Charity Shop – part 3

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Charity Shop – part 3
Colin sat in the cafe, and contemplated about what had just happened. He wondered whether Sara was leading him on, or was he getting the wrong signals. She must of felt his cock pressed against her back, and she did move her chair back. So he decided just to see what would develop.

Colin walked back to the shop, and went into the shop. He said hello to Mary, who was busy serving customers, and went to the back. As he passed Sara’s office, she called out “Oh Colin, can you go with Pete this afternoon. He has got to to a house clearance, and needs some help with some furniture in the van. Should only take a couple of hours.”
Colin looked into the office. She sat there, leaning back in her chair, tits thrust out, nipples poking, nice cleavage, Colin was lost for words. He was transfixed on her lovely breasts.
“Well ?” she said
“Oh yeah, of course, no problem.” he replied, without taking his eyes off her lovely chest.

Colin, realized what he was doing and looked at her face, and noticed Sara’s eyebrows raised. He then knew that Sara knew what she was doing, and was deliberately turning him on.
“He’s waiting for you in the van out the back.” she said.
“Right, I’ll be off then.” He replied.

Colin went off, and helped Pete. There was a lot of furniture. Too much for their shop, so they had to take it to one of their storage garages on the other side of town. All in all, it took them about three hours, and eventually, Pete dropped Colin off at the shop again.

Colin was gasping for a coffee, so went straight over to the kettle.
“All done ?” Sara called out.
“Yeah, too much stuff really, had to put it into storage.” He replied and walked over to the office.
He noticed that Sara had got changed, and was wearing a knee length blue dress, which now covered Sara’s lovely boobs entirely.
“Got changed then ?” Colin said
“Yes, illegal bahis as you said earlier, that T-shirt was a little too revealing. Mary found this in the shop, and thought it more appropriate.” she replied
“Want a cuppa ?”, Colin asked.
“No thank you.” was her reply.

Colin went back to the kettle, thinking “Fuck” was having a nice look at her tits and all. Must of got the wrong signals.
He made himself a coffee, and sat down all disappointed.

As he sat drinking his coffee, he sneakily kept looking over into the office. It was then that he realized, that Sara was wearing a button up dress. The buttons going up the front of the dress. The more he watched Sara, as she sat in her chair working, he could see that the top and bottom buttons on her dress were undone. The more she twisted about reaching for things, he could see more and more of her thighs. Also, the dress was quite tight around her chest, and occasionally, the chest area gaped open in between the buttons. Colin could see Sara’s lovely tits squashed together beneath.

It was then that Sara noticed Colin watching, and suddenly stopped what she was doing. She swung her chair round to face him.
“Are you watching me Colin ?” she asked.
“As a matter of fact, yes.” he replied.
“I thought you were. Trying to see a little more are you ? You little pervert ?” She said.
“How can I be a pervert, when you display the goods like that.” he replied.
“Like what ?” she said, and reached down and popped the next button down on her dress. The pressure of her breasts, made the dress force open to reveal nearly all of her lovely breasts.
Sara then stood and walked over the doorway of her office, feet slightly apart, she reached up and undone the next button, then the next, and finally, the last button. Then, slowly pulled the dress open, holding it either side, and rested her hands tipobet on her hips. Revealing that she was completely naked beneath.
Colin stared, and examined her body. She was a curvy lady, and her breasts were quite large, and hung there so invitingly. As he moved his eyes down, he saw her clump of pubic hair, and a glimpse of her slit beneath.

Colin, just sat there staring. He leaned back in the chair, and widened his legs to display his rapidly growing bulge in his trousers.

Sara had now pulled her dress off, and left it fall to the floor. Standing completely naked in front of him. She walked back into her office and sat in her chair facing him. She cupped her hands under her breasts, and squeezed them. Then, ran her hands over them pushing them against her chest making them look even bigger. She pushed them together, and with each thumb and forefinger, pinched her hard nipples.

Colin couldn’t believe what he was seeing, and was busily rubbing his cock over his trousers.

Sara then ran her hands down over her belly. Resting one hand on the top of her thigh, the other hand gently tickled her mound of pubic hair. Slowly, her finger went between her legs, and she started to run it up and down over her slit. Her legs began to part, until eventually, she sat with her legs wide open.
With a finger on either side, she opened her pussy, and began to rub her middle finger between her pussy lips. Up and down slowly, stopping to give her clit a little rub.

Colin couldn’t contain himself any longer. His cock was rock hard, and there was already a small wet patch on his trousers, where his pre-cum had started to ooze out excitedly. He stood, undone his trousers and pulled them and his briefs down in one motion, and stepped out of them. He sat down again, with his legs open, and began to rub his erect member.

Sara watched Colin tipobet giriş play with himself, whilst she ran her middle finger over her wet pussy. She looked at his balls, which hung underneath, and loved the way they swayed about as Colin slid his hand up and down his hard cock.

Colin watched Sara, and saw that she had now inserted her middle finger inside her, and was slowly finger fucking herself. He could also see how wet she was, as the light made her fingers all shiny. Then, Sara inserted two fingers, in and out, faster and faster, whilst her thumb rubbed her clit.
Her other hand was now squeezing her lovely breasts, and pulling, pinching her nipples as she masturbated.

Colin wanked harder and harder, his cock now also shiny from the droplets of pre-cum dripping from his knob.

Sara, practically had her whole hand inside her now. Head back, she was frantically fucking herself, but still managed to watch Colin wanking in front of her.
Sara began to feel herself cumming, and let out a loud “Ahhhhhh.” Her body tensed, and climaxed. Her juice ran down over her buttocks, and made a wet patch on her chair.

Colin was now past the point of no return, and felt his cock pulse. Suddenly, he saw a movement, and saw that Mary from the shop was in the doorway. She had a clear view of both Colin and Sara. She was looking at Colin, then at Sara. It was then that Colin realized Mary had her hand up her skirt, and was busily rubbing herself. Knees slightly bent, Mary was masturbating for all she was worth.

That was enough for Colin, and shot a great spurt of cum, which landed on his shirt. He saw that both Sara and Mary were looking at his cock, which throbbed and spurted out his cream all over himself. Slowly, his cock softened, and he left it flopped down over his balls. He placed his hands on his thighs and inspected the sight before him.
Sara sitting there completely naked, legs apart, revealing her sopping wet pussy. Her lovely breasts resting on her belly. Mary, standing in the doorway, slowly removing her hand from up her skirt.

What was going to happen now ?

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