Christine’s Visit to the Anal Clinic

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My name is Dr. Joseph Scott. I have an MD in Proctology. If you know what that means, I am an Ass doctor.

The only glamorous part of my job is that I have an office in Beverly Hills and have been consultant to the rich and famous for several years now.

Today is just another ordinary day. The usual appointments with people with a pain in the ass, being a pain in the ass for me. It was ordinary till the phone rang. My receptionist Kelly came to me to tell me that it was Julia Ryan on the phone.

Julia had been my patient a few years ago and now was a successful Hollywood movie star. I had not seen her in two years and now it was a pleasure to hear her voice.

Hello Scott she said, in a breathy tone. Her natural voice had gone changed practicing a lusty and breathless tone for those sex scenes she always played in the movies.

It is so nice to hear from you Julia after such a long time.

Is something the matter?

I was wondering Julia said, if you have an opening for this afternoon. I’d like to come in as soon as you can accommodate.

Is there a problem Julia? I thought since our last therapy session you were completely satisfied.

No no said Julia in the same breathless voice. It is about my daughter.

You know she just recently turned eighteen and is kind of sexually active if you know what I mean. I am concerned that she may get pregnant. And I was wondering if you could see her and maybe suggest Anal sex as an alternative.

Well maybe I can be of some assistance Julia. Do you think you can make it to my office at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon? Since your daughter should be on an empty stomach, today seems out of the question anyway.

I really appreciate you making the time to see Christine Doctor.

We’ll see you at two then tomorrow afternoon.

One more thing, I reminded her. Make sure that Christine has nothing to eat 12 hours prior to the appointment. I want to make sure that her insides are squeaky clean so I can examine her.

Sure thing Scott will see you tomorrow then.

It made me really hot to think that Julia would be coming to see me again. Two years ago I had helped her with a colonic problem and somehow had introduced her to the joys of anal eroticism.

I cancelled all my other appointments for the afternoon, and prepared for the visit of my most celebrated patient. I instructed my nurse Kelly to keep everything in readiness.

I told her she should particularly sterilize the dilation equipment and keep it ready.

When they arrive, Kelly should pre-examine Christine with the usual stuff and then have her undress completely and have her prepped for the procedure.

Finally I noticed Julia’s Mercedes drive up and park in the parking lot. I peeped in the door when they entered. Julia and her daughter Christine. Christine was a beauty. A copy of her mother in every way. She was wearing very short tight fitting faded denim jeans and a tank top that revealed four inches of her abdomen. She was well built and a little on the plumper side. Not that she was over weight or anything, but the denim jeans were really tight on her and showed her curves well. Her flesh burst outwards at the hem of her denim jeans, and you could tell that the jeans really hurt her flesh where they cut into her skin, in the area of her crotch and on her behind. The Denim jeans were the low kind. The kind that girls wear nowadays on their hips. I could swear that if I put my finger in her waistband in the front, I could feel her pussy hair an inch below.

Christine’s whole body was built with nice curves and a lot of flesh in all the right places. Her tank top was a faded blue, buttoned in front and very tight as well. Her breasts filled it out to overflowing, and would have filled a 38C bra, if she was wearing one. As far as I could tell the tank top hugged her bare breasts tightly and underneath. I could see the contours of her nipples through the material of the blouse, and I could un-mistakably see she had both nipples pierced with rings that showed through.

Christine had a large full mouth and nice hazel eyes. She had on a pair of multi colored thong sandals. Her toe and finger nails were painted a metallic tone of blue gray.

Her skin especially on her arms and legs was hairless and flawless. It was milky the color of alabaster and was glowing with a healthy hue. Her complexion was perfect except for a moon and rabbit tattoo on her ankle. Her rear end was also very voluptuous. It filled out all the air pockets out of her denim shorts. The skin was perfect. The kind you could caress and lick on for hours. I liked the size of her generous bum and I have often dreamed about playing with a nice fleshy and rosy bottom such as this one. This would be a fulfillment of my life’s ambition as an ass doctor.

I was lost in my imagination when Julia bounded and shook my hand vigorously.

She was wearing a gray flannel skirt. It was about four inches above the knees. She was wearing fish illegal bahis net stockings and when she turned to look at me, I could see that her skirt had a slit behind about nine inches long, that almost reached the juncture of her thighs. I was trying to decipher whether she was wearing any panties. I was right about this as I could not see her panty lines through the material of her skirt. I was also right about her bra. Cause when she placed a kiss on my cheek , I felt the tips of her nipples brush against my chest.

Thank you for seeing us at such as short notice she said.

Now if you will excuse me I’ll just wait her and read a magazine or something, while you can go and start work on Christine. Julia settled on the couch, parted her legs for just an instant and then settled to read a magazine. I got a glimpse of her stocking suspenders and a quick view of her snatch. I could not help myself then.

I then signaled to nurse Kelly to do as instructed, and come and get me when the girl was naked and prepared properly.

Kelly took Christine by the arm to the dressing room and asked her the usual questions about her period her sexual activity etc. and then took her height and weight recording it in her history chart.

When Kelly was done she said,

Christine, I want you to take off all your clothes now and lie down on your tummy on the exam table please. Doctor Scott will be her momentarily.

I busied myself with some useless paper work dreaming about Christine. I couldn’t wait to get my hands over that girl’s lovely ass. Kelly came in to say she had completed all the preliminaries.

I finally entered Christine’s exam room and saw her looking out the window. She still had all her clothes on. I tried not to notice. I asked her some more questions about her health and then told her that I would have to work on her pelvic region front and back and if she could please take off her clothes.

She had a wad of gum in her mouth and she made a bubble of it. Then blew a large bubble in my face.

I’m not taking my clothes off for a low life ass hole doctor.

I am quite comfortable with the way I have sex and don’t need you to tell me what to do.

I don’t quite know what my mother told you, but if you think you are going to touch me then you are mistaken. So keep your hands in your pocket you scum bag.

Frankly I was not expecting this, and was not sure how to handle the situation. Finally I left the room and sat at my desk. I had Kelly go out to the reception room and have Julia come in.

Julia was furious when she heard about Christine.

That spoilt brat needs to watch her tongue Julia said.

Well Ms. Ryan I said, I cannot examine Christine with her clothes on you see.

You know she is a virgin back there. It may be difficult. I may have to spend time to open her up, and stretch her rectal passage.

I want you to make sure you do it right Doctor. Whatever you do I want to be able to see Christine have perfectly normal anal sex when we leave this place. Please give me a few minutes to deal with that spoilt brat and after that I promise you I will have her fully exposed for you to get on with whatever you choose to do.

Very well I said, Please have her in the procedure room naked and ready to be worked on. I pointed out the operation room to Julia.

It was a simple room with a table much like a massage table. Except that in place where there is usually one hole for the patient’s face, there are two smaller holes that can accommodate the patient’s breasts. The doctor can easily reach down under the table and check the responses of the patient’s breasts and nipples.

On either side of the table are straps so the patient can be tied at the shoulders so she cannot lift her breasts out of the holes. There is another strap at the patient’s waist to make sure that the ass and hips don’t move off the table during a procedure. Finally there are two sets of straps above the knees that you can strap the girl’s thighs to so they are kept apart.

Have her on the exam table in ten minutes and fasten all the straps especially the ones around her thighs. I don’t want her moving around when I insert and dilate her as necessary.

I left again for my office and again began to check for non existent messages on my voice mail.

In ten minutes I was back. Julia had Christine on her stomach. Her blouse was still on however it was un-buttoned all the way in front and her breasts were pressed into the holes. I did not see the shoulder straps fastened and turned to Julia questioningly.

She smiled at me and I knew she had used her imagination in her wicked way.

I looked under the table, and I saw that Julia had joined the rings in both her nipples to her set of car keys. They weighed down obscenely as they had several keys on them as well as a few photo frames and other paraphernalia that moms carry around.

The keys painfully hung and pulled the nipples down preventing Christine illegal bahis siteleri from moving her breasts out of the holes. Christine was whimpering quietly. Her broad belt was undone and jeans were un-buttoned and were now pulled down up to her thighs, which were securely belted as instructed.

Her white cotton panties were rolled down off her ass cheeks. A wisp of material still wedged between her cunt lips

Now how do you like my handy work asked Julia, giving my cock a little squeeze through the material of my loose fitting pants. I frankly was a little embarrassed when she felt my erection.

I rolled Christine’s panties down to her jeans and spent a whole minute admiring the plump ass that my eyes were feasting on. The cheeks were nice and rosy and tight. Pressed against each other just as a virgin ass should be.

Now Christine, I want you to relax and be perfectly still I said. I will start with a massage of the general area of your bottom for a while before I proceed to the more intrusive part of the procedure. Christine just lay there and whimpered softly.

Doing so I pulled the tray of gleaming instruments to me. Most of the instruments were long, cylindrical or conically shaped. In varying diameters, and lengths. Some were rubber and some were plastic while others metallic. But all with rounded tips for the intended purpose of dilation

Christine I will begin now I said as I rubbed my hands together with a huge amount of KY jelly. I turned the huge bank of operating lamps overhead for a perfect view of every detail I had before me.

Kelly turned the CD player on softly. I liked music when I worked and it helped disguise moaning and screaming sounds from patients during the procedure.

Julia asked if there was anything she could do. I told her to go to the head of the table and encourage Christine to relax and help out in the procedure.

I started by placing the palms of both hands flat one on each of Christine’s cheeks. Then pressing down firmly I began to rotate both her ass cheeks very slowly in opposite directions. The cheeks felt good and warm and delicious. The ass cheeks opened and shut, opened and shut repeatedly as I rotated in opposite directions, giving me a good view of Christine’s brown eye which was now the object of my procedure. I moved my hands away from each other firmly, getting a better view of the task at hand.

I then proceeded to go lower and continue caressing the backs of Christine’s thighs that felt very smooth by now. I then moved to her inner thighs one at a time carefully approaching the juncture of her legs. Then moving on to her ass cheeks again caressing the middle of each. I gradually began dipping into the valley between the cheeks, and I immediately felt Christine’s ass tighten.

Christine darling, said Julia could you reach behind you and open up for the good doctor?

Christine reached behind her and lamely put her hands on her cheeks.

This flustered Julia and she yanked hard on the key rings under the table giving Christine instant nipple torture. She followed immediately with a hard whack on Christine’s ass cheeks.

Christine yelped in pain and understood that her mother meant business.

As if on cue, she reached behind her, placing her fingers in the valley between her ass cheeks and then pried them as far apart as she could.

Hold them apart that way I said as I took a large four inch paint brush and dipped it in a tray of massage oil. I painted between her ass cheeks all the way from her clit to her ass hole. I was using very precise movements of the brush using the narrow end to paint the valley between her cheeks and upto her most sensitive clit. I continued with the paint brush for a whole five minutes. The stiff bristles of the brush creating a unique sensation on my patient as she attempted feebly to buck and gyrate on the table violently attempting to pull at her restraints.

I began the massage again. Now concentrating on 3 inch diameter circles around her rectum. Circling from out to inwards finally zeroing in on her anus with my middle finger. Now the circles got smaller and smaller as I began concentrating more pressure in the targeted area. My firm finger was now directly on her ass hole and pressing and rotating to attempt entry.

Christine’s anus remained impenetrable. I started the massage again this time in 5 inch circles. When I finally zeroed in on her anus, I asked Christine to take a deep breath and the let it out when she feels pressure in her bottom. I increased the pressure and then finally told her to breathe out. This unfortunately resulted in her tightening up her ass cheeks again.

I was not going anywhere with this treatment and Julia was getting impatient, as I told her we had to try a different approach.

I reached into a drawer and came up with the perfect piece of equipment. Julia’s eyes widened when she saw it.

What is that Scott she asked

This is an anal intruder I said. Displaying canlı bahis siteleri the device in my hand. It was shaped like a large flashlight made of white plastic and had a coiled cord which plugged into an electric outlet. In Christine’s case I selected a large conical head, about two inches at the broadest part, It then tapered down to about one inch. I screwed the head on the anal intruder and applied some KY jelly to the tip.

When I turned on the device Julia noticed that it rotated back and forth in small clockwise and anticlockwise motions. Less than quarter turns back and forth. The head also moved in and out a quarter inch at a time. Though the movements were not very much. The device by virtue of its substantial weight and size and the power of it’s motors could produce satisfactory penetration even in the most difficult cases.

For this reason, I only used this device very sparingly when all other methods have been tried.

Julia was now explaining to Christine to brace herself for what I was about to do. I reminded Christine to hold her ass cheeks wide open during the procedure so there would be no hindrance.

The device was now whirring loudly and vibrating a great deal as I applied the blunt tip to the center of Christine’s ass hole.

I pressed on the device and decreased the speed switch setting it on low for a few seconds, then pressing harder into Christine’ bum I gradually increased the power and speed settings.

Then I continued with the above procedure again and again a few times.

I now set the IN/OUT speed and power switch on the device to low

I began to apply bursts of pressure at five second intervals then backed off a little. Then allowing a few seconds before applying pressure again. I repeated the cyclic procedure

Then I turned the switch on to HIGH and firmly began pushing it into Christine’s bum with an In out motion

Ahhhhhh Ahhhhhh

Christine cried in rhythm with the thrusts of the device.


OOOOhhhh OOOOhhhh OOOOhhhh OOOOhhhh


As Christine cried out with pain as the tip of the anal intruder started to finally open her up. I continued rotating the device as Christine began a low constant moan the head of the device finally beginning to enter her.

Ahhhh Ahhh

She gasped breathlessly every time the anal intruder pressed harder

She was panting now closing her cheeks upon the anal intruder. But the device had no mercy as it widened her more and more

Then Christine gasped as she felt the widest part of the device enter her and then slide in and fit snugly into her bottom. It hurt really bad but she was glad it was the narrow part.

Julia was now at my side watching intently. I un-screwed the device and left the head still in Christine’s bottom. I then got an inflating bulb and screwed it onto the head that was lodged firmly in Christine’s bottom. I am now going to inflate the head internally so it will hurt a bit more.

I glanced at Julia and noticed that she appeared a little un-unsteady. Her mouth was open and her breath was coming in short quick gasps. She was balancing her weight on one foot and then on the other. Her high heels making a tapping sound on the wood floor.

Her hands were both behind her and from the wrinkles in the material of her skirt in front I had an idea what she was up to. My suspicions were confirmed when I saw the power cord from the anal intruder hanging down from between her legs under her skirt.

Julia was struggling to get the anal intruder past her sphincter and was having the time of her life. But being the diligent doctor that I am I got down to the task at hand.

I began pressing the inflating bulb and Christine let out a small Moan.

Ahhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhh

Christine went every time I inflated the bulb opening her up to a dilation that she never thought possible.

Christine’s ass was now inflated to the extent it would go and so I undid the bulb and set it down. Julia almost immediately grabbed the bulb from me and began screwing it into the head that she had managed to get into her ass hole. However this head was a little different from the one I had used on Christine. This device inflated outside the anal passage and formed a rubber ball the size of a tennis ball outside her ass hole uncomfortably separating her ass cheeks. Her face contorted in pain, then got more settled.

Meanwhile I continued to massage Christine’s vagina, pussy lips and clit from under her.

I was surprised to see how large her clit had become. After about fifteen minutes, I thought it was now time to pull the device out of Christine’s bottom.

I told Julia to explain to Christine what I was about to do. Julia sat on the doctor’s stool moving her hips back and forth in a rocking motion. The ball between Julia’s ass cheeks creating a unique sensation of pleasure and pain.

I finally prepared the removal device by attaching it to the head that was lodged in Christine’s bottom. The device is much like a wine bottle opener. It rest itself on Christine’s ass cheeks as I turned the screw to gradually retract the plug out of Christine. Christine let out a yelp as the thing came out with a noise that sounded like

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