Comfort Zone Ch. 04

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Comfort Zone 4: Mala gets married

Mala and Krish got married on a Friday. Their wedding was a great and happy affair lasting two days, typical of a South Indian marriage. Since the families were known to each other, all the functions went off very well. Venkat was happy to see his pretty daughter married at last to a smart young man of her choice. So was Devaki.

Krish a MBA was working in a MNC at Chennai and had no plans of going abroad for a job as was the trend amongst youngsters. This made Venkat happy since he didn’t have to go abroad to see his daughter once they were married. Mala too was happy since she would be in the same city as her dear friend Devaki.

Till the wedding was over, Venkat and Devaki hardly got the opportunity or time to remain alone because of the marriage preparations and the house was filled with relatives. They could only exchange brief lustful looks. Only once during the reception group photo shoot were they next to each other.

The photographer made them stand one behind the other next to Mala and Krish. As is the custom, Venkat was dressed in a silk dhoti and shirt. Devaki was dressed in an elegant silk sari. Because a large number of friends and relatives had to be accommodated in the group, they all stood very close to each other.

This forced Devaki to back into Venkat who was directly behind her. The photo shoot did take a bit of time and this proximity kindled their pent up desires.

While Devaki backed into him, she could feel Venkat’s semi erect cock burrowing into her ass. This was lecherously delicious to Devaki. She adjusted her self in such a way that Venkat’s organ was right on her crack.

They stood glued to each other till the photo shoot was over. No one suspected a thing. Devaki could feel her cunt juices wetting her panties and her nipples hardening.

Venkat too was in seventh heaven with a leaky cock. It took all his effort not to crush Devaki into him and ravish her.

The next afternoon Mala and Krish left for Chennai. At Mala’s request Devaki stayed one more day to help Venkat put the house in order after the marriage. If she suspected anything between her dad and Devaki, she kept it to herself.

Venkat and Devaki went to the airport to see the couple off and returned home in a tearing hurry.

Devaki opened the door and stepped inside the house. Venkat who entered the house behind her was very excited and started sliding his hands on Devaki’s breasts even before the door was fully shut.

He held her sari in his hand and gave it a little tug making all the pleats tucked inside her petticoat come out. He further pulled off the petticoat cord to make it fall on the floor. Devaki pitched in by removing her blouse and bra.

He threw her sari to one side and started sliding Devaki’s panties down making her totally nude. Devaki in the mean time turned around and unbuttoned Venkat’s shirt. As usual he was not wearing any vest underneath. She pulled off his dhoti and slid down his boxers making him totally nude.

Venkat then took her in his arms and started kissing and sucking her nipples. Devaki caught hold of his cock and started caressing it lovingly. She gently moved Venkat’s mouth from her breasts and knelt down in front of him and took his rampant penis into her mouth.

Venkat looked down again in wonderment at this young sexual goddess who was making his life gorgeous. He gently pried her mouth loose from his cock and lifted her up and took her to the drawing room love seat and lovingly laid her on it.

Venkat now knelt down on the carpet and started to passionately ataköy anal yapan escort kiss Devaki and she responded by opening her mouth and entwining her tongue with his. At the same time his fingers were gently stroking her pussy and Devaki started to moan.

He realized that her pussy was smooth as a baby’s bottom. During their earlier tryst it was furry. This inflamed him further.

He then slowly entered two of his fingers inside while rubbing it slowly in a circular motion.

Devaki started fondling his fully erect penis and his balls. Slowly Venkat started moving down. He was now sucking her nipples whilst his fingers continued to explore her pussy.

Devaki was moaning with extreme excitement and pleasure.

“Aaaahhh………. mmmm uuuhhh, I love you Venkat”. “Ummm….suck my nipples my lover …. yessss…. aaahhh, Venkat ….. my love”

He left her taut nipples and tongued her belly button. Slowly his mouth moved down and started to kiss the smoothly shaven lips of her now very wet vagina. He opened the cunt lips a little with his finger and took his tongue inside. The very touch of his soft tongue sent her into spasms.

He started to move his tongue in all directions. Firstly he moved it in a circle, touching every wall inside her vagina, and later started moving his supple tongue in and out. Though he had performed such cunnilingus earlier, it still felt wonderful to Devaki. It was as if he was fucking her with his tongue.

Devaki began to cum and release her juices. She was crying with pleasure and was unable to control herself. She uninhibitedly shouted: ” Oh.. Venkat I love your tongue fucking me…. don’t stop till I run dry”.

Venkat was galvanized hearing this from his young lover and redoubled his ministrations of her cunt with his tongue. Devaki came twice more and purred with happiness.

“Venkat every time you are with me I experience some new sensations. How will I ever be able to live without you”. I want you inside me now”. She literally begged Venkat to put his penis inside her.

Venkat stood up and Devaki could see his long steel erect cock dripping precum all over. He slowly slid over Devaki on the love seat and caressed the lips of her vagina with his cock. With her highly advanced state of arousal and both their juices dripping, his big organ entered her cunt in one smooth motion on its own violation.

She raised her legs high and wrapped them around his waist, encircling it so that he got deeper into her. With a delicious sigh Venkat was fully buried in her cunt to the hilt.

Neither of them moved. Devaki started to moan with pleasure. She started to squeeze her vaginal muscles over his cock rhythmically.

“Oh God Devaki, where did you learn to do this” he stammered.

“Venkat love, there is nothing to learn, we girls have a lot of practice in cunt squeezing while delivering a baby and I on the spur of the moment experimented it on your loving cock, its as as simple as that.”

“Its simply mind blowing” replied Venkat in wonderment.

Devaki asked him to similarly expand and contract his cock inside her cunt. Venkat who had never tried such a thing earlier obeyed her and was successful. They both slowly got into a proper rhythm wherein whilst she squeezed her cunt muscles he expanded his cock and vice-versa

Venkat marveled at this nubile young girl’s sexual antics and with years of fucking behind him had never experienced this type of love making and told her so.

Devaki told him that nothing was preplanned and only with him could ataköy bdsm escort she try all these new techniques for variety and enhanced sexual pleasure. She was sure that he would have no reservation in trying out such things with her.

“Devaki, I think I am the luckiest 60 odd years old widower in the world, and every moment I spend with you seems to peel off couple of years in my age.” He told her with a lust filled catch in his voice.

“Venkat love, after you pleasured me for the first time I knew that I was the luckiest girl to have a wonderful friend like Mala and a gorgeous you as her dad. If there’s any such thing as another birth, I would love to be born in a similar way and be with you” she gushed.

Saying this she gradually stopped squeezing her cunt muscles and started to buck her pussy against his cock. Taking the cue from her, Venkat too started humping her slowly and increased the tempo. Every time he came down, his dick would penetrate still deeper and farther inside her and making her cry out loud in pleasure.

“Aaaahhh…Venkat….. Love You Venkat..ummm…. give me your love…. aaahhhh…. uuummmaahh…..yeah… more…. give me more…..give me all”

Venkat too started moaning in excitement. “Yeahhh….. Devaki…I’ll fuck you my love, fuck you hard, you are the greatest fuck”.

Venkat kept on stroking steadily and Devaki lost track of how many times she climaxed. Each one seemed to be better than the one before. Devaki’s brought her hands which were around Venkat’s neck down and some how managed to start caressing his balls. This took Venkat over the edge and he had a mighty orgasm. She cupped his balls gently and squeezed the love juice out of him.

His cock kept on pouring copiously, till it started overflowing and his cum began to get pooled on the love seat. Both were completely satisfied. Devaki couldn’t imagine that any one could satisfy her the way Venkat could.

They both dozed for a while in the same position with his cock buried inside her cunt, even after it had softened.

They both got up after a while and went upstairs. Like the day Devaki had arrived, they both bathed each other feasting their eyes on each other’s nakedness.

Since they had the whole house to themselves they didn’t even bother to get dressed after the bath. Both went down to have a light dinner in the kitchen feeling deliciously naughty.

After the dinner they put on some clothes and put the house in order for couple of hours and went to bed. Since Devaki had to catch the Chennai flight at 7am, they decided to call it a day.

However, Devaki insisted that being their last night together, she wanted to sleep naked with him with his cock buried in her cunt. Venkat was more than willing.

They both laid down on their left side spooned into each other. Their naked bodies were tightly pressed against each other. His cock in a semi erect state went into her cunt from behind with his right hand holding her right breast. They both slept like that.

Around 4am Devaki came awake slowly and found that his cock though in a softened state was still in her pussy and felt delicious.

She caressed his rough right hand encircling her right breast and whispered, “Wake up Venkat, I’ll have to get up and start getting ready.”

Venkat woke up and he too realized that he was still buried in her. He slipped his cock out, turned her towards him and kissed her deeply and said, “You are not going anywhere as yet my love. My soon rampaging cock will not let you leave. I am not sure when we will meet and hence 1 I want this morning’s fuck to be remembered by both of us for a long time”.

“I too would love that, but I have to be in time to catch my flight.”. Devaki purred with longing in her voice.

“There are enough flights during the day and you can catch the 10am flight” said Venkat.

Venkat started sucking her tongue; both went at it hungrily. Venkat kissed her neck. He kissed behind her ears. He bit her ear lobes with his teeth lightly. He kissed her cleavage, fondling her nipples while kissing her cleavage. Venkat looked at her and said, “Devaki you are a sex goddess”.

His thick big cock was erect and pointing at the ceiling. Devaki started kissing his chest. Took his nipples between her lips and sucked on them. She felt Venkat shiver. Nobody had ever sucked his nipples. Not even his late wife Kalyani.

Devaki was flat on her back. Venkat spread himself over her. He caressed her face and looked into her eyes. They were lip locked and started sucking each other. Devaki wrapped her legs around him. His hard cock was pressed on her triangle.

Devaki raised her arm and he caressed her armpit so lovingly and kissed it. He looked at her and told her that she smelt wonderful.

Venkat kissed her belly button and his lips traveled further south. He started caressing her thighs with his lips one after another. He kissed the insides of her thighs and trailed back towards her pussy. Her smooth beautiful pussy intoxicated him.

He started licking her clit. He kissed the corner from where her thighs started, just below her pussy. Devaki was shivering expecting his tongue on her outer lips and he obliged. He devoured them. Her whole pussy was in his mouth, his saliva combining with her now flowing pussy juice. The sensation was unbelievable.

He now started lapping her slit. Devaki raised her legs and made it easy for him. She widened her pussy lips with her fingers. Her beautiful labia opened up for him. As he licked there, pressure started building in Devaki. His tongue flicked her clitoris, and she started to cum. It was a massive orgasm. She locked his head in between her thighs.

Venkat stopped doing anything except lapping up her love juices. A continuous stream of thick love juices started flowing from her pussy. She felt as if all her bodily sensations had rushed to her pussy and told him, “Venkat that was awesome”.

Devaki now pulled him up from between her thighs and started showering kisses on his face. She sucked his lips, tasting her juice from his lips. In the mean time his impatient cock head found its way into her cunt in one super smooth motion and was buried to the hilt.

Venkat started to languidly fuck her. They both realized that they had only couple of hours to themselves and wanted their love making to last as long as possible. He gently without missing a stroke put her legs around his neck, so that she was opened fully to him. His long cock once again was moving in and out like a well oiled piston.

Devaki matched him stroke for stroke with her upward stokes. She felt heavenly. Venkat started moving faster and faster. Devaki was moaning with pleasure and started to come like never before.

Venkat too was reaching his peak and with a massive shove started to ejaculate load after load of cum in Devaki’s pussy. Once his stroking stopped, Devaki once again squeezed him dry with her cunt muscles like the evening before.

They both remained entwined in the after glow of love making and with great reluctance got up to get ready for Devaki’s departure.

The only thought in both their minds was when will they be able to meet again. Devaki asked him whether he will visit Chennai in the near future now that Mala had settled there. He told her that he would love to and let her know if he did. With that promise, they shared a mind boggling kiss before leaving the house for the airport.

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