Co-Worker’s Flirtation

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The flirting was so shameless and cliché that neither of them took it seriously, especially since they both were married to others. Jackie was a stunning brunette with a dark red tint that ran just below her shoulders. Just 5’6 and 36, she was naturally gorgeous and fit from working out steadfastly, a mother of three, her body would never have hinted at it. She was new to Madison Middle School where she taught. She may have been new to the school, and a new teacher, but she had worked in education for the last ten years. She took a no nonsense attitude to her students and co-workers that left little doubt that she was a master at what she did and that she was not one to be played with and wouldn’t take shit from anybody. She had emailed Jason, whom she didn’t particularly like, because she was interested in an open coaching position.

Jason was the Athletic Director at Madison, not because he was a big jock, but because he was good at it. He was well organized and energetic. He got things done and stepped up when others stepped away. It didn’t hurt that he was a polished smooth talker and at 6’2 and 200lbs, with a short, clean cut look to his dark blonde hair, he could often catch a woman’s eye. When he got the email from Jackie, he had to email a teacher buddy to find out who she was. Madison had a high teacher turnover rate and if he didn’t directly work with a teacher, it wasn’t worth his time getting to know them.

The email he got back from David only had two words. [The walk.]

Ahh. The walk. More appropriate perhaps, would be ‘the sway’. Jason was often in David’s room just to bull shit. David was a 3 sport coach and was the senior teacher on staff, with Jason second only to him. David and Jason were often in the hall when Jackie would walk by, being in the classroom right next to David. And Jackie… Jackie swayed. She had the curves of a woman that would make any man turn his head. And Jackie knew it. She would often turn her head back to see if they were looking. ‘What a bunch of dicks’ she thought to herself as they turned trying to pretend they weren’t watching her. She knew she had a sway and while part of her tried not to, another part of her liked getting some attention.

Jason then took the opportunity to flirt with her as he wrote a reply to her email. [You have to be willing to work under me.] She thought about how to reply. While she didn’t like most men, Jason included, she knew how to get what she wanted by how she made a man feel, either appeal to their ego or their sex drive. [I think I could handle that quite well,] she wrote back. Jason was a computer science teacher, so he always had access to his email and was able to respond quickly. [I’ll add you to the list of people who want to apply, we’ll interview, and I’ll see if I have a position for you.]

[I can fill most positions pretty well.] Jackie wrote back. She may not like him, but he was sexy and she wanted the coaching job, she could afford to flirt a little.

Jason went ahead and was more forward in his next email. [Has anyone told you how beautiful you are lately?]

[Just this morning.] She replied. Jason took that as her being done with this line of flirtation. After all, they were both married and this wasn’t going bahis firmaları anywhere anyway. Over the next few months, Jackie got the coaching job, being ridiculously qualified, and was racking up quite a few wins. Jason and Jackie now spent more time together as he helped guide her through the fog of the business side of athletics, getting games scheduled, ordering buses, etc. Jackie was happy to let Jason help, less she had to do, and she felt quite flattered when she would turn and lock eyes with Jason. He had this innate ability to capture her with just his eyes, as if he was searching for her soul in her eyes. He flattered her with his gentle attention. Meanwhile Jason was happy to help her as he was quickly becoming addicted to her. Not only was she stunning, but she was smart as hell, and had an air of self-confidence that make her a fierce and passionate woman. She was strong willed and independent. Although he deeply enjoyed letting his eyes glide over her body, it was when he met her eyes that he would lose his breath.

[If the bus is only taking us one way for the championships, how do I get back to the school?] Jackie had her team playing in the championships on Friday and she knew she could count on Jason to help. She had quickly learned that he was the type of man you could rely on. She felt safe and comfortable with him, a way she rarely felt around men.

[I’ll leave my truck at the gym, I live close by and can get a ride to work with David. I’ll then ride the bus with the kids to the gym and you can drive your car. Then you’ll have it there and we’ll still have the kids supervised on the bus. But you’ll owe me.]

[You’re my favorite. I’ll make it up to you, just put it on my tab.] Not only did Jason help her out, but he saved her from the bus, she hated riding the bus.

The games went great with Madison Middle taking home the 2nd place trophy. For a small school in a bracket of eight teams and a first year coach, Jackie and Jason were thrilled. As the last of the kids found their parents, Jason grabbed his jacket and hers. He opened it up for her to help her slip it on. “I’ll walk you out.” As he held the door open of the gym, he guided her through it with his hand on the small of her back. He was testing. He was letting her know he was interested, but could innocently play it off if she reacted negatively. She did nothing. But Jackie did like the feel of his hand on her. He had big hands and she enjoyed his touch, pouting silently when he let go after getting her through the door and into the dark night.

“Thanks again for helping me this season. You took care of so much for me, I might have to put you to use again next season.” She said as they got to her car.

“Whatever you want, I’ll be there for ya. Just don’t forget, you owe me.”

“And what exactly do I owe you?” She replied seductively teasingly.

“A kiss would make us even.”

“I can do that, but since you didn’t say where, it’s just a peck on the cheek.” She reached her hand up and grabbed his chin, turning his face sideways.

“Any kiss from you is worth it.” Jason replied as he felt the softness of her lips on his cheek from a quick peck. “But I want more than that.” Jason quickly moved his hand to the kaçak iddaa side of her face and pulled her close to him, his mouth meeting hers hard, passionately.

A conflict of emotions flushed her body. A startling surprise of being kissed by a man who was not her husband, a man she should not be kissing, versus this desire for a man who had made her feel wanted for the first time in years.

She pushed him back breaking the kiss. “No.” She said firmly. She was used to being the logical one and this time was no different. She knew if she was firm than she wouldn’t betray herself, giving away that she had deeply enjoy being kissed. Jason didn’t say a word, she wasn’t scared of him, but he was doing something that she knew could get them both into trouble. He was looking at her again. His eyes penetrated her spirit and she felt that the entire world was gone when she lost herself in his eyes. He stepped in again, she stepped back, back against her car. He stepped toward her. “Jason, no.” He reached behind her neck, his fingers through her hair as he pulled her lips to him again. He kissed her hard again, pressing himself against her body. Her breasts against his chest, she could feel his hardness through his jeans against her hips.

“Please no,” she whispered but still meaning it firmly as she broke his kiss. She put her hands against his chest to push him away. He grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head as he held her against the car with his body. With one hand holding hers, the other found its way back behind her neck. He pulled her head back so that his lips could nibble on her ear and then he whispered back “You deserve to be kissed, and kissed by someone who means it.” He softly let his lips drag across her neck, kissing it gently. She still pushed against him, not hoping that he would stop, but knowing she should. He pressed his hips against hers, his dick hard behind his jeans as he ground against her. Jackie could feel her body responding to his and she wanted him so much, but still fought to have him stop, but found the more she moved, the more her body enjoyed his.

She felt his hands sliding up her legs and under her skirt. It was when he slipped his fingers under the band of her panties that she realized he no longer had her arms pinned, she had just kept them their enjoying his touch. He peeled her panties off of her as he dropped to his knees. He lifted her skirt and slowly kissed up her inner thigh. She moved her hands to his shoulders, unconvincingly pushing him away. But when she felt his warm breath near her pussy, her hands moved to his hair, running through his hair, accepting that she was going to let him have her. Jason ran his tongue slowly up the length of her slit, savoring her delicious taste. He could hear her moan as he sucked in her clit. He slowly flicked his tongue against her clit then alternated to the flat of his tongue dragging up and down her wet pussy.

Jackie moaned again before biting her lower lip. It had been so long since she had felt such desire, she knew she wanted him, but knew she would have to stop him before he went any further. Her hands moved to her breasts and she massaged them herself as she relished the feeling of his tongue on her. As Jason lapped at kaçak bahis her clit, he could feel her start to squirm. He pulled her clit hard in his mouth, sucking it relentlessly. Then she gushed. He drank in her warm juices as her body shook with her orgasm. Her hands came back to his shoulders, grabbing him hard as she used him to stay standing when her legs buckled. “Thank you. ” She said simply, but meant so much by it. She hadn’t come like that in a long time. She also meant it as an excuse for him to stop. For some crazy reasoning, she thought that would be it, that that would be all he wanted. Jason stood up, turning her around, her hands on the car.

Jackie bit her lip again and closed her eyes. She was so glad he wanted more. Jason unzipped his jeans and pushed them and his boxer-briefs down. He tore off his sport jacket before lining his cock up to her warm slit. She lifted her ass up, inviting him into her. His cock slid into her with both of them stopping and breathing in deeply at the feeling of finally being together. It was Jackie that then started moving back and forth on his cock. Jason reached up, grabbing her breasts firmly as he pushed deep inside of her. Jackie loved her breasts being massaged but gasped delightfully as Jason pinched at a nipple, he knew how to please her.

The night air was warm and Jason quickly built up a sweat and he rocked in and out of her. Jackie reached behind her to grab his ass, but he took hold of her arm and pulled on it to hold her steady as he fucked her. His cock slammed into her harder and she welcomed it. He released her arm, only to have his hand move back to her breast. His free hand moved around her front to her pussy, feeling his cock move in and out of her. He then began to tap her clit. The feeling of his cock, his fucking, had brought her to the edge of another orgasm and as soon as he started tapping his fingers on her clit, she exploded again, her body writhing in pleasure, collapsing against the car. He was glad she had cum again, but now it was his turn. Although she was against the car, he pulled her back so just her hands were on the window and she was bent over. Jason grabbed her hips with both hands and slammed into her faster, his own orgasm building, he could feel his cock thicken.

Jackie grunted as he fucked her harder and then gasped for air as she felt his cock explode inside of her. His cock was pulsating as she tightened her pussy lips around him, milking every drop of cum from him. Jason collapsed on top of her, pushing both of them against the car. They stayed there, just breathing together, letting the beats of their hearts slow down as Jason’s cock slipped from her pussy. Jackie was the first to move again. She stood up and then pulled her panties up, trying to not let his cum drip over her legs. Jason pulled up his pants as well and the scooped up his jacket. He looked at Jackie who stood there, biting her lip as she smiled. “I needed that,” she confessed to him. “Thank you.” Jason let his eyes meet hers again deeply. “I didn’t just want you. I needed you. There is something about you that is so incredible; I can’t imagine ever being able to get enough of you. Can I see you again? Perhaps someplace more comfortable?”

“Kind of presumptuous aren’t you? We’ll see.” Jackie said before blowing a kiss and getting into her car. Jason stood there for a minute just soaking in what had happened. He threw his coat over his shoulder and made his way to his truck.

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