Down by the River

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During the summer, life for Will was a continuous blur of lazing around, sleeping, more lazing, the occasional swim in the river, and more sleeping. While school was in, he lived a few hundred miles away in the dorms (at least they were the nicer new dorms). The college was located in a good sized city with plenty of things to do when not in class; boredom was a thing of the past. Every summer though, he came back home to live with his mother and sister (his dad had died when he was only two years old) in their house, well removed from the city on a large piece of land. His sister, Beth, went to a local college and lived at home year round.

Because they lived so far out of the city, most summer activity was centered at home or the surrounding wilderness. Will went down to the river behind the house every day or two to swim or fish, maybe a little canoeing now and then; mostly though he stayed in and watched TV (at least they had satellite here) or played video games on the computer, not that he had any talent at them.

Now, he was sitting watching some bad 80’s action film on a movie channel and talking on the phone to one his college buds.

“Aw man, no way!” said Will.

“Yeah, it was right after I got back from the airport.”

“Lucky man, lucky. How was it?”

“Fucking. Incredible.”

“How the hell did you pull it off though?”

Some explosion ripped across the screen, mildly catching Will’s attention. Explosions were good, but discussing sex always won in comparison in the mind of any 20 year old.

“She had just broken up with her boyfriend,” the voice on the phone said, “after catching him with some other girl. I think I was in the door for three minutes before she knocked and asked me to go out to dinner.”

“Shit man, wish I had rented with you this summer, she woulda been asking me instead.”

“Whatever man, she’s had eyes for me since last fall. You remember that time at Beaver’s party (Beaver was the nickname for one of their party crazed friends)?”

“Well her eyes were all over me that one day at the pool. Figures you weren’t there to see it though.”

“Yeah, that’s cause there wasn’t a pool, because that day never happened you fuckin’ liar.”

“Ah, fuck you. Anyway, what happened then?”

“Mostly she just bitched about him while we were eating. I was kind of hoping she’d shut up about it. She finally did though and began asking me about myself. She seemed really interested in every fuckin’ thing that I said.”

“She must have been stoned then because you’re about as interesting as a fuckin’ dead moose,” Will said sarcastically.

“Yeah well, this dead moose just fucked Tina Frank, asshole.”

Will laughed. “I’m not sure I’d want to be involved with a girl that likes fucking dead mooses.”

They both laughed.

“So, we go back to the apartments and I get to her door, and she turns around and starts slobbering on my face. Pulls me in the door and starts tearing my clothes off.”

“Damn! I’d be all over her if she did that,” Will said, imagining Tina Frank pulling him in her apartment for wild sex.

“Shit, I was kind of stunned and just stood there. Eventually though, yeah, I was all fuckin’ over her. God she gives an amazing blowjob. Then we fucked a few times before I left.” “Left? Fuck, it’d take an army to get me out of her bed after that. Does she want to do it again?” “She didn’t really say, but I kinda got that feeling. I’ll be waiting for her when she comes home though, that’s for fuckin’ damn sure. What have you been up to?”

“Christ, you know there’s nothing to do in this wasteland. I’ve been doing a whole lotta nothing real fast.”

“Is that one chick still living nearby?”

“Naw man, I went by but it looks like the family moved or something. The house is empty. I’ll ask Mom about it,” he said, remembering Sarah, a cute girl that had lived close to him since he was seven. Her parents’ property started on the other bank of the river and they had often swum together during the summers. “Fuckin’ shame.”

“Too bad, she was pretty cute.”

The conversation played out a few more minutes while cars exploded and bullets flew on the screen. After hanging up, Will decided that was enough bad action for today. Time for a swim.

He changed into some shorts and went out the door heading towards the river. It was about sixty yards from the house, across a lawn with the occasional tree. The banks of the river were about six feet above the water, lined with thick foliage. The river itself was probably 30 feet across at this point and only about 6 feet deep; enough for swimming. A mild current usually ran through this part. Further downstream, the river opened up to as wide as 100 feet and ran as deep as 30; a few shallower rapid areas up in the next county. Still, it provided mild entertainment in an otherwise dead-boring locale.

He climbed up the banks and looked in at the water. Same as yesterday (and a few eons before that), cool and wet. He glanced upstream and was caught by a surprise. bostancı sarışın escort There was a girl there standing on the banks kicking off her shorts. She was standing naked dipping her toes in the water testing how cool it was.

It was obviously a good temperature because she began to wade out into the stream. From here, Will couldn’t see who it was. Maybe there was another house that had been built nearby recently. Maybe there was a girl here that would want to be fuck buddies for the summer! That was his hope anyhow.

Not wanting to be spotted, and thus ending the fun-time-sir-peepsalot-peepshow, Will crouched down behind a tree and peered out between the thick foliage around it. Rambo couldn’t have done much better to conceal himself, he thought.

The girl drifted down the river in the current, splashing a little. She swam to the other side of the bank and waded out. Will admired her figure, slim and tall with a great ass on the side. She turned around, breasts jiggling a little as she wrung some water from her hair, which was thrown in her face. The breasts were great, full and heavy with hard nipples; he figured they were probably C cups. Her pussy was smooth except for a little patch of hair at the top.

He debated how he was going to go about introducing himself. It might be okay to pretend to stumble in for a swim but some girls might call that spying and go proclaiming to the world that Will Gregson was a peeping tom. And he was. But that was hardly common knowledge and it would be better for it to stay that way.

Still though, he thought, that’s a damn fucking fine assed fuckable body. He decided that it wouldn’t hurt to try with the surprised approach. He crept back over the bank, looking once more over his shoulder to check her position. She was swimming back towards her clothes, probably to get out, he thought.

He walked along the bank to where he thought she would be and stepped out over it.

He stopped in his tracks. The girl was wading out of the water towards him. Her dark wet hair was pulled back now, exposing her face. He recognized it as belonging to his sister Beth. Her eyes met his with total surprise. “Gah!” she said, splashing towards her clothes and grabbing for the towel.

Will turned aside, turning red from embarrassment, and said, “Whoa. Sorry Beth. I didn’t know you swam naked.” “It’s okay,” she said, now covered with her beach towel, “I usually don’t. Thought I would try it this time though. Sorry, I thought you were going to be at the house for a while.”

He was still turned to the side and she noticed a slight tent in his pants. This made her turn a deep shade of scarlet.

Will remained standing as he was, still shocked that he had been oogling his sister (when the hell had she turned so fucking hot?) while she made her way past him and up the banks, still wrapped in the towel and clutching her clothes in her arms.

When she was gone, he stood replaying the scene in his head. She was fucking hot, but she was his sister. No fuck-buddy for him after all. He peeled off his shirt and jumped into the water. No sense in coming all this way (all sixty yards, quiet a journey indeed) for nothing. He spent about ten minutes swirling around in the water before calling it quits and heading back up to the house.

************ Beth was dressed when he got home. She was sitting on the couch watching a throwaway show that they always aired during summer afternoons. Normally she would have said ‘hi’, but she obviously still embarrassed from the previous encounter at the river. Will was likewise still red and said nothing as he went to get a drink from the fridge. With glass in hand, he strolled down the hall to his room and shut the door. He clicked the computer mouse, awakening it from it’s long slumber of flying toaster screensavers, and opened the web browser.

He flicked through his usual sites checking the latest happenings in that world that only 20 year olds found interesting and saw that nothing was going on. Summer, he thought, must be the international phrase for ‘Fuck it, I don’t feel like doing anything today godammit.’

There was always porn though. Porn didn’t stop for summer. ‘Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these pornstars from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.’ Fuck the postal service, he knew where the motto really came from.

Pulling up some of his favorite sites, he slipped his cock from his shorts and began to invoke the ancient rite of masturbation. He clicked on a movie and let it finish loading before hitting play. Some brunette slut was bouncing on a guys rod, crying out all kinds of obscenities (he was never sure about how realistic that was, but it sure made it more exciting). The camera showed the guys face concentrating (Will hated when the camera did this, it was like throwing a grenade in front of a marathon runner). For some reason, the pornstar studs never really looked that into it. Will hoped he would never feel that way about bostancı yabancı escort sex. On second thought, he didn’t care if he wound up feeling that way, as long as he got to have that much sex.

He shut his eyes and imagined himself as the one that was shoving his hard cock in that brunettes wet pussy, making her say all those dirty things for him.

“Yeah,” he whispered, eyes closed, “yeah, I know baby, I know I’m making you come.”

Suddenly the brunette changed to his sister, still bouncing up and down on his cock and urging him on through gritted teeth. It took him a minute before he realized what he was doing and he abruptly stopped.

“Shit,” he said in a low voice. “Why does she have to be my fucking sister.”

The words ‘fucking’ and ‘sister’ momentarily sent him back into the fantasy, her breasts bouncing in front of his face. The scene at the river once again flashed through his head; it seemed like every detail was there in perfect clarity, the way the water was beading off her nipples or trailing down between her breasts, the beads of water on the hair around her crotch.

He again shook out of it, scolding himself. “Dammit Will, it’s your sister you fuckin’ perv.” But his cock didn’t much care at that point. She was hot and there was no denying it.

He tried for a minute to resist, but then he thought to hell with that, and let the fantasy come flooding back in while he stroked himself. It didn’t take him long to hit the point of no return, the launch pad to planet to Orgasmo 5, and the taboo nature of what he was doing made the orgasm even stronger. His load shot out in great white spurts, flying several feet above his head; he didn’t notice where it landed, he was too deep in the throes of ecstasy. He grunted as his hand flew up and down the shaft, milking every ounce of that orgasmic energy from his cock.

“Oh fuck,” he breathed. “Shit, I owe ya one sis.”

He lay there for a few minutes trying to convince himself it was just a one time thing, but he knew it wasn’t. He knew deep down that that fantasy was here to stay. He also knew he’d be watching every day the rest of the summer to see when she went down to the river and he would follow her. Even if she was clothed, it would be fun to watch her from the concealment of the bank.

The door at the other end of the house closed. That probably meant his mother was home. She owned a business that he never really understood exactly how it worked. Something to do with selling something else for another company, except they didn’t really sell it, they just handled the business end of it. That’s at least what he gathered from the number of times she tried to explain it to him. It was a small business that only employed a handful of people, but since she was the boss she only went into the office once or twice a week. The rest of the time was hers, usually spent shopping in the city or lounging at the country club with a Long Island Iced Tea in hand.

Will got up off the bed and made his way to the front door to greet her. She had brought home something for dinner. Hunger was a forgotten something when sex was at the front of the mind, but suddenly came back to him, and damn he was hungry.

“Hi Mom,” he said, giving her the obligatory hug.

“Hi sweety, have a good day?” she said, setting down the bag of food and hugging him.

His morning was slow, he thought, but things had definitely been more exciting that afternoon. “Pretty okay, I guess.”

“Where’s Beth?” she asked. “I dunno,” he stammered, feeling a little guilty about what he had just done in his room. He had managed to forget about her until just then. “Probably upstairs in her room,” he added.

Beth, as if on cue, came down the stairs at that moment and greeted her mother. Her eye caught Will’s for a second and she looked away quickly, embarrassed.

Before too long, the food had been divvied out and the three were sitting in the living room eating and watching some early evening sitcom.

Their mother, Susan, spoke suddenly. “You kids should get out of the house some this summer.”

Where the hell did that come from, Will thought.

He gave a dry laugh and said, “Yeah, we can go watch the grass grow. Or maybe go spit off a bridge. Maybe there’s a rock out there that needs a good chuckin’.”

Her son had always been such a smartass, but she smiled anyway and said, “I know there’s not much do to out here, but you could always come into the city with me on occasion.”

“That would require moving though. Think I’d rather sleep or spit off a bridge.”

“Well still,” she continued, “you should get out of the house some. Don’t want to look like a vampire when you go back to school.”

“I’ll go with you tomorrow, Mom,” Beth said. “Can we go to the mall?”

“Sure honey,” Susan replied. She looked back to Will. “See? Your sister’s getting out.”

He was too innerly frustrated to reply. There went tomorrow’s chance to do a little sightseeing ala sister. Oh well, göztepe escort bayan guess there are plenty of other days for that, he thought. The rest of the evening finished in much the way the day before had, in that lazy summertime way.

Will had gotten off that night again with images of his sister dancing before his eyes, then drifted off to sleep. In her own room, Beth was tossing and turning.

************ When Will woke up the next morning, his first instinct was to masturbate again. After all, why refuse nature? It had made it this far, some 4 billion years, why not trust it a little? He had his hand around his cock getting ready for a good session when he heard a noise from somewhere in the house. Since his mother and sister were supposed to be gone, he figured he ought to investigate the sound. Might actually turn out to be something interesting.

“Detective Willy is on the case,” he muttered.

He climbed out of bed and got dressed, made it half way to the living room before remembering that besides morning wood, his body also liked to expel the urine in the bladder when it woke up. After pissing out what felt like roughly 400 gallons of yellow liquid, he walked back down the hall. Beth was walking towards him, the source of the mysterious sound becoming obvious to him.

“Morning,” he said, turning sideways to let her by.

“Good morning,” she said, briefly making eye contact with a small smile.

Was it his imagination or did her breast brush his shoulder as she walked by? His cock started to harden at the thought and he turned to watch her walk down the hall, going into the rec room. She wasn’t dressed any different than normal, but in light of recent events, he found the shorts to be shorter and the shirt to be tighter.

Trying to shrug it off, he went to the living room and turned on the tv, looking for anything remotely diverting. More bad 80’s action, Spanish soaps, pre-schooler cartoons, talkshows, gameshows.

“Five hundred channels of nothing,” he muttered.

From behind him, Beth said, “I’m going to go down to the river.”

“Okay,” Will said, turning to speak. “Wait, I thought you were going out with Mom today?”

“Nah, I changed my mind. Eight A.M. came awfully early this morning.”

“Okay, well I guess I’m going to pop in a movie or something. How can we have this many channels with nothing on?”

She shrugged and walked out the back door.

That was of course a lie. He was going to watch her walk across the backyard and when he was clear to move in, he would resume his post at the bank and watch her swim.

As soon as the back door slid closed, he was at it watching her progress towards the river. When he guessed that it was safe (assuming she didn’t whip around suddenly), he opened the door and followed. It was a little alarming at first because if she did happen to turn around, there was no cover for him to duck behind besides a few trees, but none thick enough. But as soon as she disappeared over the bank, he felt the slight tension vanish, replaced by lust and excitement.

He crouched down low and waddled to the edge of the bank, slowly peering over. It was hard to see through the thick plant life that thrived at the waters edge, but he thought he could make out where his sister was. He figured it was safe enough to slip over the bank and crouch behind a tree.

In his new position he could see much better, with the added security benefit of not being seen. The way the plants leaned out around the tree, she could probably look right at him and not realize he was there.

Beth swam to the other side and got out. She looked around cautiously then began to strip out of her bathing suit. Will about had a heart attack of joy. She must have bought what he said about staying to watch a movie. This was much better than any damn movie. He wondered what difference it made swimming naked versus a suit. Sure, naked versus a suit of steel armor, but a bathing suit? Well he certainly wasn’t going to ponder the question too long, not with the flesh-fest in front of him.

He once again hit record in his brain and watched her, almost without blinking. She floated on her back, breasts raised above the water with hard nipples. The show went on for ten minutes before it occurred to Will that if she got out of the water and walked by, she would probably see him. And unless he left well ahead of her, she might be over the bank while he was running his ass off to the house. He shifted his knee to a more comfortable position, accidentally kicking the plant he was under, making it rattle slightly.

Beth looked up towards the plant, and for a moment he thought his ass was grass, game over man, game over. But then she looked back away. She took a breath and plunged down towards the bottom, her ass momentarily jutting out from the water as she went down, followed by her long, smooth legs.

Will took the moment to hop back over the edge of the bank, and, with one last look towards the water made a dash back to the house. His heart was already pounding from excitement, he didn’t know if it could handle running.

When he got in and caught his breath, he decided to actually put a movie in. Not to watch it of course, he had a better one playing in his head, but to provide a cover story. Where have you been Will? Why, right here watching this movie of course.

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