Chris and Kelly

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Chris had been sitting in the hotel room for over an hour. Sure he was a little early as he wanted to be there to make sure all was good. But Kelly was more then 30 minutes late. He couldn’t believe he was doing this. A few hours ago he was at home masturbating when he had an idea. He’d post an ad on craigslist and see what came of it.

“Horny guy looking for horny girl. I’ve always had this fantasy of having a women sit on my chest and masturbating herself, while I can not touch. Interested?? Email me back. No sex, no pressure. I don’t really care to know your name. I will get a hotel you can come in get off and leave if that’s what you want. Its all up to you.”

Kelly was one of the first to respond. She seemed all about it. She found it thrilling for someone to watch her. She wanted to fool around on her web cam, but that wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted the touch. He wanted that smooth skin to lay on him, even if he could do nothing back to it. Infact that little tidbit seemed to make Kelly more about it. He remembered her voice perking up when she asked that I wouldn’t touch and just watch. He told her she had absolute control. He sat back down on the bed, knocked back another shot of tequila. Something to loosen him up. Well the pot was working much better then that. He figured he better stop before, he lost some of that control. He was loose. He took another hit from the joint. Right then there was a knock at the door. It startled him. He got up and looked out the peep hole. Sure enough there stood Kelly. He opened the door, and she walked in. She was more beautiful then her pictures. She was pale with long black hair, with a red streak. She was wearing black eyeliner and lip stick. Her eyes were big and brown. It made her sort of innocent looking. The small short nose helped too. Her lips also small were full. Infact everything about her was small. She could be no more then 5 feet tall. She was dressed in a sheer red blouse that let you see her little tits beneath; it was tied right beneath them. She had a playboy belly ring. Her skirt was red and black plaid, and very short. For a little girl she had some ass. He couldn’t wait t see her pussy.

Kelly’s eyes widen when she saw him. He was huge. She was a little girl, compared to this man. She liked that he didn’t shave; he was trimmed and not bushy. He was at least a foot or more taller then her. He was probably north of 250. She liked big guys. They always seemed to be gentle and sweet. She had talked to Chris earlier, and he definitely seemed that way. He was definitely nervous as was she. But he didn’t seem to have much confidence in himself. Yet here he was. She had sat in her car wondering if she could do this. She told her friend sheer she would be going. He was still a stranger and she had to be careful. Then she played with her self to get her going a little bit. She was going to ravaged herself tonight, and he was going to watch. If he was good he would get what they both really wanted.

Chris saw that she was looking at the ashtray. “Take a hit if you want.” “Don’t mind if I do.” Kelly brought it up her lips and took a hit. He had good stuff. Better then what she brought. She put it out she wanted to save some for later. She walked over to him and pulled up his shirt. She was ready. Her thong was soaked with her juices of anticipation. She hadn’t worn a bra, that way her nipples would rub against her blouse.

“Lay on the bed.”

Chris couldn’t believe this was happening. He laid down and put his hands under him. Kelly straddled him. He good see her red panties, and that all ready there was a dark spot. She pressed herself down on him, and her skirt covered up her wet spot. She leaned forward and he could feel her wetness on his chest.

“So I can touch myself and you wont do anything, right??” She reached under her skirt. He nodded.

Her hand went deeper. It was a shame that she kept her skirt on he couldn’t see anything. He could feel izmir escort bayan her hand on his chest and her fingers were moving . If only he could see.

Kelly had pushed her hand on to his chest and then lowered her pussy on to her index finger, and let it slowly rub inside her. Chris eyes were attached to her skirt. She knew he wanted to see what she was doing. She liked to keep that anticipation a little longer. She moved her thumb up to her clit and grazed it. She let out a moan.

“Do you want to see me.” “Whatever you want babe, but you know I wouldn’t mind.”

She took her hand out and rested it by his chin. With the other she loosened and undid her skirt, throwing it next to his head. She licked her fingers. He loved how she tasted. Always sweet but with a little hint of salt. She stood up and pushed her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She picked them up then even smelled sweet. She sat down again on his chest, and put the thong on his head. She put the straps on the back of his head and made sure that her wet stain was over his mouth.

“This is so not fair.” “No one said life was fair , but if you be good I’m sure it will work out for you in the end.”

Chris could smell and taste her sweetness. It was wonderful. He was all ready hard and could do nothing about it. He was busting to get up flip her over and push himself deep in to her. A deal was a deal however, and he wanted to see what she was going to do to herself. She had sat herself back on his chest. This time she was leaning back and her pussy was so close to his face.

Kelly was feeling so hot. Especially after seeing his eyes open up when she put the thong over his mouth, and then sat her pussy as close as she could with out sitting on his face. Her pussy had swollen. Her outer lips were fully engorged, it made it look like a little flat ass. But behind was something special. Because they were covered when she got excited, her inner lips and clit were very sensitive. She could get herself off in no time if she wanted. But this she was going to make sure took a while. She moved her outer lips apart and traced them with her other hand. It felt so good. She let out a little moan. She then slid her index finger inside her. She was very tight she could feel her pussy grab her finger and pull it in deeper. She wondered how deep she was and what she could handle. She had brought some toys, big toys, as she wanted to see what she could handle.

Kelly hadn’t had dick in 6 years, when back in high school. She dumped her boyfriend when they graduated, and went to college as a free bird. It was then that she experimented with women and never looked back. Her rules were always that they could not have toys. If she wanted something more then a finger, she would go out and get it. Tonight she decided to get it.

Kelly got up and went to her bag. Inside was a rather large dildo, with veins to be more life like. She walked back and straddled Chris. She put the dildo on his chest, length wise. It was way to big to get in her. She normally got maybe three fingers in to her pussy, and she could feel herself being stretched too much. She rubbed herself back and forth on the dildo, the ridges felt great on her swollen lips. The dildo was getting all wet and she was pushing down on it harder. Grinding. Faster. Harder. She let out a scream of pleasure and laid down on Chris chest.

Chris was stunned. This little girl had just exploded all her juices on his chest. There was a little pool collecting in his belly button. He wondered how she tasted. He bet it was a very sweet nectar. She was laying on the dildo and his chest breathing heavy.

“That was great.” “I’ve never came so easily before… I’m so hot.” “You are very beautiful.” “You just want to fuck my pussy….. You know what…. I’m going to let you. But not quiet yet.”

Kelly could feel the bulge that had instantly pushed up in to her thigh, as she rests there. escort izmir She moves up and reaches back and rubs on it a little bit. It gets bigger. She slaps it. Chris lets out a little yelp.

“What the hell.” “Not yet… I said.”

Kelly is really going to push this guy till he can’t stand it and just has his way with her. She turns around and moves her pussy to right over his head. She spreads her lips. She can feel that its on fire, and the wetness that is everywhere. Even dripping down her thighs, and on to Chris’s face.

Chris is staring at this lovely pink pussy. He closes his eyes. He wants to just stick his tongue out and push it deep inside her. He feels little droplets hit his face. He hopes one will hit his mouth so he can know her taste. His dick is at full mast and pressing against his pants. It wants what his tongue wants. He has to be patient.

Kelly is amazed at this guy’s will power. She is staring at his hard cock, and she can feel herself slowly loosing hers. She moved her hand between your legs and spreads her lips. She pushed a finger in to her hole, and moaned. It filled her, and she had to push it hard in to her. She leaves the finger in her and moves her thumb to her clit. Rubbing over it slowly at first… pressing harder as she feels herself reaching her apex. Her body rocks with pleasure and she quivers. She cums and collapses down on to Chris.

Chris had gotten his wish. When Kelly came, her fingers forced her to squirt her juices over his face. She did taste sweet. He wanted more though. But he didn’t want to chance it. This girl was fucking herself like a champ, and he didn’t have to do anything. He decided to test the water, and blew on her pussy. It clenched, but she didn’t respond. Hmmm. He pushed his tongue out of his mouth and up to her pussy, lightly grazing it and pulled back. She seemed to move a little closer.

Kelly was breathing hard and catching her breath after fucking her little pussy. She felt a blast of air on her pussy. “What is he doing” She though. She waited to see what he would do next. She felt a moist flick on her lips. She scooted back ever so slightly. It had been for what seemed like forever. She noticed he was going down. She couldn’t have that. She smiled. Reached in to his pants and brought out his dick and put it in to her mouth. She forgot what a dick had tasted like, it wasn’t nearly as good as pussy. But it was good in another way. She wrapped her hand around it and stroked it. Quickly it was up and ready for action again.

Chris sat in shock that she had not done anything. Then as he was wondering what to do next he felt her pull his cock out of his pants and put it in her mouth. He let out a moan. He was hard again and she was jerking him off. He moved his hands out from under him and pulled her outer lips apart and dove in to her pinkness. It was so soft and sweet. She pushed back in to his mouth. She was moaning loudly and all ready breathing hard. Then he felt Kelly move his tongue up and down his shaft.

Kelly was loving this so much, she was moaning hard. The guy could eat pussy, he must have had a good teacher, in the past. She realized that she was lost in her own pleasure that she had stopped pumping his cock. She moved back and started moving the tip of her tongue up and down his shaft. He moaned between licks of her pussy. She moved her tongue around his head, and pushed it in to her mouth. She didn’t get much in b4 she reversed as her gag reflex prevented her from going father. It would be a long time b4 she could get more then a few inches in. Her pussy was stretching to allow something in. It was the time of his finger. She felt her body start to shake. She was going to climax. A guy had never made her orgasm before. She couldn’t let him finish her before she got him off. It was too late. His tongue was deep inside her pussy. Her pussy spasmed and her body shook. Waves ran thru her. She reached up and twisted a nipple. She was screaming izmir escort “yes”, but it was like it was from someone far away. Chris was moving his tongue in circles around her outer lips and then in to her pinkness. Thrusting his tongue like a little cock in to her hot wet hole. She was moaning and shifting her hips. He moved down to her hot pink button and pushed his tongue flat on to it. He moved it up and down feeling the clit cross his tongue. He laid back and started grazing his tongue over her clit. Her pussy spasmed a little, he figured she was close. He moved his index finger to her entrance and kept his tongue on her clit. He pushed the finger half in and she gripped it like a vise. She was tight like a virgin. He was surprised, a hot piece of ass like this. She took care of herself. He wiggled his finger and moved it in and out. That was it. He heard her scream of pleasure, and her body shook. Milky white cum ran out of her hole. He licked it up and smiled.

Kelly caught her breath and went back to work. He was going to cum and was going to cum now. She stroked him hard and fast. She worked the head of his penis like she was turning a door knob with her tongue. She squeezed the base of his dick. She was going to cum on her time. She licked up and down his shaft again. Then brought it in her mouth again. She kept it in there and worked her tongue around it. She could feel his dick jump and knew he was about to go. She went back to stroking him fast and sucking on his head. He moaned loudly and pushed his dick up in to her mouth. It was then she felt a warm substance flow in to her mouth. She went down on his dick and let it all come in. She kept him in her mouth till she felt she had it all. She sat up and swallowed. It was salty, not particularly great. She had never swallowed before.

Chris had felt Kelly move back on his dick. Her mouth was wonderful, wet and warm, not as tight as a pussy though. He moaned as she moved down on his dick, she jerked back. He grinned. She went back to sucking his head. He wasn’t going to be up for much longer. She was stroking his dick hard and fast. He continued to moan. He was trying to make it last longer, but her tongue was working him over. Her mouth was still around his head as he came. He couldn’t believe she swallowed.

Kelly laid down on to Chris’s chest, and looked back. Chris had a smile on his face, she realize she did too. She decided to kiss him, and then did. She moved her tongue in to his mouth and felt his. He responded and there tongues fought for space. He moved his hands in to her hair. He felt strong. They tongue wrestled till she felt a poke in her thigh. He was hard again. She sat up and faced him.

“I think its time you fuck me.”

Chris heard the words and smiled. He got up and laid her down on her back. Kelly grabbed his shaft and lead it to her entrance. He pushed it in and didn’t get very far. She was super tight, making a virgin look like a whore. Kelly screamed in pleasure, she had never been stretched so far. She relaxed, and moved her legs apart, and his dick slid in farther. He began to fuck her and she moaned in pleasure. Chris moved his dick as far in to her as he could and pulled it back out, and pushed it back in. The feeling of her around him was wonderful. And teasing her was just making her more wet and moan louder. He started fucking her little pussy harder.

“Ohhhh god… fuck me…. Fuck my pink cunt… ahhhhh….. mmmmmmmm…..yes…. fuck me.”

Kelly was screaming, she was in ecstasy. Dick felt so good in her hot pussy. It stretched her but there was no pain, just pleasure. He continued penetrating her pinkness.

“Your so tight baby… hot and wet…. Mmmmm…. You like being fucked don’t you… you little whore.”

They fucked long in to the night.

Chris woke up the next morning. He was alone. The sheets were wet, and he was all sticky. Did that really happen? He wondered. Next to him on the bed stand was a note. “Thanks for the wonderful time. 555-555-5555.. Your little slut Kelly.” With a lipstick kiss.

Kelly had snuck out early. She didn’t want the awkwardness. She was also sore. She left a note, and had kissed his cheek. He better call.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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