Country Club Cougars

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Julie tingled with anticipation as she stared out her living room window. Her naked skin, warm underneath the 3/4 length sable coat which caressed her body. Looking out across the fifth fairway which backed to her house, she smiled. Since her days in college she had loved golfing even considered at one time going pro. Though the pro thing never worked out, she did eventually move into a neighborhood which was built around a golf course.

It had been the middle of July. It was her custom to stop in to the Country Club for a round of golf about three or four times a week. Usually she went with her best friend Lisa who lived just down the street, but today Lisa had other commitments. So there she was, lifting her lime green golf bag out of the rear of her Jeep Liberty. Prepared to play alone if she had to but was hoping, at this time of day, someone would need a partner.

She was wearing a lime green skirt with a white collared golf shirt. Her new white/lime green saddle shoes would need some breaking into, but all in all it looks like a great day. The sun is shining. Not a cloud in the sky. At the last minute she remembered her golf cap with its lime green Callaway written on the front. Tucking sides of her strawberry blonde hair behind her ears she pulled the cap down. She took a quick look into the side rear view mirror, still liking what she saw.

As luck would have it, or as Julie would say, ‘fate’, as she headed off towards the Pro Shop where a trio of women were just walking in.

Julie quickened her pace catching up with them as they approached the counter. “You wouldn’t have room for a fourth? Would you?”

They all turned to face her. “We’d love you to join us.” said the tallest of the three. “Our other friend just bailed on us. I’m Marcie and this is Annette and Karin.”

“Julie.” she chimed. “Thank you, my friend bailed too.”

All were around the same age. Mid 30’s. From their attire, Julie guessed they were avid golfers. Marcie with her short dark brown hair and dark eyes was wearing a pink argyll sweater vest with a short white skirt and pink and white Nike shoes. At 32, Annette was the youngest of the group. Wearing a sleeveless yellow shirt with a white skirt and white and matching white and yellow Callaway shoes., she looked like she could have been on the LPGA. Her auburn hair topped with a yellow Callaway cap. Karin wore a print shirt which contrasted with her blonde hair. Her eyes matched her light blue capris. Like Julie, Karin wore FootJoys the only difference being, Karin’s were white with light blue trim.

“Will you need a cart?” the attractive young college age guy behind the counter asked.

Annette raised her eyes from the growing bulge in his pants to his name tag. “No thanks, Drew. But maybe later you can try for a hole in one. if you get my drift?”

“Yes ma’am!” excitedly bahçelievler escort he exclaimed.

The ladies laughed.

“Annette, leave the poor boy alone.” Marcie pleaded.

Drew went on. “So Annette… May I call you Annette?”

“Only when you’re thrusting it in me.” she teased.

Blushing now Drew asked, “So what’s the name of your party?”

“Country Club Cougars, my dear.” she whispered seductively.

Finally Karin jumped in between the two fledgling love birds. “Sorry to spoil all the fun but we’re up.”

From her little corner of the world Julie knew she was in for a wild day.

Joining Marcie on the first cart, Julie se Annette and Karin followed closely in the other cart.

Annette was on a roll. At the first tee she joked. “The first time I took golfing lessons I couldn’t drive to save my life. The pro told me to hold the driver like I hold a man’s penis. He laughed when I put it in my mouth.”

And that set the atmosphere for the day.

By the time they got to the first green, Annette proposed a challenge. “Oh by the way whoever misses this putt has to give up how many guys they’ve screwed.”

For once Julie was glad she practiced her putting regularly.

Marcie ended up losing the round and asked, “Do blowjobs count as screwing?”

“Uh yeah, only the President doesn’t believe it is.” howled Annette.

Marcie joked while holding up her fingers, “I am not a criminal.”

They all laughed.

“Give it up.” Karin prodded.

With a coy looking grin Marcie went on, “Uhm, well fifteen.”

“Fifteen!” Even Julie joined in the surprise.

“Or sixteen.” she looked away.

Julie thought to herself, ‘This beats my Bunco games to hell.’

They moved on to the second green. Since losing the round Marcie had to announce the next challenge. “Okay girls, whoever misses the next putt has to…hmmm… tell whether they are a spitter or a swallower.”

‘Good gosh.’ Julie shocked, let out a snort. ‘These women are wild.’

This time Annette came up short.

In her best Alcoholics Anonymous tone, she announced. “Hello, my name is Annette and I’m a spitter.”

This made everyone laugh loudly. Overhearing Karin under her breath say, “I am too.” Marcie stared at Julie to see if she had heard. She had.

“Okay then. Moving right along.” Annette announced, “Whoever doesn’t make par on this hole has to tell a sexual fantasy.”

As they rode the cart over to the next tee, “So I take it you’re a swallower?” Marcie questioned.

“Yes I am. And you too?”

Running her tongue wetting her lips Marcie replied, “You could say I have an oral fixation.”

By the time the hole was finished Karin was sitting at three over.

“Whoo hoo.” yelled Annette. “C’mon Karin bahçeşehir escort tell us a hot and juicy one.”

Karin admitted, “Well I have a fantasy of being driven around town in a limo while several guys take turns licking and sucking my pussy.”

“Now that’s a fantasy I could get on board with.” Julie chimed in.

Simultaneously the other two yelled, “Me too.”

Heading to four, one could almost hear the wheels twirling in everyone’s minds.

As Julie stood at the tee, Annette announced. “I have an idea…”

Julie paused and turned. She had everyone’s attention.

“..I think I know a way to fulfill Karin’s fantasy as well as create one of our own.”

“I’m all ears.” said Karin.

” Well, I know a guy who runs a limo service who could give us a deal. But I think it would be better if we had six…”

Before any details were provided the other three women spoke up in unison, “We’re in.”

“Well that’s four. ” Annette chuckled. “But you don’t even know what I’m proposing yet.”

“Hey, if it involves me having my pussy licked, even if it is in front of you girls, I want in.” stated Marcie.

“You’re too funny, Marcie.” Annette grinned. “What I’m proposing is an oral sex contest.”

‘Now things are getting interesting.’ Julie’s eyes brightened.

Karin spoke up, “Contest?”

“Yes!” exclaimed Annette. “A contest. Six girls and six guys. The couple who can identify their partner wins.”

“Wins what?”

“I’m not sure yet but let me think about it. If you have any ideas send me an email.”

Julie chimed in, “I think my friend Lisa would want in.”

“Great! That’s five… do you think Liz would join us?” Annette asked Marcie.

Marcie cracked a grin, “Oh yeah.”

“Alright then…” Annette continued, “..the girl’s have been decided. Now how about them guys.”

By the time they finished the round the fantasy had been laid out.


“You’ll never guess what I got us both into today while golfing?” Julie asked after texting Lisa.

Almost immediately her phone rang. It was Lisa. “What do you mean us?”

On the way home Julie retold her day of golf, making sure she got in every juicy detail. Without asking Lisa chimed in, “I hope you included me in this contest?”

“That’s my girl.” nodded Julie. It was shortly thereafter that Julie texted Annette, ‘Lisa definitely wants in.’

‘text me her address.’ was the message Julie received.

Two days later Julie received a beautiful handwritten note from Annette. She immediately called Lisa who ran out to check the mailbox.

“I got mine too.” Lisa giggled. “Let’s open them together.”

Butterflies filled Julie’s stomach as she tore open the envelope and read the first lines.

My bakırköy anal yapan escort fellow Cougars,

The Contest is a go. There can be no backing out. We have made reservations at Rioja’s for 6:00 p.m. on the last Thursday of this month. This will give us time to meet our contestants. At dinner we will each receive a number for our seating arrangement during the contest. At 8:00 p.m. the limo will pick us up outside and the contest will begin. As this is a black tie affair, the men’s attire for the evening will be tuxedo’s. For us cougars, clothing will be limited to high heels and a fur coat (provided by their partner).

Part One – Men: Male contestants, once seated in the limo, will be blindfolded. Women contestants, will then remove their coats and quietly take their assigned seats. The contest begins when everyone is seated and the limo leaves the restaurant. Next a buzzer will sound, announcing the beginning of the contest. Each contestant will be given two minutes between the legs of each woman. At the end of two minutes a bell will sound and the contestant must move on to the next woman in line. Once the contestant has tasted all 6 women, he will have one minute to sign his correct partners pussy. He will then return to his seat and the next contestant will be up. When all contestants have gone, blindfolds can come off and a tally of signatures will be taken.

Note: Before beginning the second stage of the contest there will be a brief intermission allowing the participants to prepare.

Part Two – Women: Female contestants, once seated in the limo will be blindfolded. Male contestants, will remove their clothes and quietly take their assigned seats. Each contestant will be given two minutes with each man. At the end of two minutes a bell will sound and the contestant must move on to the next man in line. Once the contestant has tasted all 6 men, she will have one minute, oh what the hell, make it two minutes to sign her correct partners balls. She will then return to her seat and the next contestant will be up. When all contestants have gone, blindfolds can come off and a tally of the signatures will be taken.

The couple who positively identify their own partner will win a three night stay at the exclusive Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. In the off chance of a tie the couple with the most signatures wins.

Now for the ground rules.

: Male contestants must be someone you are not currently in a relationship with.

: Male contestants must be circumcised.

: All contestants must have all leg and pubic hair removed on the day of the contest.

: All contestants will wear the same perfume (for women) or cologne (for the men).

: No piercings below the waist.

: No talking once the contest has begun.

: Only mouths/lips/tongues may be used during the contest.

#8: No touching/kissing/licking/sucking/etc… above the waist.

#9: Blindfolds must remain on until told to remove.

aperte mall cum est mulier, tum demum est bona,

(when a woman is openly bad, she is at her best)


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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