Carnal Cruise

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“Oh? Matt’s at the bar, probably getting drunk,” Bridgette said. She opened up the door a bit more and I could see she was wearing one of those flimsy robes that came with the room. It was loosely tied and her teal and yellow swimsuit could barely be seen beneath the thin cotton.

Bridgette played sports after work, and her body definitely showed it. I had peeked at her when she was at the pool earlier today. She never went into the pool. She just lay out on the large white chairs, sun bathing, giving me ample view of her ass and tits.

But now, I just briefly stared at her through the open door. If she noticed, she didn’t mention it.

Instead, she opened the door even wider and said, “Come in.”

Their room was much like mine, except it had a bunk bed in one corner. I motioned to it.

Bridgette laughed and said, “Yeah, we got ‘upgraded'” while making air quotes with her fingers. As she was doing this, her robe opened all the way exposing her tan figure.

She caught me glancing.

“Man, you’ve been tanning a lot? Quite golden,” I recovered, lamely.

Bridgette smiled. “Yeah, I mean, it’s not like there’s much else to do on these things. Matt likes drinking so its fun for him. Me? I can’t keep up with him.”

She tied the robe together and went to the couch.

“I’ve already had a couple this evening, by the pool, you know, and I’m feeling it,” she continued.

“Hah, yeah, Matt was always the big drinker in college,” I replied and then, “We called him ‘Iron Stomach’.”

“Do you want anything to drink? I’ll pass myself, but we have stuff in the mini and some good liquor we brought from home,” Bridgette said, with mischievous eyes.

“Sure,” I replied.

She got up to fix the drink. I looked around the room to see their clothes strewn about. They were never the cleanest folks and this was a vacation.

A magazine caught my eye, open with the cover facing me on the end of the couch. I reached for it and was treated to a surprise : a small, pink butt plug sat underneath the magazine. I was shocked momentarily, but then rushed to put the magazine in its place.

But Bridgette had already seen me. A look of embarrassment mixed with – naughty?- crossed canlı bahis şirketleri her face.

“Oh, well, like I said,” Bridgette handed me the drink. “There’s not a lot to do on the cruise besides tanning and being eye candy.”

Before I could say anything, she chuckled and then turned around, lifting the robe and pulling down her bikini bottom in one quick motion.

I saw the end of chrome colored anal beads, coming from her perfectly waxed ass. The top plug and one bead lay against her snatch.

My own swimsuit suddenly got tight as my cock swelled suddenly.

“What about you? I’m assuming you don’t, uh, tan,” Bridgette mentioned, gesturing towards me.

I chuckled and said, “Yeah, already won that contest,” as I looked down at my dark skin.

Bridgette sat down, closer this time. I could see the redness in her cheeks. I guess she had been drinking. All I could think about was her tight ass and those anal beads.

There was an awkward pause and Bridgette said, “I didn’t pack all these sex toys. There’s usually someone on the ship that sells these things for cheap, so you can get your fill and then just leave shit behind before going home.”

“Haha, nice pun,” I replied, my mind focused on anything sexual. My black cock had grown even harder.

Bridgette cocked her head for a moment and then started giggling.

“Okay,” she said once she was done. “Let’s play a game. Never Have I Ever.”

“The drinking game?” I asked.

“Yeah, except, instead of taking shots…you have to strip if you lose. Or…if I win, you have to take out one bead,” she said pointing towards her snatch.

I was tenting at this point. Bridgette took a long glance and laughed.

“Ok, I’ll go first,” Bridgette said and then, “You’ve never seen me naked before?”

I grinned and Bridgette, shocked, asked, “When?”

“Last year, at the cabin, you got completely bonked and passed out on your bed. Matt accidentally left the door partially open and well…” I said, trying not to laugh.

Bridgette simply huffed, turned around, and then bent over.

Almost tentatively, I pulled down her teal and yellow bikini bottoms and took in the sight of her tight hole. canlı kaçak iddaa I took the small ring of the beads and tugged slightly, causing Bridgette to purr.

“Gentle now. Gentle…ah” Bridgette said, letting out a small, pleasure filled sigh as I pulled a bead from inside her.

Then, she laughed and turned around.

“Here,” she said, dropping her bikini bottoms to floor and revealing her neatly trimmed pussy.

“We don’t need these getting in the way,” she continued as she dropped the robe to the floor as well.

She pulled a chair over and straddled it next to me, spreading her trimmed mound wide and letting the anal beads dangle from the back.

God, she was going to make me jizz in my swimsuit.

Bridgette gave me an evil look and said, “Your turn.”

“Ok, I know you’ve seen me naked that year Matt and I streaked through New Orleans.” I said. “Hmmm, I bet you watch porn at least once a day.”

Bridgette smiled, “No, only a couple times a week, usually after Matt has passed out.” She giggled then.

Obligingly, I removed an article of clothing, my shirt, to show her my muscular dark skin.

Bridgette’s eyes took in the mini strip show with surprising enthusiasm.

“I bet…you think about me when you masturbate,” Bridgette stated.

“Fuck,” I said and began slipping my swimsuit off to reveal my semi-erect cock.

Bridgette didn’t even bother hiding her hungry stare.

I sat there, not even caring at this point, I knew she wanted it. Right? Bridgette never seemed like a total cock-tease.

“Hmmm,” I started, “Matt wasn’t your first?”

Bridgette promptly presented her ass to me, where I plucked the last bead from her ass.

Another purr and she turned to look at me.

She moved towards me and then straddled me there on the couch.

I knew where this had been going. Or rather, I hoped this is where the game had been going.

Still, her abruptness surprised me as her lips met mine and I received a long, hot kiss, feeling her warm intimate spots rubbing mine.

We made out for a bit. I fondled her ass and even bit at her excellent breasts.

Suddenly, she winked at me and got off. Bridgette turned to her canlı kaçak bahis luggage and began rummaging.

I stroked my black cock in anticipation.

“This is embarrassing,” she began, “but I can’t find any condoms in here.”

“Well, I guess…” I started.

She turned and began rubbing my stiff cock with vaseline.

“I have a better idea.”

Then, she turned her ass towards his stiff erection and began lowering herself towards my cock.

I could feel her tight spinchter give just a bit as the tip of cock moved against her.

She made another purring noise at that and moved away just a bit before slamming towards my penis.

There was only a split second of resistance before I was inside her tight ass, the shaft and head of my penis now fully engorged with pleasure.

I could see the vaseline running between her cheeks and along my cock as she began to move back and forth on it.

The alcohol had slowed my thoughts, and it was only now that I realized I was fucking my best friend’s girl.

And it was so good.

Her ass gripped my cock as she went deeper and deeper with each bounce.

She looked over her shoulder at me, her cheeks flushed and said, “Come on”, and grabbing my hands, placed them on her tits.

They were still sequestered beneath her teal and yellow bikini top.

I squeezed them as she continued to bounce on my cock and with every twist or grasp of my hands, Bridgette seemed to purr.

Eventually the purring turned to full on moaning.

While I fondled her breasts, she began working furiously on her clit, rubbing in large circles.

“Oh…” she said as her gaze went toward the ceiling and she stopped thrusting.

I could feel her ass clenching against my cock as she orgasmed.

“Fuck,” she nearly whimpered.

Disappointingly, she hopped off of my cock. I was so close now.

“Don’t worry,” I haven’t forgotten about this guy.

Bridgette began stroking the already rock hard cock.

Her ass was tight, her hand was even tighter. I looked in her eyes and all I could think about was that I was fucking my friends girl.

And then I spewed hot semen, coating Bridgette’s cheeks and nose. Some flew past her onto the sea green carpet below.

We sat for a moment, her with her head on my chest, and me feeling like I was at the top of the world.

“We should do this again…tomorrow night,” she said. “But I’ll come to your place this time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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