Doll Collar Pt. 02

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All characters are 18 years or older. Please vote and comment. I may take a bit of a break to work on my novel. I have some stories in the works. I will finish them when i can. I want to get this book done and together for an editor to read. Wish me luck.


Part One: The Doctor is in

It was like a drug and I was addicted, to women and to the act of love. No, that’s not entirely true. It was the act of lust I desired. I wanted it all the time and anywhere I could get it. Haley preferred sex out of the house in some very interesting places. Lydia, the woman I formerly thought of as my mother, liked it in her bed or up against the wall or in the shower. There had been others, quite a few others but my family had become my core partners.

Spring was in the air. It had been almost three months since Lydia and I had consummated our lust for one another. My quiet life had ended after that night. I had slowly become a more social creature. I went to bars, clubs and hell even nice restaurants. It was my social life that brought the strangeness into my life, not that creating a sex slave collar isn’t a little strange.

It began with little things at first. I would take Haley or Lydia to a new place to eat and the Maître D would welcome me back. Once we went to a bar and the bartender slapped me for no apparent reason. People would address me as J instead of Jim or James. I would look at mom or sis and they would shrug when this happened. So one night after a night of drinking and debauchery in the back seat of my car I came home with an idea blazing in my brain.

I took out my cell phone and took a selfie, something I would normally never do. I moved the file to my laptop and did an image search on me. The results changed my life forever. There were images of me but it wasn’t me. I was clean shaven and had been most of my adult life. But here was a guy who looked just like me sporting a goatee and some long ass hair. He looked to be a lead singer in a band of some kind. I followed the link to the band’s home page.

The band’s name was the Silver Tongued Devil. I looked at one of the high resolution pictures of John Najarian and it was me. He looked just like my reflection except the goatee and long ass hair. According to the site they were currently in Europe doing a tour. I began looking into the life of the man that called himself John Najarian. I quickly learned that Najarian was a stage name. I needed to find out who he was and if he was in fact my twin brother.

I would ask dear old mother but tonight was date night and the guy she was seeing would have her out all night, again. He was half her age and fucked like a machine or so she bragged. I was glad she was seeing other people. In the end I only wanted the best for her and sis. Feeling a little depressed I decided to go out and try my luck with finding out about the man who could be my brother.

I drove down to the strip and picked out the most expensive looking restaurant. It had valet parking and I was glad I had put on a nice jacket and a black tie. I pulled up and the young man parking the cars seemed to recognize me. He looked at the car and made a curious face.

“Hey J, is this your mom’s car?” He said as I exited. “Oh I get it, you are undercover. I won’t say a word.”

I walked up to the line waiting to get in and the large Ukrainian fellow waved me through.

“Eet ees good to see you again J,” he said in his heavily accented English. I just nodded and strode into the front of the place.

“MARIO…” the thick looking Maître D cried out. “J is here, hey everyone J is back from Europe! Hey J come over here you scoundrel you. Does she know your back? Never mind, we kept your table open just in case, the usual?”

I nodded as I was led to a huge round table with a sign that said ‘reserved’. The bottle of tequila and a single tumbler arrived even before my utensils and glass of water. I broke the seal on the unopened bottle and poured a healthy measure into the sky blue tumbler. I sniffed the glass and it had a pleasant almost fruity quality to it. I smiled and took a sip. I had never tasted tequila like this before.

I took a second larger sip and a moment later the warm fuzzies hit me right between the eyes. Oh damn, this shit is strong! I set tumbler and bottle aside. I did memorize the brand and maker for future reference. My food showed up at the same time my knife and fork did. I ate and I could see why John liked eating here. The food was amazing!

“Dr. Thompson,” a heavily accented female voice called me by my proper name.

I looked up and I swallowed hard looking up at the ebony skinned beauty. She was a gorgeous mix of Black and Slavic. I smiled and gestured that she should sit. She told me her name was Katja and she desperately needed my help. The maître d walked by and smiled as he passed.

“Doctor I need your help,” she repeated and the older man stopped and balked at what she had said.

“No… no… no… young beautiful bahis firmaları woman, he is no doctor he is a very gifted singer. Tell her J. Tell her about your band.”

“My name is James Thompson, Doctor James Thompson and I believe I am J’s twin brother.”

“Holy Mary… you must be his long lost brother. Sure you are! Welcome doctor… I am Damian and this is my restaurant. You are welcome here anytime. Your brother is in Europe. He should be back by summer. He will be touring here by then. Take the bottle of tequila as a gift. Yea gods where are my manners. Forgive me young lady, what can I get you to eat and drink?”

She ordered without a menu and that tickled Damian to the core. Katja told me she was a model and did some more risqué jobs on the side. She admitted to a drug problem and needed me to cure her of it.

“How do you intend on paying for this treatment?” I asked and she looked down at the table. “I will help you. We will work something out.” I reached into my jacket pocket and took out the collar I had there. I passed it to her. The platinum and sapphire circle was both elegant and beautiful. “Put it on.”

“It’s very pretty,” she said as she placed it around her neck. I leaned over and adjusted the fit. When it was perfect I activated it through the Master Collar around my neck. The loud click as it locked surprised her but once the effects of the collar took hold she relaxed. “I feel really good.”

“I’m glad. Snap your fingers three times for me.”

She did so and looked down at her hand as if it belonged to someone else. I told her to relax and questioned her about her addiction to cocaine. I asked if she were alone or if she were here with friends. She was alone but she was supposed to meet up with friends later. I asked her to call her friends and tell them that she had run into me and that we would be starting her treatment right away. She was crying she was so happy as she talked to her sister.

“He is going to help me,” she said as she wept. “Yes… he is a very good man! No… we are going to work out a payment plan. Yes… I love you too.”

“Give me your panties,” I said once she was off the phone.

She looked around as she slid her hands under her dress and managed to lift up enough to lose her thong without anyone noticing. Katja passed the item under the table to me. I glanced down and saw how damp a certain portion of the material was.

“You are soaked,” I noted and she nodded. “Why?”

“I think it’s the necklace. It is making my pussy all wet.” She said the word pussy so soft I almost missed it.

“Tell me about your problem Katja.”

We talked about the first time she tried cocaine and how it had subsequently ruined her life. I asked her how bad the craving was now. Katja looked at me and I could see the pain. I locked my gaze with her and told her the craving was fading away like so much smoke. As I spoke the desire for the drug became like a bad nightmare. She rocked in her seat and when I touched her hand she woke to find the craving controllable.

“Oh my god,” she gasped. “I feel so much better. If there is anything I can do.”

“As a matter of fact,” I said smiling. “But let’s eat first; we are going to need our strength.”

“God, I hope so.”

We ate and we talked about her problem. I told her that the craving was fading with each bite and each time she chewed. It was the best meal of her life. By the time she was finished her addiction was gone. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she took her last swallow of food. I could tell by the look in her eye that the collar had done its job.

“How do you feel?” I asked.

“I am free of it,” she whimpered barely able to keep from flinging her body at me. “I will do anything you want for this.”

“You will never touch another illegal drug as long as you live. Do you understand me? Repeat it.”

“I will never touch another illegal drug as long as I live!” She said and I turned off the collar.

“How do you feel?”

“I feel like a new born. Ask me for anything and I will do it for you.”

“Ever have sex in public?” I asked and she shook her head.

“Here…” she began and I told her no. “… Oh okay, if you want it I’ll do it.”

We took a walk after our meal and I turned the collar back on. I changed the setting and watched her cheeks flush with color as the pleasure flooded her body. I asked her about sex and soon I knew from her own lips just exactly what she liked to do and have done to her. I slid my arm around her waist and she moaned. When I placed my hand on her ass cheek she almost climaxed right then and there.

“Are you going to fuck me Doctor?”

“After you suck me off,” I replied.

“MMMMMM… I love sucking cock.”

I walked her into a nearby alley. We moved behind a dumpster and I told her to prove to me how much she loved giving head. She glanced around as she dropped down into a squatting position. Katja unzipped me and freed my cock. She looked up kaçak iddaa as she began stroking me. It wasn’t until I was rock hard that I felt the warm wetness that was Katja’s mouth. I kept lookout as she sucked me off. I began to suspect the risqué things she mentioned involved either porn or escort work. Either way she was a world class cock sucker.

I grabbed her by her perfectly coiffed hair and began fucking her throat. I was seeing when she began to gag and I was surprised to find she could take most of my cock between her lips. As I fucked her mouth pussy she diddled her pussy. I was glad I had taken her thong from her; it would have only gotten in the way. She was moaning around my dick and that sent delicious vibrations through me. I was ready to fuck her cunt and I think so was she.

“Does your pussy need licking or shall we just do this thing?” I asked pulling my cock from between her lips.

“Fuck me Doc,” she whimpered. “Please give me that cock of yours!”

I helped her stand and even took my jacket off and placed it on top of some filthy boxes so she could sit down. Katja spread her legs as an offering to me. I took out a small cube and set it on the edge of the dumpster and switched it on. I took a position in front of Katja and eased slowly inside of her. She took me with soft whimpers and look of worship.

“UNNNN… what is that box Doc?” Katja growled as I began moving.

“It’s a little something I whipped up in the lab. I call it my watchdog. It warns me if anyone gets too close.”

She nodded as her legs wrapped around my waist as we focused on each other rather than any intruders. The love play was slow and tender. I loved the way she felt wrapped around me. She squeezed me with her pussy muscles again and again. I began thrusting faster and harder. I sort of felt like a stallion and she my rider urging me on.

“Harder Doc,” she said in a low voice. “Fuck me harder… I am sturdier than I look!”

I grabbed her by her hips and slammed into her now. The crates and boxes began to squeak and complain but we didn’t care. I just prayed they didn’t collapse until we were finished. I paused long enough to, in increments; get her onto her belly and bent over the boxes. I took her from behind and this seemed to light a fuse in her.

“I love getting fucked from behind,” she growled. “I am almost there…” The watchdog began beeping warning someone was walking nearby. “Oh shit… fuck me Doc… please make me cum!” She whispered.

I lifted her up and off the noisy crates. I fucked her standing up and she clamped both hands over her mouth to keep from screaming. She came thirty seconds later even as the watchdog began to fall silent. That was way too fucking close I thought as I drove my cock up into her as hard as I could.

“Take that and that…” I whispered in her ear. “I’m gonna fill your pussy with my cum.”

“Whatever you want Doc,” she whimpered.

I bit down on her shoulder to keep from howling as I fired my load deep into her cunt. I managed to keep from breaking the skin somehow. I lowered her feet to the ground and pulled out. She spun around and licked our mingled juices from my cock. After she had done that she went behind the boxes and relieved her bladder. She came walking out with a shit eating grin on her face.

“I’ve never done anything like that before.” Katja said throwing her arms around my neck and kissing me. “Are you going to take me home or do I have to beg for another round with that fine cock of yours?”

“Would you like a lift to my home?” I asked as I fished the valet ticket from my pocket. I snatched the watchdog and turned it off.

“I would love to… how spontaneous.”

We drove home and I let her have the full impact of the collar’s pleasure setting. She came twice before I parked the car and her hands never left the head rest. I did manage to notice the expressions of passing drivers and their expressions went from ‘what the hell’ to ‘dude, you rock’. I placed the collar into passive mode and let her recover.

Katja looked at me like I was magic. I love that look. She wasn’t the first to give me that look and I was sure she wouldn’t be the last. We stepped out of the car and she got her first real look at the house. Her jaw dropped open as I escorted her inside. The five bedroom house had been originally constructed by a pharmaceutical executive or so the realtor told me. I figured if you have enough money to design and build your own house it must be pretty damn nice. I had been right on all accounts.

I found the front door unlocked and that meant only one thing. Haley had brought me home a playmate of her own. Three women at one time, this was going to be interesting. That was assuming Haley joined in of course. Katja and I went straight to the Master Bedroom and found the door closed. I opened the door and I found my bed occupied. The stunning young thing was lying on her side naked and as I stepped in she grabbed her left ass cheek and gave it an kaçak bahis enticing pull. I could see her damp sex and the hungry look in her eye.

She was wearing one of Haley’s collars, the burnished platinum with the rather large diamond in the middle. It was one of her favorites and the second most expensive so far. The most expensive was sealed in the vault for only the most discerning would be slave. The iridium used to fashion it had cost a huge chunk of change but was worth it. How many people can honestly say they’ve worn a piece of a fallen star around their neck? Speaking of necks, this pretty young thing was craning that deliciously long neck of hers at me.

“I accept your gift,” I told my sister.

“Who is this beautiful woman Jim?” Haley asked smiling in an almost predatory way.

“You first,” I said and meant it.

“Do you remember that harpy that used to bully me in chemistry class? Well this is her younger sister. I figured two for the price of one.”

“This is a patient of mine. I have relieved her of certain cravings. She is eager to thank me, again.”

“Again, you have been busy.” Haley snickered. “Well I will leave you to it. I have class tomorrow and I have a little homework to finish up. Try not to wake the neighbors.”

Sis strolled out and closed the door behind her. The nameless girl slithered off the bed and walked towards me. I hadn’t really seen the rest of her until now. She was as pale as Katja was dark. I was guessing either Scottish or Irish ancestry. She had short cropped blonde hair and eyes so blue I suspected they might be contact lenses. Her breasts were quite large for so small a frame. They were puffy with those wonderful inverted nipples. Her sex was trimmed to perfection and looked recently groomed.

“Did she trim your pussy,” I asked as Katja helped me undress.

“Yes, she told me a hairy pussy was a distraction. She also said I could suck your cock… can I… so can I suck your cock mister?”

“Be my guest,” I said as I kicked off my shoes so that they could take off my pants.

I watched as the nameless girl knelt down and took me into her hands. She inspected every inch, as if memorizing it, before she took it between her lips. I could tell she was inexperienced but I didn’t care. Soon I felt Katja’s naked breasts against my back. She made a rude sound and said something about showing the girl how to suck dick.

“Here is how you make love to a man’s cock child,” Katja scolded her.

“I can’t help it if this is my first time.” She replied.

“What is your name sweetie,” I said tenderly.

“Dana, Dana Orso,” She said wiping the tears from her eyes.

“Katja show Dana how it is done and then you two take turns,” I directed.

It was my first real look at Katja’s body and I was very pleased at what I saw. While she was much smaller in the tit department as Dana they were still of good size and quite perky. They both had nice asses and before the night was done I’d see them both up close. Katja started her lesson by licking the underside of my erection and Dana nodded enthusiastically. Then the dusky skinned Slav began to squeeze and stroke the shaft.

“Can I rub it while you suck on it,” Dana asked and Katja nodded.

She had a gentle but firm grasp of the subject. As Dana jacked my cock Katja focused on taking me between her lips. While awkward at first the two created a nice rhythm before too long. I was eager to touch, taste and feel every inch of them before the night was over. Dana was an eager student and soon had half my cock between her lips. She pushed too far and nearly gagged. Katja took over and showed her how to work passed the gag reflex.

Dana took her turn licking and sucking while Katja looked up at me. The Master collar allowed a kind of understanding between us. It wasn’t exactly telepathy but more than empathy. Katja smiled as she slid two fingers into Dana’s pussy. The younger girl moaned but never relinquished her position at my cock. Katja eased the fingers out and held them up. As I watched she separated the fingers and Dana’s juices were clearly visible. She was ready for more than just sucking cock.

“On your back Dana,” I said and like a puppy playing dead she fell backward.

I knelt down and teased the younger girl with the head and shaft of my erection. I tapped her clit with my cock and she shivered from the contact. I pressed the head near her entrance and her entire body stiffened. As it entered her eyes went wide as did her mouth. Katja and I both watched as her pussy swallowed up my length inch by inch.

“I think she likes it Doc,” Katja moaned. “Did I look like that earlier when you fucked me?”

“Exactly the same,” I said as I buried it deep into the girl.

“I am here you know,” Dana said at last. “This may be my first time but I am not completely ignorant.”

I made eye contact with Katja and smiled. I began moving and Dana never held back. She told me how good it felt and how bad she wanted this. I rolled Dana onto her side and grabbed the ankle of her upper leg and lifted it as high as she could go. I wanted to display our love play so that Katja could see at all times my cock plunging into the once virgin.

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