Confessions Ch. 08

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Chapter 08 – Doug

Thank you Krissta for editing.

Dear Sonja,

I will never forget that wonderful night with you. Of all the times I had seen you, I never imagined how great it would be. I have been your brother’s friend for many years, and we have seen each other grow up, but not once did I think that would happen.

I can not deny the simple fact that I had fantasized about you, on many, many occasions, but you are my friends big sister, and therefore off limits to me.

Alas, I was mistaken. And thankfully for that. The way you move has always intoxicated me, entranced me. I remember many times stopping by to walk to school with Mike and seeing you all ready for school thinking, “How come the other girls don’t look that good?”

I remember sleeping over several times, sort of hoping that I would catch a glimpse of you in your night clothes. In the back of my mind, I was thinking how great it would be to walk in on you in the restroom. I know its kind of dirty, but its true.

But, as it turns out, it was you walking in on me. When I heard the door open, I thought it was Mike, coming to give me more crap about the pass I dropped during the game, the thought of it being you never entered my mind. When I heard you say, “Are you almost done in here?” I have to admit, I got excited. Your voice alone aroused me, made me long to be touched.

It took me a bit of time to find my voice, I know, but it was you, in the bathroom, with me in the shower. I had no idea what to do. You acted like it was nothing out of the ordinary, casually asking me the simple question.

I said “Not sure,” the soap was still in my hair, waiting to be rinsed, and I had yet to wash my body.

Then, when you asked if I would mind if you stayed in there to talk, that you needed to talk to someone, I found myself wanting to invite you in so I could see you when we spoke. I shifted my position under the water more times then a spider spins a web in their lifetime.

And we spoke, conversed for some time, you and I as friends. And then the water began to cool, and I knew I needed to get out. And you offered to hand me a towel, promising you wouldn’t look in at me. I was comforted, but, at the same time, sort of wished you would be peeking in at me, desiring me as I was finding myself desiring you.

Your hand entered the shower through a small opening between the wall and curtain, and I found myself timid in receiving it, and I am still not sure if it was because I did not want to be seen, or because I wanted you to see me. I took it carefully, watched your hand slide back away from me, and felt the loss of a chance, a chance that was not even my right to have.

I wiped up quicker then usual and wrapped the towel around my waist. When I pulled the curtain aside I swear I had thought you had gone. When I saw you standing there my surprise was great, wonderful, and embarrassing in the same moment.

I found my eyes exploring you as your back was facing me. Your brown hair tied in a single ponytail that hung halfway down your back. Your tank top left your arms bare, and I traversed the soft skin with my eyes. My eyes moved slowly compared to the rapid flashes of excitement that racked my mind. Then I looked to your ass. So tight, so firm, it was begging for my touch. I felt myself growing beneath the towel and tried to take the view from my sight by turning back to face the shower once more.

But I knew you had seen me looking through the mirror, all I could do was try to act it cool and keep my face from turning red. Then I felt your hand on my shoulder, and your lips on my earlobe as you whispered for me to turn and face you.

I listened and turned, my towel tenting out in front of me and my face reddening in pure embarrassment. But you smiled to me, calmed me, and ran your fingers over my chest. I stood there, thinking how many times I had dreamed of ataşehir escort just that and convinced myself that this one was real.

When your lips touched mine, fireworks exploded inside me; my mind whirled with delight. You deepened our kiss, and I felt myself longing for your mouth on mine forever, never wanting to lose our embrace. Then your fingers released my towel, and you let your fingertips travel upon my manhood, slowly, lightly. My excitement was greater than I had ever imagined possible and I did not protest when you took your lips from me.

I stayed still as you smiled to me and began kissing me down my body as your fingers teased my scrotum. I took in several breaths as your lips kissed down the length of my cock. And, I swear, my heart skipped a beat when you fingers left my scrotum and you replaced them with you tongue.

I stood there attempting to not explode within myself as you slowly stroked me, your mouth magic as you rolled your tongue and licked at my scrotum. Your eyes remained focused on mine as you licked back up my cock and slid it into your mouth. I found breathing becoming difficult as you started to slide your lips up and down on me, your hands sliding to my sack. I leaned back against the wall to prevent myself from falling as the tip of your finger teased at my perineum. Your mouth moved faster as I felt myself growing thicker in your mouth and you withdrew me from your lips and smiled up to me once more.

You moved away from me, your eyes studying my own, and you whispered that I would have to wait until you were ready for me, and only then would you let me be satisfied with your mouth. My breath returned just in time for your mouth to kiss at the head of my cock once more and your fingers encased me, stoking me slowly. Your free hand was pressed against my thigh and the warmth from it streamed up my entire body.

Once again I started to thicken inside your mouth and once again you pulled away from me with a slow shake of your head. I was dying for you by this point, dying to explode in your mouth. My body had been shaking and you lightly kissed at my hips and thighs until it subsided.

Then you moved your mouth lower and licked at my perineum, driving me wild with sensations that I had never thought possible in that spot. The tip of your tongue slipped further back and I felt it tap upon my anus sending shivers of pure delight and excitement through me. You showed me places of arousal I had never thought of allowing one to touch, and I was loving every second that passed because of it.

Then you wet your fingers and replaced your tongue with them, tapping me lightly, and caressing me with just the tips. Your mouth moved to my scrotum once more and you sucked on it lightly before licking back up my cock and wrapping your mouth around me once more.

I felt myself closer then I had ever been and feared, for a second, that you would release me again. But you did not, you kept your mouth upon me, your fingers tracing my anus and tickling at my perineum. And your mouth moved faster, your tongue like a whirlwind around my cock as I released my sperm into your throat. I was grunting loudly with pleasure and you hummed on me, drawing more from me. My fingers were pressed against the wall, my breath was lost, and my mind was a mist of sheer delight.

You ran your mouth up and down me a few more times, making sure that I remained hard for you. Then your mouth kissed back up my body and I had the pleasure of your mouth on mine once more.

When you stepped back I wanted to reach for you and pull your mouth back to mine, but I remained still, as you wanted. Your fingers moved to the hem of your tank top and you pulled it over your head so slowly it felt like a million years. Your breasts were perfect, round and plump; your nipples were hard with your own excitement.

I started to move forward, but you avcılar anal yapan escort placed your hand on me and stopped me with that sweet smile of yours. Your fingers moved down your body and unfastened your jeans, and you ever-so-slowly removed them from your body. My eyes started at your feet small, thin, sexy. Then up your shins, to your knees. My excitement grew more as my eyes tasted your creamy thighs, then climbed to your panties thin blue fabric, barely covering the sweet treasures beneath.

You stepped forward and brought your hand to the back of my head, and slowly pulled me to your breast. I opened my mouth and licked at your nipple, then wrapped my lips and sucked on you. Your hand pressed gently down on my head and I kissed down your breast, then my lips touched the soft skin of your stomach. As I slid down to my knees I traced your panties with my tongue and lifted my hand to caress the soft fabric with my fingers.

Your hand met mine as your pulled the fabric to the side, showing me your neatly-trimmed pussy. My mouth moved to you and I ran the tip of my tongue through your folds. I slid my hand over your inner thigh and moved my thumb to slowly slide it inside you. My mouth moved to your clit and sucked lightly. I heard your moans of pleasure and flicked my tongue around your clit, as I began to wiggle my thumb.

Your voice was soft, tantalizing when you spoke the words to me. “Use your fingers Doug, I would love to feel your long fingers.”

I did as you wanted, slowly removing my thumb and replaced it with my middle and index finger, sliding them as deep as I could inside you. I moved my mouth, as if I was talking in silence, over your clit as I started to move my arm up and down, slowly, not wanting to speed through this dream of mine.

Your breath quickened and your hips started to move against me. I began to twist my wrist back and forth as my fingers moved in and out of you. My tongue spun circles around your clit, then I closed my lips upon it and sucked.

I closed my eyes with excitement and joy as your legs began to shake. The sweet aroma, the sweet taste, the desire, you had it all, and I wanted to please you. I wanted to please you over and over again, until you had nothing left and collapsed into my arms.

Your breath came in gasps and I felt your pussy gripping at my fingers, and moved them faster, begging for your orgasm. I nibbled on your clit then rolled my tongue around it before flicking the tip of my tongue over it in rapid succession.

I felt your hands upon my shoulders, squeezing me tightly as I felt the waves of your orgasm flow over my fingers. I pressed my fingers deep inside you and wiggled them back and forth, keeping my mouth tight to your clit, sucking, and flicking at it, as you released yourself for me.

I felt you regaining control of your body and your hands pulled me by the shoulders away from your sweet pussy. I looked up to you as I moved and you graced me with your smile once more. I tried to speak, but you placed a finger over my lips and shushed me quietly.

You moved to your knees and I felt your lips on my own once more. I took in your rewarding kiss and begged for more. I felt your smile as you pulled back slightly, leaving our lips just close enough to touch. Your hands went to my chest and you gently pressed on me, leading me onto my back upon the floor.

You moved your body over mine and pressed your lips on my own once more. You moved your hips on me, pressing your heat against my cock. I felt myself regain my rigidness as I pressed back against you.

I felt your sweet moan on my mouth as my cock slid between your folds and the tip of my cock entered you. You moved your hips up, then slid down, keeping me out of you, but not letting my cock be removed from your pussy. You slid your hips slowly, not allowing me to enter you, but keeping avcılar bdsm escort me firmly against you. I could feel your hot juices coating me, and my desire grew tenfold to enter you.

You lifted your mouth from mine and moved to a seated position on me. Your hand moved down my body and the tips of your fingers teased the tip of my cock. I looked up to you, pleading with you, to let me enter you.

You graced me with your smile as you raised your hips, moving off of me. Your hand moved down my shaft and you raised me to point my cock up to you. Ever so slowly you lowered yourself onto me, sliding me into you, and releasing your hand as you took me all the way inside you. You bit your bottom lip as your hips began to rotate on me.

My hands slid to your hips and I began to move my own in unison. Your hands went to my chest, pressing on me as you began to slide up and down my cock. Your pussy was hot and tight on me, and I began to thrust up at you as you lifted from me.

We moved in harmony your hips moving back and forth, my hips moving up and down; your hands squeezing on my chest, my own hands gripping onto your hips. Our breathing was beginning to become rapid, and I felt your movements quicken with it.

Your breath cracked and you bit your lip again in a slight screech as you released yourself on me. I pressed deep inside you as you came, moving my hips in quick semi-circles.

Your mouth opened slightly as the quick intakes of air drove me on to give you the pleasure that I so longed to give. Your eyes closed, and your back arched. I moved my hands up your hips and grasped onto your sides. I felt the rigidness of your body and smiled, happy no, ecstatic to be able to give you such pleasure.

You smiled down to me as your body regained its composure and you started to move your hips once more. You lowered your mouth and kissed my lips, a deep, sensual, beautiful kiss that twirled my mind and captured my very soul.

Your hips began to quicken, and I matched your speed. My body started to respond and you released your mouth from mine, lifting your body from me as you did. You smiled to me as you slid off me and moved down my body. Your hand took a hold of my cock and you stroked me. Your mouth kissed and your tongue licked at the tip of my cock, and I felt my body shaking. Your hand moved faster on my shaft as you swirled your tongue around the tip of my cock. You moved your mouth to my scrotum as your fingers slid over the tip of my cock then down me. My orgasm took my sight from me, took my very being away from me. The sensations from your touch bringing me to another world as I felt the streams of my own sperm hit my stomach.

You caressed me through my orgasm, stopping your hand minutes after I was emptied. I opened my eyes as you slid up beside me and kissed my lips softly. Your words were quiet, barely a whisper to my mouth. “Thank you.”

My mind raced. You were thanking me for giving me what I had always longed for. You were thanking me for giving me the greatest pleasure in my life. You were thanking me for taking me where I never thought possible.

Your smile greeted me as you lifted your lips from me. Your voice was soft, angelic. “I have always wanted to be with you.”

You kissed my lips softly once more before lifting yourself from the floor.

I watched you as your dressed, your eyes never leaving my own. You were graceful in every movement, your elegance that of the greatest of queens. I whimpered to myself when you left the room, watching me as you closed the door, placing the wood between us and robbing me of your beauty.

Slowly, I cleaned up and dressed myself. I sat in that room for some time thinking of the great gift you had given. My mind a whirl of delight, my body still feeling your body.

And now, sweet, sweet Sonja, I know. I know now, as I knew as of that day, that I love you. And I have always loved you. In that one wonderful, love-making moment, it all became clear. And now, after these 10 years of marriage to you, I still think of that day, and my smile can not be erased. And tonight, after your eyes have shifted through this memory, I will be in there again, waiting for you my sweet angel.

I love you,


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