Christmas Surprise

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Kevin was eagerly awaiting to meet up with Amanda at a local coffee shop. It had been a few days before they had last met up and all he could think about was her curvaceous body, her breasts, her smile, and her eyes. Kevin realised his cock was starting to stir with all the horny thoughts about Amanda since she was so sexy, so he had to think of something else to prevent a tent forming in his trousers!

He was about halfway through his coffee when Amanda walk through the door and glanced across with that gorgeous smile of hers. She walked across and gave him a peck on the cheek before sitting down next to him.

“You look and smell so divine,” Kevin whispered, “I just want to ravish you right here, but it might raise a few eyebrows in the coffee shop, so I’ll have to settle for buying you coffee!”

Amanda told Kevin what she wanted and as he went up and ordered, he looked back, still unable to believe that this amazing woman was his lover! It had been cold outside, and Amanda was wearing a big warm coat that she took off and put over the chair. She was wearing one of her favourite blue T-shirts, and even though it was too high to show off her cleavage that Kevin admired so much, Amanda still looked amazing. She had a natural beauty that combined a sultry look with an innocent look and a tom-boyish appeal.

Combined with her smile and those eyes that seemed to look right into your soul, Amanda’s look always knocked Kevin for six. The blue T-shirt also featured in one of the first pictures that she had sent to Kevin, with that look that was both innocent and sexy that enchanted Kevin, and the blue T-shirt was tight enough to show off her curves, without being too obvious.

When Kevin got back to the table he mentioned how lovely she looked and they just smiled at each other, with that kind of inane happy grin that lovers have when they are deeply in love, and in lust, with each other.

Christmas was not far away and as they talked the chatted away about Christmas memories and the films that they liked to watch over Christmas. Kevin liked the Tom and Jerry cartoon set over Christmas, and the classic film ‘It’s a Wonderful life’ with James Stewart playing the character that wishes it would have been better for everyone if he had never lived — and with Clarence as his guardian angel, and he gets the chance to see how life would have been without him, a lot worse off!

Amanda, smiled, it was obvious Kevin was a bit of a soppy romantic at heart. Kevin then told Amanda that he had a Christmas present for her back at the house and he also asked if she liked the Christmas card that he had sent her. It was one of those funny cards and on the front, it said, ‘To Avoid getting your knickers in a twist over Christmas’. On opening the card, it said ‘Don’t wear Any!’

Amanda replied that she found it very funny and, well, very ‘Kevin’, about wearing no knickers, but it would have been nice to have Christmas card that was a bit more romantic! Kevin was glad she liked the card, but made the mental note to try and be a bit more romantic next time!

Both of them were so happy with a fuzzy feeling inside compared to those Christmases being single! There were times when they just stopped talking and looked lovingly into each other’s eyes, giving each other a kiss, and just holding hands and smiling. Kevin whispered to Amanda that they must have looked so sugary and sweet together, that others around them in the coffee shop might start to ask for sick bags to be passed out since it was just too much to watch! After all, Kevin had often be envious, but in a nice way, when he had been single, and he had glanced across to see two people blissfully in love.

Amanda finally finished her coffee and Kevin suggested going back to his place. When they got there Amanda took her coat off to hang it up, and Kevin came up behind her, gave her a cuddle, kissed her on the back of the neck, gave her waist a gentle squeeze, then slowly ran his hands up along the sides of her breasts, and massaging them through her blue T-shirt, Amanda feeling his growing arousal pushed up against her pert behind.

Amanda loved the way Kevin could not keep his hands off her and that he was so turned on by her. But it was the way he touched her that made her feel so special. His touch was not a grope, but the loving caress of a lover that worshipped her.

“Mmmmm, someone is feeling frisky,” she smiled, “but you will have to hold back naughty boy, haven’t you got a present for me to open?”

They went into the front room and Kevin came back with his present and two glasses of wine. As he presented her his present he said, “Merry Christmas to the most amazing, gorgeous, sexy, sensual, alluring, funny, mysterious, naughty, and curvaceous woman in the World.”

Amanda beamed at his praise, kissed him on the lips, and opened ankara escort the present. It was some Chanel No5. “I love Chanel No5,” and with that, she sprayed some onto the side of her neck, inviting Kevin to smell. Kevin took in the combined scent of the perfume, the aroma of ‘Amanda’ and the smell of her hair, a lovely mesmerising concoction of feminine smells. He then kissed her on the neck, nibbled her ear, and started gently caressing her side, from her waist up to her arm pit.

“You still have to wait, randy man, there is still my present for you,” she whispered, “but I have still to wrap it up, so go upstairs and wait for me on the bed!’. So Kevin went upstairs and took his shoes and socks off before laying on the bed, waiting in anticipation. What had she got him? He seemed to have been waiting for ages when he finally heard her coming up the stairs.

“Close your eyes,” she said. He obeyed, and when she told him to open them, there stood Amanda in a very sexy Christmas outfit, one she had purchased from Ann Summers, along with some very red lipstick.

“Surprise! Do you like it,” she said with a sexy pout, trying not to giggle since Kevin looked like a little boy that had just got his best Christmas present -ever!

“By the way,” Amanda said in a sultry voice, bringing her finger up to her ruby red lips in an innocent pose, “I also took you advice about not getting my knickers in a twist,” and she raised the Christmas outfit to show her lovely long legs in fishnet stockings, and no knickers!

Kevin was off the bed in a flash, grabbing her in his manly grip, “mmmm, you are wearing my Chanel No5 as well – this is the best Christmas ever!”

They went into a deep passionate kiss, tongues intertwined and caressing and kissing each other on the face and cheeks, hugging each other tightly like something out of an old Hollywood romantic movie — but the X-rated version!

Once again Kevin’s hands were starting to roam, but Amanda was strict, telling Kevin she would undress him first, slowly unbuttoning his shirt and gently caressing his chest before removing the shirt. She then licked and kissed his chest, then started to lick and suck on his nipples. As she did this one hand went down to feel his erection. She then unzipped him and slid her hand inside, feeling Kevin’s hot stiff cock through his underwear, gently brushing her fingertips over the thin fabric to feel the shaft underneath, then brushing her finger tips over his helmet, Kevin almost falling over with the intensity of it all.

Amanda then unbuckled his belt and pulled down his trousers. Once they were off she knelt down and smiled as Kevin stood before her, his erect cock straining to get out of his underwear. She looked up and smiled with a sultry slightly innocent look, with those ruby red lips and that Christmas outfit — wow!

“Is this another present for me?”

“I wonder what it is?” she said with a mischievous grin.

“What is this strange shape, shaped like a banana, inside your underwear?” now with a puzzled look on her face.

“I know I am a naughty girl,” she said, “But I do like to feel my presents before opening them,” grasping his cock through his underwear with her hand, “and squeezing them,” as she gently squeezed his shaft.

“Oooh, it is so stiff, and so warm, what is it!”

By now Kevin was in heaven, utterly aroused and enchanted by her little game, his cock oozing precum.

“Ooops, I hope I haven’t broken anything; something seems to have leaked out to make a wet spot on your underwear!”

Then she pulled down his pants and cried out. “Ooooh, it’s an erect penis! Can I play with it!”

She then started to masturbate him, Kevin closing his eyes in ecstasy. “Hey Kevin,” she whispered, “keep those eyes open, you should be enjoying your present,” cupping her breast in her Christmas outfit as she looked up at him.

She then went back to gently playing with his cock, and more precum oozed out.

“What’s this?” and with that, she used one finger to scoop up some of his precum that she put into her mouth and sucked off.”

“Mmmmm, yummy!” she said in a very naughty way.

She went back to masturbating him, looking up in her lovely red Christmas outfit with a particularly naughty look.

“I know what sort of naughty thoughts you have, and I bet you have fantasised about girls in Christmas outfits kneeling down and doing this to you!”

Then she whispered, “Merry Christmas” and kissed ‘Peter the Great’, her name for Kevin’s penis, on the helmet, leaving the mark of her red lipstick. Looking up into Kevin’s eyes, she started to lick up and down the underside of his shaft, using the tip of her tongue to touch the most sensitive parts of his cock. She then licked around and sucked his helmet and used the tip of her tongue to ‘massage’ the taught skin leading escort ankara from Kevin’s swollen helmet to his stiff shaft.

By this time she was getting very aroused and very damp between her legs, and purring like a cat. She loved studying Kevin’s erect cock so close, so phallic, and so erect, because of her. Then she started sucking his cock, she loved the warmth, the texture, and the way it throbbed in her mouth. Sucking up and down, her lips enclosed round his helmet whilst the tip of her tongue swirled around the head.

Then she slowly sucked all the way down his shaft as far as she could go, then back up, gripping his shaft with her moist red lips. At first she did this very slowly, looking up into Kevin’s eyes and feeling his balls at the same time, then faster and faster, even making over the top slurping noises. Kevin found the sensations amazing, his cock grew even bigger and he realised he was close to coming. Amanda was so aroused, she wanted to feel his cock pulsating and ejaculating inside her welcoming wet mouth.

But Kevin pulled away, much to her frustration! “Not yet,” he gasped, “I still want to play with my present!” Reluctantly Amanda stood up, pushing her boobs against Kevin in her Christmas outfit. As she did so, the lower part of the skirt of her garment, with the fur, gently brushed against Kevin sensitive cock. “Oh God,” she cried, “Fuck me”. Both of them were standing up and his cock slipped easily into her wet pussy and, standing up, he knew it would be more difficult to come, so he did what she was gasping for, and fucked her, thrusting in and out, hard and fast, deep into her pussy.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she cried, and in no time at all she was on the verge of coming. This hardly ever happened so quickly, and Kevin was yet to play with Conchita (his name for her pussy), and as the understanding lover, it was something he was excellent at, making love so slowly and so intense. But this time it was basic fucking and then she cried out again, and starting to cum, her wetness dribbling down the base of Kevin’s cock. And as the orgasm hit her he continued to thrust, in and out, in and out, until she almost fainted in his arms.

He then gently put her onto the bed, still in her sexy Christmas outfit. Kneeling down he raised the red Christmas dress to admire her legs clad in fish net stockings and her now very wet pussy with very obvious and swollen labia lips. He then used his finger to caress her wet labia lips, then moved up her slit to her clit, then, ever so gently, slid his finger into her warm wet pussy, that felt like treacle! He then proceeded to suck Amanda’s juices off his finger.

Then he got real close and nuzzled his nose into her pussy, parting her labia with the tip of his nose, then sliding up and down her soaking wet slit, ‘masturbating’ her with the tip of his nose. He then started to lick her pussy before sucking on her labia lips, gently taking each lip between his lips and soaking up and drinking her juices, the nectar of love!

As she became more aroused he started to suck both labia lips together, then used his mouth to cover her whole pussy, with his tongue lapping up her copious juice! He then switched between sucking her labia and licking her clit, back and forth, until she felt a second incredible orgasm slowly starting to build.

“Yessssss!” she cried. At first her orgasm was slow, then it built into one incredible orgasm, her whole body shuddering with the intensity of it all, so much so, she had to push Kevin away, his face covered in her wetness.

Kevin looked down on her, in an orgasmic bliss, still in her Christmas outfit, and as she recovered, she sat up and kissed him.

“Wow, that was amazing — would you like to play with your present”. And with that she undid the back of her outfit, and her naked, pert, perfectly formed breasts tumbled out. “Merry Christmas!”

For the next five minutes or so Kevin blissfully touched and caressed Amanda’s breasts and nipples. He loved the way they felt in his hands as he lifted up each breast and that lovely squashy feel as he gently squeezed them. Then he ever so gently stroked each breast, covering every inch of skin, paying special attention to the sensitive underside of each breast. He then starting to kiss and lick one breast whilst his other hand continued to massage the other. Amanda was getting turned on again with all the attention to her breasts.

Then Kevin started to lick and suck one nipple, then the other. Amanda was now feeling powerful emotions. Kevin was really turning her on, caressing her very sensitive breasts. As Amanda stroked Kevin’s hair she could ‘feel’ the intensity of it all, as if she was breathing life into Kevin as he sucked and worshipped her breasts.

“Mmmmmm, do keep stroking and sucking my breasts, it feels so wonderful, and you are making ankara escort bayan them … so …. oh …. sensitive!”

She always had sensitive breasts, and with Kevin’s touch it really felt like another orgasm was building up. But that lovely pre-orgasmic feeling was building up and spreading from her breasts rather than her vagina, her protruding nipples becoming super hard and sensitive. Then her whole body felt like one erogenous zone and Kevin, sensing this, continued to suck and lick each breast but also started to run his hands all over her naked upper torso, then under her ‘Santa’ skirt, over her stocking clad legs, up to her bare thighs, and to her wet pussy, and she felt herself melting as she reached yet another orgasm, number three!!!

Amanda had to regain her breath and Kevin was lying next to her, watching with a smile, she was party sitting up, naked from the waist up with her breasts heaving up and down, whilst her Christmas outfit partly covered her stocking clad legs.

“It’s getting a bit too hot to keep this outfit on.”. Amanda stood up, and with Kevin watching, slowly removed the outfit until she was totally naked, apart from her long legs clad in the fishnet stockings.

“Do you like the look?” and with that, she gave a twirl. She looked amazing with the fishnet stockings that showed off her legs and her lovely pert bottom. Then she laid down on the bed, with her back towards him and looking back at him, party raising her feet and lower legs so that Kevin could see her gorgeous bottom and pussy framed by her fishnet stockings.

She looked so inviting in this position and Kevin started to massage her back before moving down the sides of her waist, and on, past her hips, to the naked area of thigh above her stockings. Then he slowly brushed his hands back up to her hips, where his hands rested so naturally on the curve of her hips.

The he concentrated on her pert bottom, focusing on each delightful cheek, sometimes squeezing them together into a lovely posterior cleavage! Other times he pushed her cheeks apart so that her bottom and her vagina felt so utterly exposed to his stare. Her pussy, ‘Conchita’, was so aroused by all the attention it had had during the evening so far, that it was so wet, swollen, and very red, in keeping with Christmas! Amanda was loving the attention, and he started to use the head of his penis to gently brush up and down Amanda’s inviting labia lips, and then using the head of his penis to brush her clitoris, then back to the entrance to her vagina. After doing this for a while Amanda was begging him to enter her.

At first, he pushed forward slowly until the head of his penis was just inside her entrance, her labia lips starting to shudder as they embraced, and her labia lips started to envelope the head of his penis. Then he pulled back out, Amanda desperately lifting up her behind in an attempt to keep his penis inside her pussy. Then he brushed his helmet up and down her slit until she was begging him to slid into her. Then he slowly thrust forward, watching his cock slowly, very slowly, slid into her wet pussy, Amanda sighing with relief as his manhood finally filled her pussy.

At first his thrusts were slow and gentle, then he started to pick up speed, faster and faster, his cock easily slipping into Amanda’s moist pussy. In the end he was able to pull right out of her pussy, her wet pussy lips grasping his shaft, then thrust back deep into the depths of her pussy, her whole body being pushed down into the bed with each thrust. Faster and faster he thrusted into her, and, in the ‘doggy’ position she felt so exposed, but also so aroused, and it felt like they were two passionate animals.

Kevin was starting to groan and an image drifted into Amanda’s mind, she began to imagine she was Little Red Riding Hood that had come into the woods all innocent and virginal, but also very sensual, and that Kevin was the woodman, or was he a wolfman? And he could not hold back from his desire for her as they fucked and let go to their inner passion and animal instincts.

The thoughts set her over the edge and as Kevin continued to thrust into her, even faster, she started push back and forth as well, Kevin pushing her hold body deep into the bed at times. Then they both started to groan. Amanda’s pussy shuddered to an intense orgasm, her shuddering and very wet pussy massaging and ‘sucking’ Kevin’s cock. This finally sent Kevin over the edge and with an extra deep thrust, he came as well, groaning really loudly and filling her pussy with an intense ejaculation as his thrusts become involuntary and pushing her orgasmic body further into the bed. It was so intense that he continued to thrust in and out, well after ejaculating. Both of their bodies were shuddering in spasms of orgasmic bliss, and Kevin finally collapsed on top of her with the intensity of it all. Both were out of breath and to give Amanda the chance to recover, Kevin slid off to one side, but remained tight to her body, not wanting to let go, and they fell into a blissful sleep!

What a way to celebrate Christmas!

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