Cassie Unwrapped

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Cassie Hammond was a good girl. A very good girl. To Mom and Dad she could do no wrong, and always thought of others before herself.

It wasn’t surprising that when her grandmother underwent hip surgery, Cassie volunteered to spend much of her summer with her grandparents, helping take care of her grandmother and their house.

One day, Cassie went to the local drug store and saw something she liked. Cassie made a mistake – or more precisely, an error in judgement.


Chapter 1: Busted!

Cassie sat in the chair, sobbing quietly while the store’s manager spoke to her grandfather on the phone. She didn’t want her grandparents too get involved in this – after all, she was supposed to be helping them, not getting them upset.

It was stupid. She had never done anything like that before, she told herself. Well, that wasn’t exactly true. Cassie had slipped a few things into her pockets at the mall, but that wasn’t any big deal, she convinced herself.

She didn’t know why she took the tube of lipstick. Maybe it was the lure of the forbidden. At home, mother would never approve of her wearing such a loud shade of lip coloring. She was lucky that she was allowed to wear any at all. Cassie’s parents were strict, to say the least. They had kept her on such a tight leash for all 18 of her years, that was only natural for her to want to get a little crazy every now and then, right?

Wrong, Cassie thought. She was going to get killed when her parents found out. What if this made the newspapers? Even though she was more than 200 miles from home, who could tell how far this story would travel?

She could see the headlines now – VALEDICTORIAN CAUGHT SHOPLIFTING! Everybody would know all about it. Father Byron down at church, along with all the little kids in the bible study classes she taught. Her father – always bragging and telling everybody that his daughter wasn’t going to be like all the other kids. No, not his Cassie! She was special.

Now this. Cassie couldn’t hear what the man was saying, but was probably going to tell her grandfather to pick her up at the police station. That’s what the man had told her was going to happen.

“We’re tired of all this shoplifting!” the man had bellowed at Cassie, slamming his hand on the table in disgust. “We’re losing our shirt from all you kids coming around here and stealing stuff. A few days in jail might give you some time to think about what you’ve done.”

Jail. She had earned a $1000 scholarship from the Elks toward college in the fall. They probably don’t give out scholarships to criminals, Cassie figured.

“I just spoke to your grandfather, Cassie,” the man said, his loud voice startling her out of her fog. “He’s coming down here. Before he gets here I need to know one thing. Did you steal anything else besides the lipstick?”

“No,” Cassie croaked, shaking her head vigorously.

“Are you sure?”

“No, you can search me if you want.”

“Now listen to me. Your grandfather is going to be here in about 10 minutes. I’m going to let him take you home…”

“Oh thank you!” Cassie said excitedly, jumping up out of the seat.

“Wait a minute!” The man said, motioning her back down. “He’s going to take you home provided that you don’t have anything else on you. You have anything else on you that you stole – that’s it! The police will take you away and we’ll prosecute.”

“I don’t. I swear!”

“Forgive me if I’m not all that confident that a thief couldn’t also be a liar,” he snapped.

The man went over to an intercom and said something Cassie didn’t understand before returning to her.

“You’re going to be searched,” the man said, and Cassie’s face registered a look of horror at hearing that.

“What’s the matter, Cassie? Got something else stashed away on you?”

“No sir, it’s just that…”

“Oh! No, I’m not the one that going to be searching you. What the hell kind of a man do you think I am? One of our female associates will be doing that.”

As he spoke, a tall, slender woman in her thirties entered the room, and the man nodded in her direction.

“Sorry about this, Diane,” the man said. “You’re the lucky one this time. Take her in the back and search her completely. I mean completely. You know the drill.”

Diane rolled her eyes and walked over to her, motioning for Cassie to follow her. They walked into an adjoining room that was empty except for a small table and chair.

“Okay, let’s get this over with,” the woman said, making no effort to hide her disgust at what she had to do. “Empty your pockets and pull them all out.”

Cassie took her change and the two crumpled dollar bills out and set them on the table. A fuzzy lifesaver and her keys, and that was it.

“The other stuff of mine is out there, in my purse,” Cassie explained. “The man already went through that.”

“Yeah. The sweatshirt – take it off. Jeans too.”

Cassie reluctantly did as she was told, handing the woman her sweatshirt and taking off her jeans as instructed. Her sweatshirt got turned inside out and examined, casino şirketleri and when Cassie handed her the jeans they got the same treatment.

Cassie shivered in the center of the room, feeling naked clad in only her bra and panties. She used her hands to cover herself as best she could while praying for the woman to get this over with.

“Okay,” the woman said. “The bra and panties too.”


“You heard me. Off with the bra and panties.”


“No, out in the middle of the store. Frankly I don’t give a shit whether you do or not,” the woman snapped. “Do it down at the police station instead. They’ll give you the rubber glove treatment too. You want that that?”

“No,” Cassie said softly, and undid the front hooks of her brassiere with trembling hands, while the woman snapped her gum impatiently.

The bra came undone, and Cassie struggled to keep her arm across her chest while taking her panties off. She clearly needed more hands to shield everything, and was failing miserably at it.

“For crying-out-loud, girlie! Relax. You ain’t got nothing I don’t have,” the woman snapped, giving Cassie’s body a quick glance. “You just got more of it. Lift them up.”

The woman gestured toward her breasts, and Cassie self-consciously lifted her globes.

Cassie blushed deeper as the woman looked over her undergarments before handing them back to her.

“Alright, you can get dressed. Damn! They ought to give this job to a dyke. I’ve seen more tits and ass this month than most doctors!”

Cassie quickly got her clothes back on and went back to the other room. Her grandfather was there, and he was handing the store manager something and then shaking his hand.

“Had a busy afternoon I see, Cassie,” her grandfather said, giving her a stern look which always made her wither. Along with the fact that he was a large man physically, he had a way about him that had always intimidated Cassie, and in this situation that only seemed magnified.

“Appreciate you coming down, sir,” the store manager told her grandfather. “It’s much easier to take care of things like this, but it is getting to be quite a habit with these kids today.”

“The young lady will not be a problem to you ever again, sir,” her grandfather announced, his booming baritone echoing in the small office.

“Cassie?” her grandfather said, turning his attention to her.

“Yes, Grandpa?”

“You are not allowed in this store ever again. If the man sees you in here, he will have you arrested. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Grandpa,” Cassie said, looking downward. “I’m sorry again, sir,” she said to the manager before they left the office and the store.

Cassie felt like she was two foot tall as they walked out past the cashier that had searched her. It was almost as if she were still naked, and that woman was still staring at her – at all her private parts.

That discomfort was nothing compared to what the ride home was like. Deafening silence for most of the ride, until Cassie found the courage to speak.

“Does… Grandma know?”


“Did you tell my mother and father?”

A cold look.

“We will discuss this later tonight. The two of us.”

Chapter Two: Grandfather’s lecture.

Cassie’s grandfather entered her room after giving the briefest of taps, and found Cassie kneeling by the side of the bed, finishing up her prayers.

“Such a picture of innocence,” he muttered as he watched Cassie become aware of his entrance.

Rising to her feet, Cassie offered a meek smile as he approached. She self-consciously pulled down on the bottom of her light-weight nightshirt, which only went down a bit below her bony little bottom and exposed all of her stork-like legs, and tilted her head when he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Cassie was glad that her grandfather didn’t seem mad any longer, as she really loved him, and didn’t want him to think badly of her. Ever since she had arrived after her grandmother’s return from the hospital, he had been so very nice to her; always patting her shoulder and giving her little pecks on the cheek while telling her how happy he was that she was there.

“Just going to bed,” Cassie said, and when her grandfather nodded she climbed into bed carefully, trying to keep herself covered as she slipped into the fresh bedding and pulled a sheet up over her.

“Not just yet, dear,” her grandfather said as he stopped Cassie from clicking off the bedside lamp, before tugging down and sliding next to her in the bed. “We need to have a little talk first.”

“Okay,” Cassie said grimly, knowing what was going to come next and dreading the lecture, but also knowing that she had it coming.

Cassie felt the heat that radiated off of her grandfather’s body as he propped himself up on his elbow beside her. He was wearing pajamas with shorts for bottoms, and the hairs from his legs pricked Cassie’s skin as they grazed against her calf.

“Today,” he said softly. “Today was the most embarrassing day of my life.”

“Mine too,” Cassie casino firmaları answered.

“Good. The problem is that you were the one that caused it all. I was the one that was forced to come down there and straighten it out.”

“I know, Grandpa, and I’m really sorry.”

“You’ve said that already Cassie,” he said sternly. “Please keep quiet unless I ask you a question. Understood?”

Cassie nodded.

“Very well. So today I got to go down and get my granddaughter before they threw her ass in jail. Do you realize how humiliating it was for me to have to go down there and grovel in front of that little twit of a store manager and practically beg him to let you go? DO you?”

“No,” Cassie said, tears welling in her eyes.

“Do you know how much money I had to slip that weasel to have him not charge you for stealing?”

“I’ll pay you back, Grandpa. I swear.”

“Probably doubles his salary from fools like me,” he muttered. “Gets rich from people that work hard all their lives and have thieves for children and grandchildren.”

“On the phone they said that they were going to search you,” he continued. “Did he?”

“Yes,” Cassie answered. “I mean – the woman at the cash register came back there and she did it.”

“Did they make you take your clothes off?” he asked, placing his hand on Cassie’s stomach..

“Uh – yes.”

“That manager,” he asked, his hand beginning a soft circular motion on the cotton fabric. “Was he watching while you stripped?”

“No,” Cassie replied. “It was just the woman.”

“Did you have to take all of your clothes off?”


“Did the woman touch you?”


“Did you want her to?”

“Grandpa!” Cassie protested. “This is making me uncomfortable, and this is bad touching!”

Cassie’s hand reached down toward her grandfather’s hand, and she gasped when he grabbed her hand and slammed it back onto the pillow next to her head.

“Don’t you EVER raise your hand to me again!”

“I wasn’t…”

“And didn’t I already tell you that you were to kept silent except to answer questions?”

Cassie nodded, tears blurring her vision.

His hand went down to the bottom of Cassie’s night shirt and undid the lower two buttons, exposing her panties and tummy. Her hand went down onto Cassie’s bare stomach and resumed the gentle stroking.

“Further more, there is no such thing as bad touching in this household.”

Chapter Three: Good touching.

“Now, you were telling me that the woman didn’t touch you?” her grandfather asked, and Cassie shook her head no as her body quivered.

“Did you want her too?” he asked, sliding his hand down to her belly button, resting against the elastic of he panties. “You know, if they took you to jail they would give you a real going-over. They’d stick their hand in your pussy and in your anus too, you know that?”


“Let’s see now,” he said, slowly lifting the elastic of her undies with the back of his fingers and slipping his hand under.

“Noooo,” Cassie whimpered, feeling his fingers sliding downward.

“Hmmm – that’s odd. You don’t have very much hair down there at all, do you?” he opined, his fingers gliding through the faint patch of hairs around her opening.

“Please don’t,” Cassie cried.

“Your mom – now that girl had quite a bush on her when she was your age,” her grandfather recalled, “She took after Grandma down there, but you know that already, don’t you? They both have really hairy pussies. This is nice though. Your pussy hair is so fine and silky.”


“You’re wet, Cassie,” he said sharply. “Meek and whimpering Cassie’s pussy is dripping wet. Talk is cheap. Your body is telling me far different things than your words are.”

Cassie gasped as his finger slid along her labia, up and down but never actually entering her.

“You like this, don’t you dear? I’ll bet you wish that the cashier did this, don’t you?


“She probably thought you were one of those lesbians, the way you dress around here all day, all frumpy and plain,” he continued, his finger stroking the top of her opening, making Cassie’s body shake.

Cassie’s head was spinning as her grandfather’s left hand held her wrist down while his right hand rubbed her clit. He kissed her breast through the clothing, and then moved his way over to her armpit, where his lips grazed her exposed underarm.

“What’s this we have here?” he asked, running his finger over the modest cluster of long stubble clustered in the center of her armpit.

“That’s why – uh – I went to the drug store,” Cassie said, shivering at her grandfather’s touch as it slid through her sensitive underarm. “I needed razors.”

“No, you didn’t,” he declared. “You won’t be defacing yourself any longer while you’re in this house either.”

She felt something hard against her thigh, but it was all lost in the blur of her orgasm, which racked her body despite all that was going through her head.

Cassie’s body was still sporadically shaking as he pulled güvenilir casino his hand out from under her panties, and brought his hand up to his face. He inhaled her aroma from his glistening fingers while Cassie watched, and then slowly put his index finger into his mouth, sucking the digit as he pulled it out.

“Delicious,” he whispered. “Your pussy tastes as good as it smells.”

Cassie’s grandfather slowly rose from the side of her bed and rearranged his twisted clothing. Cassie’s eyes were drawn to the damp spot on the front of his pajamas, and she only then became truly aware of the warm and sticky fluid on the side of her thigh.

“Tomorrow night, I’ll be back,” he said. “We will get better acquainted then.”

“I’ll tell,” Cassie said with a hint of defiance. “If you ever touch me again I’ll tell Grandma.”

“Be my guest, Cassie. As a matter of fact, I’ll go in with you right now. We’ll wake the poor woman up and you can tell her anything you want.”

“I will.”

“Good. After you get done, I’ll calmly explain that after I was summoned to the drugstore this afternoon, and had to bribe the store manager to keep them from prosecuting you, you desperately tried to keep me from telling the family about it. You tried to seduce me, and offered to do anything to me that I wanted.”

“That’s a lie!”

“I practically had to fight you off when you tried to grab at my genitals, and when I managed to get free, you threatened to accuse me of molesting you.”

Cassie’s face lost much of the defiance she originally felt, and she now sat in shock, her mouth open and unbelieving.

“Who do you think she’ll believe?” he continued. “Me, her loving husband of over 40 years, or you, her thief of a granddaughter? Who’s going to come to your defense? The drug store manager? The cashier maybe?”

Casie looked up at the ceiling, lower lip quivering while she tried to make sense of all of this.

“If the drug store manager can be bought off for a couple hundred dollars, how much do you think it would take to get that cashier to say that you offered to do things to her?”

He started to leave the room, but paused and turned back.

“Your choice dear, but your grandmother has already heard those kind of lies many years ago from another girl who was known for her occasionally delinquent behavior. She knows how dramatic and delusional young girls can be.”

He came over to the edge of the bed, his face changing into the kinder and gentler version that Cassie had always known.

“Now tomorrow night, I want you to be naked when I come in here, except for this cute nightshirt. No brassiere and no panties. Understand?”

“You’ll grow to love our little adventures every evening,” he offered before leaving. “I do like the innocent and frightened persona you’ve been showing me all night – please keep that up, but don’t go overboard with it either. It’s very stimulating as long as it stays within reason. There really isn’t anything to be afraid of, you know. I won’t be doing anything to you that your dear Richard hasn’t done already, I suspect.”

As the door closed behind her chuckling grandfather, Cassie jumped out of the bed and ran over to the dresser. Flinging open the top drawer, she dug under her clothes and pulled out her little pink book.

‘My diary’ was the title written in flowing cursive on the front of the volume, and the flap that always held it closed was dangling open, the little lock that secured her deepest and darkest secrets now sprung open apparently with little effort.

Chapter Four: Cassie calls for help.

Cassie waited for her grandfather to leave for work before she dared to show her face outside of her bedroom. Grandmother was still sleeping, so she quietly went to the kitchen and picked up the phone.

“Hello,” said the familiar voice on the other end.

“Mommy?” Cassie said, biting her tongue to try and stem the tears that seemed determined to come any second.

“Cassie honey, I’m so glad you called. How is Grandma doing?”

“Um, she’s okay. Getting better.”

“Boy, the weather’s been really warm, hasn’t it?” her mother continued.

“Mom, I have to talk to you about something,” Cassie said, her voice breaking. “It’s about Grandpa.”

“What is it dear?”

“Well, I did something wrong, and last night he came into my room.”

“Now listen, Cassie. You’re supposed to be there to help them out. Don’t be giving them a hard time.”

“But Grandpa, he did something…”

“Listen Cassie, I want you to do whatever Grandpa says,” her mother said, cutting her off.

“You don’t understand though.”

“I understand that there’s a special place in heaven for those who do good things, and giving up your summer to help Grandma and Grandpa is a very good thing.”

“But, he …”

“Honey, whatever Grandpa wants you to do, do it. He’s getting on in years but he’s still a very nice man. Look honey, I have to take your father to the airport now, so I have to run. Be a good girl now. Bye bye!”

As the phone was hung up, Cassie started sobbing, staring at the phone while the tears rained down.

At the other end of the phone, another woman hung up the phone and looked out the window of her empty house, took a deep breath, and went back to reading her magazine.

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