Dirty Date with Chris

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**This is based on a sexy true story being written, by request, for my lover’s fantasy.**


We had made plans a few weeks prior and you keep messaging me telling me how excited you are. We plan on meeting after I get off work and you get done with your guitar lesson at a sex shop near my house. You had previously told me that you had only been to a sex shop once, and that it was a very boring experience. I on the other hand have a collection of toys and love going, seeing new things, and generally just being in the taboo area.

I arrive and wait a few minutes for you, wearing a very short green pencil skirt and a tight low cut top with knee high boots. No panties of course. Finally you pull up next to me with a big smile on your face. We get out and you look me up and down, walking in together. We look around, surveying the store. A few workers and one other customers but overall it’s relatively empty. We make our way to the wall to look at vibrators. You start to rub my thick ass through my skirt, and I can see you getting hard through your jeans.

One of the workers comes over and starts to see what we are looking for. She suggests a toy called We Vibe, a toy that sits on my clit as well as my g spot and can be used during sex to give us both pleasure. I can see you getting turned on as this woman asks me what I like, asking if we like anal as she shows us a toy that an go into my ass and pussy at the same time. We take the We Vibe and walk to the back of the store where there are whips, handcuffs, and some of the more kinky toys.

We walk to a corner and I start to look at lingerie. Suddenly you drop to your knees and push my skirt up, exposing my beşiktaş türbanlı escort dripping cunt. You look up at me as I blush and look around, seeing the workers busy around the corner. You lean in and take me clit into your mouth and suck hard as I tremble and bite my lip to keep quiet. I run my fingers through your hair as you start to lick my pussy, eating me and all my sweet juices. My thighs start to shake and I close my eyes and you can tell I’m close. You shove your tongue into my tight hole and it sends me over the edge as I flood your mouth with my juices and my cunt clamps down onto you.

I’m breathing hard as you stand up and lick your lips. You kiss me so I can taste your juices. I tell you that I can’t believe you just did that; you reply that you would eat me anywhere and that I taste so sweet and good. I rub your hard cock through your pants to tease you then we walk over to the register to buy the toy, your juices still glistening on your chin.

We go out to our cars and you give me the toy. It has a remote so you can control it. You tell me to put inside me as we drive to the restaurant. We get into our cars and I follow you, hiking my skirt up and sliding the toy inside me. I send you a text that it’s inside me and continue to follow you. At the next red light I get a text from you telling me to get ready and suddenly the toy starts vibrating intensely. I grab the door handle and my cunt starts to flood my skirt. The light turns green and I try to pay attention to driving rather than the pleasure between my thighs.

Finally we arrive at the restaurant and I take the toy out. You pout as I get out of the beşiktaş ucuz escort car saying that I should have left it in. I tell you that I’m hungry and can’t take another orgasm without food and you laugh. We sit and order our food, your eyes keep going to my chest. When we are done we get into our cars and head over to the theater in the same parking lot. We walk up and you buy the tickets. I can see you looking around but I’m not sure why; you grab my hand and lead me to the family bathroom, next to the women and men bathrooms. I ask what you are doing and you tell me to just follow me.

You look around, and although the theater is full, no one is near that bathroom. We go in and lock the door and you grab me hard. Kissing me, tongue in my mouth, hands all over me. I undo your pants, and lean down. I take your hard cock and shove it in my mouth tasting your hot precum. I suck hard and fast, knowing that we have to hurry. One of your hands in my hair as the other hikes up my skirt to expose my pussy and ass.

You grab me and tell me you need me now. You push me over to the sink, bending me over. You hike my skirt up and I push my ass out. You grab my hips hard and shove your cock into my tight pussy. You don’t give me reprieve, you start to pound me hard and I hold onto the sink and moan loudly. You tell me how hot and wet I am, how you love my pussy. You pull out and spread my ass, telling me you want my ass. You spit and slowly enter my tight asshole. I reach back and dig my nails into your thighs, telling you to go slow. I start to push back, controlling your speed. Inch by inch until your balls deep in my ass.

Slowly pumping, beşiktaş üniversiteli escort your cock going in and out of my tight ass. I look up and watch you in the mirror and I can see the pleasure in your face. You tell me how tight I feel and how much you love it. You start to go faster, fucking my ass hard. Someone starts to knock on the door but you ignore it and keep pounding me hard. I grunt and start to cum as you continue to pound my ass. You grab my throat and you start grunting as I feel you fill my tight ass up with your hot cum. Both of us sweating and breathing hard, as we fix our clothes and leave the bathroom.

You get some popcorn as I get a drink and we walk to the theater and find a seat at the top, trying to be away from everyone else for privacy. You pull the chair arm up and pull me to you, both of us smelling like cum and sex. The movie starts and your hand instantly goes to one of my big tits. The first twenty minutes goes by and the entire time your hands are on my tits or thighs and you can’t seem to keep your hands off of me.

You hike my skirt up and put my legs in your lap. Your fingers travel up my thighs to my pussy. You lean over and bite my neck as you shove a finger inside me while you rub my clit with your thumb. I bite my lip hard to keep quiet and you watch as I wiggle. We can both smell my sex as you go faster and my thighs start to tremble. I grab your hand and dig my nails into you as my cunt clamps down onto your finger.

You continue to grope and molest me throughout the movie, touching my pussy and pubic hair. The movie ends and we walk to my car. You tell me how you regret bringing your mustang rather than your bigger car because you want me to fuck me hard now. I giggle and get into my car. You open my leg and lean down, spreading my pussy lips with your tongue as you start to make out with my cunt. You stand back up and lick your lips telling me how good I taste. You kiss me and shut my door. I drive off with your cum dripping out of my ass onto my skirt and car seat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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