By the Dashboard Lights

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Copyright © 2019 – This is an original work by Zeb Carter and is protected under copyright by U.S. copyright law. It is only submitted at Literotica.Com and any submission to any other site has not been authorized by the Copyright Holder/Author.’

Author’s Note: This is my entry to the “On The Job” story event. Enjoy.


Crap! Another day, another dollar. That was about what I made. Not really, but it seemed like that’s all I had left after I paid my rent and bought groceries and such. I was standing in the squad room, waiting for the flight sergeant. So was the rest of the flight. It was time to start our shift. Then he was in the door, followed by a cute female airman. I was suddenly wide awake. She wasn’t beautiful by any means, but she was cute. As cute as a woman could be in uniform.

“All right, listen up,” Tech Sergeant Martinez shouted.

Everyone settled down. We were paying attention. Well, as much attention as a bunch of guys could with a woman in the room. The sergeant went through his standard spiel and then introduced the new member of our flight.

“This, men, is Airman Shelly Knight, she has been assigned to our flight. She will be riding with one of you today and if it works…”

He stopped there, looking around the room. Most of the guys were trying to draw his attention so he would pick them. Then his gaze landed on me. I rolled my eyes and shook my head. At the time I was a Staff Sergeant his second in command. He nodded and smiled at me. I growled.

“Airman Knight will be riding with Staff Sergeant Smith. Smith, front and center.”

I squeezed my eyes shut for just a second, then walked up to the front and stood next to Knight. She smiled at me. I frowned at her. It wasn’t that I was against women in the military, I always said in any discussion we had about them, they were always welcome to fight for their country. I cleared my throat as I looked over the men in front of me. They were all smiling, some were even laughing. Martinez let them have their fun for just a few seconds.

“Attention!” he called out.

Both Airman Knight and I snapped too. Martinez moved in front of Shelly and me.

“Shelly, this is Staff Sergeant Stanley Smith. Stan, this is Airman Shelly Knight.”

I put my hand out, she took it and we shook. Her hand was soft and warm. I let go when she did.

“Nice to meet you, Airman,” I said stiffly.

“Nice to meet you too, Staff Sergeant,” she replied.

Her voice was very soft but it projected well.

“You two will be in a pickup squad today, so go change into fatigues and be back here in twenty minutes.”

“Yes, Sarge,” I replied.

“Yes, Tech Sergeant,” Knight replied.

We both turned and headed out of the squad room and out of the police headquarters building.

“Do you need a ride to your barracks?” I asked.

“Yes. If you would?”

“I can,” I replied leading the way to my car.

“Thank you,” she said. “Do you want me to call you Sarge, Smith or Stan?”

I opened the door for her on the passenger’s side and closed it after she was inside. I walked around the car and got in the driver’s side.

“When we are private like this you can call me Stan or Smith, whichever you prefer. When we are with the others, Sarge or Sergeant.”

“Okay. Will you wait for me?”

“No, but I will be back, I live off base, just outside the main gate. So, I’ll be back in about fifteen.”

“Okay, I’ll start walking when I’m dressed, you can pick me up on the way back,” she said.

She was intelligent and not adverse to physical activity it would seem. I nodded as I stopped in front of her barracks. She smiled at me and slipped out of the car closing the door after herself. I backed out and headed home. My wife, June, was still there, getting ready to go to work. She looked at me with questions in her eyes.

“Need to change into fatigues. Driving a truck today. I also have a new partner.”

“Really? Who?”

“An Airman,” was all I said. I didn’t want her thinking what I knew she would be thinking if she knew it was a woman.

“Really. Which one?” she asked.

I couldn’t get around this. She knew all the men in my flight, my squadron even. She might even know about Shelly.

“Who called you?” I asked, as I changed.

“Carla,” she said.

Carla was A1C Jenkins wife. He and his wife were good friends and lived down the street from us.

“That blabbermouth. Fine. Her name is Shelly Knight.”

“Is she pretty?” June asked.

“Not really pretty. She is kinda cute though,” I replied.

“Stan, I better not find out you and she are…” She stopped speaking.

“We won’t dear, I promise.”

“You know how I feel about things like that …”

“And you’re glad I took you back? Aren’t you?”

It had been her who cheated on me. I really didn’t blame her, I was overseas at the time on a one-year deployment. She was a sexy, young woman, who since we were married had me fucking her five times a week. Sometimes more. I was happy and I too strayed while overseas, antalya escort but she doesn’t know about that as I was on a classified mission and couldn’t talk to her about what had happened. I had wanted to tell her about my involvement with another woman, but I couldn’t.

“I am. Thank you. But I feel completely different, now, about what I did.”

“I know, but if I had to go overseas again, could you stay faithful?” I had never asked this question before. “You think about that while we’re both at work. I don’t want an answer now, I have to get going.”

June nodded at me a sad look on her face as we both left. She had her own car and drove away just in front of me. She worked on base at the bowling alley. I knew I had shaken her up with my question. She probably thought I might be going away again. I wasn’t but she might think that. I caught up with Shelly about halfway back to the Police HQ. She got in and off we went.

Back at the HQ Building we went to the armory and got our weapons and ammo. Then it was to the desk sergeant to get the keys to the truck. I showed Shelly where to put her shotgun as I put mine behind my seat. We climbed in and headed out to our patrol area. Our sector was way out in the boonies of the base. Where they stored the ammo and armament for any planes that would fly in. We were basically a training base. No fighters stationed here, only trainers and cargo carriers. There were Piper Cubs, T-38 jet trainers, and C-130 cargo planes. The trainers were for the cadets from the Air Force Academy and the cargo planes were for training other pilots after they learned how to fly.

It was a quiet place, well except for the firing range which, was always noisy when in use. Every year, everyone had to qualify with an M-16 at the least. We police had to qualify with a multitude of weapons. M-16, .38 S&W Combat Masterpiece handgun, Remington pump action shotgun, M-149 and M-203 grenade launchers, M-60 light machine gun. We also had, on base, 81mm mortars, and 75mm recoilless rifles. But we rarely got to play with those. When we did, we had to travel a long way to the south and east to a government firing range. Where it was I can’t tell you. Not that I didn’t know, it was supposedly a secret. Of course, the ranchers around it knew it was there.

Once in our area of patrol, I radioed in and let them know we were on station. We made two rounds, which took us an hour. No one was out here. Not even the range master. I pulled up in front of the firing range and put the truck in park. Shelly looked at me.

“What?” I asked.

“Aren’t we going to patrol?”

“We just did. We’ll wait an hour or so and do it again. I hate breathing dust,” I told her.

And we had been. The truck was covered in the red-brownish dust that made up most of the ground on base. Well, at least where there was no grass growing and that was all the roads in the area of our patrol. That’s why we wore fatigues and why we drove a pickup truck. For the rest of the day, we patrolled and parked. Each time parking in a different, but visible spot. When our shift ended I drove us in. We turned in our equipment and I drove Shelly to her barracks. She thanked me and I went home.

When I got home, June wasn’t there yet. She did start work later than me and didn’t get off for about an hour after I got home. I changed into my civvies, got a beer out of the fridge, and plopped down on the couch to watch some TV. Flipping through the channels, I found something I could stomach and settled in with my beer. An hour later to the minute, June opened the front door. She smiled when she saw me. She dropped her purse on the table by the door and came to me, kissing me on the cheek, she sat on the couch next to me.

Smiling she looped her arm through mine and cuddled up to my side. I sighed kissing the top of her head.

“How was work?” I asked.

“It was work. How was your shift?”


“Anything unusual happen?” she asked.

“No, why?”

“Just curious. Remember that question you asked me this morning?”

“I do,” I replied. “Do you have an answer for me?”

“Yes. I have given it a lot of thought. A lot of thought. But I have to ask you a question first if I can?”

“Sure shoot.”

“Are you being deployed again?” she asked softly.

“You spent the day calling all of our friends, didn’t you?”

“I did,” she replied. head down and not looking me in the eye.

“And what did you find out?”

“There are no plans to send you away… anywhere,” she said softly.

“I haven’t heard anything about being deployed either. I swear.”

“Thank god. I would miss you terribly. And after spending the day thinking about it I have come to the conclusion that… and I really hate to say this… I feel like a… well never mind, I would probably stray again. I’m sorry to tell you this, but unless they have a pill to shut down my libido, I don’t think I could go longer than three or four months without sex. God, I’m so sorry. Please, remember I love you with all my heart, but sex is really kepez escort important to me,” she said softly, her eyes filled with fear and tears.

I pulled her against me hugging her gently. I kissed her ear. She shivered. Her arms wrapped around me her face was in the crook of my neck, lips pressed to the pulse spot. I sighed as she held me and I held her.

“I know you love me, June. I love you deeply. And if I do get deployed, I think I could handle you with another man taking care of your needs. Just not one of our friends. Them I would have to beat the crap out of. A stranger, not anyone from base, would be okay though, I think. I do, however, have the right to tell you differently when and if I do deploy. Got that?”

“Yes,” she said softly her voice filled with emotions. “I… I don’t… don’t know what to say, sweetheart. Oh my god. I…” she stopped, tears running down her cheeks. “That is just so wonderful of you. Oh my god.”

“One thing though,” I said.

“What, dear?”

“I don’t want to hear about it. Not from you, not from our friends, not from anyone we know. If I do, I will do something drastic,” I said sternly.

“Oh! What would you do?” she asked, fear in her eyes.

“I don’t know, but think about the options I would have. Beat you, divorce you, beat you and divorce you. Kill you, I would never do that myself.”

“Oh my god!” she yelled.

She snuggled up to me once more. She was shivering. I pulled her to me hard.

“But if you ever cheat on me when I’m home, our marriage is over,” I whispered.

“Yes, dear. Now I have something to tell you. If you ever cheat on me I will cut your balls off.”

“Even though you owe me one?” I asked evilly.

“Oh god, you’re right. Okay, you get one free pass. You can fuck Shelly if you want.”

“Just one?”

“How many do you think you should have?”

“I don’t know, how many times did he fuck you?” I asked softly.


“That many?”

“You… son… crap! Fine, you can do whoever, but just one woman, let’s say twenty times or… shit… until you tire of them,” June growled.

“That’s better.”

“Are you going to… you know?” asked June timidly.

“I don’t know. I have to think about this. I might just fuck what’s his name’s wife.”

“NO! I mean, you can’t she’s pregnant.”

“I know and she looks so sexy with that baby bump that’s hardly showing.”

“Crap.” June stood up. “I’m going to bed,” she huffed, turned, and headed to the bedroom.

I just smiled. Would I bed a woman now that I had my wife’s permission? I didn’t know. Even though I had when I was away last time, I really consider that time as part of the mission. Sighing, I rose, turned off the TV and any lights still on and went to the bedroom. From the sounds June was making, she was frigging herself under the covers. She stopped when I came in the room.

~~~ Dash ~~~

For the next two days, Shelly rode with me. Each time we were assigned a different area and in each area, I did something different. Shelly never questioned my methods or what we did and didn’t do. She did take some notes. She let me read them before the shift ended. I just snorted at what she was writing. She giggled. Each day I would drop her off at her barracks and go home. Each night, June would almost fuck me to death. She never, ever asked if I had started to us my hall pass.

Then our shift times changed. We were now on second shift. The second night we were assigned the firing range again. We both knew in advance and had come to work in fatigues. Now for sure, there was no one out here. After making three rounds this time, I parked in a secluded spot where we could watch anyone coming. There was only one way in and out of this area. This time I shut the truck off, keeping the radio powered up. It was really dark out there after the sun went down behind the mountains.

“How long are we going to sit here?” Shelly asked.

“Just until our eyes get adjusted to the darkness,” I replied.

“We have been together for four days now.”

“We have,” I said.

“Can we talk about something other than where you have been stationed?”

“Sure, what would you like to talk about?”

“Are you married?” she asked.

I close my eyes tight, then opened them.



“Are you?” I asked.

“No. I almost was but, when he found out I was going in the Air Force, he said goodbye.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“What’s your wife’s name?”


“Is she a nice girl?”

I took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. I have talked about my wife so many times to the other flight members, I was almost sick of doing so. But Shelly was new.

“She is a great girl. I really love her and she has stuck by me through all the time I have been in the service but once. I forgave her as I was deployed overseas on an unaccompanied tour for over a year.”

“She cheated on you and you took her back?” Shelly asked in disbelief.

“She did, I did,” manavgat escort I replied.

“Wow! I don’t know if I could do that? How long had you two been married?”

“Six years. Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, shoot,” she replied.

“If you found out your mom was cheating on your dad, would you stop loving her?”

Shelly gasped, her eyes were wide with shock at my question. Her mouth was open. I reach over and pushed up on her chin so her mouth closed. She was still looking at me in shock from what I asked. She finally blinked.

“Oh my god,” she whispered.

Her eyes closed for a second as she sat there thinking. Well, I assumed she was thinking of her answer.

“No, I guess I wouldn’t. I would, however, be very, very angry with her.”

“That was how I felt when I found out about my wife.”

“Do you know who it was?”

“I do. I had a long, long talk with him about what he didn’t do to me, but to my wife. Both of us came out of that talk bleeding in one way or another.”

“Yikes. Did he report you or you, him?” she asked.

“No. What good would that do? I have to assume he learned his lesson. I think my wife learned hers.”

“You didn’t hurt her did you?” Shelly asked fear in her eyes.

“Don’t be… no, I didn’t, I wouldn’t, hurt my wife. Even if I caught her in the act. And if the man didn’t know who I was, what’s the point of hurting him. The guy that was with her worked with me. He knew I was married to her and… well…”

“Okay, I don’t need to know. Thank you for telling me. Will you ever introduce me to your wife? Does she know about us riding together?”

“Probably at some flight party or outing. Yes, she knows about you and me riding together.”

“Did you tell her?”

“Yes and no.”

“What does that mean?” Shelly said giggling.

“She had heard from a girlfriend married to a member of our squadron. When she asked who you were, I told her, knowing she already knew.”

“Who told her?”

“It doesn’t matter. Time for another patrol,” I said starting the truck.

This time around I didn’t turn on the lights. There was a full moon and clear skies. Once your eyes adjusted, it was almost like daylight out. Shelly, was holding on for dear life as I drove. I wasn’t going fast, but it was dark out, but I had perfect vision. I could see quite well. I made two rounds and parked by the firing range. We could still see the road, if anyone was coming here, we would see them. We could also see the ammo bunkers. As things got quiet we started to talk again.

“Where are you from?” I asked Shelly.

“Well, that’s difficult to say. I was an Air Force brat. I was born in Texas, San Antonio. But grew up all over the states and the world.”

“Where did you spend the most time?”

“In the most boring place on earth, Omaha, Nebraska, Offutt Air Force Base.”

“Oh god, a SAC base.”

“Yes. I grew up there. It was miserable. When I was twelve we finally left.”

“Where did you go then?”

“Paradise. Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. Ocean, surfing, sandy beaches. Paradise.”

I laughed. She giggled. We settled down, each of us looking around. A while later, I saw a shadow move. I knew shadows didn’t move unless they were of a tree and the wind was blowing. This shadow crossed the road. And it was man-sized. I waited to see if Shelly would catch it. She did and poked me. I just nodded.

“What do we do?” whispered Shelly.

“Sit tight,” I whispered back.

Shelly nodded as we both watched the shadow. I was now checking my mirrors for other moving shadows. There weren’t any others that I could see. We were too close to get out of the truck without alerting the guy and turning on the lights wasn’t wise as we would lose the night vision advantage but we had to do something. Drawing my weapon from its holster, I slowly pulled up on the door handle. It hardly made any noise. I breathed a little easier. When I pushed the door open, I was thanking God the inside dome light didn’t come on.

“Stay here, but be ready to back me up,” I whispered.

Shelly nodded. I slipped out of the truck and as stealthy as possible crept to the bunker, the shadow was now kneeling in front of the door. I would think he was trying to pick the lock. Halfway there, I took a quick look around. I didn’t see any other shadows moving. Creeping forward, I stopped when I was about a yard away from him.

“Hands up, stay on your knees or I put a bullet through your head,” I whispered.

The shadow froze. I could tell he was thinking of trying to jump me. Cocking my handgun, made him put his hands up. Sensing someone next to me, I glanced sideways. Shelly was standing there with her shotgun. Nodding, I moved forward, un-cocking and holstering my weapon. I pulling my cuffs out. I had the shadow cuffed and lying on the ground in a split second. Rolling him on his side, I pulled the ski mask off his head. I didn’t know him.

“You know him, Airman?” I asked Shelly.


That was good enough for me.

“Keep him here while I radio in,” I said.

“No problem. If he moves, should I shoot him?” she asked, a big smile on her face.

I just scowled at her. Shelly nodded as she watched the guy on the ground squirm. I went back to the truck keeping an eye on the shadows.

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