Coming Home

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He’s been gone all day and the ache was starting to get to her. She was craving him. Craving his cock. Craving him inside her. She loved to have him in her mouth the most. She loved the taste of his cock and the texture of it on her tongue. And just the thought of him cumming in her mouth made her weak in her knees. His cum was like heaven to her. She sighed thinking of happy thoughts. She rolled over the sheets clinging to her naked body. She saw the clock out of corner of her eye. Candie gasp he’s going to be home soon.

She hopped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. She turned the shower on and ran her fingers through the water till it was the right temperature. She got in and cleaned her self up just the way she knew he liked it. She couldn’t get the vision of his cock out of her mind. Water trickled down between her legs followed closely by her fingers. She got out of the water and turned the shower off. After quickly toweling off she returned to the bedroom turned the music on low.

The sound of a door shutting caught her ear. Her heart was racing with excitement as she closed the blinds. She climbed into bed as he opened the door. It was impossible for Candie to hide her smile. “Jack!” she said “well hello there princess. Miss me?” Candy trembled, her ataköy türbanlı escort heart racing as he undressed in front of her. As he climbed on the bed she wrapped herself around him making sure she didn’t touch it, he hadn’t allowed it yet. She looked at him, her eyes pleading. “You want to play with your toy don’t you?” Candie nodded slowly her mouth watering. ” Ok princess go ahead”

With glee her hand ran down his chest scooping his cock up. It was still soft and she loved making it hard. She leaned down and sucked her toy into her mouth, playing with the head with her tongue. When it was soft like this it was easy to get it all in her mouth so she’d clamp her lips around the base and suck him hard. He was so big that when he was all hard he wouldn’t fit but she held out as long as she could and sucked on her toy till it just wouldn’t fit.

She played with his cock as they talked for a few minutes. She thought to herself it really was her toy and she loved to play with it. She wished he never had to go to work so she could play with it all day long. Candie was starting to get hungry and she was craving his cum. she found her-self sucking him harder

She watched him struggling to hold back and knew ataköy ucuz escort he was ready. Candy wanted his cum and there was nothing he was going to do to stop her. She sucked harder, looking up to him with her blue eyes, knowing he loved seeing them and tonight she’d worn dark eye shadow, making her look more tempting than ever.

She kept sucking and sucking anticipating the feeding she would soon receive Candy griped his cock like a vice preventing him from him from ever pulling from her mouth; looking up to him her eyes pleaded for him to feed her. Sucking him harder than ever, hoping he’d just relax and fill up her mouth. She wanted his cum and wasn’t going to stop until she got it. She watched his face, sucking him, while her tongue danced around his fat; swollen head and Candy knew he was close.

‘Princess, do you want some cum?’ he moaned, ‘yes’ she mumbled around her toy ‘please feed me’. She sucked harder, while a loving smiled filled her lips and wrapped around his shaft. Candy watched, sucking him hard and when he lifted his hips, she loved it and hoped he’d cum in her that way. ‘Cum in me!’ she thought as his big cock filled her mouth and she sucked. ‘Cum in me Jack,’ she thought again, hoping he’d just ataköy üniversiteli escort give in and do it.

He smiled down at her. His beautiful princess sucking on him, desperately trying to make her toy cum. well Candy was going to get her wish. His head lawled back and his body went rigid as he exploded. Cum shot from the tip of Jack’s long cock like never before and deep in Candy’s mouth. She came the moment she felt the first squirt hit her throat. She was cuming as hard as he was as she greedily drank his cum. her head spun as waves of pleasure rippled through her body. One hand caressing his balls encouraging all the cum to leave them as the other hand helped pumped the cum into her hungry mouth. Squirt after squirt of his warm cum filled her mouth and he glanced down to her, she was smiling and sucking him so hard.

‘Yes! Oh Jack!’ Candy thought as his hot, thick cum poured in her mouth and she savored the salty taste, wishing there was a way to save it, but there wasn’t. She’d just be forced to suck him every chance she had and if she knew Jack, he was going to love it just as much as she was.

After sucking him a few more minutes and doing everything she could to his cock and his balls to get every drop she could out of them, Candy curled up in a ball next to him with her head on his stomach never letting her toy leave her mouth. She suckled his cock like a pacifier and was soon fast asleep but not before letting out a contented sigh. He gently pet her long dark hair as he smiled, he knew how she’d wake him up. She was insatiable that one and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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