Date Night

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I sit in your car quietly, staring out at the dark sky. I see the full moon shining through the trees as we drive past. The radio is turned on, but it’s quiet, I can just make out a male voice but cannot tell what he is singing about. I hear you move in your seat before I feel your warm hand graze my left thigh, before your palm rests on it. My dress, which is at mid-thigh length when standing, had been bunched up in my lap when I sat down in your car, but in the dark I didn’t think of pulling it back down to cover myself. I shiver as your hand rubs up and down my thigh slightly, your fingertips brush against the edge of my dress and I can feel them only inches from my damp panties. But you stop, not moving your hand any higher, instead you grip my thigh slightly, squeezing, and then release, but keep your hand in place.

I look over and see you smile at me in the dark, and I think you can feel my warmth radiating off of me where your hand rests. I smile back shyly, the nerves in my stomach are growing. We’re only a few minutes away from your house now, and while I’d been here once before, for our last date, we had not had sex. I could tell you wanted me, and I wanted you too. Tonight was our sixth date, you were so understanding with me wanting to wait until we’d gone out a few times, and until I was comfortable. While our hands had wandered once or twice, and we’d shared a few photos, we had kept it rather pg-13. I could feel my stomach twist into knots, I was nervous. I liked you and didn’t want to disappoint you, but also because if your photos were real, and I could definitely tell they were when we hugged or when you stood close against me and I could feel you, your cock was big. Massive. The biggest I had seen photos of, and until tonight, I had never touched or been with a cock that was over 5 inches, and definitely never as thick as you.

I tensed as I saw the lights from your porch come into view, and you could sense it, you gave my leg another little squeeze, before moving it back to the steering wheel. We pulled in and parked next to my car in your driveway. You came around to open my door, your hand reaching for mine to help me out. You’ve been such a gentleman to me ever since we met. You shut the door and wrap your hand around my thick waist, pressing me gently against the car. You brush my hair out of my face and place your right hand on my cheek as you lean in and kiss me. I moan quietly into your mouth, wrap my arms around your neck and kiss you back briefly before you pull away, slightly.

Before you can ask, I quietly do first, “Can I come in?” You smile, kiss me again briefly and grab my hand as we walk to the door. Once again, I’m amazed at your place as the lights turn on. Your house on the lake is absolutely beautiful, and I can never get enough of it. A large white and black, 3-story southern style home. Classic, sleek, timeless. Set down a ways from the main road, with the back of the house overlooking the greenery and the lake. I loved staring out the back of the house, a wall full of windows that let in the day sun and the night moon. Our last date we had made dinner together and then watched the sun set on your back deck.

I hear the door close behind us, and then your hands are on my sides, turning and pulling me back to you. Pushing me against the wall, a little rougher this time than outside a few minutes ago, but I know its because you need me and I need you, and truthfully, I like being dominated a bit. We had discussed our sexual likes and dislikes and this was one that I had told you about. Your mouth is on me again, kissing me deeper and more passionately, one hand moving down my side and to my ass as you cup it and squeeze it hard, and the other trailing up to my breast, and I know you can feel my hard nipple through the fabric. You press your pelvis into me and I can really feel your need.

“Come on baby.” You grab my hand and pull me towards the living room, “Have a seat, I’ll get us a drink.”

“One second,” I say and make my way to the bathroom. I check myself over and freshen up, adding another dab of my perfume you love, and just before I open the door I stop myself. I lift my dress and slip my fingers into my waistband of my black lace panties and push them down off of me. I bend down to grab them, ball them casino şirketleri up and slip them into my purse.

I quietly walk back out, and I see you. Your back to me, sitting on your couch. Music turned on, and a bourbon in your hand. Not a fan of the drink myself, but the taste on your tongue when you have one drives me wild. I quietly walk over, leaning down to kiss your neck, and I hear you moan. I set my purse down and walk around the front of you.

I smile and bite my lip, I can see the massive bulge straining against your black pants. You had undone the button and zipper to give yourself a little extra room but it didn’t seem to help. Your dark honey eyes look me up and down, stopping at my breasts, finding my hard nipples outlined against the light blue floral fabric, my own bra not stopping them from being visible. Your gaze moves lower. This time your eyes stop at the spot where my dress did, at the middle of my thighs, and I know you so badly want to lift it and see what is hidden under there. You reach out for my hands and I walk closer, leaning down to kiss you again. I blush as I put one knee on either side of your lap, straddling you.

I’m a bigger girl; thick, curvy, plus size. While I’ve never been on top of someone before, always worried I’d be too heavy, I knew I didn’t have to worry with you. You had told me your preference of bigger girls, and that you enjoy every inch of my body and the way that I look. So after a moment, my worries drift and I settle against your lap. My lips are on yours in seconds, eager to taste you. I feel your cock twitch under me, but you still don’t know that I am bare underneath my dress. Your hands move to my thighs and mine are around your neck, my fingers running through your hair. Your hands move up and around to my ass and while the dress still covers me, you can now clearly feel there is almost nothing stopping you.

“Fuck…” I hear you whisper between kisses. Your fingers are kneading and squeezing my ass. Slow and soft at first and then more eager, pulling at my cheeks, feeling them part as you do. Pulling me harder against you. I gasp and moan loudly.

One of your hands moves between my legs from behind, rubbing me. Feeling me already wet and dripping for you. I push against your fingers, “Now. Please.” I beg, with my hands moving to your pants, helping you pull your cock free. I bite my lip again and stare for a second as I finally see it up close; 9.5 inches, thicker than my wrist, rock hard. You bring your hand around and between us, your fingers glistening from my juices. You wrap your fingers around your cock, lubing yourself up.

You help lift me slightly, I put my fingers around your cock and notice this time, that they don’t fit all the way around. I move the head of your cock against my slit, rubbing it against me, getting it wetter. I’ve used big toys in the past, but nothing like the size of you. I want it and you so bad. You begin to lower me slowly as your cock head pressed against my opening, feeling a little resistance and pressure at first but being aroused and wet certainly helps.

You lean forward and bring your mouth to mine again as your hands on my hips pull me further down onto you, I moan in pain and pleasure as you slide deeper into me. Stretching me, opening me, until I feel you deep inside of me. I look down and see there are still a couple inches left of you to go, but you don’t push, at least not yet.

Your hands move to my ass once more, pulling me gently against you, another inch sinking into me, as my body gets used to your size. Your mouth is all over me; my lips, my cheeks, my ears, moving lower. Kissing, sucking and nipping at my neck. Your hands quickly go to the hem of my dress and pull it off of me in one fast movement, and then around to my back to undo my black lace bra. My full body on display.

“You are so beautiful, baby,” you say. Your eyes burning with desire, before your lips are on me again. One hand moving to my left breast and squeezing it hard, before you pinch my nipple, rolling it between your finger and thumb, making me moan loudly. Your lips brushing at my chest as your head lowers. Feeling your tongue flick out against the nipple not in your fingers, sucking it deep into your mouth.

I let out a loud moan, and casino firmaları beg you, “Please!” The word ending in a hiss. My head rolls back, and I lean away from you so you can suck at my breasts more comfortably. Both of your hands now on my chest, gripping and squeezing them hard as you suck one, your teeth grazing my sensitive nipple as you pull away before enveloping the other into your warm, wet mouth.

Your mouth feels perfect against me, feeling a pulling sensation deep within. I know I am getting close. I’m ready and cannot wait any longer. I slowly begin to move my hips, gently and slowly riding you, feeling you begin to slide in and out of me. I feel myself opening more for you. Your thickness, moving within me with ease. Riding you a little faster with need, feeling you go a little deeper. Hearing your groan into my breasts as you continue to squeeze and suck.

My hands move to your chest, rubbing and digging into you. You pull back enough for me to lift your shirt up. My hands back on your bare chest, I lean forward and your mouth finds mine. Kissing you again, my tongue swirling against yours. Your big hands move down my sides to my hips once more and grip me hard. You begin to control my riding, pulling me onto your harder, faster. Your cock going deeper into me. I groan into your mouth as your cock hits me deeply.

I cannot hold back anymore and I let go. The aching deep within ripples throughout my body. My pussy squeezing your cock as I cum. And that is your undoing. You thrust upward hard, until every last inch of your is inside me and then I feel you begin to flood me. My own orgasm still going strong, squeezing and milking your cock of every drop. Our moans are quieted by each other as we continue to kiss.

After what seems like hours, but was really only minutes, our orgasms both subside. I collapse onto your chest, both of us breathing hard. Your cock still deep within me, but not softening. Your arms wrap around me and hold me close to you.

Once my breathing has calmed, I try to slide off of you, but my legs are too tired to pull myself away. You help lift me off of you and onto the couch beside you. Keeping your arm around me as we both try to rest. I sip at the wine you had poured for me earlier, and lean up to kiss you. What starts as a slow kiss builds, full of need once more.

Your hand slides between my legs, your fingers rubbing me gently. I moan against your tongue in my mouth. “Again?” I whisper, but you don’t respond. Your cock still raging hard, coated in our cum. You pull my hand to it, and I wrap my fingers around you. Stroking slowly as you push two of your fingers into me.

You push me back onto the couch and move over me, your mouth still on mine and your fingers working faster and deeper. Once again your mouth moves down me, my skin burning where your lips touch – my chin, my neck, my chest, my breasts, my belly. I wait to feel your mouth on me, but you tease me. You blow air at my pussy, making me shiver as it hits my wetness. And then your lips are on my thighs, knees, calves. Your fingers, still working in and out, begin to slow as you see my back begin to arch and feel my pussy tighten.

“Uh uh, baby… not yet.” You say, before your lips are on my legs again, this time, moving back up my body. My calves, my knees, my thighs. You bite me gently and I yelp, I hear you snicker. Your fingers barely move inside of me.

I open my eyes and look down at you, your head hovering over my apex. You see me begging with my eyes, but you want me to say it. You want to hear me beg you.


“Please what baby girl. Tell me what you want.”

“Please kiss me!”

You smile and lick your lips, “Where baby girl? Where do you want me to kiss you, what do you want me to do?”

I flush, my whole body on fire. I want it but for some reason, I’m nervous to say it, my words barely audible. “Please kiss my pussy.”

“Come on baby, I know you can be louder than that. Tell me what you want of me.” Your eyes locked on mine. As much as you want to taste me, patiently wait for me to beg you.

After a moment, my cheeks burn red and I give in, still quiet but loud enough for you to hear, “Please kiss my pussy. Please lick me.”

Your eyes light up and your smile güvenilir casino broadens, “Mm my pleasure baby.”

Your lips press against my slit and I stiffen. Kissing me once, twice, three times. Teasing me. I say please again, and I feel you smile against me. And finally your lips kiss my sensitive clit, causing my breath to catch. Your tongue flicking out and licking it softly, gently. Moving your fingers in and out slowly. Your fingers had stilled enough before to push my orgasm back, but once again it began to build.

Your fingers and mouth work like magic. My hands grip the couch and my hips raise to meet your mouth. You tell me to stay still or you’ll stop, so I do my best to keep from moving. Your fingers move from inside me to my clit, rubbing slowly in circles, as your tongue licks against my slit. Pushing its way into me, opening me up. I moan as your mouth and fingers bring me closer and closer.

I squirm again, but this time, you don’t say anything. Your arms wrap around my thighs and hold me tight into place. Your tongue licking up and down from my clit to just below my opening. Slow, fast, up, down, side to side, circles around my clit. Constantly changing your movement, continuing to tease me. Your tongue moves back into me, and your nose presses my clit. I groan loudly as you begin to fuck me with your tongue. Slowly and first and then faster. You moan as you tongue, me urging me on more and more, making it harder to hold back.

“Oh god, please! I’m close!” I say loudly. It must have been what he wanted to hear. Your tongue pushes forward once more into me, and then licks upward to my clit. Flicking over it fast until I tense and begin to shake and then your lips wrap around it and suck. My hands go to your head, digging into your hair and holding you in place. I try to close my legs but you’re holding them too tightly against the couch and in your arms. Bringing me to another orgasm and another. My eyes closed tightly, my back arching and I scream as I cum hard. Feeling the couch soak below me.

You let up, and stop sucking. Slowly and passionately lapping at my pussy. Licking up my cum and juices. After I stop shaking and my breathing slows, I lift my head, and look down at you. Your eyes rise to meet mine. Smiling, you move, bringing your face to mine.

I don’t even second guess myself, and lean forward. My lips on yours, kissing you, tasting myself and you on your tongue. My arms around you holding you tight to me. Kissing hard, deep. “I need you,” you moan into my mouth, as I feel you line your cock up against me.

With one hard thrust, your entire length disappeared into me, my legs wrapped around you. Holding you inside me as you fuck me slow and deep. My fingernails scratched into your back. Both of us moaning and begging for the other, orgasms building in both of us.

Your left hand on my right breast squeezing and kneading as we continue to kiss, my chest pushing into his hand more. Your right hand running down my side and down to my left thigh. Your hand digging into my thick flesh. I feel my pussy begin to quiver and know I am close. You pull your face back and look at me, “I want to see you cum for me baby. But only when I’m ready too. Hold it as long as you can.”

Your hands on both of my thighs, pushing them up against my belly and apart. Driving yourself deeper and deeper. Long, slow trusts turning into deep, fast ones. Moving faster and faster, fucking me harder and harder.

“I’m going to cum again baby girl, cum with me!” You moan as you move even faster. Hearing your balls slap against my wet pussy and ass. My pussy again began to pulse and quiver squeezing your cock. You drive forward once more until the head of your cock is right against my cervix and you still, beginning to cum. You thrust once, twice, three times hard, slow, deep and it sets off my own orgasm. Gripping your cock hard as I cum around you, screaming your name.

As we both finish, you collapse against me, my thighs relaxing onto the couch, our breathing beginning to slow. We stay like that for several minutes, before your fingers pull my chin up until my mouth is on yours. Kissing me again, “Thank you for that baby. Please stay tonight.”

I say yes, and you stand, helping me up. “Come, let’s clean up and sleep.” My hand in yours, as you lead me upstairs to your room and bathroom. Taking turns helping each other wash and dry, before pulling me into your bed, my back against your chest, arms wrapped around me. Drifting off to a deep sleep together.

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