Callie and Rebecca Ch. 04

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Callie took a break from telling me her story about how she’d hooked up with Rebecca by leaning back, stretching her legs out from beneath her, and pointing her toes as she yawned. Whether she wore heels, flats, sandals, or just kept them bare, Callie had pretty feet. I admired the pink color of her nails and tried to think of a way to get my hands on that graceful instep, delicate arch, or narrow heel. With feet as pretty as hers in plain view, I was definitely developing a foot fetish.

At twenty five, I was just beginning to identify what my major turn-ons were but it was still a time in my life when giving voice to them and talking about them to others just wasn’t done. I knew that I was bonkers for a great ass and long legs and nice tits were always a plus, but my favorite feature was eyes. But lately, I’d been thinking more about the manicured nails; finger and toe. I was constantly checking out footwear on women, hoping to find them in strappy sandals or open toed heels; anything that revealed as much of their feet as possible. The higher the heel, the better. A lady’s leg would extend and show muscle definition so much better than when she wore athletic shoes or flip flops.

I determined that I was going to get my hands on this newly-realized sexy part of her. Since I was sitting on the end of her suede living room couch enjoying the erection that the story had caused, I offered to rub her feet for her. She quickly took me up on the offer and I found her feet in my lap where my board shorts barely covered my condition. As I started to gently rub her left foot, she stretched languidly again and closed her eyes. “I’ll give you about three hours to stop that,” she sighed.

“You keep telling me that story, and you may get a three hour foot massage.” The skin of her feet was just as soft and smooth as the rest of her. As I rubbed the left one, her right foot lazily prodded at where my boner was straining for attention. Afraid that she was going to become distracted and lost in my attention to her feet, I hinted again that I would like to hear about how Rebecca had come to live with her. “So let me guess: Rebecca and you grew to become a little more than roommates…?”

“I’ll get to that; let me tell it,” she said. “Just keep up with the hands down there.”

Her story resumed and I enjoyed the view of her long, bare body reclining on the couch and her sexy feet in my lap.

Rebecca had risen in the morning after her late night drunken confessions of her college experiments. Her head hurt and she had told Callie that she felt like she’d been licking a sheep’s ass all night. So dry was her mouth, she said it wasn’t until the second cup of coffee that her mouth had begun to feel wet again.

Callie played it cool, wondering if Rebecca would speak again about her servicing of Vanessa and Patty, let alone remember that she had told the story. But Callie figured if Rebecca was a good enough cunt-licker to inspire her “girlfriend” to bring friends over to get in on the action, then maybe she should give it a try. Even if only for one time, if she could get the girl to go down on her, she would score in more ways than one. But the most important way would be revealed when and if Kyle found out that he’d lost his new woman to his ex-wife.

Earning the trust of her new confidant was uppermost in Callie’s mind so she took it slowly. The girls grew closer all the time. Callie couldn’t place the exact moment that her interest went from using Rebecca to get revenge on Kyle to sincere interest in the pretty brunette. She went from feeling like the girl was a toy to be played with to having a genuine interest in her as a big sister has for a younger sibling. This in turn blossomed into a love for her friend to the point that the relationship really started to mean something to Callie. She knew that her interest in men was not over, but that she wanted to expand her love life options by adding Rebecca to her list of possible bed partners.

Since Kyle was away from the office most of the day she was for the most part left alone, and at night Rebecca left him to stay at home with his daughters by inventing reasons to leave. Grocery shopping, picking up new clothes, or running errands were all offered as reasons for Rebecca’s weekly absences from the unhappy (to her) household. If Kyle suspected she was stepping out on him, he never mentioned it. For his part, he spent those evenings at home with his daughters, never guessing that his girlfriend was spending time with his ex.

What the two conspirators were hatching was a clean break from Kyle. Rebecca had begun moving clothes a little bit at a time to Callie’s spare bedroom closet. The oblivious idiot never noticed since he didn’t pay that much attention to her anyway. On the day of her disappearing act, Rebecca left a resignation letter on her desk along with the key to the office. Kyle was having a late dinner with a sub-contractor which she was sure would turn into a late night of carousing in the strip clubs on Orange Blossom bahis firmaları Trail. In any case, she didn’t worry about him walking in while she was trying to walk out. She then headed to the shared apartment and grabbed the last of her things and left a second letter and key on the kitchen counter. “Separation from the business and dissolution of the relationship,” she thought figuring that a clean break from that life was best. She pulled out of the apartment complex’s parking lot for what she hoped was the last time.

It would have been satisfying to see his face when he realized what had happened, but the ending of her life under Kyle’s thumb required that she simply disappear. Callie had put in a good word for her at the resort and she would start on Monday in the receivables section. Her car would be parked in the garage so Kyle would have to work extra hard to discover the deception on any of the rare occasions when he dropped off the girls for their weekly visitation. When Callie got home from work that day, Rebecca was mostly settled in, enough so in fact, that she had cooked dinner for the two of them.

Their friendship developed exponentially from there. Growing closer every day, they became inseparable. Rebecca opened up, clearly growing in her newfound freedom. She became more outgoing and confident and even had a couple of dates with nice men. Callie was happy to see the change in the pretty twenty five year old and when she mentioned it, Rebecca gave Callie the credit for the improvement.

“‘Couldn’t have done it without you.”

Callie countered, “Yeah, but the only thing missing is the shithead’s reaction to your absence. Someday he’s gonna find out where you are, ya know?”

“Who cares? At this point, it’ll be worth it to see his face when he finds out that you stole me away from him.” The wording of this statement made Callie think that maybe Rebecca had a goal in mind for their relationship, but it was still too early to tell what either woman had in mind.

They ate the rest of their dinner in silence until Callie got up to start a load of laundry. Rebecca started clearing the table in preparation to doing the dishes. When Rebecca had finished she went looking for her housemate and found her: Callie was leaning against the washing machine in the garage with her eyes closed. Rebecca was familiar with this procedure and watched for a minute. The sight sure was something. When she moved toward her to share in the sensation she thought that Callie was still unaware of her presence. Coming up quietly behind her, Rebecca realized that Callie was close, very close. She stood silently and excitedly waited for Callie’s impending orgasm.

Without turning around, Callie said to the air, “Did you wanna ‘do a load’ too?” Rebecca was startled, but didn’t move to leave. She felt confident with Callie, not nearly as lost and foolish as she’d sometimes felt in college. Able to make her own decisions now, she said, “Maybe; it looks good…”

“Let’s drop the pretense,” Callie continued. “I want to try the things you told me about that night when you first stayed over. You’re here now. I’m not asking you to fall in love with me, or worship me, or whatever it was you had with Vanessa. But in between dates, well…”

By way of an answer, Rebecca moved closer to Callie and interrupted, “Yeah. I mean, ‘yes’. Absolutely. I’d like that too.”

Callie realized that now, the can of worms had been opened, the gloves were off, and the cat was out of the bag; whatever you wanted to call it, their intentions were clear. She smiled unsurely at her friend, the pretty roommate who was about to become more, and reached out a hand to her. Rebecca took the hand and smiled back, confidently. She wasn’t afraid. Callie knew her secrets. They’d grown close. Later, they might explore just how close. But for now, it was enough to be still and anticipate what the future might bring. The two stood side by side, eyes closed, and shared the motion of the machine.

A pair of orgasms later, the two moved back into the cool air of the house. Flushed with the successful beginning to the evening, they walked silently with their thoughts. It was late and Callie offered to allow Rebecca to share her bed. Rebecca lit up like a child on her birthday. Callie prepared for bed, not sure what the night would bring. She brushed her teeth, brushed her blond locks, and stripped to panties and a t-shirt. When she re-entered the home’s master bedroom, she found that Rebecca was already in the bed with the covers pulled up almost to her neck. Demurely, Callie slid into the sheets and smiled back at her bedmate.

Rebecca turned to look over the pretty face of her blond friend. She wondered just how far Callie would want to take things for her first foray into bisexual love.

“Slowly, slowly,” Callie cautioned. This was new to her and while she was eager to explore the feelings that might blossom, she was also nervous because of the unfamiliarity.

Rebecca reassured her, “Callie, let’s kaçak iddaa not push anything. I’m happy being next to you.” In the course of their whispered conversation, Rebecca explained that she didn’t consider herself to be a rabid lesbian, wasn’t about to start wearing Doc Martins and plaid flannel shirts, and certainly wasn’t going to grow an odd haircut. “Not that there’s anything wrong with it,” she laughed, quoting the Seinfeld line. “I’m not going to go gay, and I don’t think you are either. But I do enjoy you…being with you,” she corrected.

This relaxed Callie and they talked into the night. She found out at one point that Rebecca was wearing only a pair of panties. Rebecca absently stroked a nipple while talking and Callie reached over and touched another woman’s breast for the first time. Some exploratory petting led to hesitant kisses, but this was enough for their first time. Both girls seemed to have the attitude that there would be plenty of other opportunities and they didn’t need to be in a hurry.

Since Rebecca’s shift at the hotel was a regular eight to five job, Callie woke up alone and feeling relaxed. As an assistant food and beverage manager, Callie’s shifts were always changing and on this day she had the evening shift.

She stretched languidly and moved from the bed to her morning routine. It seemed so natural to walk around her house knowing that again the home was shared. There were arrangements to be worked out and decisions to be made, but since the two talked about anything and everything, she was sure that not only would they work it out, but that there were some wonderful nights in her future.

She waited until mid morning and called the resort. When she’d been transferred to the accounting department, she said, “Hey can you talk?”

“A little. What’s up?”

“Just wanted to let you know something. I think this is going to be good for both of us.”

The hesitant answer satisfied her. “Thank you. Thanks for everything,” Rebecca whispered.

“See ya later…” and she was gone. Rebecca stared at the phone for a second and smiled before hanging up the dead line.

While I listened to Callie’s story about how Rebecca had come to live with her, I had never stopped gently rubbing her feet. I would often change up my technique since I didn’t want her to think I was on auto pilot but actually thinking about what I was doing. My goal was, as usual, to make sure that she knew that she was the only thing on my mind. Often, I would caress a hand up her leg almost to her knee. The smooth skin was silky, evidence of a life spent taking care of oneself. I could just reach her knees so my stroking would slide along a shapely lower leg, circle the knee, and glide back down the back of a sexy calf.

The curves and indentions of her lower legs were by now well known to me, but I always returned to those feet. To look at them, you wouldn’t know that she walked on them. Not a callous or scar could be found, no trace of hard use was visible. At eight years my senior, Callie was the oldest woman I’d ever been with, but women my own age didn’t take care of their feet this well. I guess working at the pool bar had allowed me to see way too many unattractive feet being abused by a pair of ugly, non-supportive flip-flops. After walking in flip-flops around one of the many area theme parks or even through the pervasive Florida sand, a girl’s feet would be dirty, and to me, just plain unattractive. After her eyes, one of the first things I looked at was usually her choice of footwear when I checked out a lady. I found that I could look at Callie’s feet all day, since she usually wore nice heels with her business attire. Her choice in shoes was always spot on; conservative enough to be taken seriously yet sexy enough to remind you that she was a woman.

As I worked her feet with my hands, I attempted to move slightly to keep her heels from resting on my penis. I may have not been very subtle, because she stretched and pointed her toes, grabbing my boner between her feet. “Having some issue down there, are we?” she asked when her toes made contact with the hard flesh.

“No trouble at all ma’am. How any man could complain about these beauties and what they’re doing to him is beyond me.”

By way of an answer, she pushed her toes further into my crotch, exploring with those little digits through my shorts for the details of my erection.

It was difficult to do, but I asked her to continue telling me the story about the living arrangement with Rebecca. She smiled, trying to think back to where she had left off. I reminded her that before I’d allowed my new interest in her feet to distract her, that she’d just finished talking about their first night as roommates.

A few nights had passed very much like the first night; kissing and petting was all that occurred. For the weekend, coincidentally, they both had Saturday off from work. It was a rare weekend when Callie would not be needed in the busy resort’s restaurants. Deciding to spend the kaçak bahis Saturday together, they headed to one of the area theme parks. In the darkness on some of the rides, they would sneak a quick handhold or even a furtive kiss as they grew more comfortable with this new situation. Between parks, they arrived at a monorail station just as a train was finished loading. A considerate operator re-opened a car so they could board while the driver waited to pull away and they found themselves alone in the air conditioned car. Once out of the station and away from prying eyes, Callie turned to Rebecca and said, “Tonight’s the night, I think. I want more.”

Rebecca turned to Callie and said, “Me too.” After looking into Callie’s eyes for a second or two, she developed a mischievous smile, “Why wait?” The blond girl’s answer was stifled by the kiss that Rebecca planted on her. Surprised but willingly participating, Callie felt the other woman’s hands pulling frantically at her blouse. When her breasts were exposed, Rebecca wasted no time. She sucked one nipple, then the other. Callie sneaked a quick look out of the window at the passing scenery. Nobody would see their actions so she leaned back, closed her eyes, and savored the feeling.

The humming of the train coupled with Rebecca’s tongue was hypnotic. As she wondered how long it was between stations, she got a welcome surprise. Rebecca slipped her hand surreptitiously up Callie’s skirt and rubbed at the front of her cotton panties, touching her there for the first time. She melted. Moaning from the enjoyment of the dual sensations, she reflected on this bisexual act in a public place. That lasted less than a millisecond; the fingers at her panties were insistent.

As Callie felt her undergarment growing moist, she received a new surprise. Rebecca gently began tugging at the panties until Callie hesitantly lifted her legs enough to allow them to come off. Once they’d been pulled down her legs and over her sneakers, Rebecca lifted her lips from Callie’s saliva coated nipples and began wadding up the cotton garment. She stuffed it down into her purse and said, “We won’t be needing these for the rest of the day.” The train was rounding a long curve above the theme park and approaching its station, so she helped the taller blond woman compose her clothing. At the last moment, she reached beneath her own short skirt and pulled her thong from its sweet shelter. It too went into the bag.

The girls stepped out into the crushing Florida humidity, but the dampness of their inner thighs was not caused by the weather. They walked around the park for a little while, sharing knowing glances and an occasional bashful smile. The anticipation was killing Callie; she was sure that she was going to go through with this foray into a new chapter of her life. There was no need to wait any longer. Dusk was coming on and Rebecca asked about seeing the fireworks. Callie replied, “They’ve already started honey. Let’s go home.”

“I thought so too, but I didn’t want to be a cliché,” Rebecca replied. A half hour later, when they stepped off of the parking tram into the relatively dark parking lot, they unabashedly held hands as they walked back to the car. At the car, Callie playfully pushed Rebecca against the fender and held her tightly. As they kissed, she felt her eagerness to get home strengthening. “Let’s go, ok?”

Upon walking into the house, they dropped their purses, keys, and sunglasses. Shoes came off and bare feet padded across the soft texture of the deep pile carpet. The pleasant temperatures inside the home had them wondering why anybody would wander around amongst the crowds trudging across acres of steaming concrete all day. Cooling drops of perspiration left Callie feeling salty and sticky, so she inquired, “Wanna shower?”

“No!” Rebecca blurted, “I mean, why waste time?” To avoid further delays, Rebecca stepped to her friend and hugged her, “I am so looking forward to this…”

Callie’s kiss was quick and direct. Showing the initiative in starting their first coupling was a big step, but she wanted to earn the same adoration that Rebecca had shown to her college roommate Vanessa. Callie’s theory was that Rebecca felt a slight need to be dominated so that if she established that it was going to be her that started the evening’s events, maybe they could have a relationship that was similar to the one Rebecca had shared with Vanessa. Rebecca, for her part, allowed herself to be kissed, invited the passionate stroking of her breasts that followed, and waited for the evening’s play to progress to her bare pussy.

When Callie’s assault on her senses was in full swing, she pulled away from Rebecca and gave her a small gesture that indicated that her presence was required in the bedroom. As she walked slowly, her last form of resistance to Callie’s new upper hand in the relationship, she shed her garments. Swaying her hips slightly as she walked down the hallway, her blouse, bra, bracelets, and necklace found their way to the floor. This trail to her bedroom was added to by Callie’s remaining garments as she silently followed the brunette. At the edge of the bed, Rebecca stopped and turned her head sideways as if to say, “I’m here; tell me what next.”

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