Cottage Caper Ch. 01

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Although not stated, all characters are 18 and over.


Nick dragged himself sluggishly out of his lonely bed. This was the weekend after prom! He should be going crazy with his friends and having the time of his life! To his credit he had done that, but unfortunately that was why he was in bed alone.

After prom his whole grade went north to cottage country to celebrate the last four years, and Nick was the most excited he had ever been! He was going up with his girlfriend, his best friend Max, and Max’s girlfriend Christina to a cottage right beside the shore and the party! Although the cottage was a glorified shack with four rooms: a bathroom, two bedrooms and a kitchen/living room, they were all pumped to be there and have the time of their lives! But that is where the trouble began, one mistake between his girlfriend and another girl lead to a slap in the face, and an early ride home for an angry girlfriend.

So there Nick was, exiting his room and headed towards the bathroom while contemplating his lonely state of affairs. But voices from the other bedroom made him stop in his tracks.

“Oooh, Max I love your cock in my mouth.” followed by sounds of hands sliding up and down a wet surface and then a sound that could only be a dick hitting the back of a throat.

The thin walls of the cottage allowed Nick to hear everything happening in the room beside him as if he was in the room with them. The moans from Max let Nick know that the blowjob he was receiving was top notch, and delivered by an expert mouth. The sucking and slurping continued, with Nick still completely stopped outside the bathroom, right beside the door to Max and Christina’s room.

Despite the hundreds of drunken girls around, Nick had gone home alone with his girlfriend gone in a depressed state. Now in this position, hearing his best friend get what sounded like one hell of a blowjob, Nick got hard and fast. Without thinking he began to stroke himself through his boxers.

“Having fun?” a voice whispered from the darkness in the living room.

Nick jumped and spun towards the darkness trying to hide his erection, scanning the dark room to see from whom the mystery voice came avcılar rus escort from. Once his eyes adjusted he let out an exasperated “Sarah!”

Sarah was one of Christina’s best friends and was a very attractive girl in Nick’s eyes, with a cute face, decent sized tits and a very shapely ass for a skinny girl. “What are you doing here?” Nick managed to stutter out.

“My boyfriend went home so he could work tomorrow,” Sarah replied with a naughty twinkle in her eye. “So Christina said I could crash here for the night.” She got up from the couch and walked as quietly as she could towards Nick who stayed absolutely still, the sounds of sucking and slurping still ringing throughout the house.

“What a naughty boy you are, listening in to your friend getting head.” Sarah grinned at Nick, “I oughtta teach you a lesson!” she grinned at Nick and grasped his dick through his boxers with her right hand.

Nick gasped again as his arms fell to his sides and Sarah fell to her knees. “My boyfriend left hours ago, and hearing these two going at it has made me so horny,” Sarah grabbed the waistband of Nick’s boxers and pulled them to the ground, “So you’re one lucky guy tonight. Cum too early and this never happens again.” With that, she engulfed the head of Nick’s dick and began spreading her saliva all over its entire length.

Nick could not believe what was going on. Mere inches of wood separated him and his bestfriend who were each getting blown by best friends. Sarah worked up and down slowly, being careful not to be too loud as Christina didn’t appear to be too concerned about. “Oooh yeah, you like it when I deepthroat your big dick?” came from the bedroom. Sarah immediately attempted to imitate her friend and swallow all of Nick’s dick, failing once but trying again and then once more before touching her lips to the very base of Nick’s dick, before releasing it with a pop.

Sarah was clearly an experienced cock-sucker as well. She went at it again with new vigor, and Nick was beginning to feel the pressure building. He thought of baseball, his grandmother, how funny John Oliver was, and he retained his control. As did Max in the next room.

“Get avcılar türbanlı escort the fuck up here.” Nick and Sarah heard Max’s gruff voice say, and then maneuvering about the bed was heard too. The couple outside the door waiting with baited breath, with one of Sarah’s hands jacking Nick’s dick slowly and the other, Nick was pleased to notice, was down her own pants playing with herself.

“Oh fuck yeah put it in me, fuck me with your big cock, oh fuck!” Christina yelled out as evidently Max had her and was fucking her slowly according to the rhythm of the squeaks the bed was making. Nick looked down and saw that Sarah was completely focused on her own privates as her rubbing of Nick’s dick had slowed to almost a stop and her fingering had increased to a frantic tempo.

Sensing opportunity Nick grabbed Sarah by the shoulders and pulled her into standing position, immediately locking lips with her and cupping the hand over her mound. Sarah moaned into his mouth almost in time with Christina’s loud moans as Max pounded into her a room over. Breaking their lip lock, Sarah looked Nick in the eyes and said the hottest thing a girl could ever say to a guy.

“Fuck me right now.”

Nick turned her around and pushed her over the arm of a nearby couch. He pulled down Sarah’s pants to her knees with haste, revealing a round ass and a lacy black thong. Nick bent down, smacked her ass as he couple beside them was hearing nothing now, pulled her thong down and took one long lick from her clitoris to her asshole. Sarah moaned out in ecstasy, “Oh please fuck me already! How many times do I have to ask?”

Nick stood back up and rubbed his dick along her entrance, hoping to get her as wet as possible for the quickest possible entry. Nick grabbed a handful of Sarah’s hair, pulling her head up, and slowly sunk into her depths.

“Oh FUCK, OH MY GOD YESSS” Sarah started losing it as Nick bottomed out in her hungry pussy, “Now fuck me senseless you stud.” Sarah asked forcefully looking over her shoulder. Nick pulled out and fed back into her, picking up speed with every repeat performance. Soon he was slamming into her at the same avcılar ucuz escort pace as the boyfriend and girlfriend in the other room. Both ladies moaning wantonly into the night.

“I want to ride you, and cum all over you big cock.” Sarah said with difficulty to Nick. He quickly slid out and sat on the futon across the room. Sarah got up, shed her jeans and thong, threw her shirt off revealing braless B-cup tits.

She swung her legs over Nick’s and lowered herself onto his still hard dick. “Ooooh fuck yeah baby.” Sarah moaned as she sat all the way down. Nick began thrusting up to meet her downward thrusts as their combined moans filled the cottage.

Nick could feel Sarah’s pussy contracting and knew she was going to cum soon, and he knew he had not much time left. He grabbed her ass with one hand and her right tit with his left hand and thrust as hard and as deep as possible. Sarah’s moans became silent screams as she couldn’t form sound as she climaxed on Nick’s dick.

Nick’s vision clouded as he exploded into Sarah’s pussy. Sarah lifelessly slumped on top of him, as the two of them recovered. Nick then noticed how quiet the house seemed. He peered past Sarah’s shoulders just in time to see Max and Christina’s door close quietly.

Realizing they’d been caught, he picked up Sarah and brought her to his bed, laying her down gently and covered her with his blanket. He threw a clean shirt on and new boxers. A quick clean up in the living room, and besides a slight smell, it was as if they hadn’t just fucked each other’s brains out. Remembering is original mission when he left the bed, he started towards the bathroom when Max’s door opened and out walked Max!

“Oh hey man, what’s up?” Max asked with genuine honesty. Nick gave him a confused look, and opened his mouth to tell him when he saw Christina behind Max who gave Nick a quick wink. Confused, Nick said “Nothing man, you using the bathroom?” “Yeah I’ll be out in a bit.”

Max entered the bathroom and Christina approached Nick. “What was that abo-” Nick was startled once again by Christina shushing him with her finger. “I see you really know how to pleasure a lady,” she said naughtily, “you’ve impressed me tonight.”

Nick didn’t know what to say, and Christina stepped back as Max exited the bathroom. “It’s all yours man. Come on baby let’s go to bed.” He directed at Christina. She gave Nick one more wink before she closed the door behind her, leaving him wondering what other adventures he might get into over this vacation at the cottage.

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