Dream Sisters: My Gamer Sis

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I woke up in the morning with a groan as I always do. It wasn’t that my bed was uncomfortable or that I didn’t get enough sleep. It was more along the lines that I knew real life was never as exciting as the dreamscapes in my head. At night in my dreams I was an adonis, and every woman wanted me. More importantly, I could have any of those women with just a thought.

It’s not that I wasn’t attractive in my own right in reality. I climbed out of bed and walked over to the tall mirror I used to get dressed with. Staring back at me were my blue eyes. I had been told before that they were my best feature. Which is perfectly ironic considering I wear glasses so no one ever really notices. I put on the eye wear and my vision becomes a bit clearer. My eyesight wasn’t completely wrecked. I could probably see better than most who wear glasses, but I do have to strain a little when i read or watch TV. Since I do a lot of both I kind of just got used to wearing them all the time.

My hair was short, which wasn’t a bad thing but I really needed to get around to re-dying it. I had dyed it black because I always figured it was just a better look for me. It went better with my clothing choices anyways, and I guess I just liked having a more dynamic, stand out kind of look. Although now the natural blond color was starting to show threw.

At least my weight loss was going well. I was never “fat” by any definition of the word but I like having a smaller shape. Still my friends say i’m thin enough as is. Maybe they’re right but I was hoping to start building some muscle soon. The skinny tall guy look wasn’t really what I was hoping for but you make do with what you’re given.

I sat back down on my bed with a sigh. As much as I enjoyed all these dreams of beautiful women throwing themselves at me I wondered why they were happening. I wasn’t a virgin by any means. I had multiple intimate relationships in the past so it wasn’t like I was thinking about it constantly like a virgin would.

Maybe the issue was that it had been little over a year since I had sex. Still I never really saw myself as a deviant. When I am awake I actually tried to think about sex as little as possible. The times it gets brought up in conversations with friends, because of course it does, I tend to feel really awkward and try to avoid it. Not because of inexperience, more so because I get the sense most of my guys friends have no clue what they’re doing but don’t realize it. You’d be surprised how many guys have either don’t know what a clit is or just flat out refuse to go down on a women.

Honestly maybe that’s the reason, I know too much. Before I lost my virginity I was really nervous about not being able to please my partner. Naturally once we started talking about having sex I wanted to learn as much as I could about the female anatomy. I visited sex ed websites, read erotica books written by women, I even started watching amateur lesbian porn. Not for the reason people normally would, but because I had figured that it would be a good way to see visually what women actually liked. Basically I watched porn like I was taking notes. Sounds weird when I think about it.

I shook my head. I knew i wasn’t going to figure out these dream that easily. Besides I could barely remember anything about them. In fact all I ever really knew was that I have sex with different beautiful girls in them. I don’t even remember who the women are.

The worst part about the dreams was always having to deal with the aftermath. By that I of course mean the raging hard on that gets left behind in my boxers. I pulled out my member threw the slit in the fabric and held it in my palm. Jerking off was always kind of embarrassing to me, but it would be a lot more embarrassing to just walk around the house with a hard on and have my sisters see it threw my clothes.

I focused my eyes on a poster I had on the wall. It was of a cute character from a JRPG I liked, she was spunky and had an alluring costume design, so I used that for inspiration as I began stroking.

My personal time was short lived because I heard my door open and heard my sister Jessica’s voice.

“Hey Shawn, breakfast is- oh god!” she quickly closed the door so that she wouldn’t see anything and yelled, “I am so sorry!”

“Well why the hell didn’t you knock?!” I responded annoyed.

“I didn’t even think you were awake! How was I to know you were playing with yourself?!”

“Shhh! Shut up!”

Realizing she probably shouldn’t have said that so loud she apologizes again “Sorry!”

I hear her walk away. I groan again. Well at least it killed the mood and my boner. Now I could get dressed and go downstairs. I pulled on my favorite black jeans, a white t-shirt, and threw a red and black plaid flannel on top.

I walk over and open my door and begin to walk down the hallway. I pass by one of my sister’s, Ashley’s, room. the door was open and she was sitting inside on her bed playing a game on her laptop in her pajamas. She noticed me walking past.

“Getting trigger happy already this morning I hear?”

I roll my eyes “fuck off Ash…”

“I maltepe şişman escort would but it sounds like you already beat me to it, or should I say you beat yourself?” She laughs at her own joke.

“Whatever” I lean on her doorway “Hey, by the way, I’m having some trouble killing Gorgoth The Destroyer.”

She raised an eyebrow “Are you playing regular Doomwalkers or the special edition?”

I scoff “Special edition of course, what I do I look like?”

She sets down her laptop. “Just go back to the previous mission and camp the enemy spawn zone until one drops the Cursed Emerald, use it to enchant Zondo’s Bane and you’re good.”

If it wasn’t obvious by now Ashley is a hardcore gamer. I play games casually for fun, but she lives the stuff. That’s probably why she was able to get a job at the local game store so easily. “thanks sis”

“Don’t mention it,” Ashley stood up “just keep in mind the emerald makes your weapons decay faster so you’re gonna want to dis-enchant it the second the fight is done” she walks over to her bookshelf and hands then hands me a strategy guide for the game “and you’re gonna need his for the next mission. Trust me.”

“Alright, thanks again, been stuck on that for two days now” Ashley has always gotten a lot of attention from guys and it was easy to see why. She was short, standing at only 5’4, and her short red hair and green eyes gave her more of a tomboyish feel to her. Which was fair enough all things considered. Her breast were on the smaller side, probably A’s. It was something I used to tease her often about but she seemed to stop caring, so i just stopped.

“No prob, now if you don’t mind I should probably change.”

“Fair enough.” with that I went back to my room and sat the book down on my bed before heading downstairs to breakfast. Jessica was already eating and she blushed as I entered the room. She went to speak, and knowing it was probably about this morning I quickly said “It’s fine!” and that seemed to be enough. I sat down and grabbed a couple of pancakes and started eating.

I looked around the table. Next to me was an empty seat where Ashley normally sits, then continuing clockwise was Jessica. Jessi is well… kind of a mess at times. She’s always very bubbly and energetic but unfortunately that goes hand in hand with being a clutz. Sure it got her attention from boys at school, but being the awkward turtle she is, she never knew how to react to it. Like Ashley she had red hair, but her hair was a lot longer reaching down to the arch of her back. Her eyes though were blue like mine. Her breast are probably about a C size. When I used to tease Ashley about her almost flat chest growing up I made sure to point out how Jess’ chest was bigger than she knew what to do with.

Continuing around the table was the one sister I had who was older than me, Lilly, or Lilith as she preferred to be called. I always found it ironic how the sister with the most girly name became a goth. Now I know what you’re thinking, and no it’s not a phase. If it is, well then 10 years is a long time to be in a phase. Being 21 Lilith is the one in charge around the house. Lilith used to have dyed black hair like mine but after i dyed my hair she changed her to a dark purple-ish color. I guess she didn’t like me ‘copying’ her or whatever. Her eyes were green like Ashley’s, which kind of contrasted her purple hair. Still I wasn’t going to be the one to point it out. Not that Lilith was harsh or anything, just better to play it safe.

“What?” Lilith asked as she saw me looking over.

“Um… nothing.” I answered awkwardly.

“If it’s about the mark on my neck, don’t worry I’m fine,” Lilith liked going around to goth clubs in her free time. Me being 19, she had me go with her once so she could drink and I could drive her home. I could see why she had fun. The music wasn’t bad and it had a very free and welcoming vibe to it, so it made since for her. Besides all of us were old enough to take care of ourselves, Ashley being 18 and graduated and Jessi entering her senior year soon, so she had plenty of time. The one issue was every now and then there would be guys who come one way too strong. Lilith is one of the nicest people you could meet, until you cross a line “the guy got a kick to the nutsack for his troubles.”

“What? That’s it? You didn’t smash his face into the bar?”

“Huh, now that’s an idea, I’ll have to remember that one” we both laugh and gave each other a fist bump.

“That’s brutal guys…” Jessica said with concern.

“Eh, we’re only joking” Lilith said reassuring her but then giving me a ‘no I’m not’ look.

“Good!” Jessi smiles “Oh Lily-“

“Lilith” I corrected her. It wasn’t that she forgot it’s more saying Lily fit Jessi’s cutesy lifestyle better.

“Er, right, Lilith, don’t forget, we need to go to cheer try outs today.”

Lilith winced her eyes and rubbed her forehead as if that sentence physically hurt her. “Are you sure? I mean… I don’t really wanna spend all morning there, like are you sure you are even coordinated enough?”

“That’s exactly pendik escort why I wanna join the squad! I want to be able to handle myself on my feet better!”

“Urgggghhh,… fine. If we’re gonna make it on time we better get going now.”

“Yes!” Jessi celebrated her victory before starting to clean up the table.

Litith called up the stairs. “Hey Ash, you gonna want any of this breakfast?”

“Maybe later before I go to work.” she called back.

With that they put the food away in the fridge and left shortly after. I headed back up the stairs not long later. I pasted by Ashley’s door but didn’t quite make it all the way to mine before she opened it with her face red and looking a little panicked.

“Hey, Shawn, I um… need that strategy guide back…” she said with a hint of desperation.

“Umm… Alright… but i thought you were playing Craven’s Journey?”

“Umm, yeah,… it’s just… I’m uh, replaying Doomwalkers and need it, yeah!” It was obvious she was lying or at least not giving me the full story.

“Dude, seriously, what’s up?”

She sighed, “Ok so… I kind of just remembered that I’ve been keeping some papers, you know, of notes and stuff in the book…”

“So? Wouldn’t your notes help me beat the game?”

“Um, no, no,… I mean like… personal notes… they’re not even really notes persay…” her face was completely red. It was odd, she normally kept her composer no matter what, so i knew she must have been extremely embarrassed.

“Gotcha” I said calmly, “say no more, I’ll go get the book.”

She breathed a sigh of relief “Thank god.”

“Hey, I’m the one you should be thanking.” I chuckle and went to retrieve the book for her. I handed it to her and watched her open it up and pull out a few sheets of folded up notebook paper before handing it back.

“Seriously I owe you one.”

“Alright then no more jokes about this morning”

“I said I owed you one, not that I owed you a miracle.” she laughed before walking back into her room and closing the door.

I kle too and walked into my room and closed the door tossing the book down onto my bed. As the spine hit the mattress it fell open and I could see another folded up paper in it. Did Ash miss one? Curious I picked up the paper and started to read it. Part of me wished I hadn’t. She wasn’t wrong when she said it was personal. In my hand was what appeared to be an erotic story she wrote herself into. If it had been just that I would have returned it and teased her about it, but the thing was, I was her partner.

I stood there reading it with my eyes wide in confusion. My sister had wrote a sex story about us. Worse of all it, it was actually good. Ashley’s writing painted a clear picture of me and her in the shower, washing each others bodies before I put a hand on her neck and press my body against hers. I couldn’t help it, I was getting hard. I didn’t even think she had thoughts like this, let alone about me.

I wasn’t even half way down with the page before Ashley came in through my door “Hey Shawn I-I…” she saw the book open on the bed and the page in my hand. “Shit! Fuck! No! Why are you reading that?!”

“Fuck that, why is it about me?!”

“I don’t fucking know! I told you it was personal!”

“Yeah, but I didn’t think it was gonna be about me!”

“Give it back!”

“Wait, were all those pages about us?!”

“I,… No! Just,… Fuck you!”

“Pfft well, apparently you want to!”

“N-no, I don’t!”

“Then why would you write it?”

“I don’t…” she looked around trying to think of some counter argument and saw my jeans “Oh my god, are you fucking hard right now?!”

“Eh, I,… Well I’m sorry that you’re good at writing!”

“It’s a story about you fucking your sister!”

“Yeah! One you, my sister, wrote, ok?! Don’t try and paint me as the weirdo here!”

“Well I… I…ughhh” she sighed in defeat and sat down on my bed. ” I guess we’re both weirdos huh…”

I sighed as well before sitting down too. “Yeah…” we sat in silence for a moment. “when did you even write this?”

“I think it was a year ago when you started bringing your girlfriend at the time home… I uh… could hear you guys having sex from my room…”

“Oh shit, really?” I feel embarrassed. “I didn’t think I was being that loud…”

“You weren’t… She was…”

“Ohhhh…” I said in realization.

“I don’t know, I mean, I’ve only fucked two guys before and they clearly didn’t know what they were doing and from the sounds of it you did so… I guess I kind of just wrote about it…”

We sat in silence for a moment. “You’re not gonna started calling me onii-chan like one of those animes are you?” I say cutting the tension that makes us both laugh and makes her punch my arm.

“Fuck you!” she says laughing.

“Poor word choose for this situation I think.”

She rolls her eyes before looking down at my jeans. “Jesus Christ Shawn… How… How long does it stay stuck like that?”

“Asking for writing purposes?” i say teasingly.

“No, it just, doesn’t pendik eskort bayanlar look good, like,… like it shouldn’t even fit in your jeans…”

“Well… you’re not wrong… Honestly once it gets like this it doesn’t really go away until… well…”

“Yeah, you uh,… you don’t have to say it.”

Again there was another awkward moment of silence but she just kept looking at my bulge as she began to squirm ever so slightly.

“Um… sis… you’re kind of staring…”

“I…I know… just…” she was flustered again, but she took a deep breath and her composure was back again. “Can I?”

“C-can you,… can you what?”

“You know…”

“S… See it? God no!”

“Why not?!”

“Because you’re my god damn sister!”

“Oh come on, I caught you reading the story, it’s obvious your body doesn’t care who I am…”

“Y-yeah, but I do! Besides, what about-“

“Our sisters will never find out, they’ll be gone all morning and I for damn sure wouldn’t tell them.”

“That’s not the poin-“

“Listen Shawn, you’re hard as a rock and my body isn’t playing fair either, now i’m not saying we fuck, I’m just… just saying maybe we look at each other a bit and see how we feel. Alright?”

Even though I wanted to I couldn’t really argue with that. My hormones were being too crazy for me to argue the obvious moral boundary we were dancing on.

Taking a moment I looked over Ashley again. Her short hair was a bit frizzy from stress but still seemed to hold its shape well. She was wearing a white button up shirt with her store’s logo on it, a moderately short plaid skirt that ended mid way to her knees and a set of black under tights. Ashley didn’t really care for the outfit but normally wore it to school as part of the uniform and continued that for work when she learned it was all approved and that she wouldn’t have to buy another uniform. Well besides the logo shirt really, which reminded me.

“Don’t you have work in a little while? Like shouldn’t you be getting ready to leave?”

She threw on a thoughtful expression, looking me over for a moment, especially pausing to stare at my bulge then reached into her shirt pocket and pulled her phone out. Ashley only took a moment to type a message out on the phone.

“Shawn, I’m about to take a sick day off work… now the question is, am I spending it playing Devil’s Castle 2, or… are we playing a different game?” She looked down to my crotch again as I watched her hit send.

That was it. I was out of excuses now. There was nothing stopping me from wanting this now. You’d think the incest nature of it all would stop me, but honestly it just made me want it more. It was so exciting, the thought of having something I wasn’t supposed to.

I swallowed what felt like a hard rock of air. It’s was time. I nodded, acknowledging her. I saw a jolt of withheld excitement in her eyes.

“So if we have an understanding, let me see it.” She said almost a little too excited. It was almost odd hearing my normally reserved sister be so antsy. She still had her cool but you could tell she was eager. I had seen her act this way while playing in competitive matches for games. A slight cockyness and sense that she was ready for a challenge. Did she see me as a challenge?

“Why don’t you do it?” I grinned, now fully feeling the mood of the situation I was in and embracing it. It was like a sexy mental chess game. This was me luring her in.

“Mhm, Gladly” she said in an almost mischievous tone. Like I was an in game target for her to defeat. She put her left hand on the bed and used it to lean on and pull herself closer to me. Almost laying on her side now she sat her hand on my bulge and started rubbing it threw the denim of my jeans. I sucked in air threw my teeth. I should have known, she always laid down debuffs when approaching a new boss fight. “Holy shit bro, your cock is really fucking hard” she said before biting her lip.

Dirty talking, another effective debuff added to the stack, I had to counter quick or else my stamina meter would be at serious risk. “Then why haven’t you taken it out yet? Scared?” She shot me a devious look. My sister was always easy to provoke. Ashley finally gripped my zipper, pulled it all the way down before reaching inside. I felt her hand in my jeans, reaching around searching for the slit in my boxers brushing against my firm cock as she did so.

She soon found it though and I felt her fingers wrapping gently around my cock as she guided it out of my jeans. Now free for to her to see, she smiled in the same way I’ve seen her smile at a games final boss. She did see me as a challenge and it seemed like she wasn’t going to hesitate because she quickly spit Into her hand before beginning to stroke my shaft.

Admittedly her hand felt amazing but I couldn’t let it show. I chuckled before saying “that’s a lot more than just ‘looking at each other’s bodies’ isn’t it?”

“Ohhhh no, that was before I called off work, if I’m not getting paid today then this dick is mine” she smiled before suddenly pressing her lips to the tip of my cock and taking all in her warm maw. It was an aggressive power move. Ashley was not planning on playing fair. To bad she had no way of scouting my endurance. Still my cock was in my little sister’s mouth and it felt amazing. Her warm and wet tongue grappling with my rod, taking it’s time to tour all of my weak points.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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