Coed Confidante Ch. 02

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My name is Melanie, and I am a student at a large state university—a place that has quite a reputation as a party school. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that I am masquerading as a student to get some interesting perspectives on college life in the millennial age. I am really a writer/blogger working for an alternative newspaper. My editor approached me with the concept and offered to pay all expenses if I would be willing to go undercover to experience college life firsthand. I was admittedly rather hesitant since I am a rather modest person with limited experience in the world of parties and sex, but I agreed when he told me that the project might lead to a book project and possibly an independent art film. It seemed like a promising way to take my career to a new level, and so I accepted the challenge. I vowed to push myself to explore experiences I might otherwise have avoided, and, in the end, I surprised myself with a newfound sense of courage and adventure. Here is a chapter in my series titled “Coed Confidante”.


I have been a competitive swimmer since high school and spent many summers teaching swimming classes at our local park district. I am enrolled in a class at the university to get my coaching certification, and one requirement of the course is to complete a four-week intern assignment. I had imagined I would be assigned to one of the women’s swim teams at the university or maybe a team at the local high school, so I was surprised to find out that my intern assignment was the JV men’s team at the university. I was not sure how I would be accepted by a bunch of male jocks, but I had to smile when I saw that the team practices at the old gym—the same place I had experienced my sorority initiation and met Jason a few weeks earlier.

It was a Monday afternoon when I reported for my intern assignment. I stood on the familiar pool deck with Coach Cooper as we waited for the swimmers to come out from the locker room. He had told me in advance that I would be working with about fifteen swimmers on the JV squad, but I really did not know much more about the swim program yet. I felt I was prepared for my new assignment, but I was more than a little surprised when I saw the first guy exit the locker room and step into view. He was completely naked. Following him, several more guys stepped onto the pool deck, each as naked as the first. Within minutes, I was standing in front of a long line of very fine looking nude swimmers as they looked at me and waited for instructions. Their broad smiles suggested that they knew about the situation ahead of time and were eagerly waiting to see my reaction.

“What do you think about your team?” Coach Cooper laughed. “Pretty fine looking athletes, you have to admit!”

“Amazing,” I replied nervously,” though I was expecting them to be wearing swimsuits.”

“No need for suits since the JV practices are not coed. Cuts down on the laundry between practices and gives the guys a sense of freedom when they practice.

“Does this mean that I am expected to lose my suit as well when I coach them?” I asked nervously.

“Totally up to you,” Coach Cooper replied. “Depends on whether you plan to get in the water with them, I guess. I’m usually in sweats like this when I’m coaching, but I’m sure the boys would have no problem with you leading our practices in the buff if you want. Ain’t that right guys?”

“I’m sure they would love it, but I will stay dressed,” I answered with a sense of relief in my voice. “You sure this won’t be a problem with the team? How about the Athletic Department?”

“The AD is on board with this plan and he sees no problems,” Coach Cooper replied quickly. “Of course, you are free to back out if you are uncomfortable with the arrangement here.”

“No, I’m sure I can handle it,” I shot back with some hesitation, “as long as it is okay with the team and the administration. I need to complete this intern assignment to get credit for my coaching class.”

At this point, my thoughts were swirling as I looked at the line of nude male swimmers standing just a few feet away from me. I knew I had to present an air of confidence, so I quickly got to work and began to lay out some instructions for the practice. Within minutes, they were all in the water and swimming laps under my guidance. As I watched their muscular athletic bodies glide through the water, I was reminded again of the beauty of the human form. I wondered what my friends would say when I told them I was coaching fifteen gorgeous bare-assed guys. I’ve seen a few cocks in my time, but nothing to compare with the amazing and diverse specimens on display in front of me. I smiled when I remembered that my intern assignment was scheduled to last four weeks.

About midway through the practice, Coach Cooper came over to me and pointed to the diving well at the far end of the pool. “Didn’t I read that you did some competitive diving?” he asked.

“That’s right,” I replied. “But that was in high school. Why do you ask?”

“Diving was never a specialty of mine, so I’m afraid I am bahis firmaları not really able to give those guys the kind of quality instruction they need. I was hoping you could spend about half your time every practice working with the divers on their technique. I can cover the lap training here.”

I nodded and walked over to the diving well. There were three guys taking reps on the one-meter board, and they all stopped when they saw me approach. I told them to carry on and I watched them closely as they each tried a series of dives. After about ten minutes, I called them over to give them some pointers.

“Coach Cooper asked me to help you with your technique,” I said. “I did some competitive diving in high school, so I might be able to help. From what I observed, you guys are already doing pretty well, but I do have some suggestions.”

“It’s a cinch you would be more help than Coach,” one of the guys replied, “and you are definitely easier on the eyes than him!”

“We’re open to suggestions,” a second diver added. “As it is, we’re basically coaching ourselves over here.”

As I began to share my observations, I noticed that they all drew much closer to me as I spoke. It was one thing to watch a bunch of guys swimming laps in the pool, but it seemed even stranger to have three nude guys all standing just a few feet away from me. I’m sure I must have looked distracted as I offered up some suggestions, and it quickly became obvious that they were all more interested in ogling my body than in the tips I was sharing. At that moment, I realized that I should have worn a more traditional swimsuit instead of the thin competition suit I had picked out to wear. Competition suits do not leave much to the imagination, and at that moment, I felt almost as naked as the three guys who were eyeing me so closely. When I had finished my comments, I walked over to the one-meter board and motioned them to join me.

“Let me watch as you go through your dives one more time,” I said. “This time, try to focus on your form throughout each dive and not just the twists. Judges reward divers who maintain poise and control on the board, in the air, and at the point of entry in the water.”

“How about if you demonstrate for us,” one the guys piped up. “We’ll learn more from watching you than we will from a bunch of words and arm motions.”

“I’m afraid I am a bit out of practice to do the actual dives,” I replied with a bit of hesitation in my voice. “I think I would be more helpful as an observer.”

“Typical coach,” another guy protested. “I guess it’s easier to talk about athletic skills than to actually do them.”

I could sense that I was already losing their confidence, so I relented and stepped up on the diving board. For the next few minutes, I went through a series of dives that I had done in competitions a few years back, and each dive was met with enthusiastic applause. I noticed that all three guys edged closer to the edge of the pool every time I pulled myself out after each dive, and it soon dawned on me that they were not so much impressed with my dives as they were with the way that the thin fabric of my swimsuit clung to my wet body. I knew that competition suits became nearly transparent when wet—great for performance in the pool but not so good for modesty. I became very self-conscious at first, but eventually I began to chill a bit when I reminded myself that they were even more exposed than I was.

When I realized that we were getting close to the end of practice, I had each of the guys grab an exercise mat and circle up on the pool deck. “I don’t know what kind of conditioning drills you normally do,” I said, “but I want to end every practice with some quick exercises to strengthen your core and improve your diving form.”

“Coach C. usually has the swimmers do some endurance work,” one of the divers answered, “but he mainly just leaves up a little extra time to get more dives in.”

“The thing is, diving requires some specialized conditioning,” I continued. “It’s called dryland training. Let me show you. Start by sitting down in a tight tuck position on the mat. Next, kick back with your hands tight against your legs. Look back like you are searching for the water and stretch your arms back as far as you can. Then, finish up by pulling back into a tight tuck position.”

I had the guys repeat this routine for ten reps, but then I stopped them to refine the technique. “When you go back into your stretch, you have to give it maximum effort. You are fighting for a clean entry at this point in the dive. It’s the difference between a mid-level score and a winning score.

I had them start the sequence again, but stopped them during the stretching segment and had them hold the position. I then moved from one diver to another and adjusted the position of their torsos and arms to demonstrate the optimum position. As I put my hands on their outstretched bodies with their genitals just inches from my eyes, I realized that I was suddenly consumed with mixed feelings of embarrassment and arousal. I’m pretty sure kaçak iddaa that the guys were having similar reactions as I moved my hands over their bodies.

I guess I was relieved to hear Coach Cooper’s whistle a few moments later. He called the team together for a few announcements and sent them to the showers. After practice, I was not sure if I was expected to be in the locker room and shower area, so I asked Coach Cooper if I had any responsibilities after the team left the pool.

“Coaches usually continue to work with the swimmers after practice,” he replied,” though I can see you are a bit nervous about that. It’s up to you.”

“They are done swimming laps,” I replied. “Is there more to do?”

“I try to work with any swimmer who might need extra help with technique. Good time to get on the back of anyone who I think was dogging it in practice. Remind them they are on scholarship and there are plenty of other people who would welcome the chance to be on the team.”

“They won’t be pissed to see a girl walk through the shower room or be around them near their lockers?” I asked. “Seems like kind of an invasion of their private space.”

“I can’t see why they would object,” he shot back with a smile. “Hell, you’ve been eyeballing their dicks for the past two hours. What do you say we go in and find out?”

He motioned toward the door and I followed him. I found myself in the communal shower area where about half of the guys were already lathered up. Normally this would have been a surreal experience, but I had just spent two hours watching them swim laps in their birthday suits, so this did not seem so strange anymore. We moved on to the locker room where a few of the other guys were standing around talking. They smiled when they saw me, but then went right back to their conversations. I wondered if I could ever be so calm if the roles were reversed and I was the one standing completely naked in front of a male coach.

We continued on to the training room where one of the swimmers was sitting on a trainer’s table. It was clear he was waiting for some help. He had a towel pulled over his lap, but when he turned to face us, the towel fell to the floor. It may have been accidental, but the sly smile on his face suggested that he had dropped the towel on purpose to get a rise out of me. I kept my cool, but I had to admit that his naked athletic body was some pretty appealing eye candy.

“What’s the problem, Derek?” Coach Cooper asked.

“Not sure,” he replied. “I think I tweaked my ankle on one of the flip turns.”

“Let me take a look,” Coach replied. He instructed Derek to lie back and he began to massage the ankle. “Feels a bit tight, but no structural damage as near as I can tell. What do you think, Coach Melanie?”

I picked up the towel and made a point of positioning it over his privates. I took Coach Cooper’s place near Derek and continued the treatment that Coach Cooper had started as I watched him leave the training room. As I worked on his ankle, I noticed that his hand had slid under the towel and that he was very quietly working his way closer to the bulge that was becoming more prominent. Not sure where this was heading, I began to step away when Derek grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer to him. He started to fondle my ass through the thin fabric of my swimsuit with one hand while he used his other hand to guide my fingers to his torso. His engorged penis was huge now, and he continued to ease my hand closer to his testicles that were now visible beneath the towel.

“I should be going,” I whispered nervously. “I don’t think there is anything more I can for your ankle today.”

“Let me be straight with you, Coach Melanie,” Derek responded as he tightened his grip on my wrist. “I know this whole situation was a surprise to you when all the guys first came out of the locker room this afternoon, but we have all known about it for over a week. Coach told us last week that he had gotten a memo about your intern duty, and he asked us if we wanted to continue our customary nude swims or if we would prefer to wear our racing Speedos with a female coach on the pool deck. The vote was unanimous to swim in the buff as we always do.”

“Doesn’t it feel odd to be completely naked when I am still wearing my swimsuit during practice? I think I would be mortified if it was the other way around.”

“It was weird for a few minutes, but then it was a real rush. By the looks of things, you seemed to like the scenery.”

“Like I mentioned, I have to go now,” I said as I tried to pull free of Derek’s grasp. “And it looks like you need a cold shower to calm that thing down.”

“Here’s the thing,” Derek explained as he guided my hand closer to his cock. “We all played along with you today because we know this intern gig is important to your course work. We could just as easily make life very difficult for you by refusing to cooperate. The way we see it, there is an opportunity here for everyone to win.”

“I’m not following you,” I whispered nervously as he placed my fingers on the shaft kaçak bahis of his cock.

“Do you really think I sprained my ankle in practice today?” Derek replied. “It was just a ruse to get you in the training room.”

“Coach Cooper seemed to believe that you were in pain.”

“You’re not getting it. Coach is part of the plan. In fact, this whole training room setup was his idea.”

“Setup?” I asked.

“Look around you,” Derek continued with a sensual smile. “A gorgeous hot chick in a sexy one-piece working on a naked guy who is already turned on beyond control. Not another soul around to bother us. All the makings for a happy ending if you get my meaning.”

It was at this moment that I realized that there was no more commotion from the adjacent locker room. Normally, I would have fought off Derek’s grip and walked away, but it soon occurred to me that this scenario was the essence of the Coed Confidante project I was hired to do—a chance to explore and experience a wild erotic encounter that had previously only occupied my fantasies. I had no experience with a man in this unexpected situation, but I now realized that I was aching to try.

I stood at his side and removed the towel to reveal his impressive cock in all its glory. I teased him for a few long minutes by tickling my fingers along his torso and smiled as I watched as he contorted his hips as if to beg me to touch his engorged member. When I felt he could not hold out any longer, I worked my fingers gently over his testicles and then eased them slowly up the length of his shaft. I slid my fingers up and down the full length of his cock until I was convinced he could not get any harder, and then moved closer until my lips were touching the tip that was now moist with the first hints of ejaculate.

I let my lips work slowly over the tip of his cock and then gradually opened them to take in more of his length. His hand was now fondling my breasts through the thin fabric, bringing me to arousal as I focused on his pleasure. As I worked my tongue along the shaft, I could feel Derek’s body shudder in ecstasy. His entire torso began to thrust in rhythm with my oral stimulations, and his labored breathing let me know that he was getting closer to climax. I sucked his glorious member more vigorously as I massaged his balls with my fingers, and in moments, he came with an explosive burst of cum that surprised us both.

It took a few minutes before Derek’s heart rate calmed and his breathing returned to a more normal rhythm. I instinctively let my fingers continue to explore the contours of his marvelous athletic body, and he smiled when I drew close to kiss him.

“Was that a happy enough ending for you?” I asked with a grin.

“Euphoric would be a better description.”

“I must say that when I stood on that pool deck a few hours ago, I had a hunch that I would be working with a bunch of good looking guys. No way in hell I ever dreamed it would come to this.”

“And just remember,” Derek reminded me, “that this is just the first day. You have four more weeks to go. And fourteen more guys to please.”

“Are you suggesting that each guy is in line for the same treatment?” I asked with a somewhat surprised look on my face.

“Maybe we should take this a day at a time,” Derek replied with a smile. “But you could do a lot to bolster team morale by giving each guy a little personal attention. You never know what aches and pains they may develop during practice. Don’t forget Coach either—it was his idea to set up this intern gig for you!”

I gave Derek one last kiss and began to move toward the door when he stood up and walked over to me. We went into the shower room but, as I suspected, it was now empty. I noticed that my sports bag that I had left on the pool deck was now sitting against the wall near the shower stalls. I went to pick it up when Derek pulled me to him.

“Don’t lie to yourself, Coach M,” he whispered in my ear, “you got turned on just as much as I did. I feel the need to return the pleasure.”

I was about to ask him what he meant when he stood in front of me and pulled the straps of my swimsuit over my shoulders. I made a half-hearted effort to stop him, but in moments he had stripped off my suit. I had spent the better part of the afternoon admiring his naked form, and now his eyes were devouring me as I tried to cover my nude body with my arms. He gestured to the shower room, and within minutes we were both enveloped in a soapy heaven. It had been all about him on the training table, but now it was all about me as he worked his hands all over my body. I moaned as he ran his soapy hands over my breasts, but I cried out in ecstasy when his fingers found the sensitive spot between my legs. He gently worked his fingertips over my love spot for what seemed like an eternity, and just when I thought I could not take any more, I felt his massive cock sliding between my legs from behind and deep inside me. He continued to massage my breasts as his thrusts became deeper, and I felt my knees begin to buckle slightly as the pleasure increased. I was now screaming for him to keep pumping, oblivious to anyone who might hear us. It was a sublime moment, and I felt one orgasmic wave after another course through my body before I finally had to pull away.

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