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I breathed deeply as she walked away, inhaling the musty air from the Calypso’s oxygen scrubbers. It was a beautiful ship, the first of many luxury submarines to follow. It was set up only for shallow dives, much of the hull being made of reinforced glass. It was equipped with a full gym, as well as a basketball court and showers. There were ninety-one employees aboard the Calypso at all times, along with the roughly 400 tourists who came along for “an experience like none before” as the pamphlet put it. I could certainly believe it. The three days I had spent on this ship had been the best I could remember, with the painfully noticeable exception of The Girl. Her name was The Girl because I had yet to introduce myself to her, even though I felt there was no need to, that we had already met. God she was so beautiful, if only I could remember what she looked like…

There were no other people to disturb the delicious silence of the submarine today though. There was a party on the island we had docked at the day before, and anyone who thought they were anyone was there. I made no such pretenses. I had the whole day to myself, and was looking forward to working up a good sweat in the gym before a long day of reading. Fortunately, that was doomed to never happen.

I was ensured personally by the captain that I would have the whole day to myself, so that’s why it came as such a surprise when I saw Her standing outside my door.

“So sorry to bother you, I know you wanted to be alone, but—I have a problem,” she said, her hands rubbing nervously at the edge of her khaki shorts.

I favored her with a small smirk. I wasn’t going to make this easy for her, no matter how much I wanted her. “Not a problem. How can I help?”

“Well,” she started, her eyes focusing anywhere but on mine, “I need to use your shower. I heard you’d be on board, and I don’t want to go to the showers in the gym alone.”

An unusual request to be sure, but one I could understand. The showers were down a deck, and it could be creepy when it was quiet. “Sure, come on in,” I said, passing my card through the slot and opening the door. “I just hope you don’t mind a little music. I can’t read in silence.” That was an absolute lie, antalya escort but I was in the mood for a little of the old love master Barry White.

I heard a voice from the bathroom. “Umm…your shower is broken. I guess we’ll have to go down to the gym, if you would please, please go with me?” There was no way I could turn her down, not when she was begging like that.

“Sure let’s go,” was my immediate reply. So much for Mr. White.

To my complete shock, she came out in just a towel. “I hope you don’t mind,” she said apologetically, “but I didn’t feel like getting all dressed again for a 2 minute walk.”

“Ok…” I mumbled, still too much stunned to react, “follow me.”

We walked down the hall until we reached the end. At the end was a small staircase. Time to play hero. “There’s no way you can climb down there in that,” I said, “I’ll climb down first and help you from there.”

She gave me a look that I couldn’t quite read, something between laughing and suspicion. “OK…but no peeking!”

“Of course not.”

I got down quickly, and reached up to help support her, keeping my gaze carefully downward. I felt the heat radiating off her lower leg, and moved my hand out to grab hold of her slender waist. Unfortunately (fortunately?), just then, she lost hold of a rung and dropped several inches. I grabbed hold of her, and took a firm hold just above her knee. Not firm enough though, and my grip started to slip. My right hand rode quickly up her leg, her smooth skin sliding smoothly under my fingertips. The heat that I felt from her earlier was magnified a thousand times as I got closer to the molten core of this hot-blooded creature. My other hand managed to grab hold around her waist, and I dropped her gently to the ground. I was about to stand back up, but she stopped me just before I could remove my hands.

“Wait,” she said, “move your hands. Let me rewrap this towel.”

I did so dutifully, thinking about what had just happened. Those extra two seconds of contact with her perfect body had woken up my body. I stood a modest 6 inches when I was aroused, and I was well on my way there right now. I bent over, pretending to tie my shoe, so she wouldn’t notice kepez escort the sudden bulge in my thin beach shorts. She gave me that same look again, suspicion and amusement. Then she headed off in the direction of the showers. It was then that I noticed I wasn’t wearing any shoes.

By the time I looked up, she had already disappeared around a corner. I ran off to find her. I took a wrong turn and ended up in the basketball court, so I turned around and went the other way. I got most of the way to the showers when I heard the sound of water running. “Are you ok now? Do you need me to wait to take you back up?”

“Actually,” she said, “could you come here for just a second?”

I walked in slowly, reassuring myself she probably was just having trouble getting the temperature right. When I got to the shower she was in, she threw back the curtain. “Could you do my back?”

I don’t know whether or not those words ever registered. All I saw was her perfect body, whole and revealed. The water coursed like so many rivers around and over her breasts, the rivulets breaking up as they washed over her well-tanned abs. Her pussy was glistening, tiny drops of water clinging to her cropped and trimmed pubic hairs. I was brought back with a start, though, when she stuck a bar of soap in my face.

“Hmm? You there? Take off those clothes and help me with my back. I’ll do yours, so it’s a fair trade!” She tugged at my shirt as she said this, enforcing her words.

I ripped off my shirt as fast as I could, and unbuttoned my pants with the same haste. However, as I reached for the zipper, I hesitated. I had never been naked in front of a woman before…of course, before today I had never seen a naked woman. What the hell…

I took down my shorts and dropped them to the floor. I threw all my former cautions to the wind and dropped my boxers as well. She flashed that same look again, except this time, it wasn’t at my face. “Oh poor baby,” she said, “That just won’t do at all. Not at all!” With this, she grabbed my now painfully throbbing cock and pulled me into the shower. Immediately, she dropped to her knees and put my head into her mouth. She started sucking and jacking me manavgat escort at the same time. It felt better than anything I had ever done to myself, and I had done many things. It was going to get better, though.

As she continued the treatment, I felt an enormous orgasm begin to build up. I reached out to steady myself against the wall. She must’ve felt me tense up, because she let go of my cock and stood up. “We’ll save that for a little bit,” she said, laying down and pulling me on top of her as she did so. I ended up facing her waist, and I knew exactly what to do. I reached up and caressed one soft, supple nipple, massaging it, feeling its hardness. As I did this, I began to kiss her stomach. I moved slowly down until I was just above her beautiful rose pink pussy. I moved my tongue around the edge, never entering, just a little bit out. I heard her moans above me, and redoubled my efforts. Soon, she began shifting, trying to get my agile tongue to enter her. I knew it was now or never. I reached down with my free hand and spread her soaking lips apart. I flicked my tongue out, faster and faster, over and over again on her clitoris. Her moans were louder now, and she was moving up and down spastically. I wrapped my tongue around her little clitty and bobbed back and forth. I was rewarded for my efforts. Soon, her moans became screams, and she threshed violently under my grip. I kept at it and nearly 3 minutes later I stood back up. I reached down and grabbed her around the waist, hoisting her up.

“You said you needed help,” I grunted, “doing your back.”

With that, I flipped her around, and ran my hand up her back, pressing on her shoulders, forcing her to bend over. My cock had not given up the battle during its break, and it was still at full attention. I entered her from behind, her pussy dripping and tight. I pumped in and out, in and out, reaching around with a hand to massage the other nipple now. I continued to pump, and her moans returned much less reluctant this time. I felt a rising orgasm, but I exercised all my control to hold it back. I wanted this to be perfect. Her moans grew louder and louder, and I was losing control. I made one more massive thrust, and my hot, white seed flowed freely into her. It was enough to drive her over the edge. She collapsed to her knees, weak from such a violent prolonged orgasm. It would be a couple minutes before either she or I could move anywhere. That was good.

Maybe that would give me time to learn her name.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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