College Fun

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On a typical Friday night at college, I went out drinking with some friends. I was a junior at the time, and I shared an apartment with 2 girls and a guy. We all got along well enough, but we didn’t spend time with each other outside of the house. My roommates: Julie, Brittany, and Chad went out that night as well, each with their own friends.

I went out with some girlfriends: Amy and Jen. I wanted to dress comfortable, but sexy, so I went with a pair of tight black pants, black strappy sandals, and a red tank-top. I was comfortable, but certain I had some sex appeal going, which could make for a good night out.

We took off, heading to one of Jen’s friends apartment. When we walked in the door, there were people crammed so tightly in there that it was hard to breathe. I immediately went to the kitchen to see what they had to drink. Two cute guys were standing near a keg, so I walked over to them and smiled.

“Hey, babe. How ’bout a beer?”

“That’d be great, thanks.”

He poured me one and winked at me. I took a big swig and turned around, running into Jen. She said some friends were getting together on the dance floor, so I followed her and started to dance. There were some pretty nasty guys coming up behind me and shoving their erections in my ass, and I was getting pissed off, so I decided I needed something a little stronger. I made my way back to the kitchen and asked the guy that poured me a beer if anyone had any vodka.

“I might.” I turned to the voice and saw a cute blonde guy sitting at a table, doing shots left and right.

“Could I have some?” My eyes pleaded with him, and he smiled, nodding. Before I knew it, I had lost track of how many shots and the guy was looking incredibly attractive. He kept smirking at me, and before I knew it, he had his hand on my thigh under the table and was travelling north. I was really horny at that point, so I got up and indicated with my head that we should get a room. He nodded, and followed me upstairs.

I opened the first door I came to. It was a bedroom, and surprisingly it was empty. I grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him bahis firmaları on the bed. I climbed on top of him and kissed him hard on the lips, immediately reaching down to unbutton his pants. I could feel he was hard already, and when his dick came out of his pants, I went to town. My tongue moved up and down his shaft, and I alternated strokes with my hand and my mouth. I stopped long enough to take off my shirt and bra, and my nipples were immediately hard. I rubbed his dick all over my rock hard tits and I could feel him about to cum as my hand job grew more intense.

All of a sudden, the door opened and we were bathed in the light from the hallway. A girl was standing there shrieking and crying and swearing so bad, I thought she was going to explode.

“Holy fuck!” The guy screamed, and pushed me off him so fast I fell onto the floor. I grabbed my shirt to cover myself up, but the girl took off down the hall, and the guy scrambled after her while trying to get dressed on the run. “Crystal!” He yelled, and I almost started laughing. Being walked in on by a girlfriend was certainly not what I had in mind. I got dressed, and still very drunk, and very horny, I walked downstairs trying to find more action. It was getting really late, and the party had started to thin out. People were passed out or puking, and I decided I might as well just go home. I couldn’t find Jen or Amy, so I walked myself back to my apartment, which was just a few streets away. The cool air cleaered my head a little, but I was still so horny I thought of fingering myself right there on the street. Still, I kept my cool, and let myself into my apartment. The only light on was the one over the kitchen sink, which hadn’t been on when I left so I knew someone was home.

I heard noise coming from the living room, and when I walked in, Chad was sipping on a beer and watching TV. Chad was really cute, not in a sexy way, but in a very comforting way. We never really got personal because he was always studying, or out with his friends, and he pretty much kept to himself.


“Hey. I didn’t expect you back tonight.”

“Long kaçak iddaa story. What are you doing home?”

“My friends blew me off.”

“I got blown off…in a really different way,” I said, smirking. I couldn’t hide my horny-ness any longer, and Chad knew right off I was drunk and wanted some. Probably to my advantage, Chad had had quite a few to drink as well.

I went over and sat next to him on the couch, taking the beer from his hand to take a sip, and making sure I grazed his hand when I did it. “What are we watching.”

“Dunno. I was just flipping around the channels.”

I took a sip of his beer, and then started giggling. I set it back down on the other side of me, so he couldn’t get to it.

“Hey! Give that back!”

“You’ll just have to come get it.” I tore my shirt off, and he lunged at me, kissing up and down my neck, and down my breasts. He quickly unhooked my bra, and started to suck my tits. They had been hard practically all night and now they were aching for someone’s touch. His sucking felt so good, but all of a sudden I pushed him away.

“What the fuck, Meg?”

“Are Jules and Brit home?!”

“No. They haven’t come back yet.”


I climbed into his lap and we started making out. He was such a good kisser than I never wanted to stop, but I was getting so wet again I needed more. His hands wandered down my body and his right hand slipped down my pants, straight to my sopping wet pussy. He slipped in one finger, and then two, pumping them in and out of my wet slit. I rode his fingers, pushing myself into him more. I felt myself about to cum, and I bit his bottom lip as my orgasm came and went.

Then I got down on the floor, and started massaging his legs. I could tell his jeans were getting a little tight, but I wanted to tease him. So I moved back up, and stripped off his shirt. I mimicked his moves, licking down his neck, and flicking at his nipples with my tongue, and biting lightly with my teeth. Then I licked down his stomach, and back up again, being careful not to touch his dick at all. He was getting harder and harder, and pissed off because kaçak bahis I wouldn’t do anything about it. So I stripped off his jeans, and then brought down his boxers. His cock was sticking straight up and looked like it might explode.

“Holy fuck, Meg! Suck it!” He was practically begging for it. I quickly took the whole thing in my mouth, going to town by licking up and down it, and massaging his balls with my hands. My head went up and down as I licked, sucked, and tickled his dick until he was cumming all over my face and my tits. It was the fastest I had ever made a guy cum, and I was pretty impressed.

I stripped down so I was completely naked, and Chad laid me back on the couch and sucked at my tits again, so they were hard and bulging. I pushed his head down toward my pussy, which was once again begging for attention. He wasted no time and went to work, licking my clit, sucking my pussy lips, and fingering me all at the same time. 3 fingers, and he was shoving them up and then out, in and out, in and out, his tongue working my clit so hard I thought I might scream. My fingers pinched my tits and I came all over his face, shaking and writhing.

“Oh god, Chad. Fuck me.”

He obeyed.

He climbed on top of me, and wasted no time driving his dick home. I was so wet that he slid in and out fast. He pounded away on top of me, his length driving into my pussy so hard I was out of breath. I grabbed onto the back of his shoulders and dug my nails in. I brought my pelvis up to meet his thrusts, and found myself moaning and groaning. “God, Chad. Fuck me. Oh god. Fuck me. Right there! Right there! Right there! FUCK ME!!” He started to slow down his thrusting and I knew he was ready to cum again. He got off me and I took him in my mouth, finishing him off.

“Jesus.” He said. I just nodded.

I gathered my clothes and ran to the bathroom, immediately getting in the shower. In the morning when we were all sobered up and suffering from massive headaches, Chad and I couldn’t even look at each other. It was way too weird. Julie and Brittany kept asking what was wrong, but we’d just shake our heads and look away.

Chad moved out not too long after that, and I saw him around campus maybe once or twice. But I’ll never forget the hot steamy sex we had, even if it was only because we were drunk horn-dogs. 😀

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