Changing The Ref’s Call

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It was the senior women’s hockey semi final game between Alberta and Ontario. It was a rough and chippy game. Bill expected some hostilities as both teams beat the crap out of each other in the round robin play. Bill and his BC crew were looking to finish off their weeklong assignments with a bang. This would be their last game because Team B.C. had won their semi final and would play the winner of this game, and a different officiating crew would call that one.

There was only a minute left in the game with Ontario well in control of the game, when an Alberta player through a dirty elbow at an Ontario player. A different Ontario player retaliated and everyone was soon in the scrum mixing it up.

Bill’s patience was thin. “To hell with them,” he thought, “I’ll start throwing them out.”

“Sixteen and twenty three Alberta, Gone.” He yelled at Andy, his Linesman.

“Number ten Ontario is gone too.” He told Mark, the other Linesman.

“What?” A squeaky voice yelled. “ I get thrown out for taking an elbow in the mouth.”

“Get her out of here,” barked Bill as the linesmen took the combatants away.

“Sixteen Alberta major elbowing, Three Alberta Game Misconduct,” Bill explained to the timekeeper. “And ten Ontario, Game Misconduct.”

The game finished with no more penalties. The crew went back to the dressing room, to get ready to go out for beers and enjoy the rest of their evening.

As they started to get changed, there was a knock at the door. Bill went to answer the door and he was surprised to see it was number ten from Ontario.

“You threw me out of the game when I wasn’t involved.” She started to explain as a tear rolled down her eye.

“ Quick, get in here.” Bill said while looking both ways down the corridor. “You’ll get us both in trouble entering our room like that.”

“She might be right.” Andy chimed in. “ I think it was another player involved.”

“I’ll miss the championship game if I get written up for the Game Misconduct.” She said choking back the tears. “I’ve waited so long to play in a championship game.”

Bill thought for a moment. He still had the game sheet, and he had till 8:00 the next morning to turn it into güvenilir bahis the Championship director. All he really wanted to do was get rid of the troublemakers and finish the game.

“Please guys, it wasn’t me, I just want to play tomorrow.” She sniffled at them.

“ Aw, lets give her a break.” Mark suggested.

“Look, is there anything I can say or do to help my case?” She asked.

Bill looked at the game sheet, and looked at the blond girl standing in front of him. A thought popped into his head.

“Yes there is,” Bill said with a grin and gave her a piece of paper, “ Bring two of your teammates as character witnesses to our hotel room. We’ll hold court to decide whether you’re guilty or not. Drinks are on us.”

“I’ll bring the best witnesses.” She smiled back looking, at the piece of paper. “ I’m sure I can convince you of my innocence.”

“What are you doing?” Mark asked as the blond girl left the room.

“Are you nuts?” Yelled Andy, “They’ll kick us out of here when they find out.”

“Hold on guys, what am I doing? Getting us laid tonight.” Said Bill. “ And they won’t kick us out because we are finished. B.C. won their game so we wont be working anyways. Trust me.”

The guys quickly showered and changed, and headed to Bills hotel room. The beers were all on ice, and the guys just cracked one open when there was a knock at the door. It was the blond girl and two friends.

“Hi, I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced, I’m Kelly, this is Candice and Debbie.” Said the blond girl, identified as Kelly, who did the introductions.

“Mark, and Andy,” Bill nodded towards the two guys on the couch. “ And I’m Bill. Grab a beer out of the sink and have a seat.”

The girls paired up, as Candice sat with Mark on the couch, Debbie pulled up a chair beside Andy, and Kelly boldly went over to Bill and sat on his lap since there were no chairs left.

“Is the court in session yet?” Asked Kelly, as she put her arm around Bill.

“ Call your first witness.” Joked Bill.

Kelly nodded towards Candice and Mark. Candice knelt in front of Mark and undid his zipper and button, and quickly whisked his jeans and shorts to the floor. türkçe bahis

“I need some time to get this witness up.” Candice told the group. She began to stroke and lick Mark’s cock. As it began to rise she took more and more of it in her mouth. Mark was enjoying the feeling of her tongue and mouth working his cock as it grew with excitement. Candice began to pickup the pace and slid as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. She picked up the pace of her stroking and finally with one big groan Mark shot his load. Spewing cum all over Candice’s mouth and chin.

In the meantime Debbie was busy sucking on Andy’s dick. She wasn’t as experienced as Candice, and needed some instruction from Andy. Once she got the technique right, Andy was sitting back with a big smile. Just like Mark, Andy came shooting his load all over Debbie.

“And finally the defense calls its last witness, me.” Announced Kelly.

Mark and Andy took Debbie and Candice back to there respective rooms leaving Kelly and Bill alone.

Bill led Kelly to the bedroom. He gave her a big deep kiss as his hands wandered all over her butt. His other hand was rubbing Kelly’s crotch through her jeans. Kelly whipped off her tee shirt exposing her firm braless breasts. Bill started to lick and kiss them as he continued to rub her crotch. Kelly moaned with pleasure. Bill undid her pants and easily slid them off. Kelly was wearing pink slim cut panties. Bill resumed his kiss while his fingers wandered into her panties searching for her pussy. He found her hot wet mound and began to explore it with his fingers. Kelly fumbled with his jeans and was finally able to loosen them so she could explore him as well. Bill broke off the kiss and slowly slid her panties off, leaving her wearing only her socks.

Kelly looked great. She had well-rounded firm breasts, and a beautiful blond mound between her legs. Bill resumed licking her breasts while his fingers explored her juicy pussy.

“Fuck me, anyway you want.” Kelly begged of Bill. “ Let me play with your cock.”

Bill laughed and kicked off his jeans and shorts, giving her a full view of his erection. Bill put his head between Kelly’s legs and began to güvenilir bahis siteleri lick her pussy. She moaned as his licking and sucking made her wetter and hotter. Seconds before she was about to come, Bill stuck his cock into her pussy and began to pump, getting her even more hotter and wetter.

“Harder, harder, fuck me.” She begged of Bill. With a dozen more pumps she screamed in ecstasy as she came. But Bill had a bit left in him before he could come.

“Get on all fours.” He ordered her. Kelly obeyed him, and he entered him from behind. Bill resumed pumping as Kelly still was enjoying the sensation of his cock, pumping her pussy from behind. As Bill was pumping her, he took a finger and got it lubricated with her pussy juices. He used his finger to finger her ass.

“You’d like to fuck me up the ass, wouldn’t you?” Kelly asked Bill. “You’d like something tighter for your cock.”

“If you’re game so am I.” Bill replied.

He lubricated his finger once more and slowly inserted into Kelly’s ass. He very carefully worked it back and forth to get the inside of her ass well oiled. He slowly took his cock out of her pussy, resting the tip of his cock at the opening of her ass. With a gentle massage he slowly inserted it into her as one inch at a time. Kelly braced herself with one hand and used the other to finger her pussy. After about 45 seconds Bill had slowly inserted his entire dick up her ass.

“Just take it slowly and enjoy.” Kelly panted as the excite of his dick inside her, and her fingers massaging her pussy was more excitement than she could handle. Her body cunvulsed as the double sensations drove her to excitement and orgasm.

Bill slowly rocked back and forth nice and slowly. The feeling was so tight and felt so good. He had never had sex like this before. Kelly moaned with pleasure as she reached another orgasm. Bill was coming soon too. The tightness of her ass was getting the desired effect. Seconds before he came he pulled out of her, and rolled her to her back. He gave his cock three more strokes, and he shot his come all over her breasts, with the occasional shot hitting Kelly on her face.

“So, has the defense made its case?” She asked.

“Yes,” replied Bill, “ I will write mistaken identity in my report. Have a good game tomorrow.”

“With that incentive I will.” She replied.

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