Confessions of a Top Model Part Two

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Confessions of a Top Model Part Two
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Part Two: Meeting Wayne’s Cyber Mistress
(Please note the people mentioned in this story are fictional and bare no relationship to people either alive or dead. This story contains explicit sexual descriptions and is aimed at the over 18’s by continuing reading you confirm you are over 18. No person or organisation has the right to copy this story to any other site)

Wayne came into my bedroom again pulled up my nightie and running his fingers up my legs started to finger me. I tried really hard not to get excited as his fingers rubbed in and out of me but my body seemed to have a mind of its own. I could feel my juices starting to flow as he ran his cockhead in between my pussy lips. Then that first-time pressure as he slowly sank his cock deep into my love tunnel. At first just a little way then almost pulling out then back inside me again continuing till I felt his balls slap against me. I had never felt so full not even when I had experimented with half a cucumber in a rubber. His movements started slowly, all the time telling me he would fuck any of my holes he liked. Saying I must like it as my juices were in full flow.

He was right of course my juices were flowing freely. What was worse I could feel my orgasm getting close and knew I would scream when I did. I tried thinking of anything to take my mind from it even thinking or the chores I hate but to no avail. As his speed increased so the feeling got stronger till I heard myself screaming I was cumming and worse that I want him to ram it up me. I felt him unload into me, spurt after spurt. He pulled out of me and going to his pants removed his wallet and threw me a 50, it hit me in the face as he said buy yourself a morning after pill slut and left the room. I lay on my bed not able to move, feeling dirty. I got up and went into the shower. Refreshed I came into my bedroom removed my sheets glad that the blood hadn’t gone through the sheets to the mattress and put them in the washer. Wayne must have been in his office, I was so sore, not just in my pussy but in my ass. I crumpled up the fifty wanting to throw it away but couldn’t afford too.

I was stuck, it’s right what they say sometimes you ask for things you shouldn’t have and I am not going to use the excuse that he was the adult and should have known better. No, I had asked for it and I got it but the pain was driving my ass hole mad. I stayed in my room most of the evening and when mum asked why I wasn’t coming down just told her I was on my monthly’s and had period pain bad. She came back after a few minutes and gave me a pill telling me it would help me sleep. That night my dreams were sexy but like all dreams they were just jumbled garbage. I stayed out of Wayne’s way the next day by going out to the library canlı bahis şirketleri to study and just left him a note. I headed home when I knew mum would be coming home from work. My mum came in from work and I was sitting with my laptop when she flounced down and turning to me said,

“How would you like to go to China?”


I was so excited, yes, the pain was still there but to go to China would be wonderful. Suddenly, Wayne waded in with only if your good and get an outline done for your essay. Mum looked at him quizzically but I knew what he meant.

“Yes, I will go work on it now!”

Mum said she would order in a take away and shout me when it came. I had been laying on my stomach for about 5 mins when Wayne pushed open the door. I sneered at him as I asked,

“What do you want?”

He whispered for me to be quiet and just pulled his cock out it was rock hard while he slowly stroked it, he told me to suck him off. I pleaded with him that mum was in and he smiled saying she had gone to steep in the bath so I best hurry. I took his cock head in my mouth and wanked him as fast as I could but he didn’t cum. Instead my juices were running down my thighs. I was on my hands and knees as I sucked him and he pulled it from my mouth told me to turn around. I turned leaving my ass facing him and hoped he wouldn’t fuck me there. Scared I listened to every sound that came from the bathroom. I felt my skirt lifted and my thong pulled to one side he started to rub his cockhead between my lips and eased it into me. I was so frightened we would be caught but that seemed to make me wetter than normal and he was fully inside me almost straight away. I bit tight onto my pillow as I came and he kept fucking telling me from now on I was never to wear underwear unless he gave permission. I heard mum getting out of the bath and strangely had a much stronger orgasm and he shot deep inside me pulling my hips onto his length as the last few spurts went deep into me.

He sat beside me on the bed and putting the information about China I had been viewing on the screen, sat as though he had been showing me where we would be travelling too. Mum popped her head in the doorway, saying she was going downstairs to make tea and ring for the takeaway. I told her that I needed to wash up before we ate. Wayne took my thong off and pushed it inside me to stop his cum and mine running out. He left and went downstairs but it took me a while to dress, I was so sore. I grabbed one of my tampons and removing my thong inserted it. At least I knew I wouldn’t leak during tea. It was painful to sit on our hard dining room chairs.

I couldn’t believe how Wayne behaved while we sat at the table. It was as though nothing had happened between us. He laughed and flirted with my mum and me. I don’t know if I was just angry or jealous, perhaps I was both. Yes, I know I had sort out canlı casino siteleri his sexual attention but I was only young and he had hurt me. He was my first lover but he was neither gentle nor in love. To be honest, I felt I hated him yet my body became on fire as soon as he was near. Well The trip to China was close now, I felt sure I could handle things till then as he wouldn’t be able to do things if I never spent time alone with him.

It was the day before the trip and mum had left me a load of jobs to do which would take all day. I loaded the washing machine, then the dryer and set them both away. I could hear Wayne chatting to someone online so before I started the pots I crept around to his office. The large screen he had in there was in use it had a young woman on the screen completely naked and I could hear Wayne talking to her sexily. Telling her to do this and that which she dutifully complied with. She was using an artificial man’s penis which she was moving in and out of herself and telling him she could almost feel his cock sliding in to her. Standing there watching I could feel my cunny desperately wanting to be touched so leaning against the wall I slid my hand under my skirt and without my panties on started to rub my clit. I was almost there, already my juices were coating my hand, as I listened to Wayne and the woman on the screen moan. My movement must have caught her eye on his webcam and I heard her say we are being watched. Wayne stood and grabbed a hold of me before I could move from my revelry and dragged me in front of the cam.

“Do you mind, honey?”

She told him no but that I was overdressed so perhaps I could perform a strip for her. I was shocked! Then Wayne said why don’t I bring her round to yours and we can have some fun. I was so horny having almost got to the point of no return that I didn’t put up a fight and just climbed into his car. Mum wouldn’t be home for hours yet as she was doing a double shift to make up for the time off, she was going to have. We didn’t drive far and parked in the double garage of this massive house. He took me by the arm and pulled me out of car as the garage door closed. The brassy blonde I had seen on the screen looked better in real life as she let us both in. She led us to this lovely bedroom with a massive four poster in it. Wayne pulled me along side of it and told me to strip as sexily as I could. I had no idea what was sexy so as I took my clothes off, I was crying.

“You could at least introduce us Wayne, I’m Jessica, what’s your name?”

She asked looking at me almost naked and sobbing I muttered,


“That’s a nice name Tonya, and I gather you are Wayne’s new plaything when your mum isn’t there!”

I stood there, tears running across my cheeks wishing I was any place else but here. My clit was still on fire, I could feel it erecting and pushing through its kaçak casino hood. Jessica came and stood beside me while Wayne just sat on the bed. With my head tilted towards the floor I was so embarrassed as she started to feel my pussy.

“Mmmm, what a sweet cunny you have and so juicy.”

She was so right it seemed even my embarrassment was making me wetter than ever. I was shaking but not through the cold as the bedroom was nice and warm. She took my chin in her hand and lifted it so she could kiss me. Her lips were not like Wayne’s but soft and smooth. I could smell her perfume, it wasn’t like a cheap scent fainter yet strong. I tried everything to hate this woman but in reality, I was glad she was there. Her lips were so sensuous on mine they seemed to flit across them and her tongue, wow what feelings she was giving me. It lightly stroked across my lips touching, pressing then dancing away making me want more. My lips opened slightly allowing her tongue to enter them, it was a kiss the like of which I had never had before. I felt her kiss down my neck making me shiver as though every place she touched with that wet invader of hers was a nerve ending.

I could feel the wet trail as it headed towards my bare breasts. Lapping and licking around my small mounds till she finally sucked my light pink nipple into her mouth. Then her tongue seemed more like a finger as it flicked it, combined with the suction of her mouth and the fingering of my clit sent me shooting towards an orgasm. It started way inside my cunny building and building stronger and stronger no matter how hard I tried not to let it happen it just took hold of my whole body till I was screaming out loud and with such force squirted my juices out as though I was peeing and all the time Jessica kept fingering me.

I was sure she would be annoyed at me wetting her carpet but no she seemed so proud as though it was something special. It was, I had never felt an orgasm like it and okay Wayne could make me cum but she had made me cum a thousand times stronger. I fell against her as though she had drained every drop of strength from my body. Jessica lay me on the bed as I fell against her and covered my shaking body with the end of a sheet. I must have fallen asleep for a short while as when I came too I was fully dressed, still laying on the bed. Wayne had had a shower and smiling said,

“Come on sleepy head, let’s go home!”

He was like the old Wayne, the one I first met but inside I knew he wasn’t. We got into his car and drove home. He never tried touching me or anything even when we were back at home all he said was for me to get on with my chores to finish them. I wouldn’t need to pack much as a lot of clothes and stuff we would buy while we were out there.
I seemed to have awoken in a world with just nice Wayne in it, so I busied myself finishing off the chores mum had left me and packed our suitcases. Greeting mum at the door I had dinner ready and the table set. I was really excited and couldn’t wait to go to bed. As I pulled my nightie on and slid into bed it was already going through my head, we are going to China. I drifted off to sleep.

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