College Visit Ch. 02: A Day on the Town

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Warning: the story is still in its build-up phase…teasing only!


With Lexi in the car, the drive downtown seemed to fly by. Before I knew it, we were pulling into the Back Bay Garage. A short walk later, we were sitting in the sunny window of another cafe, this time on stools set close together so that our thighs nestled comfortably together. We each ordered an iced coffee and sipped while we talked about what she had seen and done in town.

“How about this…” I began. “Let’s walk through the Public Gardens, get some lunch, and head for the Aquarium?”

“God, that sounds great!” came the enthusiastic response.

Even in fall, the Gardens were beautiful, holding onto the last blooms tenaciously. As we strolled, Lexi held just as tenaciously onto my arm, letting her head rest on my arm whenever we stopped to admire something. I have no idea what we talked about, but I remember her laughing face looking up at me and the flutter it gave me to get that kind of reaction from a beautiful young woman. The occasional gust of wind whipped tendrils of hair around her face, and her blue eyes were shining with health and happiness.

As we crossed the Common headed for lunch, my arm fell comfortably across her back and held her waist. Our strides matched and I entertained her with stories about buying cheap weed on this very spot back in high school. At the far end, I pointed out the Orpheum theater where I worked as an usher, and then I steered her through the Granary Burying Ground. The street sounds faded as we took in the rows of weathered stone

We didn’t say much, but when we passed the grave of Crispus Attucks and the other casualties of the Boston Massacre, Lexi spoke in a soft voice: “I remember learning about him.”

We went on past a memorial to Paul Revere and Samuel Adams’ grave, then out the other side and onto the busy streets again. Once we were through the gate, Lexi stopped to look back in.

“Wow…” she said in that same subdued voice, “that was like stepping back in time!”

“I know-that’s why I love Boston so much,” I told her with equal gravity. “You can go from the 21st century to the 18th in a few steps.”

Unexpectedly, Lexi stepped in front of me and stood on tiptoe to kiss me on the cheek. My arms went protectively around her as she rested her forehead on the front of my sweater.

“I never knew this stuff was here,” she murmured. “I’m so glad you brought me with you.”

“I love being here with you,” I assured her, resting my chin on top of her head. “Not many people get why I love this city so much-it makes it so much better when you’re with someone who gets it!”

“I’m starting to get it,” came the soft reply. “and…” she added sounding more like herself, “this sweater feels a-MA-zing against my skin!”

I laughed and hugged her. “That’s why I chose it!” I said with a smile. “Let’s go eat.”

My arm stayed around her as we walked down Beacon street. That last moment lingered in my mind, and judging by her silence, in Lexi’s as well. Did I choose the sweater because I wanted her to feel it? Did she want to feel it against her skin like she said before? Where was all this going to end up?

Fortunately, the pub appeared in front of us. I held the door for her, and a chipper Irish waitress led us to a quiet table in front. Without hesitation, we chose the two chairs side by side.

“Will you be wanting a drink before ye decide on yer food?” asked the waitress.

“I’ll have a Guinness,” I told her, and then turning to Lexi, I added, “and a…”.

“Cider, please.”

“Right away.”

As the waitress turned her back, Lexi grinned. Then it struck me-she was under 21! I remember the thrill of being served without question, and knew quite well what she was thinking.

“You look amazing,” I told her, “and you don’t look like a minor at all.”

Lexi’s face flushed with pleasure, and her eyes sparkled mischievously.

“So no one can tell you’re a dirty old man buying drinks for a college girl?”

“Nope. They think I’m a dirty old man buying drinks for a beautiful young woman.”

“Oh…well that’s OK, then!” Again, the grin flashed full strength and her eyes sparkled. There’s something about “getting away with it” that makes a young woman feel special-more mature and more powerful. Guys just feel like they have fooled the world; women seem to feel like they have accomplished something more. Either way, I was the beneficiary of Lexi’s pleasure.

When the waitress returned, we accepted our drinks placidly and ordered sandwiches-BLT for her and Reuben for me. The sparkle of being accepted in the adult world still illuminated her face, though, and I smiled at her enjoyment.

“Here’s to an excellent and unexpected day out!” I toasted gallantly, tipping my glass toward hers.

“Very excellent!” she replied, “And it’s just getting started!” she added with a wink.

My pulse pounded as we clinked the rims together. Each of us took a sip, silent in our thoughts. I can’t speak for hers, but mine started with bahis firmaları a good lunch and ended with Lexi sprawled across my king-sized bed, writhing with pleasure. I’m sure there was a glimmer in my eyes at that point, and I was heartened to see her gazing back at me seductively. Where do women learn to do that? Half-closed lids, a slight curl of a smile, and a slow sip of her cider for punctuation…God, it was sexy!

For most of our time together, Lexi’s double-entendres had been driving me crazy. Here in a quiet pub, drinks in hand and the promise of more hanging in the air between us, I had to know. I toyed with the idea of asking her what she was hoping for, but decided (as the adult in the situation) to simply move things forward. I set my glass down and turned toward her in my chair. Unconsciously, Lexi mirrored my movements. Her hand stayed uncertainly on the table, and I covered it with mine.

“I’m so glad I ran into you,” I said simply. She smiled demurely. Then I lifted her hand and brought it to my lips. After kissing it softly, I looked at her again and saw her sexy smile return. With that encouragement, I tugged gently on her hand, drawing her to me. She leaned forward willingly and our lips met for the first time. Hers were soft and pliant and had the sweet tang of cider on them. I broke the kiss after just a few moments and retreated an inch or two, letting her make the next move. Happily, she did not disappoint me!

Freeing her hand from mine, Lexi braced herself with one hand on the back of my chair and the other on my thigh. She leaned forward, but just before our lips met again, she paused.

“I’ve been wanting you to do that for a really long time,” she said in a low, sexy voice. “I’m glad you finally did it-I was starting to think you were acting like a teacher or a dad again!”

Before I could protest, she grinned and kissed me passionately. Her lips parted this time, and I felt her tongue dart out to tease me. Her hand moved from the back of the chair to the back of my neck, and as our tongues met and explored each other for the first time, her other hand moved a fraction of an inch, caressing my thigh.

My heart was quickening when I saw motion out of the corner of my eye. Our waitress had rounded the corner and was heading our way with a tray held high. I gave Lexi a final peck; she caught my intention and as our sandwiches arrived, we turned back to our places at the table.

“Reuben for you, sir, and BLT for the young lady,” said our waitress with light brogue. “Will you be wanting anything else right away?” she inquired, arching one expressive eyebrow at me.

“No, thanks…this will do for now,” I assured her.

That kiss left both of us a little giddy. I’m sure we ate and drank like normal people-I just remember laughing and watching her giggle and feeling the pressure of her knee on mine. Occasionally, her hand grazed my arm or my thigh, and I found myself eager for the contact. With a quick signal to the waitress, I got our check and gave her a credit card. I wanted to take Lexi straight to the hotel. I wanted to take her to the Aquarium and watch her face when the sharks swam by. Most of all, I wanted to kiss her again.

When we made it to the sidewalk outside, Lexi burst out laughing. Holding my arm against herself tightly, she grinned up at me. “That waitress TOTALLY knows something is going on!”

“Well, she’s not wrong, is she?” I responded with a smirk.

“Nope. Something is definitely going on here!”

Standing on tiptoes, she lifted her face to mine again and our lips met in a delicious kiss. Once again, I saw the waitress out of the corner of my eye-she was staring out the window at us. When she saw me looking, she rolled her eyes and returned to clearing our table. I didn’t share that with Lexi-I just wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer, giving my full attention to the sweet, soft lips and agile tongue she was sharing with me.

It was a half-mile walk to the Aquarium. We were so wrapped up in each other that we blew past the Old State House, the Boston Massacre site, and a couple of other famous things like Quincy Market without even seeing them. At every crosswalk, she turned to me for a kiss or stood in front of me so I could wrap my arms around her and nuzzle her slender neck. I especially liked that move because it gave me a chance to feel her nubile young body pressed against me while I was busy nuzzling! Her firm little ass made amazing little circles on my groin during these moments, and I was in a constant state of arousal, broken up by crosswalks and crowded sidewalks.

I have to admit that I didn’t spend a lot of time looking at the penguins or the giant sea tank at the Aquarium. Usually, I could spend hours there taking in the sights. This time, I was seeing it through Lexi’s eyes, which were sparkling with wonder. I watched her a lot more than I watched the fish. Seeing her startled response to a shark brushing past her fingertips or hearing her sigh while she watched the sea jellies was a perfect way to experience the whole thing. The fact kaçak iddaa that I spent a lot of that time holding her close made it even better!

After several hours, Lexi and I were standing at the top of the giant ocean tank watching the divers go in to feed the fish. It was a bit crowded at the rail, and she stood in front of me while I braced my arms on the rail to defend our space. As lovely as it was to see the fish coming up and to feel her body against mine, I felt like it was time to go. Lexi had the same thought-I think the crowds were bumming her out. She turned within my grasp, stood on tiptoe, and whispered in my ear.

“Do you want to take me somewhere else?”

God, what a question! I’m sure my grin had a hungry quality to it, but I ratcheted down my lust a bit and said, “Anywhere you want!” in a happy voice.

“Let’s get outside and figure it out.”


I followed her bewitching ass down the long spiral walkway. When we got outside, it was breezy and bright-always a shock when you’ve been in the dim blue light inside. She took my arm once again, and after a moment, I walked toward the Greenway as it ran along the waterfront. The wind whipped off the harbor and made the area cooler than the rest of the city, but we kept close together for warmth.

“So do you want to keep going?” I asked Lexi as we strolled. “We can stop and get a snack, or a coffee, or whatever you want while we figure out what to do.”

“Actually…can we get another drink?” Lexi’s smile flashed with new-found confidence.

“Absolutely-there’s a great bar right across the street!” I had forgotten the allure of drinking when it was a rare occasion, but I was happy to go along with her wishes.

With quick steps, we crossed to the Granary Tavern. The dark wood and leather seats seemed to please her, and we tucked into a small table. After shedding our coats, I went to the bar and ordered another Guinness for myself and cider for Lexi. When I brought them back, she had shed her leather jacket and was sedately checking her phone. She looked every inch a proper young woman, and it struck me how ridiculously lucky I was at that moment. She looked up and smiled.

“I could get used to this!” she chirped happily. “I love having a handsome man buying me drinks!”

“Yeah, right,” I snorted. “I’m sure it happens all the time!”

“Well, it does happen, but this is way nicer. What I meant was I like having YOU buying me drinks and coming to sit with me.”

“Oh…in that case, I have to confess that I when I was walking over here, I was thinking how incredibly lucky I was to be doing exactly that!”

Gracefully, Lexi lowered her eyes at the compliment. I set the drinks down and hung my jacket on the back of the chair. When I sat down, she turned toward me, and I ended up sitting with her crossed legs between my knees. She leaned forward when I was settled and took my hands. She rested them on her knees and stroked my wrists with her thumbs. She looked deeply into my eyes and I held her gaze steadily.

“I don’t know how to say this…” she began, “but I feel really lucky, too. I was thinking how this morning started. I went to breakfast with my friends. I came back to my dorm, but the tour was still going on. Then I saw you, and I was so happy. Then we actually went out and had coffee, and that was amazing, too-I always imagined what it would be like to sit with you like that, and it was just right.”

“Same for me, Lex,” I assured her quietly, squeezing her knees for emphasis.

“So now we’re sitting in this amazing little bar I never heard of, and we walked through the Gardens and went to the Aquarium and made out and watched the penguins, and I guess I just don’t want to stop feeling like this!”

“Like what?” I asked gently.

“Like a woman. Not like your student, or some college girl you’re hitting on. I feel like we’re on a date and you make me feel sexy and special…” Her voice trailed off uncertainly.

“Lexi-you ARE sexy and special. I’m not seeing a student. I’m not seeing a college girl to hit on. I’m seeing a beautiful woman that I want to spend time with while I’m here in Boston. That’s all it can be, but I’ve never had such a good day out with anyone, and I don’t want it to stop.”

With that, I leaned in and kissed her briefly, then pulled back to look into her eyes. She knew I was serious, and it was up to her. She took only a moment of thought before her smile returned. Her hands came up on either side of my face, then laced together behind my neck.

“I don’t…want it…to stop…either,” she said, punctuating each set of words with a quick, tender kiss. “I want more!”

“More what, Lex?”

“Everything! More you. More drinks. More making out. More Boston. Everything!”

“I’m yours until tomorrow, woman. Do with me what you will!”

She grinned wickedly. “OK. Drinks. Making out. Boston. Then you. That’s the plan!”

“Sound great to me,” I responded fervently, returning her smile.

She picked up her glass and we toasted our newfound accord. After a few soothing kaçak bahis sips, she leaned in again, her hands bracing on my knees. This time, her thumbs caressed the insides of my legs-a delicate touch that raced like lightning up to my groin.

“Before we go, though, you have to answer two questions, okay?”


“What’s your favorite thing to do in Boston?”

“My favorite thing to do in Boston…is to sit right here with you stroking my inner thighs!”

Her hands clamped down firmly, stopping the caress.


“OK, OK…my favorite thing to do in Boston is to take the elevator to the top of the Prudential Center and look out over the city.”

“That’s better.”

“My SECOND favorite thing is to sit here and let you stroke my inner thighs” I said with a grin.

“OK…I can accept that,” she laughed.

For emphasis, she slid her hands along the tops of my thighs all the way up. Her trailing thumbs ran along the inseam of my jeans until the two sides met. Frustratingly, she swept her thumbs up and out before they made contact with my rapidly swelling cock. Knowing full well the effect she was having, she kissed me merrily and then sat back and crossed her legs.

“You’re an evil woman, Lexi, and I’m going to get you for that!” I told her with a smile.

“I hope so,” she replied.

While she smirked at me and sipped her cider, I got out my phone and summoned an Uber. It was due in four minutes, so we finished our drinks and dropped them off at the bar. By the time our jackets were on and we made it out front, our driver was pulling up.

“You Steve?” he asked. When I agreed, he added “Prudential Center?” and got a quick nod.

That was the extent of our conversation, because I had Lexi in the backseat and I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to keep things moving along!

As we rolled into Chinatown, we came to a busy intersection and I saw a familiar spot.

“Hey,” I said enthusiastically to Lexi, “lean over me and check this place out!”

She complied, intrigued by the interest in my voice. Bracing one hand on my shoulder, she leaned across my body to look out the window.

“That’s where I used to get late-night snacks…but they weren’t as good as this!”

With those words, I ducked my head and kissed the side of her neck. My right hand came up and cupped her breast as it lay in perfect position before me. Lexi stiffened for a moment, then relaxed into my actions.

“Mmm…” she began, “those must have been some good snacks!”

I continued to kiss and nibble the side of her neck while my thumb and forefinger tweaked her nipple. “They’re delicious!” I murmured. “Very tasty, and very…satisfying.”

Lexi responded with a combination of giggle and groan. I saw the driver’s eyes flick toward us in the rearview mirror, and I reluctantly let go of Lexi’s supple young breast. She sat up somewhat, but as we rolled past the Boston Common, she leaned over me again.

“Isn’t that where we were walking today?” she asked in an innocent voice.

Her right hand stayed on my shoulder, but she leaned across me again and let her left hand fall into my lap. This time, there was no teasing avoidance. Her fingers coiled around the prominent bulge in my jeans, her thumb lying along its length. She squeezed rhythmically while she recalled our time there, babbling inanities for the driver’s sake to cover her assault.

“That was the LONG path we took, and that was where the wind was blowing really HARD, wasn’t it?”

Since each of these questions was punctuated by a firm gripping motion, I agreed happily.

“I hope I get to see more,” she said in that same innocent tone.

“You definitely will,” I assured her emphatically.

Smiling like the cat that ate the canary, she sat back in her seat. In a few slow blocks, we passed in front of Trinity Church.

“Oh, look!” she exclaimed. “I went there with one of my classes!”

I leaned over her body to look out the window. My left hand just happened to fall on her thigh as I did so, and she thoughtfully spread her legs a little wider. I didn’t grope her as energetically as she had done to me, but the side of my hand was firmly wedged against her crotch and I could feel the heat radiating from her. Reflexively, her arm went around my shoulders, and as I admired the architecture in front of me, she nipped my earlobe teasingly. Then the tip of her tongue dipped briefly into my ear, tracing a quick curve.

“God…” I moaned. “I love that place!”

“Me, too!” she agreed. “Do you wish you were inside?”

“God, yes! I bet it’s sooo nice and warm in there!”

“You’ll have to wait and see,” she said. With a tug on my shoulder, she nudged me back into my own seat. “If there’s anywhere else you want to stop along the way, just let me know, OK?”

“Same goes for you!” I told her.

I took her hand, stroking her with my thumb as we rode the last few blocks. We were both grinning like idiots, hearts beating fast with the sudden physical acceleration of our relationship. As the car pulled up in front of the building, I added a generous tip and thanked our driver. He flashed us a grin and said, “Have a great time!” as we got out. Both of us blushed and laughed as we made our way onto the sidewalk.

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