Davis , Connie Ch. 2

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I slept the best night I had ever slept in my life. I lay next to my beautiful sister Connie, naked and clinging to her. I didn’t even think of whether our parents had come home. I didn’t care, I love Connie and I want to be with her always. Then I snapped back into reality, rather abruptly.

“DAVIS! What the fuck are you two doing??” my dad huffed at me. I was startled awake by his husky, load and alarming voice.

“I…uh…we….” I stammered.

“Connie go get your God damned clothes on you little slut!” he yelled.

“Frank don’t you dare speak to her like that! I’ll have your head!” my mother was fuming mad at his comment about my sis being a slut, as was I, but I thought mom handled that rather well.

“Davis…get your ass into my bedroom now, we have to talk.” he told me.

“Yes dad, just let me get some clothes on” I reasoned.

I walked up the winding stairs of our house and entered my bedroom. I had horrible thoughts running through my head…was he going to beat me? Kill me? I had no idea. I tried to tell myself that he wasn’t going to be mad, that it was just sex with someone I loved, but wasn’t sure what he was going to do. I quickly threw on some dirty clothes that had been bunched up in a pile in the corner of my room and ran down stairs and to the door of my parents room.

I knocked, “Come in” I heard my father say. He seemed to be a little less mad, but still sounded rather pissed. I slowly turned the door knob and walked through the frame of the door. “Yes dad?” I asked.

“Come over here.” he commanded. I hesitated, which only made him yell louder. “Move it boy, I ain’t got all damn day!”

“Sorry dad, I didn’t mean for you to catch us, to see us like that, I am sorry, we should have never done it!” I instantly offered my apologies, hoping that would ease my punishment, if any, I still wasn’t sure.

“Son, you don’t fuck family members! It’s illegal, and very fucking wrong!” he replied.

“I know dad, but she has the most beautiful body I have ever seen, and she came on to me first, she initiated it!” I lied, knowing that I was the one who had started the fiasco by giving Connie a lavish bikini.

“I don’t care who started it! I don’t give a rats ass if she has the best looking body in the world! I don’t care if she has the wettest pussy in the world! It’s WRONG!” he barked.

“Dad how is it wrong for two people who love each other to have intimate relations?” I asked, and I honestly antalya escort wanted the answer.

“She is your sister Davis, you sister!” he reasoned.

“She may be my sister, but she is also my lover. If you can’t handle that then we will live somewhere else……..TOGETHER!” I retorted.

Just as I finished yelling at my father, my sis burst through the door crying “Daddy, please don’t be mad at us! Please! It just happened! He has a big cock and I wanted him to fuck me, and I still do, I love him daddy…you can’t be mad at us for loving each other, you taught us to love each other” Connie reasoned.

“Taught? TAUGHT? I never taught you to fuck your brother, I taught you to treat him as a brother and to love him as a BROTHER…you fucking sickos!” he yelled, scaring both of us. “I want you out of my fucking house…both of you!” he barked.

“Fine, we’ll be out by morning.” I said while looking at his evil, hate-filled eyes. “Come on Connie,” I said “we have some packing to do.” I took her by the hand, she was trembling and looking over her shoulder at the father she once loved.

We went to my room first and packed a bag of all my clothes, and then headed to her room. She opened the door to her room and collapsed to her knees crying. “Davis, he hates us!” she sobbed. I reached my hand down to her and laid it gently on her shoulder, “Who cares, he just doesn’t understand Connie” I sympathetically told her. She looked up at me with tears overflowing in her eyes, my heart sank. “I love you Connie, no one will ever hurt you again, I promise.”

She reached for my hand that was laid on her shoulder and gently stroked it. “I just wish he knew that we really love one another. He has no idea how much I love you Davis!” she said smiling up at me through her tears. I sat down beside her and stroked her hair. I looked at her and leaned in to kiss her, try to make her feel a little better. My lips made gentle contact with hers and she sighed into my mouth. My cock started to twitch, making me horny as hell. I took her by the hand and helped her off the floor, I just couldn’t stand the pain of my confined cock anymore, the pressure of my jeans made it ache.

I walked with her hand in mine to the bed and sat down, pulling her onto my lap. “Baby, don’t worry, I won’t ever hurt you.” She turned and looked in my eyes, her eyes now reasonably dry, having stopped crying when I kissed her. She brushed her hands along my jaw lightly and kissed kemer escort my cheek. “I love you too” she said as she leaned in to kiss me. We locked lips in a passion filled kiss that lasted for a few minutes, our longest yet. As we kissed she began to rub my cock through my jeans and I returned the favor by fondling her breasts from under her shirt. She moaned in my mouth again and broke the kiss off. “Lets make love again Davis, I need you! I need to feel your cock fill my pussy, I need to be loved.” She pleaded with me. I was a bit hesitant seeing as to how we had just been kicked out of our home over making love. But that didn’t last too long, she had sensed my hesitance and started to fumble with my zipper. I don’t know about you, but I would need no more convincing!

She released my raging beast and watched it bounce around. “Connie do you want to suck it?” I asked.

She didn’t give me a verbal answer, instead she got down in-between my knees and teased the tip of my cock with her warm tongue. I laid back on the bed and sighed, it felt so great and she hasn’t really got started yet!

“I want to make you shoot in my mouth, is that ok?” I nodded, though she really need not ask, and just do, but she wanted to make it more erotic, and it worked. My cock spasmed as her mouth engulfed it. “God Connie, that feels so good baby!” She took about half of my cock into her mouth and started to manipulate the head with the back of her throat, making me shiver. I don’t know what she was doing with her throat, but whatever the hell she was doing was feeling really great. I sighed and moaned as she took more and more of my swollen member into her throat.

“You taste so sweet!” she smiled up at me. I started to move my hips in rhythm with her sucking. My cock banged against her throat, but she didn’t gag, she just moaned really deeply, causing her throat to vibrate on my cock. I didn’t know how much longer I could take it. “Connie, I think I am going to come baby!” I managed to say while stifling a moan. She sucked harder and faster, her head bobbed up and down like it was on a mission, and it was. She got what she wanted. I could hold back no longer and shot load after load of hot cum into the back of her throat. She didn’t gag at all, but did allow a little of my love syrup to escape from the corners of her mouth.

She smiled at me licking the droplets of semen off of her lips. “See, I told you I had something konyaaltı escort left to clean! I just was too frisky last night to do it…I have definitely got to clean this cock more often!”

“You can suck my cock anytime you want to baby, you are damn good at it!” I said, smiling like a school girl in love.

We laid on the bed for about ten minutes touching each others bodies. I had no idea my cock could get so hard so fast after having cum so much, but it did. My member stood at attention between out bodies and lightly pressed against Connie’s stomach. “Looks like someone is excited again…wonder why?” she smiled evilly at me.

“I want to fuck you doggie style Connie!” I told her. She didn’t answer me by saying anything, rather she got up on the bed on her knees and stuck her ass in the air and smiled at me. I couldn’t help but to smile back, she makes me wild!

I got on my knees behind her and reached under her legs and lightly smacked her pussy, causing her to moan. She was already dripping wet, but I wanted to play with her anyway. I stuck my middle finger into her beautiful fuck hole and smiled as she moaned. I pumped my hand slowly in and out of her, feeling her pussy muscles gripping my finger. It felt so good, I couldn’t take it anymore and got my cock positioned at the entrance of her cunt. She felt it and thrust back, lodging my cock deep in her cunt to the hilt. She thrashed beneath me. She wasn’t as tight as she was last night, so I decided to fuck her fast right off. She loved it, thrashing beneath me and moaning my name. She was making a lot of noise, but I didn’t care to worry about anyone hearing us, we were going to be out in the morning anyway.

I pounded into her harder as she begged for. “Oh God Davis, fuck me….fuck me …harder!” she begged. I plunged in and out of her pussy like a tornado. I could feel the cum boiling in my loins and told her that I was going to shoot another hot surprise up into her belly. She moaned and yelled my name. “Cum in me Davis, fuck me hard….make me pregnant!” I couldn’t believe my ears, she wanted to have MY baby. I came immediately, filling her to overflowing with my hot, sticky cum.

“Ohhhhhh…mmmmm…..fuck yes Connie…God yeah…I am cumming a lot baby…your going to have my child, I can feel it!” I said as I slammed into repeatedly, filling her time after time with my baby making seed.

She went limp below me and I laid on top of her back. We laid there for about and hour with my limp cock still in her pussy. I pulled out of her with a plop and stood at the side of the bed. I leaned over and kissed her lovingly on the mouth and told her we had better get packed so we can be out by morning, she agreed.

To be continued…if you want.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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