Champagne, Whip Cream with Side of French Maid

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When I got home from work last night my husband had prepared a nice simple meal, complete with my favorite wine. We sat down to eat and relax, he told me to finish my glass of wine and to go and take a nice relaxing bubble bath, then go to our room and get my outfit he had laid out,and put it on, then I could come back to the living room.

I ran the water in the tub as I stripped off my hose, and work suit. I pinned the falling pieces of my hair back up so I did not get them wet. I adjusted the water to be hotter and added bath gel to the water to make big foamy bubbles. I stood looking at myself in the mirror, not a perfect body as I once had but my husband didn’t seem to mind much. Placing my foot in the tub to test the water, it was just the right temperature I sunk down up to my neck in the warm soapy water. I closed my eyes for a few moments and then decided to get to the business at hand. I picked up the razor and soaped up my legs, running the razor over my calves, and my inner thighs, I was careful not to cut myself. I then soaped up both hands and sunk deeper into the tub. I covered my pussy with soap and began to shave the stubble. Placing both legs up on the sides of the tub so I could spread my lips apart I ran the razor along the edge of both lips down to my ass. Both lips were shaved close and up in the little groove above my clit it seemed to be a stubborn spot I could never get smooth enough. I washed my face and body, paying special attention to my pussy, rubbing my fingers over my hard clit, stroking it slowly as I enjoyed the sensation of the water bumping against my pussy. I was getting close to cumming but I decided to wait because I wanted my husband to get it all. I let the water out of the tub and stepped out picking up a big black warm towel; I dried off and pulled out the body lotion. Making sure I covered my legs in the creamy white buttery lotion, working my way up my thighs to my soft smooth pussy lips. I wrapped the towel around me and walked the short distance to our room. In our room he had my little sexy maid outfit waiting for me on the bed. I scooped it up and walked back into the bathroom.

Reaching up I let down my long dark hair and attempted to pull the brush through it. I added a little finishing spray to hold it in place. I pulled my black eyeliner out of my bag and ran it around my eyes for a sexier dramatic look for my husband. I stepped into my maid outfit, complete with the disconnected little white sleeves pulled up around my upper arms. I tied the chocker around my neck and the top of the maid outfit over my large breast, trying to tuck them in somewhat. I looked in the mirror, not too bad for a middle aged chick I thought. I flipped the switch off, and walked into the living room. Actually I peeked around the doorway where my husband sat on the sofa. He looked up, raised his eyebrow and said hummm, he motioned for me to come to him with his index finger. I shook my head now and he gave me the stern look. I walked into the room, and sat on the sofa beside him. He reached for my legs and put them on his lap; he began to massage my feet, and told me that I looked very sexy. I asked him to take me to the bedroom. He told me go get on the bed lie down, face down and close my eyes and I was not to open them.

Being deprived of vision will make a person wary of their surroundings, even with someone they trust. He tied the blindfold tightly around my eyes; I couldn’t see anything but blackness. Squeezing my eyes tightly casino şirketleri I tried to find just a hint of light, there was none. He forced me over on my stomach pulling my hands behind my back he wound some type of fabric around first my right wrist then my left tying them tightly together. I tried to move my fingers; I felt the sting of a leather whip across my hands. I was instructed to stop moving. I obliged, his hot mouth was on my legs, and I felt his tongue run up the backs of my knees. He lifted my little skirt that covered my bare ass; I felt his hand kneading my ass cheek first gently then rougher with each kiss on my thigh. With a sudden swiftness the whip cracked and made contact with my bare ass. I whimpered, and was greeted with yet another swift crack of the whip. I knew that I had to be quiet or suffer. He cracked the whip, smacking my feet first the right then the left then at the same time, he smacked my legs, my ass, and my back. He flipped me over, he began to hit the fronts of my thighs with the whip, I moaned and complained he pulled my tits out of the low cut maid outfit, and began to smack my tits with the whip, hitting harder and hard each time. Pulling my up maid outfit he smacked my stomach with the whip as well. He told me to spread my legs. I said no instinctively, he told me to spread them now, I did as he said and he began to smack my inner thighs with the whip the stinging of the whip was becoming intense. Turning me back over he made me spread my legs again as he held my ass cheeks apart and hit my asshole with the whip. I yelled out so he did it again and again I tried to roll away, he held me in place as he continued to smack me with the whip.

He moved me to the edge of the bed down to the floor, with my feet I could feel a pillow and he told me to get down. I knelt on the pillow, he had me turn around, and when I did he moved the pillow and had me scoot back. Under me were blankets and helped me to get down on the pillow behind my head. Lying down, he spread my legs he began to rub my pussy with his thumb and his finger. He stroked my clit with softly, I moaned and he had the whip in his hand again, with my pussy spread he smacked my clit with the whip, I squealed. I felt him insert something into my cunt, I heard a strange noise, and my pussy was full, I realized it was whip cream. He was filling my little pussy full of whip cream. He began to rub it into my cunt. He rubbed my clit and fucked me with two and three fingers as he was covering me with the creamy white dessert. He pulled the can up and squirted it on my right tit then my left tit. I felt his mouth on my pussy as he licked the whip dessert out of me. I then began to fuck me with his hand again, I then felt a hard dildo inserted into my cunt he began to fuck me, he wanted me to squirt and I wasn’t going to give it to him. I began to quiver and I came. He pushed something cold into my pussy; he began to move it faster and harder as well as deeper into my open wide little hole. Champagne foamed and spewed deep inside my cunt. He had a small bottle of champagne that we had in the fridge and he was fucking me with it. My pussy was full of the entire small bottle; he poured the rest all over my tits, and kissed me on the mouth I told him it was running out of my pussy. He went down between my legs and I felt his tongue lapping at the champagne that ran from my red hot pussy hole.

He reached up behind my head I could feel his hands in my hair, as I was still blindfolded and he untied casino firmaları my top he pulled it down to my waist and exposed my soft big tits rather than having them just pulled out of the top of my maid outfit. He got up and walked around behind me and then was back. I had no idea what he was doing, I felt something wet and gel like being placed on my tits. I knew then he had the tens unit and I typically use for a foot injury. He was placing one on each tit, one around my nipple the other higher up. I felt him fiddling with the wires and I knew he was hooking me up. I begged him not to hook me to it. He just said to shut up and continued with his task. He leaned in and kissed me, and then moved back between my legs. When I felt the first jolt run through my big hard tits. I screamed as he turned it up and down. My nipples drew upwards when he hit the electricity. I started to breathe heavy and fast, he left the unit on squeezing my tits as he went back to my cunt. He began to finger fuck my little pussy again I knew I was going to cum soon. When he stopped, I felt the cold gel like pads being placed again. He put one on the right little slick pussy lip then one on the left. He reached down between my legs further and pulled my ass apart, he placed one on each side of ass. I begged him please not to do this. He stopped the unit on my titties. And messed with the wires, I knew that I was going to get a serious jolt on my pussy. Just when I could settle a second the jolt hit my pussy lips on the right side, and my right tit, I screamed yet again, when he pulled the whip out and began to smack me as I knew I was a wet mess. He turned the tens unit up and then down making me squirm. He stopped it again, moving the wires he hooked up both sides of my slick wet mound. He never eased me into this one, he turned it up causing me to jerk almost upright as my back arched. I moaned loudly when he smacked my face so I would shut up. I got quiet and tried to breathe through the torture. After a few minutes he moved the pads to the inside of my thighs. I begged him not to it was the most tender part of my legs. He hit them and I screamed in pain. It was on high and this was the hardest part of trying to keep it together because the pain was intense in my thighs, my ass and my pussy.

After he tired of shocking my pussy. He removed all the pads and the unit. He then put my legs up on his shoulders, after taking the blindfold off, I saw that he was going to fuck me till I squirted. He pulled the dildo out of my pussy and pushed it back in, slowly and with long strokes. I could feel myself nearing squirting. It was hard to describe how I knew I was going to squirt, but there was a part deep inside the upper wall of my pussy that felt better than I could ever stand. He hit with the big hard dildo. I felt it getting bigger and hotter and I knew I was going to explode soon. He took the dildo out and began to finger fuck me yet again. As he pulled out I still had my legs on his shoulders I came, I squirted my hot wet pussy juice on his chest and his cock. I quivered and moaned loudly as the orgasm racked through my body. He then went back to his work and continued to fuck my pussy again. It was tight from all the champagne he fucked me with two fingers sliding them between my inner pussy lips. He shoved them into me all the way up to his hand. I was closing in on another orgasm, when he pulled his fingers out, I squirted him again. He moved his hand down to my tight little asshole, he gave me no warning, güvenilir casino and he shoved his fingers into my tight asshole as I begged him to be gentle. I could feel both fingers pulling my asshole apart as he fucked me.

He moved back between my legs I felt him hold my pussy lips out, and felt the pain of the clothes pins. He clipped first one on my lip then another on the other side where he could pull them and spread my lips apart. He added two more, then pulled those lips out again and he pinched up my hard little pink clit between his fingers and clipped me there even through my begging and crying for him not to. He spit on my cunt and began to pull with one hand on the clothes pins, his fingers massaged my clit that was exposed under the clothes pin, I begged him to stop the pain in my clit was almost unbearable. I felt myself nearing orgasm as he relentlessly massaged my scorching cunt, I came yet again.

He grabbed my hair and made me get up; he pulled my hair pulling me into the bathroom. I begged him to stop being so rough, he smacked me on the ass three or four times so I would shut up. He spun me around and untied my hands I looked at my wrist that were red from being tied tightly. He started the water in the bathtub, the shower was on, he made me get into the shower, and he quickly followed. We stood under the hot water as he kissed me and whispered that I was good. Then he looked at me and told me to get on my knees. I squatted down then just sat down in the bottom of the tub as the water hit me in the top of the head. He moved his big cock closer to my face, he began to piss on my chest, moving his cock with his hand he pissed on my tits, then my face, I tried to keep my mouth shut but I had to take a breath. I got a big mouthful of his piss and tried to spit it out. He continued to piss on my face and chest. It was making me hot, I wanted badly to tickle my clit as he pissed on me but I wasn’t able to at that time. I sucked his cock when he finished pissing, he moaned, telling me that my thick hot lips felt well wrapped around his hard throbbing dick. After showering and ensuring all of my cum, the whipped cream, and champagne were gone, we stepped out of the shower and towel dried. We walked back into our room and surveyed our mess, after cleaning up I snuggled next to him in the bed. He kissed me on the forehead as I rested my face on his chest; I placed my hand on his cock, and fell soundly asleep.

I was awakened a few hours later with his hard cock against my thigh. Before I was fully awake he was on top of me spreading my legs apart shoving his cock into my pussy. I moaned because I wasn’t ready for him and my puss was quite tight. He began to fuck me hard, as I tried to move around so the pain just under my little pussy hole and above my asshole felt like it was tearing as he fucked me harder and harder. He asked me if he bought me a nice big dog would I fuck it for him. I had when I was younger gotten much pleasure from my dog. I liked to suck him hard, jack him off, and let him fuck me until I was knotted in the ass and my pussy. My hubby was turned on by the idea of his wife being fucked by the family dog. He continued to fuck me harder as I described sucking my dog’s dick when I was 14 years old; his breathing became more rapid as he neared an orgasm. I couldn’t wait for him I came, my thighs tensing and my pussy convulsed around his hard long cock. He stopped and then asked me if I wanted it, I told him I did as his cock began to throb as it spit out it’s juice deep inside me. He lay on top of me breathing heavy as he squeezed me tightly. Rolling off he told me I was absolutely the best fuck he had ever had, as we was he.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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