Camilla Ch. 026

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The next day, Camilla went to her mother’s house for the first time since she’d moved out. Though her mother was hoping for reconciliation with her, Camilla had other plans. They were to get together so Camilla would meet her mother’s fiance; she would soon have a new father. No one, of course, could replace her biological father, whom she so deeply loved; but her stepfather-to-be would be of interest to her, in terms of a different kind of love…a love she could use to express her still seething hatred of her mother. The 18-year-old girl would get revenge on her mother for dominating her and keeping her a baby for so long; and she’d get even in a very special way…

Camilla waited in her old bedroom for her mother and her fiance to arrive; her mother had driven out to get him. She, on the second floor, watched out the window for her mother’s car to come. After about ten minutes of waiting, it came. Curiously she looked down as the man got out of the car; she was hoping he’d be good-looking, and she wasn’t disappointed. He, 42, had short, black hair, he was tall and thin, and he wore a navy blue suit. She liked what she saw.

When he and her mom came in the house, she heard her mom say she needed to use the bathroom. “Go on upstairs and introduce yourself to her; she’s probably in her bedroom,” her mother said.

Already getting excited and breathing heavier, Camilla took off her shorts. She was wearing a pink short-sleeved shirt that was left unbuttoned so lots of cleavage would show; she also wore yellow, orange, and white striped socks; her panties were pink- and white-striped, with a cute picture of a cartoon girl’s face right where Camilla’s arse was. Camilla looked like a blonde Felicity Fey. She left her bedroom door ajar to encourage him too look in. She was sitting on her old bed.

He knocked on the door. “Come in,” she said. He walked in, shocked to see her in her underwear, but turned on all the same. Since she showed no sign of embarrassment or modesty, he was encouraged to keep looking, and his erection grew in his pants. She was on the bed with her back to him; she used her thumbs to pull her panties down a little at antalya escort the hips so he could see a half-inch of buttock cleavage. She looked back at him with her eyes and mouth wide open, a facial expression with all the innocence and wonder of a little child. “So, you’re gonna be my new daddy, right?” she asked.

“That’s right,” he said as he walked toward her to shake her hand. “You don’t have to call me ‘Dad’ if you don’t want to, though. You can call me Troy.” She turned around to shake his hand, and she bent down to show off her cleavage, as well as most of her right breast; only her areola was covered. When they shook hands, his hand shook twice as fast as hers. She noticed his erection poking out in his pants.

He was fortunate in that her mother was shitting in the bathroom; this gave him more time with Camilla. “When are you marrying my mommy?” she asked as she got off the bed to stand in front of him; she left only about two inches of space between them.

“Oh,…uh, real soon,” he said with a shaky voice. “Next month.” He raised his right hand to scratch his nose, and Camilla deliberately moved forward; his hand touched her left breast. It bounced. “Oh, I’m sorry,” he sheepishly said.

“That’s OK,” she said, as though he’d merely touched her elbow. They could hear her mother coming out of the bathroom.

“Quick: put your pants on,” he whispered nervously as her mom’s footsteps could be heard coming up the stairs.

Camilla casually walked over and picked up her shorts. He, ogling her in her panties, was torn between wanting her to stay in her underwear and wanting her to hurry up and get decent before her mom saw her. She bent over and put one leg in her shorts. “Do you know where Luvlee’s is? I work there.” she said, looking back at him with her behind, still only in panties, pointed out at him.

“What?” he asked, looking back and forth between the stairs her mother had half ascended and at her, still in her underwear, bent over with her legs wide open in a Lambda shape. Her behind still stuck out at him, with that cute girl’s face on the ass of her panties seeming to want a kiss from him. She lara escort looked back at him, upside-down from between her legs, her eyes asking him if her state of undress pleased him. “Put your pants on. Hurry,” he whispered urgently, then looked back out of the bedroom at her mother, who was now at the top of the stairs and approaching the bedroom. “Collette,” he said, trying to stall her, “Your daughter’s very nice. She’s graduating from high–“

“What’s she up to?” Collette interrupted as she made him open the door. “So, Camilla, you’ve met Troy? What do you think of him?”

“He seems very nice,” Camilla, straightened up with her back to them, said while quietly zipping up her shorts. Troy was safe from suspicion…for now…


That night at Bates Massage, Mr. Grisham, of all men, came over for a massage. He’d heard she was working there, and had heard of the ‘extra services’ given there. Though he’d been good for the past week and a half, he no longer could resist the temptation of having Camilla again. She was all too happy to oblige, and they went into a private room.

He paid extra so both of them would get naked and in the bathtub. They sat in the water together, her behind him. She lathered the soap in her hands and, bringing them over his shoulders, slowly moved her fingers on his hairy chest, tickling his nipples. He sighed with pleasure; he felt like Caesar with a slave girl bathing him.

Then they got up so they could wash each other. She soaped up his belly as he washed her breasts. He’d rub soap on them, then watch them wiggle when he moved his hands away. Next, she got a lather and washed his fully-erect penis and balls. She slid her hand slowly along the shaft and felt his testes jiggle as her fingers danced all over his scrotum. He soaped up her vulva, moving his finger deep in and out of her vagina; she moaned her thanks. Then they washed each other’s behinds, and put their soaped-up fingers deep inside each other’s anuses: they grunted in response. At last, they took turns squatting and washing each other’s legs and feet, kissing each other’s genitals side escort as they did so. Then they got out of the tub. They enjoyed drying each other: she, giggling, would make his phallus bounce up and down after rubbing it with the towel; he checked her anus and vagina very carefully after drying to make sure every inch of her was perfectly clean. She was clean. Then he got on the massaging table, on his back.

“What do you want me to do now, sir?” she asked.

“Let’s get in the 69 position, OK?” he suggested.

“OK,” she said, and got on the table on all fours.

“Will the table be strong enough with the weight of both of us on it?” he asked, then started licking her clitoris.

“Sure,” she said, and put his phallus in her mouth.

She sucked and he licked, and their moans rose in a slow crescendo. As he licked her vulva, he admired the sight of her pretty puckered beige anus, just an inch or two from his eyes. He put his tongue as deep inside her vagina as he could, and used the tip of his tongue to vibrate against her G-spot. She sighed in a high falsetto. Then he pulled his tongue out and started eagerly licking her anus; he put his finger in her vagina and reached for her A-spot. She was very wet, and her labia were swollen from the pleasure he was giving her.

She continued going up and down on his cock, often taking it all in. She wrapped her upper lip around his corpus spongiosum to stimulate it more. She shook his balls gently with her hands. She pulled his penis out, then tickled the urethral hole with the tip of her tongue. Shortly after she put it back in, he ejaculated: she gulped down every last drop of his come.

She plateaued in her excitement, but didn’t orgasm. Instead of letting him continue licking her to orgasm, she got off the table, had him roll over, and massaged him. That’s when she realized: she was no longer infatuated with him. When he’d resisted her, he was more attractive; coming to Bates Massage to pay for sex with her made him seem a lecherous pig in her eyes, just like so many other clients whom she’d massaged. Besides, he wasn’t her teacher anymore–she was graduating. She correctly predicted that university professors would be much hotter than Grisham, since their intelligence and learning would make Grisham seem like a kindergarten student in comparison. He was nothing to her now.

She was free from sexual obsession…for now.

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