Dr. Robertson’s Cure Ch. 03

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For the record: All characters engaging in any sexual activities are at least 18 years of age!

I don’t currently have an editor so I apologize for any errors in the text. I hope you can forgive my mistakes.

Chapter 3

Yes, we were under attack from the big money guys, I hadn’t figured on this happening until the FE30 went into production or even after it was released. They would have it then, they would get a sample of the drug somehow. But by then, we would be more than two years ahead of the pack and would have the money to fight them in every country of the world.

“The drug company that we dealt with in the past is suing for rights to FE30. It is a ploy to get us to prove it’s not the same as other drugs we have developed for them in the past. To prove it, we would have to supply a sample for testing. And I don’t want to do that, so we need someone to represent us,” I said.

“I might have a line on that, I know husband and wife law firm who moved into the area a few years ago, they used to work in a big law firm in the city but opted for a lifestyle change, I will put in a call,” Tony said, and left to use his phone.

“Gabe, what do we need to secure the two sets of encrypted drives, I don’t want anyone to have access to them but the family?” I asked, as he was the real tech head in the family.

“We can get a few laptops that have no wireless cards in them, but there are also ones that are made for the purpose, but they cost a lot more,” Gabe answered, happy to contribute.

“We could just use standard laptops and pull the wireless and Bluetooth cards out and disconnect the LAN port. The software could be a problem finding a 256k encryption software we could trust,” Jenny said, and bringing a smile to Gabe and my faces, we had a second nerd in the group.

“I will let you two work on that, I will work out a budget for you to stick to when we sit down and work out our finances,” I said, and turned to Em.

“OK, I guess that’s me, yes that was my major at college, we will need to all sit down and see what funds the two families have available until your house sells,” Em said, she looked beautiful with her legs open in my direction.

“Dan and April are on their way out to the farm to meet; they are still trying to grow their firm and are keen to see a potential business client. It turns out Dan has a lot of experience in patents and the like, but they mainly pick up family law and property contracts out here,” Tony said, on his return.

We worked through the problems and sorted our finances, to the extent that we could until we sold the house, it would go to auction in four weeks, and our low reserve would almost guarantee its sale. It didn’t make sense to hold out for top dollar because when we got the company up and running, we would make much more with SE30. I checked on our IT department, and they were chatting madly about the merits of this software over that, I also noticed a few empty condom packets on the side table. A bit more than just IT had been discussed at some point.

I let everyone know to dress as our guests were about to arrive, and we all looked presentable when both Dan and April walked up to the pool area. Em, Tony, Eve, and I all sat at the outdoor table with Dan and April on the other side.

“OK, I need to be upfront about some things first. What’s discussed in this meeting can never be spoken about outside of the people here on the farm. If this gets out, we will lose everything,” I said, to Dan and April.

“If you give us a $5 retainer, then we are your lawyers, and we are bound never to divulge your business to anyone,” Dan said, and held out a receipt for $5, and waved my hand away when I reached for my wallet. It was a symbolic exchange for the legal system.

“We have developed a drug that raises the libido of humans, it works on both sexes and does no other harm in the process, it’s with the FDA now for approval for human trials. I suspect that the drug will be worth a lot of money, but the drug manufacturer we have previously sold our developments to wants FE30 too. They will water it down and try to make it only last a short time to keep couples coming back and keep the money flowing. They are suing to make us supply a sample that they can test and reverse engineer a copy. I think they were behind an attempted break-in at the Lab earlier this week,” I said, getting most of this out in the open.

“The drug works then,” have you tested it on anyone, Like yourself?” April asked, looking interested.

“I am reluctant to comment,” I said, and looked to the others.

“We can never reveal any of this, but we should know if it’s real,” Dan said, looking at April.

“We accidentally ingested the maximum dose and have felt the full effect of the drug, it works, and not just on animals. I can also say that it has brought our family so much closer together then we could have ever imagined,” I answered, and Eve slid her hand into mine.

“Can we have a few moments to talk, we would need to put a kartal sarışın escort lot of work into this, and I would like to discuss that with April as that’s what we came out here to avoid,” Dan said, and he and April moved to the other side of the pool and talked heatedly for a good ten minutes.

“OK, we would like to take on your company as a client, April and I came out to the farm because our marriage was in trouble, all we did was work. Our relationship was once incredible, but we ended up only having sex once a month at best, we have been here for a few years, and our love life is better, it’s still not what it used to be. We will take on your company if you allow us to be test subjects, no placebo, just straight test, and in return, we will fight them all the way to the high court for free. Their weakness will be that they will come at us with at least two big law firms, they can’t keep that up as long as you can, because I cost you nothing,” Dan said, and he and April looked at us hopefully.

“I would have to go through this with the family before I say yes to your proposal, and you would have to live out here for at least a week, so we know you are safe with the effects that will take place,” I said, and they nodded.

We left them and gathered in the kitchen with the rest of the group, it was a quick discussion mainly about our liability if they decided they didn’t like the results of the drug, but it was something we would talk about now and have it out in the open.

“We would like to take you up on the offer, but we are all concerned about what would happen if you don’t like the outcome,” I said, and waited for their response.

“We would like to hear what to expect, but we would sign a full medical waiver exonerating you from any responsibility. If we take the drug ourselves, you are in no danger of the law ever coming back on you,” April said, and blushed.

“The drug will take five days to reach its full effect on your body. On day one, it will be like being a teenager again, sensitive nipples and clit, and erections at odd times. Day two will bring an enlargement of the nipples and clit. Both will become more sensitive. By day three, you will be dripping wet, and your clit and cock will not be able to stand being covered by clothes, and your nipples will be erect all the time, and your cock will be dripping precum. You will be driven to have sex, and your modesty will be almost gone. Day four and sex will be the only thing on your mind, a cock that won’t go down and a clit that must be played with and a pussy that must be filled. You won’t care who sees you or fucks you. Day five, your clit and nipples will be much larger, and that’s permanent. Your cockhead will be bigger too. Sex is at a fever pitch, and you may see a bit of chafing by this time, and you won’t care if your cock is in a hole. Your modesty will be a distant memory. This could be dangerous in the wrong environment. Finally, after that, the effects will come back a little so that you can stand clothes for a short time and not masturbate or fuck for a few hours. Like we are now,” I said, looking from Dan to April for their reaction.

“I am in, and we will go for the full dose and be responsible for the results,” April said, and was opening and closing her legs like she had an itch.

“Do you need a bathroom break?” Em said, looking at April.

“Yes, please,” April said, and Em took her through to one of the bathrooms.

“When do we start?” Dan said, smiling, “We can start with the treatment as soon as you like and be able to work kind of normally by the time they can set a court date.

When April came back, she had erect nipples and a flushed face as she sat down.

“So, when do we start Dr. Robertson?” April asked, sounding as keen as Dan.

“When can you stay out here for a week?” I answered, noticing her take Dan’s hand.

“Would Saturday be too soon?” Dan asked, looking hopeful.

We talked about the trial for a little longer, but I was starting to become uncomfortable with my erection trapped in my pants, So we saw the couple back to the car, and we’re out of our clothes by the time they were out of sight.

“They still love each other Timmy, you can see it in the way they touch each other,” Em said, strumming her clit, “she bumped into Gabe and the girls coming down the hall, and I am sure she played with herself in the bathroom, she will be a firecracker with the drug,” Em said, and sat across from me.

Eve sat down on the deck chair across from us and, with her feet on the chair, spread her knees wide, and her wet pussy peeled open to the sun and our gaze. She ran her finger along her slit and used the moisture to lubricate her clit and circled it slowly. Tony and I already had half-hard cocks, but the sight of our wives playing with their pussies took us the rest of the way. Em stood first and moved over to face me, and took my cock in her hand, straddling my legs she lowered herself down on my cock.

Tony quickly kartal sınırsız escort took his place between Eve’s legs and slid his cock into her to the hilt, helped by the abundant moisture within. We worked out our frustrations on each other until we all lay on a lounger with either limp cocks or cum filled pussies.

“I think there are some natural fits here already, Gabe and Jenny are right into tech, Em is already working out the books, her mind is just so sharp with that side of things. Tony has built and fixed everything on this farm at one point, and I think he would easily set up and run the production side of the company. Sorry, Tony, but I can’t even put together Ikea furniture,” I said, turning to see Tony smiling.

“It’s OK Tim even I can’t get that shit together, but I think you are right, I am the best fit to run the production side of things, and I will sell off a lot of the farm stock to keep the farm work down to a minimum and give us some cash in reserve if we need it. I think Rebeca might be able to help with the testing, she was going to start her degree in vet nursing,” Tony said, and looked to Eve.

“Yes, and I studied statistics and probability in college so I can help with the trials too. We will need some more help in the Lab at some point, do you think you can trust any of the people who worked on this project, Tim?” Eve asked,

“I have a couple in mind, and they are the only ones I think money wouldn’t sway, they have a passion for what this drug could do for couples, and money never came into it for them. I sent them on leave before we came here. I have texted them to contact me on the encrypted messaging app, Jenny set up, all they have to do is use their old work password, so I will know it’s them,” I said, and ran my fingers over Eve’s breast.

Saturday rolled around quickly, and first thing in the morning, Dan and April came up the driveway and parked with the other cars under the carport. When they got out of the car, they were dressed very casually, and we were in as little as we thought we could get away with. We led them into the house, and Em showed them their room at the top of the H with us.

“We have drawn up the waiver, and we have signed it, and all you have to do is sign as well and keep your copy,” April said, looking a bit jumpy.

“I will do that now, and we will get started,” I said, and signed the papers and started handing them a vile of the drug each, “Last chance to opt-out.”

“No chance of that,” April said, and chugged the content down with a grimace on her face.

“OK, note to self, work on the taste if we are going to give this orally,” Eve said, and brought a chuckle from the four of us in the room, Dan then threw down his vile too.

“OK, Eve will do a baseline of your pulse, blood pressure, and the size of your body parts. We will then recheck every day and take note of any changes. Feel free to use the pool and walk around the farm for at least today and maybe tomorrow. We’ll see how you go after that,” I said, and left them to unpack.

“When you come out, we will all be nude or close to it. You can do the same or just wear something light. It doesn’t really matter because in a few days you won’t be able to stand clothes anyway. I will take you aside one at a time and measure your sex parts. April, I may need a hand today to get him fully erect so that I can measure the size of his gland,” Eve said, and followed me to the door.

“You might not have a problem with that if the girls I saw the other day are running around naked,” April said, and smiled at Eve.

We waited for our guests to come out of their room for over an hour. April came out first and saw that we had all chosen to be naked. She was in a bikini but ducked back into the room then reemerged in just the bottoms dragging Dan by the hand. He was as naked as the day he was born, with a white tan line from just above the knee to the neck and elbow.

“Dan, don’t you ever get in the sun?” Tony asked, and everyone broke out laughing, including Dan.

“I am a lawyer, not a surfing pro,” Dan said, trying to defend himself.

The rest of the day passed quickly, Eve measuring and testing the couple. We had meetings all day about the lab building and equipment for it and drug production, also how to run the testing protocol.

“This drug trial does not need a blind placebo test. The effects can’t be from just thinking you have had the drug. The physical changes will only happen after they have taken FE30, and all we need to know is what dosage gives what reaction in humans and does bodyweight, race, sex, or age influence the required outcome?” I asked, and started to take some notes.

“We all and remarkably similar effects and we are all very different age, sex and build. It was a good test except we don’t know the exact amount of FE30 we took, and we have to work on a cool name because I don’t think FE30 will sell very well as the sex drug,” Em said, and gave her clit a sly tickle.

I kartal ucuz escort was feeling it as well, but we had been restraining ourselves all day because of our guests, but we could not keep that up forever. That afternoon I had been pulled into our bedroom by Eve and fucked me wonderfully. Then later, Mia had taken advantage of me in the stables when we were supposed to be feeding the horses. I had noticed Em and Gabe absent together around noon, and the twins disappeared with their father a little later. I think the new couple thought most of it was innocent, and for now, I was going to let them think just that. In a few days, they would know the drive that has taken us to this place, and no explanation would ever be needed.

The next morning April came out of the bedroom early blushing and rubbing at her nipples, when she sat down her bikini bottoms had a wet patch at the crotch. I didn’t think anyone would say anything until Rebeca went over and hugged her and ran her fingers over the damp spot, and left her clutching at Rebeca’s shoulders, panting. Dan followed soon after with his cock hard and a drip of precum at the head.

“We had sex twice last night, and again this morning, you say this is only day two of five?” Dan asked as he approached me.

“Dan, we are here to support you. We all have gone through this, your drive will council out any modesty pretty soon,” I answered, reassuring him that he is safe.

Mia came over to me and slid her legs either side of my thigh and hugged her naked form to my body. When I looked back, Dan was at full erection, and I couldn’t blame him. Mia has an almost perfect body. I motioned to Rebeca, and she took April’s hand and brought her over to Dan. Rebeca made quite a show of lowering April’s soaked bikini bottoms and threw them ceremonially onto the kitchen bench, bringing a giggle from all the other ladies.

“Now plant yourself on that man’s cock before the head blows off,” Rebeca said, and eased April back onto her man.

We all acted like we didn’t notice them fucking, and they tried to believe we couldn’t see. When Eve did her measurements that afternoon, and the results came in at about stage five already, this was slightly ahead of what we had experienced. Tomorrow they would be at stage seven and a ten a whole day earlier than us, was my bet.

We got word from my lawyer in the city that they had a court date in the district county court in three weeks, and I wondered how many palms they would have had to grease to pull that off. We all discussed this, and Dan and April didn’t seem worried, but they were distracted by the urge to play with themself or each other.

The next morning April came out as naked as a jaybird and sat at the breakfast bar with her dripping pussy open for all to view. And view we did. She was a beautiful lady, and the couple was probably five years younger than our early forties. Dan came out with his erection in his hand and snuggled up to his wife, who started playing with his cock as if it were the most natural thing in the world. They were well past stage six this morning, and the measurements later today would tell us how far past.

We dropped any pretense of hiding our sex from then on. Dan and April could no longer care, they needed sex and plenty of it. I made it clear to everyone that the couple should be having sex with each other if this was going to be the bonding experience they were after. They mainly stuck to that except when Eve played with April a few times when she looked like the frustration was going to overwhelm her.

“I thought we agreed that we would leave them to have sex together and not us?” I asked, as Eve was between April’s parted legs, licking her from her rosebud to her now protruding clit.

“I just measured her clit,” Eve said, with a smile.

“With your tongue?” I asked, but already knew the answer.

Eve slid two fingers into April’s pussy and continued to lick her clit. April moaned, and Dan and I watched the show. As April climaxed on Eve’s face, Dan was moving in to slide his cock into April, and I couldn’t resist slipping into Eve from behind. It only took Eve and me a few minutes to cum, and we just stayed locked together and watched the beautiful younger couple make love next to us and whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears. They oozed love, not the kind of love you find in a book or a movie, but this was real love, the kind where you make love whenever you can and keep the connection burning brightly.

Dan and April mixed with the family freely. They had no inhibition about being naked anymore, and they would be at a level ten by morning, a day earlier than expected. It would be interesting if they came back to the usual level eight a day early as well. Swimming in the pool took on a different meaning as April was playing with all the cocks available. Dan was looking on from the side of the pool when Em and I moved to his side.

“No Need to look at me like that, I am not the jealous type. We have tried swinging years ago, and I was never able to keep up with her libido, but in recent times we have both dropped very low in that department. It’s fantastic to see her happy and smiling again, And if she falls onto Gabe’s cock once or twice, I will make sure I make love to her twice tonight to catch up,” Dan said, as Em played with his cock for him.

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