Dream Lover

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Lonely in the empty house, she aimlessly wanders through the rooms looking for inspiration for something to do. Humming along with the radio, she begins to sing as she realizes that she is totally alone. Who is there to hear her? She sings and begins to dance to the popular song. Closing her eyes and losing herself in the music, she is unaware of the time passing. She realizes how long she has been putting on an impromptu concert for the dog. Laughing to herself at her silliness, she goes to get a soda out of the refrigerator.

As she walks toward the kitchen, she stops to dim the lights in the living room. Returning with her cold can, she intends to proceed to the back bedroom to find something to read. Instead, she hears the opening bars of a slow romantic song. Stopping to listen for just a second, she sits down as she loses herself in the haunting melody. Sipping her soda and lighting a cigarette, she turns off the radio and turns on the television to the music station that plays the melancholy music. As one tune turns into another and she is letting her mind drift, He grabs up center stage in her mind. Imagining him, she lets her mind drift. Replaying conversations, comments, stories, she feels her mind emptying and the stress of the day falling away. After she has run through every conversation she can easily recall, her mind picks up the slack and starts inventing it’s own scenes. Smiling at the sudden eroticism of her musings, she puts her feet up on the couch and leans back to continue her daydreaming.

She stubs out her cigarette and swings her legs back to the floor and goes toward the bedroom to change into her pajamas. After the soft glow of the single lamp in the living room she does not turn on the harsh overhead light. Instead, she reaches into her pocket and gets her lighter to light a few of the several candles strewn about the bedroom. As kağıthane escort the shadows and slight illumination mingle about the walls and ceiling, she begins to undo the buttons on her shirt. As she does, her mind betrays her yet again and he is suddenly in her mind. She imagines that he is there; with her at that moment.

Her movements slow and become seductive as she begins a slow strip tease for him whom she can just barely see, in the corner, hidden in the shadows. She tilts teasingly away from that direction as she slowly peels off the white blouse. Closing her eyes, losing herself in her fantasy, she reaches behind her to unfasten her bra. Slowly turning toward him as she lowers first one strap then the other. Oh so slowly displaying her breasts to him. Running one hand across her neck, reaching up to unfasten her bun and shake down her hair. Totally aware of the presence she feels, she turns away from him in time to the slow languid music. She undoes her jeans with her back to him as she wiggles out of them. Slowly turning around to display her self to him. She waits for his approval; but still the endless silence. She feels his eyes on her. Devouring her. She moves toward the bed and crawls across it. Lying across the head of the bed, propped up on the pillows, she feels her heart beating faster, the excitement gripping her stomach. Running her hands through her hair, she thinks about when….when will he show himself to her?

As though he read her thoughts, he steps out of the shadows. Wordlessly, he reaches the bed and reaches out a hand to stroke the long hair cascading over the pillow. Sighing, her breath catches as he leans over and places a kiss on her neck. She feels him licking and nibbling his way up her neck. She almost cries with pleasure as his lips lightly touch hers for the first time. Kissing him back kartal escort as deeply as his, she opens her mouth to feel him slip inside. Her hands reach up to his shoulders, meeting at the back of his neck. She raises her shoulders to press against him. As her body is rising, he strokes her hair, suddenly grabbing it as lifts off the pillow. Her stomach clenches as she feels the pressure in her scalp radiating through her entire body.

He slowly lets go of her hair and gently takes hold of her wrists. Pulling his head out from under her clasped wrists, he kisses and sucks at her wrists as he lowers them back onto the pillow above her head. Mysteriously, he produces a pair of handcuffs that he wraps around one of the posts of the bed. Snapping each cuff around her wrists, he leans down and whispers to her to lie still. She calms down and lies there feeling each sensation as she becomes aware that her stomach and chest is being stroked. Quickly purring with pleasure, he caresses her neck, her shoulders, her upper arms. She feels her skin has become a magnet for sensation. Every cell in her body is alive feeling overloaded. When she finally feels his lips close around a nipple she feels herself go wet.

Each nipple is sucked and chewed on until they are hard as a rock. After a while, he has one nipple in his mouth, teasing it gently and one hand is gently caressing the other. Soon she becomes aware of a new sensation, his other hand is stroking down her stomach lower and lower. Then she becomes aware of a single finger stroking her labia. As she becomes more excited, she slowly parts her thighs as her pussy opens to him.

She feels his other hand making its way down her body. As one hand is exploring her pussy, the other hand is caressing her thighs, her hips, and her stomach. She feels his lips following the path that his hand küçükçekmece escort had taken. Trailing kisses and licking his way down her body, she tenses as she feels his lips kissing along her pubic bone. Begging him to continue licking her and to make her cum, she is shocked at first when she hears him whispering for her to be silent. She complies smilingly until she feels the first warm breath teasing at her inner lips. By biting down on her lower lip she is able to just squirm a bit and lose herself in feeling his tongue and lips exploring her pussy.

Once he touches her clit for the first time, she is not able to be silent. Almost crying at the jolts running through her body, she cums almost from the moment he touches it. Never stopping he continues to suck her into madness. Finally allowing her a moment to rest. She comes back to earth as she feels him next to her on the bed. Feeling his bare skin next to her on the bed, she is surprised and shocked at the wave of lust that streaks though her. Sure that she could not have stood any more orgasms, she is shocked at how quickly she was up and raring to go. At the first brush of his cock against her pussy, she is sent over the edge yet again, as she is still throbbing through that orgasm, he rams into her. Cutting off her scream with a his mouth , his tongue ravishes her mouth as he fucks her roughly. As he is taking her, she wraps her legs around his waist. As she raises her arms a bit for more leverage above her head her shoulders raise up off the pillows.

Glancing up, he roughly grabs her hair and pulls her head back, exposing her neck as he is sucking and biting it. As she feels the familiar last tightening in her stomach she feels him fucking her harder and more urgently. As she sails over the edge, moaning his name, she feels him shudder and cum with a moan. As he collapses on top of her, she smiles as she drifts off to sleep.

Several hours later she awakens to the sun shining into her eyes from the window across the room. She hears the familiar morning sounds, yet a slight buzzing noise attracts her attention. Laughingly she realizes she fell asleep without turning off the vibrator again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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