter that way, and she didn’t want me. All she was doing was helping me with a costume. That was all, wasn’t it?

I barely shook myself out of my stupor before she took matters into her own hands. Before I knew it, my shirt was being lifted aksaray escort up over my chest, and off my head. I only started to stammer out in protest before her hands were at my buckle, and the zipper of my pants was coming down.

“Donna? What are you doing?” I said as my pants hit the floor, with the bulge in my tighty whities practically staring her in the face.

“Helping you change daddy, although, if we are going to slut you up, we had better come up with a girl name for you,” she said smiling. “Plus, this bulge needs to go, or you will stretch out all my silk panties.”

For the second time in minutes, my jaw hit the floor. Although I thought she might help with the outfit and makeup, I was in complete shock at just how open she was. And how comfortable she was around her nearly naked dad.

While I stood there dumbfounded, she got up, and went to her dresser, returning with a black bra and panty set. “Should I put these on you daddy? Or do you want to do it yourself?” she asked.

It was a question she had no intention of letting me ask, as she quickly slid my arms into the bra, and reached around behind me to clasp it. For the first time, I felt her breasts pressed up against me, but it was the fact that her groin pressed into mine that caused me to get even harder.

“Hmmm, feels like someone likes the attention of his little girl,” she purred into my ear, before dropping to her knees, and pulling my briefs down to my ankles. Her eyes were glued to my cock as she had me step out of the briefs, and into the silk panties. Her face got closer and closer to it, as she slid the panties up my legs, and a look of disappointment crossed her face as she pulled them over my rock hard cock.

“Daddy, I am glad you asked me about this now,” she said as she reached for the skirt. “We have two months before the party to make sure we have absolutely everything perfect for that night. This is gonna be fun to have another woman around the house again.”

“Another woman?” I asked. “I think you are misunderstanding me honey, this is just for the party.”

“Sure it is dad,” she said mockingly, “but you need to practice so you can pull off looking like a woman for the party. And that’s where dressing as a woman at home the next two months will help. I can teach you how to walk, and do everything like a woman.”

She reached behind me to zip the skirt after pulling it up, and it was clear that if my ass weren’t showing now, it would be if I so much as thought about leaning forward.

As she started putting the top on, she mussed to herself that I needed real breasts, or at least something that looked like breasts, to fill out the top better. I could see she was making mental notes for later, and I wondered how far she would take this.

She took a step back, and a smile came to her face. “Daddy, remember how Uncle Tim used to say that you and I looked more like twins than father and daughter? You have to look in the mirror. With the right makeup, I think you could really pass for me.”

As she turned me towards the full-length mirror, I was taken aback. Dressed in the slutty outfit, I could see the resemblance even more clearly, although the lines anadolu yakası escort on my face clearly showed I was the older of the two sisters whose reflection stared back at me.

That revelation just possessed her more, as she took my hand and lead me to her makeup table, and quickly went to work. She seemed to know exactly what she wanted, as the pencils, pads and sponges were a blur, as she erased those lines, and gave her dad a new slutty look. She disappeared for a moment in her closet, and came back with a red wig, with just a hint of curl at the end of the shoulder-length strands, she finished her work by putting the wig onto my head, making a few adjustments before turning me towards the table again.

The next time I gazed into that mirror, it wasn’t two sisters, but twins that I saw. Again, I was speechless, while Donna just beamed as she looked at her handiwork.

The smile then started to fade from her lips, and her demeanor changed.

“Up, up up, daddy,” she cried. “Get out of here, and let me pretty myself up. I am not going to be the ugly sister in this family.”

She led me out to the living room, and told me to get comfy and relax, that she was going to take a quick shower, and get herself ready, and we would do something special that night. Before I could respond, she was off to her room, and I could swear I heard her talking on her phone for a few minutes, before I heard the bathroom door shut, and the shower start.

For the first time since we started, I had a chance to take a deep breath, and sort out what had happened. But instead of sorting out what all went on, and how the relationship between my daughter and myself had changed forever, I found myself dwelling on how it felt t be sitting there on the couch, wearing heels, a short skirt, and feeling slutty.

It was a good feeling, but feeling it alone left something to be desired. I could hear Donna in her room getting ready, and it didn’t seem to be going well. To avoid eavesdropping on her, I turned on the tv, and started wandering through the channels. I was so relaxed, I guess I dozed off while watching SportsCenter…

I don’t know exactly when I dozed off on the couch, or how long I slept. All I know for sure is that as I awoke, I felt hands sliding up my bare legs, which had been swung off of the couch. I was on my knees on the carpeting, and suddenly those hands were sliding my skirt up higher, exposing the black panties.

“I can’t believe you finally gave in, and said I could fuck your ass Donna,” came the male voice behind me. Was that her boyfriend? And what was he saying about taking my daughter’s ass?

As I formulated a plan to not only extricate myself from this situation, but to put the bastard in his place, he moved too quick for me, yanking the panties to the side, and in the same motion, ramming his already hard cock into my asshole.

I screamed out in shock, not even realizing how high pitched my voice was, making me sound more and more like Donna. He quickly grabbed my hips, and started ramming that cock into me over and over again.

Then, the pain was gone, and the feel of his hard cock inside me felt good — really good. I was torn between my fatherly ataköy escort desire to kick the shit out of this punk, and my slutty desire to just let him fuck me good.

He stopped suddenly, and I looked up to see what was wrong. Donna was there in the doorway, watching him fuck me.

“Don’t you dare stop Johnny. You wanted ass, take the one you have your cock buried in,” she said, smiling at us both. “Besides, seeing you fuck her is turning me on.”

He tried to say something, but his hips told the story, as he started up a slow rhythm once more, fucking me slowly and deliberately this time.

“Doesn’t it feel great getting filled up with Johnny’s cock, ummm, Traci?” Donna said while walking over to get a better look.

I could only grunt out a quick yes between thrusts, as I forced my ass back to meet each thrust, never taking my eyes off my daughter as she watched me get fucked.

She was gorgeous, wearing a short pink skirt, a white blouse, and heels that had to have been at least 5″ tall. But it was the fact that one hand was rubbing her tits through the blouse, and the other hand was rubbing underneath her skirt that really had my attention.

She not only noticed me watching her as Johnny fucked me hard, but seemed to enjoy it. She smiled as she lifted the skirt, sliding her hand into her pink panties. I could tell her fingers were disappearing into her cunt as she played. She stepped closer to the couch, pulling one of her tits free of the blouse and bra, as she leaned on the couch just inches from my face.

I inhaled deeply, really taking in her scent, and her fingers moved faster as she watched me. Johnny and I had settled into a good rhythm, as his cock filled my asshole, and with each thrust, my face got closer and closer to where her fingers were playing. Sensing how much I loved her aroma, Donna removed the fingers from her sopping cunt, and rubbed them across my lips, smiling as I eagerly licked and sucked her juices clean.

Before I knew it, her hand was behind my head, pulling me to her pussy, and my tongue eagerly explored her damp folds.

“Traci, you are so good at eating pussy,” she cooed. “But then again, mommy did tell me how good you were at eating her.”

I licked faster now, the thought of her and her mother talking about such taboo things fueling me. I spread her lips with my tongue, taking long slow licks up that slit, flicking my tongue across the hood at the end with each lick. My face pounding deeper into her recesses with each thrust Johnny made into my rear.

I could feel as Johnny’s thrusts became quicker, more insistent, and instinctively knew he was about to cum. I pressed back into each thrust hard, feeling those balls hitting me, but wanting them to spill their contents deep inside me. When he hesitated slightly before meeting my thrusts, and dug his nails into my hips, I knew it was coming, and he rammed his cock even deeper in me than before, as he spilled his seed into my waithing hole.

“Oh God yes,” I screamed as he came hard, sending spurt after spurt against the deepest recesses of my ass. “Fuck yes, cum in me Johnny, fuck me good.”

I bit down on Donna’s pussy as I took his load, and the pleasure sent her over the edge as well.

“Oh fuuuuuuccccckkkk Daddy, I am cumming,” she screamed as she came hard, squirting her juices all over my face, just as a shocked Johnny pulled his spent dick out of my ass.

“Did you say Daddy?” Johnny said, reeling from cumming so hard as much as he was from the news he had just fucked his girlfriend’s dad.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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