Cindy , Paul Ch. 01

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Paul sat at the back of the classroom watching the seconds slowly pass by until Winter Break would begin, not that it would really be a break for him since he had to stay in town and work, but at least he would be away from campus for awhile.


Paul had hoped that when he had started college things would be different in his life but soon found that the cliques and groups ran the social events of the college just like they had in High School and that he didn’t fit into any of these groups.

Paul was 6 foot tall and weighted just over 150 lbs. His hair was medium brown and he dressed like most other students on campus. In fact, he appeared to be just an average guy in every way possible until you looked him in the eyes.

Years before Paul had been involved in a household accident that changed him for life. The accident had caused his left eye to become a bright sky blue while his right eye had remained a deep chocolate brown. People seemed to be interested in the uniqueness of his eyes at first but they soon drifted away to join the cliques that found his difference to be disturbing and referred to him as: FREAK, GEEK, NERD, Half-breed, etc. and banned him for their groups.

After awhile, Paul built emotionally protective walls around himself and, like today, waited for the day to end so he could get away from it all.


Sitting there staring at the clock, Paul suddenly realized that someone was calling his name. “Paul … Paul … Paul.”

Shifting his gaze he looked at Cindy, the class teaching assistant. Cindy had been the one bright spot in the semester and he had frequently daydreamed about what it would like to have her as his friend. She was a just over 5-foot 7-inches tall with dark brown hair that she wore pulled back into a pony-tail and her eyes were hazel, but it was her figure that continuously drew Paul’s attention. Paul estimated that her figure was a 35-24-34 and her legs seemed to go on forever, while her skin had that continuously tanned look that people of Mediterranean ancestry have.

Seeing that she had his attention Cindy continued, “Considering the fact that you can’t seem to stay focused today, I’d like to see you immediately after class is over. Now who can answer the question?”

Several students in the class snickered while Paul groaned to himself.


Time seemed to drag on and on but finally class ended. The other students hurriedly left the room leaving only Cindy and Paul. “Okay, Paul. What’s going on? I’ve noticed your attention slipping more and more often in this class and I’d like to know why.”

“I’m sorry. Cindy, but things really aren’t that great in my life right now and it’s hard to concentrate on classes when everything else sucks.”

“C’mon Paul. It can’t be that bad. I mean you seem to be a pretty nice guy and you definitely have the brains to do whatever you want … when you apply them that is,” she replied laughing.

Something deep inside seemed to snap when he heard her ridicule him and his anger boiled over as he responded. “Ya, I’ve heard all that before, but do you have any idea what it’s like to be constantly alone? Or to be the brunt of the jokes anytime you try to join a group? People like you judging others because they’re different. All you ‘beautiful people’ staring down your nose’s at someone just because they look different, or dress different, or have to work to get through school because their parents didn’t have the cash to pay your way. You have no idea what it’s like but it’s what I live with on this campus every fucking day!” The emotional walls that Paul had built crashed and all the pain and hurt he had felt for a life-time poured out at Cindy who continued to sit there and listen. When he finally stopped tears were slowly running down his cheeks. ‘Now she’ll think I’m some weird cry-baby,” he thought to himself. But when he looked up the look in her eyes told him something entirely different. Time seemed to stand still before he finally broke the silence, “I’m sorry. You didn’t need to hear about all this shit. I’d better get going. I’m sure you have better things to do with your time.”

Reaching out Cindy gently placed her hand on Paul’s. “Actually I’d like you to stay for awhile.” Suddenly nervous, Cindy stood up and began to walk around the classroom doing small, meaningless jobs. “You know I wasn’t the most popular person on my campus either. In fact, I was pretty lonely too. I was never one of the ‘beautiful people’, in fact I was an ‘ugly duckling’. The problem for me was my weight … and my IQ. I was the typical ‘fat girl’ on campus which was bad enough but having a near genius IQ just made it worse. It wasn’t until I made some drastic changes in my life that I got any better.”

“Like what?” Paul asked with a slight tone of disbelief.

“Well for one I lost about 50 pounds, but more important I landed up getting involved with … … well, who I got bahis firmaları involved with isn’t important, but I got involved with someone who made realize that I was a very unique and beautiful person in my own right. He helped me to realize that what I thought of myself was more important than what others thought of me.”

“Ya, like that’s ever going to happen to me.”

Cindy had quietly moved up behind Paul and answered in a whisper, “I happen to think you’re a very special person.”

Surprised by her presence and comment, Paul spun around in his chair and found himself staring directly at Cindy’s chest. Embarrassed, he quickly looked up and saw something momentarily flash in her eyes before she backed away. “What was it?” he wondered. Words like concern, interest and even lust suddenly filled his mind causing his emotions and hormones to soar. Over come by the thoughts, Paul continued to sit in his seat without saying a word.

“Paul, what I’m about to ask of you could get me in a lot of trouble, in fact, it could get me fired if you ever said anything … do you understand?”

Paul nodded his head but remained silent, afraid that any sound by him would break the magic of the moment and plunge him back into reality.

“I work at another job besides here and they’re having their annual holiday party tonight. I wasn’t actually planning on going to it, but I think I’d like to … if you’ll be my date.”

Totally unprepared for what he had just been asked Paul sat in his seat for a few moments before replying, “I’d be very honored to escort you to your party.”

Cindy quickly moved to her desk, and grabbed a piece of paper. When she was finished writing she handed it to him. “Good, here’s the address where you can pick me up. Be there at 8:00. Now you better get going. I have papers to work on before I can leave.”

Paul stood and left the room still in a daze. Was this really happening? Was he going to be taking the most beautiful woman he’d ever known out tonight? Looking down at the slip of paper in his hands, he realized just how true it was and smiled. Had he looked back into the room he would’ve seen Cindy sitting at her desk looking off into space with a smile to match his.

Paul arrived at the address Cindy had given him and for a moment thought it had all been a cruel joke until he saw Cindy was sitting at a window table in the coffee shop. She was wearing a long “London fog” style trench coat that hid her dress but her hair hung loose and fell over her shoulders and she had on a pair of stylish, three-inch, red, high-heels. Seeing him, she rose from the seat and quickly headed for his car while he got out and opened the passenger door for her.

“Hello, handsome,” she purred as she kissed his cheek before entering the car. Paul stood there for a second before closing the door and going around to enter his side. “I hope you don’t mind picking me up at the coffee shop. I have a room mate that works on campus and I really don’t want her to know anything about you and I.”

“I understand,” was all he said as he pulled from the curb.

“I’m glad you do, because in honesty I feel a strong attraction to you, Paul, but I can’t risk everything I’ve worked so hard for. And ‘yes’ you heard right I had to work to get through school. I don’t have parents with a fist full of money to send me to college so that’s another thing you got wrong when you thought I was one of the ‘beautiful people’.”

The trip to the party passed quickly as Paul and Cindy continued to share small talk about themselves and their future plans. When they arrived, Paul parked the car and quickly got out to open Cindy’s door. Offering his hand, he helped her from the car and was instantly rewarded with a smile.

“A gentleman, to top off everything else. What more could a girl ask for?”

Using his best Southern drawl, Paul replied, “My pleasure, Ma’am.”

Laughing the two entered the restaurant and Paul helped removed Cindy’s coat. “WOW” he stated upon seeing her dress.

“I hope that means you like what I’m wearing,” she smiled.

Her dress was a festive red with a plunging low scoop neckline in the front and was totally backless. The dress was medium-length but had a slit that ended several inches above her knees exposing her long, nylon-clad legs. Her lone piece of jewelry was a heart shaped red ruby that hung into the cleavage between her breasts.

“I’ll say I like it. You look absolutely gorgeous.”

Moving closer she whispered, “I’m glad you like it. I haven’t gotten dressed up like this lately but I wanted to look special for you. Now let’s go have some fun.”

The rest of the night Paul couldn’t keep his eyes off of Cindy; her smile, the twinkle in her eyes, the grace of her movements all became ingrained into his memory of the night, until suddenly it was almost over. When the band announced the last song, the lights dimmed and Paul looked at Cindy; a question in his eyes. To which she answered with a slight nod of kaçak iddaa her head.

Though they had danced several fast dances together this was their first slow one and Paul felt nervous until he felt Cindy melt into his arms. The feel of her body against his stirred emotions and desires that he couldn’t control as his cock began to harden. His hand slid down her exposed back and rested at the cleft just above her buttocks while his leg seemed to slide between hers as if of its own will. Pulling her closer he felt her soft breasts and her hardening nipples pressing against him.

“Oh, God, Paul. Do you have any idea what you’re doing to me?”

“I hope so,” he replied as he leaned down and kissed her.

Responding to his kiss, Cindy wrapped her arms around Paul’s neck and kissed him passionately. After a few moments she pulled away and looked deep into his eyes. “I hope so too because I’ve been planning a surprise ever since you left the classroom this afternoon.”

“And what might that be”

Pulling him down closer to her, she whispered into his ear, “Slide your hand further down my back and you’ll get part of it now.”

Glancing about, Paul realized that the lights hid them from the view of the other people in the room and he slowly slid his hand downward. He had only slid down a few inches when he felt a band of silk and elastic around her waist but nothing below that until his fingers slid between the cleft of her ass. Paul quickly realized that Cindy wasn’t wearing any panties and that she was naked under her dress. His cock hardened more as he gently explored the tops of her ass cheeks.

“This dress is too tight to wear anything underneath without showing lines so I took my panties off just after we arrived, but from the feel of this I don’t think you mind,” she purred as she ground herself against his leg and hardening cock.

“I don’t mind at all. In fact, I like the feel of you and me together.”

Cindy licked her lips sensuously. “In that case, the second part of tonight’s surprise is that I don’t want to go back to my apartment. I want to be stay with you tonight.”

Totally at a loss for words Paul stammered, “Cindy, I’ve never … I mean I don’t … I mean, I’m living on campus right now so the only place that I have access to where we can be alone together is my dorm room.”

“In that case we’ll just have to go there. It’s after 2:00AM on a Saturday morning and everyone is either gone for Winter Break or involved in other things to notice us. I’m sure there has to be a way that we can get in and out without anyone seeing us … isn’t there?”

Standing there for a moment, Cindy still wrapped in his arms Paul realized that there was a way to his room without anyone seeing them. Since he had one of the few private rooms in the dorm, he had been given a key for a separate door to use when guests stayed in his room while visiting campus. Tonight he would use it for a very special guest. Taking Cindy by the hand he smiled, “Yes, there is a way in and out. And tonight seems like a perfect night to use it.” Just then the song ended. Exiting the dance floor Cindy said her “Good Nights” to her friends and then she and Paul left holding each other’s hand.

The drive back to the campus was filled with sexual tension and seemed to take forever. When they arrived, Paul parked his car in the “Visitors Parking” lot and led Cindy to the side door. Unlocking it he quickly guided her through the large entryway to his room. Hesitating for a moment he opened his door and held it as she entered. It was small but neat, furnished with two single beds, a small refrigerator, a TV, a bookshelf, and two desks. The greatest advantage to the room was its private bathroom including a shower.

As the door closed Cindy removed her coat as she looked around the room. “Not bad for a dorm room. It’s actually not much smaller then my bedroom at the apartment.”

Nervously, Paul stood there and smiled … not quite sure what to do next. “It’s okay for now, but next year I hope to have my own apartment off campus.”

Moving closer Cindy wrapped her arms around Paul’s neck and pulled him to her and kissed him. “You seem awfully nervous. Are you OK?”

“Cindy. I started to tell you earlier but was afraid that you’d think less of me but I’ve never … well, you know. I’ve never been with a woman before. I usually landed up jacking off when I felt the need.”

Momentarily stunned Cindy stood there with her arms still wrapped around Paul before a smile formed on her face, “That just means that tonight will be all the more special for both of us. We’ll take our time and give you a chance to explore and learn the right things … not like some of the other fools out there.”

Instinctively, Paul pulled Cindy and held her closer as he lowered his lips to hers. The kiss was not the timid, hesitant kiss of two people who are unsure of what they are doing, but the urgent kiss of two people craving release from the desires they had barely kept kaçak bahis control of.

Being the more experienced of the two, Cindy took the initiative. Taking one arm from around Paul’s neck she slipped the strap of her dress off her shoulder and let it drop. Moving her arm to the other side she did the same to that strap. Now the only thing holding her dress up was Paul’s body pressing against her. Casually she reached up and slid Paul’s jacket from his shoulders and let it drop to the floor, then began to unbutton his shirt.

“God, Cindy. Your touch feels so hot and soft. It’s driving me wild”

“I’m glad, Paul, because I want you to feel all the pleasures that two lovers can share,” she answered as she pulled his shirt apart and began to kiss his chest and nipples. At that moment she shifted and her dress fell from the top of her body releasing her breasts and nipples so she could gently rub them against Paul without exposing them to his view.

Paul began to respond to Cindy’s touch by moving his hands from her hips and gently stroking her back and shoulders. Slowly he moved his hands around her sides and felt her breasts. The formed softness drew his hands like magnets and he was soon cupping them, feeling their weight in his hands.

“Mmmmmm, that feels good. Squeeze them gently. Mmmm, yesssss, that’s it. Now play with my nipples. Pinch them just a little bit and feel how hard they’re getting,” Cindy purred as she stood there while ripples of pleasure spread across her body from Paul’s touch. His hands seemed to be everywhere; her back, her shoulders, her neck and especially her breasts. Each touch eliciting more and more pleasure in her body. When she couldn’t stand it any longer she knelt and grabbed Paul’s belt. “I want to see what you were rubbing against me on the dance floor,” she purred seductively as she looked back up into Paul’s eyes.

Paul stood before Cindy totally speechless while stroking her hair. When he looked down he saw the glint in her eyes and beyond that he saw her breasts for the first time, standing firm and proud from her chest; her nipples a deep red-brown sticking out even further. The sight of them aroused Paul even more and caused the bulge in the front of his pants to grow larger.

Cindy skillfully undid Paul’s belt and pants allowing them to fall to the floor. The strong, musky smell of his arousal overwhelming her as she looked at his tented briefs. Grabbing the sides she pulled them down and was instantly rewarded as his hard cock sprang out, almost hitting her in the face. Kneeling there, she estimated that it was over eight-inches in length and at least four-inches around. “Oh my god, Paul. Your cock looks so beautiful. It’s so big and stiff.” Wrapping her hand around it she squeezed and a drop of pre-cum appeared at the tip. Quickly leaning forward she extended her tongue out and licked the drop off. “Mmmmm, soooooo niccccceeeee. It’s sweet and salty at the same time.” Stroking her hand up and down his shaft she soon had his cock coated with pre-cum. Slick and shiny she leaned forward and engulfed the head, taking it between her lips while she continued to stroke up and down.

Paul had never seen or felt anything so fantastic in his life. Here was the woman of his fantasies kneeling in front of him with her breasts exposed as she sucked on his cock. Without thinking about what he was doing he began to move his hips to match her movements and watched as more and more of his cock slid into Cindy’s mouth.

With one hand still wrapped around Paul’s cock, Cindy used her other hand to cup and play with his balls. She could feel the weight of them and knew that they were filled with cum that would be hers before the night was over. When his sack begin to tighten Cindy knew that if she didn’t stop soon she’d be drinking Paul’s cum and though the thought appealed to her she knew that there would be other times for that, and right now she wanted his cock buried deep inside her pussy. Somewhat reluctantly, Cindy stood and her dress fell to a heap around her ankles leaving her nude with the exception of her garter, hose and heels.

Paul’s gaze took the sight in quickly. He had seen many pictures of women dressed like this in the magazines he had used to jack off but this was real and his cock hardened even more as Cindy moved to his bed. Lying down on her back she spread her legs revealing the center of her arousal. Her pussy was shaved except for a small patch of hair at the top and Paul could clearly see the wetness across the outer lips.

“Come here, Paul. I need your cock” she purred as she lightly stroked herself. “See how wet you’ve made me? That’s because you’ve gotten me so turned on. I need to feel your cock deep inside of me.”

Paul almost tripped as he stepped out of his pants and shed the rest of his clothes while he moved towards the bed. Climbing between Cindy’s spread legs he knew that he could slide his cock into her and fuck her, but he wanted more, he wanted to give her more, so he slowly lower himself onto her and purposely missed entering her. Instead, his cock pressed against her aroused clit sending visible shivers up and down her body as it triggered a small orgasm that seemed to start deep within her pussy.

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