Degrees of Choice

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In the beginning, Kevin made a choice.

Four years later, Rhonda wrapped her naked legs around his waist, lifting her perfect ass to accept his thrust deeper. “Oh, my god, your cock is amazing,” she breathed against his neck.

In the beginning, Kevin tried to tell himself that he didn’t make the choice to cheat on his girlfriend. It just happened. It was probably better to say that someone else had made the decision for him; someonewho was a fantastic kisser with gorgeous tits.

Right now, Rhonda was his choice. Rhonda wasn’t something that just happened. Four years later, he was calling the shots. The condom covering his cock was demonstrative of his control over the moment. Clenching his jaw, suppressing a grunt, Kevin pinned Rhonda’s hands above her head. His cock throbbed and hardened as he fucked deeper into her pussy. His balls tightened with a familiar ache. “Mmm, your pussy is amazing, baby.”

“Fuck me harder, Kevin. God … fuck me … harder.”

Kevin growled as he leaned into her, pressing his lips into her neck, obliging with harder thrusts.

“Yes. I love it when you fuck me like that.”

Kevin rolled his eyes. Did she ever stop talking? It didn’t really matter. He was bored with her. She had a great ass and fantastic legs. But her tits, while large, never hung quite right to turn him on. And her ability to fuck was just too banal. Still, sometimes he just had to bust a nut and he was close. “I know you like it. You like it hard like this. Deep like this.”

“Yes, oh my god, yes. God, I’m going to … going to cum.”

Thank god. It was definitely past time to be done with this.

Rhonda growled and moaned a few words he couldn’t understand before she went quiet, holding her breath. Her body tensed. Kevin pumped a few more times against her before he filled the condom with his cum. Did she cum? Or was he too quick? Whatever.

A quick kiss punctuated the moment before they disentangled their sweaty bodies. He removed the condom and tossed it recklessly over the side of the bed. Rhonda draped her thighs over his body. She always liked to cuddle afterwards. He just wanted to get dressed and home in time for dinner with the wife.

“Baby, making love to you is, I don’t know, it’s the most beautiful thing.”

He smiled. She really did have a pretty face. “Sure it is,” he smirked.

“I’m serious. Nobody has ever made me feel like that.”

They all said some variation on that. He doubted it was true.

And then she sighed. Not the contented sexual bliss sort of sigh. No, this was the sigh that warned of moping words ahead. “I hate that you wear your wedding ring when we make love, though.” She brushed her nails lightly over his chest. “Couldn’t you take it off?”

“I am married, babe.”

“I know, but … well, couldn’t you just take it off?”

Kevin twisted his neck to check the time on the bed side clock. Next he looked toward the floor where his clothes were piled. It wasn’t just time to leave; it was time to get out. Rhonda just didn’t get that being his mistress was really good for her. Now it was clear she wanted more. More than he was going to give her.

Looking back at her he lied far too easily. “Maybe I can.”

Lying there in their last naked moment together, Kevin didn’t feel guilt. Not precisely. But he couldn’t help but wonder at what point in his life he had become such a shit.

That point was four years earlier.

Laura wasn’t beautiful per se. Her face was too hard and worn. But her flirty green eyes and mischievous smile certainly didn’t hurt. The guys agreed that her body, hidden by her work clothes, must be so fucking hot. Butterface. As much as Kevin hated the expression, he was compelled to agree with it. Everything looked good but her face.

Laura baked the donuts in the morning at the Fill R Up Gas Station and Convenience Store. At that time, Kevin was just a shift manager there, working his way up. Sure, it wasn’t glamorous, but it paid the bills.

It was late morning on a cold February day when Kevin stopped making choices. In a twist of fate, if he hadn’t taken out the trash that day, sending one of the other staff instead, perhaps everything would be different four years later. But it had been a tough morning, and he wanted to get out of the store for a moment.

Hoisting the last trash bag into the dumpster, Kevin spied Laura walking over, puffing on a cigarette. “Joey said you were taking out the trash.”

“Yup. I needed to get out of there for a second.”

“Speaking of getting out of here, I’m all done. Can I go?”

“Sure,” Kevin yawned into the cold air. “Big plans?”

“Not really. I’m mad at my boyfriend so you know he’s not getting any of this today.”

Kevin’s eyes dropped to her breasts, but only for a moment. It was rude to leer at women and he hated doing it. Quickly snapping his head up, he asked, “Trouble in paradise?”

Laura looked shyly down, taking another drag on the cigarette. “Just the same ole. I’m tired otele gelen escort of being ignored. I stand in front of him completely naked but he barely notices. He just sits there playing his fucking video games; pardon my French. Then when he comes to bed, he barely kisses me, grabs my boobs a little, throws on a condom and throws it in.”

Kevin stared wide eyed at Laura, a bit embarrassed by the nature of the conversation. Still, it was guy code to always play it cool. “Yeah, I like kissing my girl but she’s just not into it as much as I am.” Now, that just didn’t seem to fit what she was saying at all. But he figured if he was toning down the conversation before steering it in a harmless direction. In fact he was about to say something like, “Well, I hope you have a better day,” when Laura jarred everything back to something more flirtatious.

“That’s too bad. I bet you’re a great kisser.”

Kevin flinched. Don’t panic. Just say something clever, share a moment of uncomfortable silence and get back inside to work. “Too bad you don’t have the guts to find out.” That definitely was not the clever line he was searching for.

Laura smirked and flicked her cigarette away. Without hesitation, she stepped forward. Kevin was frozen in place by her laughing eyes as she grabbed him by his winter coat and pulled him close to her. Close enough to lift her lips to his. There was a breath or two when Kevin could have pulled away, but he didn’t. He told himself that he couldn’t.

Her lips were so soft in the moment they first kissed. Laura’s tiny mouth pulsed against his mouth before her lips parted and her tongue invaded his mouth. Kevin’s stomach churned as he tasted the cigarette she had just been dragging on. He was about to push her away when suddenly he was struck like thunder by how great this kiss was. His tongue was dueling of its own accord with hers. His lips were tingling. His cock was swelling. No, it wasn’t a full blown iron hard on, but there was something happening down there in his pants. He was only a muscle twitch from reaching for her ass and really getting into the kiss when she pulled away, her hands still holding his coat.

“You are a good kisser.” She smiled, licked her lips. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” And she left.

Three AM came too damn early for Kevin, but his girlfriend, Stacey, had to get to the hospital for her shift. He woke up with her, made a pot of coffee and kissed her lovingly goodbye. He felt incredibly guilty about what happened the day prior with Laura, but he figured it was just one moment in time and if it didn’t happen again, there was no need to confess the incident to Stacey.

But would Laura be cool? Kevin was sure that she would. After all, he had prompted the kiss. Maybe not on purpose, but if he hadn’t dared her it never would have happened. Yeah, he was definitely going to have to talk to her. She’d probably be at the store soon to make the donuts. Kevin didn’t have to be there until a few minutes before five in order to unlock the doors for the day’s customers, but he could go in a little early.

Kevin pulled into the parking lot of Fill R Up at eight minutes past four in the morning. “Wow, you’re here kind of early,” Laura grinned as he walked into the bakery area in the back of the store.

“Yeah, I just wanted to knock out some paper work I was behind on,” he lied. There really wasn’t much paperwork at all for his job. But it looked like she had a lot to do before they opened and he didn’t want to get in her way. So, he slinked off to the office and tried to keep himself busy. Fifteen minutes later he was bored out of his mind. Still, Laura had kept herself focused on her job, instead of following him to the office. That was a good sign.

Kevin shoved his hands into his pockets and nervously strolled back to the bakery area. “How’s it going?”

Laura didn’t look up from her work. “It’s going fine. This is a pretty easy job.”

The moment was horrible for Kevin as he just stood there for an entirely too long and uncomfortable silence. “So, about yesterday,” he began.

Laura paused to look up. She had a sly half smile. “Are you going to tell me it can’t happen again?”

She was so calm and relaxed. To her it was nothing more than a kiss. To Laura, it was a care free moment in time that bore no consequence.

“Well, I have a girl friend. And it’s kind of serious with us, you know. And I just can’t risk screwing that up. And if people here started talking, shit, that would just not be cool.” She really wasn’t that pretty. This was going easier than he thought it was going to go. His stomach wasn’t even knotted. Clearing the air like this at the very start of the day was the best thing he could have done.

“No problem, Kevin. It was just a kiss and won’t happen again,” she smiled. And then she licked her lips with that cute slender tongue. “Or did you just mean we should be discreet?”

Laura’s smile was wicked. It taunted him … dared him. His pendik escort stomach turned, signaling the weakening of his resolve. The familiar swelling of his cock warned him to step away before it was too late. It was already too late. No. No, it wasn’t. She wasn’t making a move on him. Laura was just standing there, patiently smiling. It was his move. Whatever he did, she would be fine with.

Kevin’s head was swimming. Was he dizzy? Was that why he was swaying? Was he going to faint? No. He wasn’t swaying at all. He was tilting. Shit. His mind was fogging over, but he was undoubtedly leaning towards Laura.

Laura no longer smiled. As she stepped into Kevin, her eyes half closed, darkening to a stormy green. The moment was impossibly slow as she lifted her head to his. Her lips parted slightly and the tip of her tongue was barely visible. Her hand reached out to hold his arm and from there to slide up to his shoulder. The touch, so simple, was incredibly erotic as they drew nearer.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Only a breath separated their lips. His stomach suffered a tempest of anxiety as he realized he had to control the moment immediately. Kevin opened his mouth to speak, ready to put the force of thunder behind his intentions. He was ready to draw a line in the sand. Hold on. If he spoke, the moment and all the exhilarating electricity it harnessed would be over. That was the point, wasn’t it? Of course it was, but there was no need to sunder so harshly the sudden sexual high between them. There was no need to create days of awkward tension. Take control. Take control right now. Just don’t speak.

In that rush of incongruous logic, the kind of human logic that only makes sense in the moments that harm the most, Kevin made the choice not speak, but rather to act. With a sudden set jaw, he reached for the hand on his shoulder and clutched her wrist aggressively. In fear and alarm, Kevin looked into Laura’s green eyes. Was he too aggressive? Was this assault? He should have just stepped away. Why didn’t he grab her wrist with his other arm to create a barrier between them? Because she was so close, he might have hit her face; which certainly would have been assault.

Fuck, she was close. He could almost … almost … feel the heave of her breasts against him. He could certainly already smell the morning’s cigarette on her breath. It was time to stop. It was time to not just grab hold of the moment but to push it away.

All of these thoughts rushed through his head in a blink of time. As fast as Kevin’s head was firing, his heart was beating even faster. And as fast as his heart was beating, his lungs failed to take a single breath. Maybe that was why he was caught off guard when Laura gasped.

Her hypnotic green eyes widened in momentary alarm when he took hold of her wrist. Her muscles tensed in alarm only for that blink of time that Kevin’s head was thumping with too many thoughts. She probably didn’t have the same confusion rattling around her mind. Rather, she melted against him. Ever muscle in her body seemed to soften in a feminine counter to his aggression. Her breasts now pressed fully against his chest.

And their lips touched. Again.

The ashy cigarette taste was there again. Once again, it quickly dissolved beneath the beauty of Laura’s kissing. Her diminutive tongue flicked past his lips in a sultry tease before pressing invasively; pushing deeper into his mouth to duel with his tongue. Fucking God, she could kiss. Why couldn’t his girlfriend kiss like this?

There it was. Kevin spared a thought for Stacey and felt no remorse at all.

Her full breasts crushed into his chest made her seem all the softer, and it made Kevin all the harder. Without thought, he reached for her ass to pull more of her against him. Laura cooed as she ground against his swelling cock.

Brakes, brakes, brakes; where were the fucking brakes? Kevin looked up at the clock over Laura’s shoulder. There was probably fifteen minutes before anybody else came in, maybe ten. Laura started to twist out of her work shirt and the shirt underneath. She lifted them above her bra and then curled her bra over her breasts. Fuck, but they were perfect. Kevin didn’t know a damn thing about cup sizes but his instincts didn’t give a fuck. His mouth watered while beholding the full sized cream colored breasts before him. The bra, not quite out of the picture, forced her breasts together. His twitching cock was begging to push between Laura’s cleavage. Fuck, but they were perfect. Not like Stacey’s tiny, giant-nippled mammaries.

Damn it, stop thinking of Stacey. No! Keep thinking of Stacey. Keep thinking of Stacey and the clock. Someone was going to be there in ten minutes. Wait. He was the one that was supposed to be there in ten minutes. There was actually twenty minutes of privacy. Was that right? Looking at her breasts it seemed impossible to keep it straight.

Split the difference. Fifteen minutes.

Kevin caressed both sides of Laura’s rus escort curvy and feminine waist. He smiled wolfishly as he moved his hands slowly up towards her breasts. Somewhere behind the lust fog and the squeaking of the hamster wheel turning over and over in his head, a yellow eyed predator was pleased with the way Laura held her breath with her mouth agape.

Kevin’s hands were then upon her breasts, hefting them from beneath. They were the perfect amount of weight. He could nearly hear the predator leering from behind the haze in his head as he squeezed tighter. Laura made no sound. She was a taught body of lust and pleasure and nothing more. Kevin, not too gently, rolled her nipple between his fingers, and at last Laura gasped. The erotic escape of air from her lips was like a shot in the air, starting the horses to thunder their beating hooves into the dirt of the track. Kevin’s mouth lunged for her breast.

Laura growled somewhere between a whisper and a cry as his kiss latched on. Her hands clutched the back of his head, weaving and tugging through his hair. Kevin’s mouth pulsed and sucked and bit against both of Laura’s breasts in turn. His ears pricked to the sound of her heavy breathing, a lusty uneven expiation of passion, arousing his own need by degree.

Kevin grunted against her swollen nipple. Of course she knew to not speak. She knew just how to keep him mesmerized by her spell of sex. She didn’t break the magic with insecure dirty talk. “Just like that.” “Oh, that feels so good.” “Do you like my tits, baby?” Nothing like that. Those words were hot when Stacey said them. But Laura’s magic of lust sighs and moans and groans made him hotter and harder than he had been with Stacey in far too long.

The stream of conscious thought pushed back the predator passion he was feeling and he pulled away from Laura’s breasts, settling his hands around her waist once again. With heaving chests and equally hungry eyes, they stared at one another. Kevin’s head was reeling, but not so much that he wasn’t acutely aware of the blood pumping directly to his cock. Fuck, fuck and triple fuck. How was he going to bring this to its conclusion? They couldn’t have intercourse. Intercourse? Call it what it was. Fuck. They couldn’t fuck. He didn’t have a condom, and … well, they just couldn’t. It wouldn’t be right. Not like they had done anything right that morning. Kevin couldn’t suppress a smile. The predator within told him that much of what he was doing to her was just perfect. And she wasn’t making many sexual missteps either.

A quick glance at the clock once more told them they were almost out of time. Now, certainly, they had ten minutes at best. Maybe he could just smile and walk away. That would be mysterious and face saving. Later on they could have the talk. Later on he could be firm in the way he approached her. Of course, he was quite firm just then.

Laura smiled and nodded. What did that mean?

The answer came as Laura unsnapped her jeans in the same motion of kicking off her shoes. Kevin spared another look at the clock. This wasn’t going to work, and now his stomach was once more knotted as all the wrong alarms sounded throughout his body. Only his cock insisted that everything would be fine.

Just make her cum, the wolf inside him growled. Just make her cum and then you can stop. You have time for that. He was sure that he did. He knew his deft touch would be magic on her clit. He knew her wet pussy was going to yield to his ministrations. He knew he could play her. Make her cum and then he could walk away. Then the moment would be complete like it was meant to be.

Kevin reached down her panties, one finger easing through the folds of her wet pussy. Her pubic hair was fuzzy-soft like a peach. Obviously it was her norm to shave her pussy clean and merely hadn’t in the last few days. Stacey kept her bush trim, but there was always a bush. In that moment, Kevin decided he liked the idea of a shaven pussy.

The folds of her pussy weren’t just wet, but swollen. Her clit protruded and it was easy to find. Not like Stacey’s pussy. Stacey’s pussy was more like a rose that refused to bloom and needed some coaxing. Laura’s pussy was open and receptive and inviting. Kevin couldn’t wait. He hurried to slide two fingers deep inside her pussy, curling his touch to rub where he knew her mythical g-spot would be.

Laura growled, and when her green eyes rolled up, the wolf within howled. Kevin pressed his body against her, pinning his hand inside her pussy, his fingers twisting and pulling. He kissed her almost violently, and she mewled in response. He was only dimly aware of her hands pushing her panties down somewhere near her ankles.

They kissed furiously, both of them gasping for air in short groans when they could. There was an urgency to their passion, even as he meticulously and carefully pulled his fingers from her pussy to rub his thumb over her clit. Her eyes rolled up again. Fuck, but he was starting to love that about her. He imagined every upward roll of her green fiery eyes was a step closer to her orgasm. And fuck if it didn’t make him harder.

Laura sensed it, too, and started tugging at his belt. Oh, yes, his cock was begging to be freed. His cock was begging to plunge into this pussy. His cock was begging to explode.

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