Chocolate Fantasy

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We are in bed, relaxing after a long day… The mood suddenly strikes me… I WANT CHOCOLATE! The chocolate syrup is retrieved from the kitchen; and I slide over next to you, with the bottle in my hand.

“Close your eyes, Baby; and open your mouth…”

I squirt a small amount of the liquid into your mouth, and to your surprise, you find that it is warm. I smile at your surprised expression, but I don’t stop moving. I continue squeezing the bottle, as I let the warm liquid coat your lips and trail down your chin and neck, onto your chest.

I pause to get slightly artistic, when I reach your nipples. I draw a circle around each one, and then I dot them as though they were I’s. I trail chocolate down your abdomen, filling your navel. From there, the trailing continues briefly. When I reach your scrotum, I stop trailing; and I start dousing — as though your balls and your dick were my two favorite ice cream flavors, that were being drenched in my favorite sundae topping… My triple scoop sundae!

I stop and set the bottle down. You open your eyes, looking at me questioningly. Smiling I reply, “I’ve made my favorite parts sweet and sticky; now I’d like the privilege of licking you clean…”

I move up and let my lips seize yours. Our tongues are playing together, as my tongue gently but firmly picks up the beginning of the trail it will follow. I linger over your lips, until we are moaning into each other’s mouths. Then, I reluctantly move downward, spreading my tongue wide, and making my touch firm. Down your chin. Over your neck. To your chest. I pause over your nipples, sucking each one firmly — as though it were my favorite type of hard candy; and when your chest is clean, both of your nipples izmir escort bayan are hard.

By then, more than your nipples are hard. I haven’t even reached your scrotum yet, but I can see that your erection is growing, and your balls are getting hard. We both moan; and I pause briefly, mildly surprised, as I realize my own physical reaction. My nipples are hard. My clit is firm, and my pussy is wet and pulsing.

“Fuck, I want you! I need you inside of me!”

I remember to breathe, and I remind myself that the ending will be worth it… Once again, I spread my tongue wide. I lift your erect shaft slightly, so I can get to your balls. I gobble their sweet coating, eagerly–alternately, sucking and swirling my tongue. The sweet taste of the syrup merges with the salty taste of your skin, and the combination is heavenly. Your scent also mingles with the smell of the chocolate; and the added stimulation is ecstasy…

When your balls have been licked clean, I don’t pause. I immediately begin working over your dick, slurping as I go… You taste so good! Every fiber of my being wants climax, and as I watch and feel your dick twitching so forcefully in my hands, I know that you’re having the same experience… Despite that growing urge, though, I force myself to stay away from the head of your shaft. I’m saving that, as a final treat, before the ecstasy of penetration and mutual climax.

When every trace of chocolate syrup is gone, except for the portion that thickly coats the head of your dick, I pause to smile at you; and we both moan, in desperate anticipation. At last, I open my mouth wide; and my tongue starts to swirl around the head of your massive shaft! God that taste good!! Within escort izmir seconds, the chocolate is gone, but my mouth remains. My lips are holding you firmly, as I suckle in earnest.

After a few minutes of my nursing the head of your dick, you moan, “Fuuuuck, ME!”; and you shove the full length of your shaft down my throat… That is my tipping point. As the head of your dick hits the back of my throat, I cum hard. My orgasm is so deep and strong that it involves my whole body. I release your dick and scream in pleasure. When my scream ends, I am still cuming… Moaning briefly, and panting heavily, I start to return to the pleasure of sucking your shaft; but you stop me… You flip me over, onto my back, and you line our bodies up. You are prepping for penetration… And we both want that! God, I want you to pound my pussy! Even so, I somehow maintain self-control well enough to force a breath into my lungs, and make it come out as a heavy exhale, instead of as a scream.

I reluctantly stop you. “Baby, please wait…” You pause. You lock eyes with me. Your beautiful eyes are questioning; and the tension and heat of desperate, urgent need is clearly coursing equally through both our bodies… I hurry to explain. “One minute… Still cuming!…” You realize that my pussy is still clenching, involuntarily. Wanting to give me two distinct orgasms, in which none of the sensations are missed, you smile impishly, as you turn your right hand palm-up. In one smooth motion, your body is over mine; and I am instinctively gripping your shoulders, as you jamb the middle three fingers of your right hand into my dripping cunt. I am trembling, as I absorb and relish the feeling of your fingers pushing into me. Slowly, you izmir escort spread your fingers inside me. I curl into you, releasing a loud moan of pleasure, as I feel you spreading me open!

My clenching trembling pussy holds your hand. Then you surprise me, by instructing, “PUSH.” I take a shaky breath and obey; and at the same time that I bear down, your fingers make forceful, prolonged contact with my G-spot. The coming down quaking suddenly becomes the beginning of a new orgasm. This one is very hard, and somehow calming. Throughout the whole thing, your firm but gentle voice is repeating, “Push baby. Push down on my hand. Bear down. That’s it; fuck my fingers.”

As my own orgasm ends, I realize how very close you are. There will be no multiple thrusts. I get very still, very quiet, very undemanding… Because if you’re going to wait to cum inside me, you must focus on control. You don’t wait long. As soon as you see that I am able to draw deep breath that is not a moan, you shove the full length of your throbbing shaft into my waiting pussy. I concentrate on voluntarily bearing down on you, just in case the involuntary part of my next orgasm is a little slow in coming…

It’s not. In the same second, I bear down; my pussy clinches, one last time, of its own accord; and you explode into me! I feel the warmth of your release as I shudder around you, and cling to your body. I feel warmth and volume… The beautiful thick ribbons of your release fill me to overflowing. Our mingled juices soak the bed. This is not a trickle. Even as I feel the damp circle of our juices growing under my body, you are still cuming. Our bodies are still blissfully joined. We moan together, as your orgasm tapers off. I smile and kiss you deeply, pulling you toward me. We cuddle, still joined, for several minutes, as our breathing returns to normal. When you finally withdraw, it is so that we can spoon together, as we sleep. Will we dream of wearing chocolate?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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