Daniel and Sara Pt. 15

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Fall started turning to Winter. Lena canceled her trip to New York; she held no anger, but she was hoping to see about a relationship with Daniel and wasn’t looking just to be friends. No hard feelings, but….

Thanksgiving, our three lovers went to Joyce’s home and Sara and Steph helped Steph’s mom prepare a feast for 12 members of Joyce and Steph’s family. Though a Catholic family, Joyce’s sister, brother, and their own families were all very accepting of Steph’s engagement to Sara, and the day was a huge success. They all made Sara and Daniel feel like a member of their own large family.

After most everyone left, leaving just Daniel, Sara and Steph, they were helping Joyce clean up, washing the dishes and crystal and silver. It was a happy day, but the three could sense Joyce feeling a bit down. Steph sat with her mother in the kitchen, while Sara and Daniel gave them some space to talk.

“Mom, talk to me. I know you must be feeling lonely. I feel bad leaving you alone here, but is that all that’s going on with you, feeling a little lonely?”

Joyce held her daughters’ hand, sniffling back some tears. “I am a little lonely, but in a sense that’s not a new situation. Your father, for the most part, abandoned me years ago. You would have been off at college now if your life hadn’t changed with Sara and Daniel. At least this way we see each other once or twice a week. And I’m so happy for you, pumpkin, that you’ve found a life and future for yourself.”

“Mom, that name…”

Joyce smiled a semi-sad smile. “Yeah, I know you hate that nickname, but that gorgeous red hair, and you were a little chubby when you were little. It just seemed so natural. I’ll try to stop calling you that, but I can’t promise, sweetheart.”

“It’s ok, mom…I guess.” Steph smiled at Joyce, trying to help her mom get to her point.

“Anyway, you have a wonderful future ahead of you. I know you’re rethinking whether you want to go into nursing, but otherwise, you have so much more settled than I did at 18..almost 19 now. You’re getting married, though not into anything close to a typical marriage. Financially you’re set. I guess I’m feeling jealous of you. I have no one. I haven’t even had sex with anyone in well over a year. And even the last couple of years with your father….I don’t know if I can or should say anything about this to you.”

“Mom, you can talk to me, really. Anything you want, you can tell me.”

Joyce thought for a minute. “Stephanie, sweetheart….it’s been a very long time since I’ve had sex that was enjoyable. Your father was a real ‘one pump chump’, as we used to say. It was over almost before it began.”

Steph smiled awkwardly. “We still say that. That’s pretty awful, mom. You have a right to enjoy life, and sex is a part of that. I don’t want to make you feel bad, but we, Sara, Daniel and me, we have a great sex life. Sometimes we’re very loving. Other times it’s kinky, even dirty. We all feel free to talk about and explore our fantasies. And no one ever forces anything on anyone else. You should have that as well. You’re still a young woman. You have lots of life ahead of you.”

Joyce was leaking tears. “Somehow, that doesn’t make me feel any better. I’m happy for you, really. But I’m feeling like I’ll never have anything close to it. All these years ahead of me, alone and frustrated. Even just one night of passion, of pleasure, would be nice, maybe a hint of a future.” She laid her head in her arms and started crying.

Steph felt terrible. No way could she go back home with Sara and Daniel and leave her mom feeling like this. “Mom, I’ll be back in a couple of minutes. Just got to talk to Sara and Daniel for a bit. OK?”

Joyce whispered “OK, dear. I’ll be here.”

Steph went in the living room and talked to her partners. “Mom’s feeling really down right now. I can’t leave her like this now. She’s feeling almost despondent about being alone, about being sexless. She told me she’s been without for a long time, since way before my asshole father left. I have to ask you both, and please be honest. Would you mind if I stayed here and…’helped’ her tonight? If I showed her that she can still enjoy sex, and feel loved? She’s a beautiful woman, and full of love. I really want to help her.”

Both Daniel and Sara took her hands. Sara said “Babe, you do what you have to do. I think I can speak for both of us when I say you should try to help her. Just one or two questions. Do you think she’d be receptive to be with a woman, not to mention her own daughter? Would it be better if either dad or I tried? Dad, what do you think?”

Daniel said “I told you I rejected her once before, on your prom night. The circumstances were different then, but I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable. And I don’t want her left alone tonight either. Why don’t we wait here a little while you feel her out, no pun intended. See what she want’s, if she knows. We’ll go from there.”

Steph kissed them both, and went back into the kitchen. Joyce had stopped crying, ataşehir escort but she was still very sad. “Mom, I’m going to ask you some things. Be totally honest. I don’t want you hurt. I was talking with Sara and Daniel..”

“Oh, you didn’t tell them, did you? Oh shit, I’m so humiliated again in front of Daniel!”

“Mom, that’s not the case at all. He thinks the world of you, as does Sara. We all want you to be happy, and besides, we’re all a family now. We were all thinking of a way to show you you’re not alone, and that you can still enjoy sex and to be loved. Have you ever been with a woman before? Is it something you’d find arousing? What about a group thing?”

Joyce looked into her daughters eyes and saw she was serious. She obviously knew there was an incestual relationship going on that Steph was connected to, but…. Joyce had also experimented in her college days, 20 years before. Men, a few women, and a memorable orgy one inebriated night. But with her own daughter? Or Sara? Daniel would be easiest, she had long found him attractive.

“Steph, honey….I don’t want to be interfering in your love life like that. I admit, you’re all tempting me in your own ways. I’ve been involved in various things a long time ago. So it’s been a long time, but I have some experience.”

“Mom, pack a bag for the night, or for two nights. You’re coming home with us. I know this is….unconventional. But my life lately has been very unconventional, and I’ve never been happier. I promise, you won’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. If you decide you can’t be a part of this, even for a night, you can sleep in one of the extra bedrooms. At least you’ll still be around people who love you tonight and tomorrow. And we all love you. A lot.” Steph hugged her mom and kissed her, a very daughterly kiss. And then she kissed her again, but this kiss was definitely not a daughter’s kiss at all. Joyce was stunned, but kept her wits. She felt a tinge of excitement; she hadn’t been kissed like that in years. “I’m going to pack some things, dear. I’ll be back down in a few minutes.” Joyce got up and, a little unsteadily, like she was a little drunk, went upstairs.

Steph went back into the living room to let Sara and Daniel know what was happening. After letting them in on what was decided, they all held each other. Because they both cared about Joyce and because they loved Steph, they both agreed to do whatever Joyce needed tonight and tomorrow. Thankfully, it was a holiday weekend, and aside from some shopping and studying, they’d made no plans.

The short drive back to the house was a little tense. Joyce was nervous, but she was determined that she’d have sex tonight. Probably with Daniel. With Sara, maybe, with Steph…..she just wasn’t sure about that. At the house, they settled into the family room to start, and Daniel poured everyone a drink to relax a bit.

Sara took Joyce’s hand and asked her, “Joyce, honey, tell us a fantasy of yours. We know you enjoy sex, we know you’ve been with men, with women. Tell us something you’ve always wanted to do. It doesn’t mean it would happen tonight, but it would put you at ease with us. Would you like me to tell you a simple fantasy of mine? We… me, dad and Steph…haven’t done this, but maybe we’ll act it out sometime.” Steph and Daniel were curious as to what their lover hadn’t shared with them so far, and leaned forward to listen. “Dad is at a very fancy bar, in a really nice hotel. Steph and I come in, dressed in the most expensive, sexiest cocktail dresses, our hair perfect, same with our makeup. Every eye in the bar is on us, men hungry for us, women shooting us daggers with their eyes, except the ones who want to bed us. We sit down on either side of him, but we act like we don’t know him, and he doesn’t know us.” Sara was talking very seductively, and Joyce was rubbing her thighs together. She could picture this in her mind and it was getting to her. “So we sit there, and we make small talk. He buys us drinks, the bartender thinking we must be at least 21 if not older. We continue to chat, and we lightly touch his arms, laughing at his jokes, even when they’re bad. It’s obvious we’re available, but we let him know, before we can go upstairs, it will be 5000 dollars each for us to spend the night. But for that price he can have anything he wants from us, all night long. We can put on a show for him. We can suck his cock for hours, not letting him cum.”

Joyce let out a small cry at those dirty words, at that dirty thought. Her eyes were closed, imagining this, even putting herself into the scenario instead of the girls. Or even with the girls. Sara continued. “Whatever he wants, he can have from us. He hesitates. After all, it’s a lot of money and my daddy has never done anything like this before. We both reach down and give his nice hard cock a squeeze; we know what to do to a man to get him to where he can’t say no. He finally agrees, We go with him up to his room, a beautiful room with a huge bed. He goes to get his kadıköy escort bayan credit card but we tell him it can wait. We know he’s good for it. While he watches from the bed, Steph and I help each other out of our dresses so we’re left in very expensive black lace underwear, bras, panties of an almost gauze-like material, garter belts, stockings and such high, high heels. We can see how hard he is in his pants, his cock straining to escape. We get on the floor, on our hands and knees and crawl to him. When we get to him, we start rubbing his cock in his pants, and….”

“Stop!” Joyce cried. “I’m so damned hot, I can’t take any more! I have to have you now, Daniel! Please, don’t even take me to your bed, just take me right here right now!”

Daniel, who was bursting as Sara shared her story, looked at both Steph and Sara, who both gave him permission with just their eyes. He sat down next to Joyce, who wrapped her body around him, kissing him with years of pent up passion, a feeling he understood well. She pushed him back so he was sitting up and she was straddling his lap, grinding her steaming pussy against his crotch while she thrust her tongue in and out of his mouth. Joyce tore the buttons off his shirt and she started kissing his hairy chest, biting him around his nipple, making him cry out and arch his back. His hands were tugging up her blouse, undoing the buttons, and tossing it to the floor.

Steph and Sara were watching closely, their arms around each other, both burning with desire as they watched the desperately horny woman practically rape Daniel. Joyce was wearing a nude colored bra, which Daniel removed with skilled fingers. Her large tits were pressed into his chest, her nipples tickled by the fine hairs on his chest. “This is so fucking hot!” Sara whispered to Steph, who just nodded in fascination. Her mother was a wild woman! Both their pussies were soaked from watching this incredibly erotic scene.

Joyce stood in front of Daniel and she quickly shed her slacks, leaving her in just a pair of simple cotton nude briefs. Before she could take them off, he leaned forward and was kissing her tummy from her navel to the elastic of her panties, then lower so he was covering her panty covered mound with kisses. Joyce was gasping, holding his head for stability since her legs were getting weak. There was a dark stain in her crotch which was spreading rapidly. “Daniel, if you don’t taste me now, I’m going to throw you down and just ride your face! Taste my pussy already!”

Steph couldn’t believe her proper mother could talk like that. But she was glad to hear the passion in her voice. She knew with Daniels skill and his caring nature, her mother would have a great time. She and Sara were roughly touching each other all over their bodies as they kept watching.

Daniel pulled Joyce’s panties to the side and massaged her swollen lips with his tongue. She shook violently as a small climax overtook her, her slightly sagging breasts swaying with her movements. “Oh my god…..” she moaned as he started to pull her panties down. She stopped him for a moment, saying in a lust filled voice “Tear them off me, tear them to shreds. God, just do it please….”

Daniel didn’t hesitate. He grabbed the thin cotton and pulled hard, and the material easily tore apart. Joyce cried loudly, another small orgasm shaking her and she pinched her nipples with both hands. He pushed her to the floor, gently, and dove right between her toned thighs, kissing and licking at her very juicy pussy. He lifted and parted her legs so her slit spread wide, exposing her pink gash for him. He lapped at her from top to bottom, even swirling his tongue in her asshole. His tongue was making long circles and he flicked her clit when he reached the top. Joyce kept shaking and shuddering, her head twisting from side to side as waves of pleasure burst through her body.

Sara and Steph by now had shed their clothes and were making out as they fingered each other, moaning with desire. The room was filled with the moans of sexy, horny women and the rich scent of sex. They then went over to Daniel and got him out of his pants and shorts while he kept eating Joyce’s creamy pussy. When he was naked Steph said “Fuck her, baby. She needs it so bad. Give my mom what she’s been so desperate for.” She swirled her tongue all over his straining dick to get him wet, then held his cock as he got into position on top of Joyce. Steph lined his cock right at her pussy, rubbed the head over her lips, and helped him fuck her mom. Sara meantime, was watching, rubbing her own steamy cunt.

Both Joyce and Daniel cried out as he bottomed out inside her hungry cunt. “Fuck, that feels amazing!” Joyce shouted out loud. Daniel grunted as he felt her velvety walls adjust around him. She was tighter than he would have expected, and it felt fantastic. Joyce wrapped her legs around the back of his thighs, locking him inside her. His body was pressed on hers, her full soft tits rubbing hard on his chest as he started sliding escort maltepe in and out of her pussy.

“I haven’t felt so good in so long! Don’t go slow, Daniel, fuck me hard! Take me, take my cunt! Use me!” They were both grunting, animalistic sounds emanating from their throats. His ass was rising and falling, even with her legs around his thighs. Her hands gripped his ass tightly as they fucked like wild people. Steph and Sara were next to them, with Steph right next to her mother while Sara was atop her in a 69 position. She’d peek over every so often past Sara’s thighs and see the incredible pleasure in her mother’s face as Joyce came over and over, multiple orgasms shaking her body and soul.

Joyce had never felt this great before. She enjoyed sex in her younger years, even when she first married Pete. But this was the best fucking she’d ever received in her life, and the climaxes just kept overtaking her. How Daniel was still hard, she couldn’t imagine. He must be well practiced, she though. But now she wanted him to feel as good as she could help him feel.

“Daniel, sweetie, lie back. Let me finish you. I want to taste your cock and your cum.” He got off her, strands of her sticky cum clinging to his cock as he withdrew from her saturated cunt. He laid on his back as Joyce got between his legs. Before she took him in her mouth, she glanced over at her daughter and Sara, both shuddering and moaning as they kept going down on each other. They’re so beautiful together, she thought. I’m going to have to try that as well. But first….

Joyce licked all around Daniels cock, paying special attention to the crown of his head, then kissing along the shaft, holding him gently, lovingly in her soft hand.

Sara and Steph were spent now, and they shifted so they could watch Joyce as she gave Daniel a loving blowjob. They were both impressed with her skills, and Daniel was definitely blown away, pun intended. He grabbed her head in his hands and he lifted his hips to feed her his dick. She was tickling his balls in her fingers, her lips caressing his cock. He was shuddering, his legs trembling, and then he moaned “I’m cumming Joyce” to warn her. She needed no such warning, though. She knew the signs, the shaking and the tightening of his balls, and she took him all the way to the back of her mouth as he shot blasts of hot, sticky man cum right down her throat into her stomach. She swallowed every drop, easily handling his load as if she hadn’t gone three years without giving head. Some things you never forget.

Daniel shook still, as Joyce wrung every bit of pleasure from his body. Sara and Steph were amazing lovers, and so was Joyce, as he found out, not better, but different. God, he thought, these women are going to be the death of me. It’d be a hell of a way to go, though.

Steph spoke first as they all recovered. “Mom, that was beautiful. Really. Seeing you so…..aroused….turned me and Sara on so much. You looked so happy. Daniel, baby, you were having a hell of a time as well.”

Daniel was still catching his breath, but finally managed “Joyce, I learned from Sara, and then from Steph, that time shouldn’t be wasted. You’re not only a beautiful woman, you’re sexy as hell. I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.”

“Are you kidding? I had the best time of my life, sexually speaking. I don’t think it was just because I had been without for so long. You’re a very talented lover. I understand another thing my daughter see’s in you, besides your obvious attributes. You know, kindness and intelligence, among others.”

“It was one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen, personally” Sara added. “Joyce, seeing you go through all those orgasms…..I wish I could cum like that! Maybe you’ll give Steph and I some lessons!” she teased.

“I don’t know if that can be taught,” Joyce joked, “but I’m more than willing to try. If my daughter wouldn’t mind, I’d love to share some time with you as well, Sara. That story you were telling really got to me. You should try it sometime. I’d love to act out some of my own fantasies.”

“Don’t forget about me, mom” Steph said. “I’d be willing to be with you too, if it wouldn’t creep you out.”

“Steph, honey, I don’t know if I’m quite there yet. Give me a little time on that, ok? I love you honey. Thank you for sharing this with me.”

“My pleasure, mom. I’m sure it was Daniels pleasure as well.” Steph teased. “Now, who’s sleeping where tonight? It’s supposed to be my night with Daniel, but if Sara and him are ok with it, I can sleep with Sara tonight, and you can stay with Daniel. Is everyone ok with that?”

“I don’t want to impose on anyone, or your relationship. I don’t want to get between you all, so to speak” Joyce said.

Sara said “It’s ok with me. I love you all, and it’s nothing to feel uncomfortable about.”

Daniel agreed, as long as the girls were fine with it. So Joyce joined Daniel in his bed, and they made love this time, unhurried and patient, something she hadn’t experienced in many years. It was wonderful, as was the love Sara and Steph made in the other room that night. Joyce snuggled in a mans arms in a way she hadn’t done for many years, something she missed terribly, at least as much as sex itself. Everyone slept peacefully and very, very comfortably.

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