Buttfuck Buddies Ch. 03

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Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. Don’t expect realism and you won’t be disappointed when you don’t find it! Enjoy!


Between the rain pouring mercilessly on the windshield and the tears that kept welling up in her eyes and streaming down her cheeks, Tessa could barely see the road ahead at all.

With her dainty hands clenched on the steering wheel in a white-knuckled grip, she kept blinking to clear her vision and biting her lower lip in an attempt to stop it from trembling, all the while forcing herself to take slower, deeper and ideally calming breaths. But it wasn’t working.

The flash of lightning in front of her followed almost instantly by the booming crack of nearby thunder brought a moment of scary, painfully hard clarity to the raging mess that were Tessa’s anxiety-laced thoughts. As much as she wanted to go on, as much as she needed to get there, she had to stop. She just had to, or she’d die in a car crash and it would all have been for nothing. And that was not acceptable. Not now that she had finally seen the light and done what she should have done months, no, years before.

Choking the wheel in her tiny fists and letting out a sigh of frustration and resignation and ultimate acceptance of the inevitable all wrapped into one breath, Tessa pulled over by the side of the road and stopped the car.

Rolling thunder grumbled louder, nearer as she slumped forward and rested her head on her shaking arms. For a while, she just stayed there, hunched over, motionless except for her shivers, crying and breathing raggedly as the storm raged on all around her.

At some point, her phone chimed and Tessa was called back to reality.

Her face was cold and wet, but tears weren’t flowing from her eyes anymore, and she wasn’t shaking as much. Checking her phone, she saw what she expected to see: her sisters were messaging her, asking her if she was okay, what she was going to do, all that sort of stuff. The thought of Sharon and Sally sobered Tessa up and pulled her out of the mind-fogging clash of sorrow, self-pity and anger that whirled inside her, threatening to engulf her. The mental image of her beloved little sisters and the knowledge of the boundless affection they felt for her immediately warmed Tessa’s body and spirit, revitalizing her enough to react somewhat.

Sitting back straighter on the seat, Tessa spent a good half hour texting back and forth with the twins, reassuring them and being comforted, explaining the situation and accepting advice. The three sisters then got in a group video call, talked some more and cried a bit too, but those were tears of compassion and relief, not desperation.

By the time Tessa hung up, sending a virtual smooch to her little sisters, a quiet smile had made its way to her soft, gorgeous lips. Putting down her phone, she took a deep breath and wiped her hand on the windshield, clearing some of the condensation that had formed on it. It was still raining heavily, but the thunderstorm seemed to have rolled past. The afternoon sun was even trying to peek through the dense clouds to her right.

Nodding to herself, Tessa pulled her long chocolate brown hair back in a ponytail and started the car again. She still had a long way to go and no intention of wasting any more time. It was the right thing to do. It always had been, and now she knew it without a doubt.

Exhaling, Tessa checked the road and saw no cars coming or going either way. Then she hit the gas and drove off.


If he had been able to think rationally, which he wasn’t, and if had felt in a philosophical mood, which he didn’t, Nick would have probably concluded that the only downside of fucking two ridiculously sexy, beautifully eager girls at the same time was the fact that you could never look everywhere at the same time, and that was terrible, because there was just so much hot stuff to watch! At that specific moment though, Nick had no complaints about his position and the view it allowed of Ashley’s bed and of what was happening on it.

Sitting back against the headboard, Nick had his face buried in Mia’s soft pillowy cleavage and he was going to town on her big round tits, worshiping the smooth slopes of her melons with long slurping smooches when he wasn’t focusing on her puffy pink nipples, alternatingly sucking each delicious bud into his mouth to lick and nurse and nibble on it. Kneeling up beside him, her head lolling to the side and her long raven hair cascading down her arched back, Mia was moaning and cooing in lewd appreciation of Nick’s voracious oral attentions on her epic rack.

The feel of his lips and tongue pleasuring her huge tits and teasing her nipples was so good that Mia was running one hand through her lover’s messy hair and pulling his face tightly against her bountiful boobs to make sure that he kept up his masterful, pussy-wetting tit-feast. The fact that Nick had his left hand firmly planted on her plump bubble-butt and was caressing and kneading and slapping her meaty ass bahis firmaları also added to Mia’s pleasure. Indeed, Nick’s obvious passion for her big juicy booty always caused Mia’s own ass-centric libido to flare up, and that time was no different, his buttlust inducing her to increase the languid in and out motions of her own hand, two fingers of which were masturbating her freshly fucked, seed-slippery asshole in an attempt to protract the incredible anal climax that Nick’s massive cock had gifted her mere minutes earlier.

All the while, kneeling between his splayed legs and facing away from him with her back arched and her taut heart-shaped ass impaled on his thick dickmeat, Ashley was bouncing and grinding her curvy butt on Nick’s huge pole in a wild self-fucking rhythm, mewling and gasping non-stop in shameless anal delight. With her short pixie-cut hair sexily tousled and her sculpted face flushed with horniness, Ashley had extended an arm and planted her palm firmly on the bed for better leverage while her other hand was nestled between her legs and hard at work on her dripping pussy, her slender digits frigging away at her clit as she relentlessly pumped her flawless ass back and forth on Nick’s rectum-cramming tool, coaxing rivulets of girlcum from her wet pink slit. Even though she had been fucking her own ass on Nick’s fat truncheon for just a few minutes, having impaled herself on him as soon as he was done sodomizing Mia and unloading a huge creampied into the brunette’s welcoming chute, Ashley had enjoyed a quick toe-curling assgasm the very moment she had managed to slot the entire granite-hard length of Nick’s monstercock inside her narrow anal sheath, and she had been rocking her ass back on his boner with lewd gusto ever since, chasing and getting more butt-centric pleasure with her every self-sodomizing bounce.

While Ashley kept sliding her overstretched sphincter up and down along his fat dong, taking him balls-deep deep into her steamy forbidden tunnel at every pass and gifting him with the priceless image of her shaft-gripping, indecently dilated asshole gobbling every last veiny inch of his throbbing sausage over and over again while she slammed her pert round buttcheeks on his lap at a frenzied clapping beat, Nick held his right hand on the blonde’s sweet heart-shaped ass, running his fingers up and down along her hips and waist, caressing the perfect curves of her taut round butt and guiding the rectum-stuffing pace of Ashley’s self-skewering cavalcade by pulling her onto his massive cock and pushing her off it in time with her lustful back and forth bouncing motions.

The silky, cushiony fullness of Mia’s glorious jugs smothering Nick’s face prevented his goofy smile from showing as he paid oral homage to the brunette’s fabulous tits, but his bespectacled eyes remained always above the top of her mountainous cleavage, his gaze magnetized by the image of Ashley’s sexy buttcheeks bouncing and rocking and grinding back on his dick, her smooth protruding globes framing her usually tiny asshole now dilated to the very limit, its gummy pink rim accepting his enormous schlong to the hilt over and over again in an obscenely beautiful representation of her anus’s insatiable craving for his stiff, fat cockmeat.

Indeed, Ashley’s hunger for Nick’s impressive dick was particularly acute that day, so much so that, even after she had spent another twenty solid minutes engulfing his boner within her needy rectum like that, gushing on her clit-pinching fingers almost constantly in the process, the slim blonde surprised both Nick and Mia when she let his throbbing hard dong slip out of her gaping pink butt-ring, grabbed it with her nectar-drenched hand and guided it into her drooling pussy only to then start impaling her juicy slit on his pole with the same reckless abandon she had shown while assfucking herself.

Joyously surprised by that unexpected change of holes, Nick grunted loudly into Mia’s heaving jugs as he enjoyed the feel of Ashley’s drenched folds snugly enveloping his boner while she fucked her pussy on it now instead of her asshole. Indeed, the tight schlong-massaging wetness of Ashley’s vaginal tunnel felt particularly pleasant to Nick exactly because it was complemented by the sight of her distended pink asshole twitching and winking at him above her cock-stuffed slit, the pulsations of her anal gape looking particularly intriguing to him since they made her yawning orifice look like a hungry little mouth lamenting the sudden emptiness and lack of dick inside it.

At that point, Nick’s fingers had already joined Mia’s digits inside her sperm-lubed butthole, and the two of them were languidly masturbating her rubbery anus together. With a total of four fingers pumping in and out of her sensitive asshole and the not insignificant contribution of Nick’s mouth working wonders on her big tits, Mia had already cum twice without even touching her dripping pussy, but, when she heard Nick growl into her fleshy boobs and felt his long, thick fingers accelerate their butt-stretching motions inside her rippling kaçak iddaa anus, the buxom brunette couldn’t help but force herself out of her orgasmic haze to check what had prompted that sudden spike in Nick’s passion.

Turning her head, Mia noticed for the first time that Ashley, while still kneeling between Nick’s spread legs and facing away from him and still recklessly bouncing her curvy butt back on his huge dong, was now taking him balls-deep into her pussy while her rosy bootyhole gaped invitingly between her firm round asscheeks. The notion that her blonde friend was going ass to pussy on Nick’s horsecock was super hot in itself, but Mia’s arousal and appreciation for Ashley’s sexual adventurousness increased even more as she watched the slim blonde switching holes again by letting Nick’s fat schlong slip out of her girlcum-soaked pussy on an up-stroke only to then gobble up his bloated glans inside the round gaping entrance of her cute little asshole on the following down-stroke, swiftly making his thick shaft disappear all the way into her anal passage in a fluid backward bounce of her buttcheeks against his groin. Without missing a beat, and indeed accelerating her tempo, Ashley moaned louder at the feel of her sensitive rectum getting packed full with dickmeat once again and started rocking her schlong-impaled ass on Nick’s oversize sausage with an increasing abandon that testified to her level of devouring buttlust.

“Wow, that’s so fucking hot!” Mia said, whistling appreciatively. Letting out a long delighted moan as Nick redoubled his tit-munching and ass-fingering attentions, Mia couldn’t help but teasingly address a panting, ecstatically mewling Ashley. “Feeling particularly slutty today, eh honey?”

Turning to look over her shoulder, Ashley had a dreamy expression painted on her gorgeous face and was smiling broadly as she kept moaning and bouncing on Nick’s huge ass-stuffing pole. Her perky tits were shaking in time with her hard dick-riding rhythm, their gravity-defying firmness and succulent pink nipples distracting Mia for a moment until Ashley let out sound that was halfway between a gasp and a giggle before speaking.

“Oohh Mia… It’s sooo big! It feels so fucking good inside me… Uuhh fuck! I just can’t decide if I want it in my ass or my pussy!” the slender blonde mumbled through breathless, lustful mewls. “Uuhh fuck Nick… I love your big fat cock so fucking much!”

Even as Nick gave a tit-muffled reply that was totally lost in the pillowy fullness of Mia’s cleavage, which he simply couldn’t bring himself to stop sucking and licking and smooching on, Ashley threw back her head and yelled out in climax, slamming her heart-shaped rump onto his horsecock and cramming it all the way into her anus, suddenly stopping her self-sodomizing ride to hold his entire dickmeat buried balls-deep up her ass and let the full force of her breathtaking anal orgasm wash over her. As she sat there on her knees, totally impaled on Nick’s girthy dong, grinding and rocking and stirring her snug rectum on his butt-cramming tool, Ashley rubbed away desperately on her clit to extend her assgasm as much as possible, gushing rivulets and rivulets of girlcum all over the bed.

Moaning herself as both her own and Nick’s fingers continued to diddle her clingy sperm-slick anus, Mia watched with lewd glee as Ashley came and came on their shared lover’s horsecock, marveling at how wild and sexy the usually quiet blonde looked when she was overwhelmed with anal pleasure like that. As soon as Ashley’s climax was over though, she didn’t even take the time to catch her breath but instead lifted her curvy butt off Nick’s massive sausage, reached back with her clit-rubbing hand to grab his shaft and, as soon as his bulbous glans popped out of her overstretched sphincter, she promptly guided his throbbing boner back into her dripping, nectar-flooded slit again. Within moments, Ashley was gasping in delight as she slammed her pussy up and down on his rock-hard pole, eliciting louder boob-muted grunts from Nick and coaxing breathless moans of pleasure from her own slack, O-shaped lips.

Smirking and attempting to share a glance with Nick, who failed to meet her smoky blue eyes since he was too busy staring at Ashley’s reckless cock-riding holes-switching marathon over the soft bulging curves of her big jugs, Mia let go of her tit-worshiping lover’s head and reached toward the night stand as she spoke with a vaguely casual but still obviously naughty tone.

“You know, Ash, you don’t really have to choose between your pussy and your ass…” Mia suggested even as she extended her arm to the limit to open the top drawer of the night stand and fish around in it while making sure not to move her body too much, thus allowing Nick to keep sucking on her huge, sensitive tits.

Ever since Ashley had moved into that room in Nick’s apartment, Mia had spent many a night there with her and Nick, and, while she had never spent a whole night nor left anything personal in Nick’s own room down the hall as per the basic ground rules of their buttfuck kaçak bahis buddies agreement, the busty brunette had indeed shared Ashley’s bed frequently and left quite a few personal effects in her room. Most notable among them, were some of Mia’s sex toys, all of which had been put to good use on one occasion or another, either during their threesomes with Nick or when the two girls had fun on their own. As she rummaged through the drawer though, Mia had one very specific toy in mind, one that Ashley had come to know and love, one that was perfect for the occasion.

Letting out an excited chuckle, Mia finally grabbed the strap-on dildo she was looking for and pulled it out of the drawer, holding it up like a trophy as she exclaimed triumphantly: “Ta-da! Here’s the solution for you, Ash: two cocks for your horny holes and lots of fun for all of us! What do you say?”

Big and purplish and ribbed with veins, the fake yet anatomically accurate cock complete with harness that Mia was dangling over Ashley’s arched back was a very familiar sight for the slim blonde. Many a time in the previous weeks Mia had worn that strap-on to fuck one of Ashley’s holes while Nick plowed the other, much to the blonde’s mind-blowing delight. In truth, Ashley had initially hesitated quite a bit at the possibility of getting DP’ed, but once she had been introduced to the pleasures of double penetration by her lovers she had quickly become hooked on that new feel of crazy, unprecedented fullness radiating from both her pussy and ass at the same time. Now, as she rhythmically bounced on Nick’s slit-stuffing horsecock while her empty, gaping asshole winked with the desperate need to be filled full once again, the image of Mia’s favorite strap-on brought an obscenely eager smile to Ashley’s parted lips, eliciting a long sigh of anticipation that mingled with Nick’s boob-muffled sounds of assent to Mia’s idea.

“Oooh fuck, yes! Yes, Mia, that’s exactly what I need right now!” Ashley mewled as she looked lovingly at the curvaceous brunette, who reciprocated her horny look with a sultry smile and a smoldering hot stare of her own. “Let’s do it! Let’s fucking do it, I need my holes filled so fucking bad!”

As soon as she had spoken those urgent lust-addled words, Ashley lifted herself off Nick’s lap, causing his stiff monstercock to slip out of her sopping pussy and slap back against his flat abdomen with a meaty, sexy thwack. At the same time, Mia wiggled her plump bubble-butt and dislodged both her own and Nick’s fingers from her slippery asshole before she knee-walked back and to the side, depriving Nick of her ample titflesh. As Nick groaned and stared greedily at the brunette’s big, round and now saliva-glossy jugs, Mia deftly donned the strap-on and began directing the incoming threesome action.

“Okay, Nick, enough lazying around for you. Let me sit back and relax now!” Mia grinned teasingly at Nick even as he gave her ample booty a parting slap of appreciation that made the curvy brunette giggle and squeal.

“I wouldn’t call it ‘lazying around’, really…” Nick pondered while he stood up on his knees and adjusted his glasses, his eyes still lingering on Mia’s huge tits swaying heavily side to side as she took his place sitting up against the pillows. “And after riding your ass the way I did, I kinda needed some rest.”

“Fair enough…” Mia shrugged, winking at Nick as she held the fake cock jutting up between her legs straight up, causing Ashley to purr in anticipation as she straddled the brunette and got ready to impale her pussy on the robust toy. “You really did a great job on my ass, Nick, and you gave me a massive load too, so yeah, you kinda earned some lazy time, I guess. Fuck, there was so much cum that I can still feel it deep in there, even though this horny slut here sucked out and drank most of it!”

If the thought of the epic gush-inducing buttfuck she had got from Nick earlier while Ashley slurped away on her pussy was already enough to make Mia’s voice dreamy with desire, the memory of how ravenously Ashley had then proceeded to suck Nick’s massive anal creampie straight from her anus coaxed a sultry chuckle from the busty brunette’s lips. All the while, Ashley’s languid mewls filled the room while she lustfully let herself drop all the way down on Mia’s lap, forcing the thick dildo to slide to the hilt into her wet needy slit.

“Ooohh fuck yes!” the slender blonde exclaimed as soon as she was impaled on Mia’s fake phallus, her back arching as she rocked her fully stuffed pussy on the big dildo. Wasting no time, Ashley began riding Mia cowgirl style, meanwhile turning her gorgeous, sex-flustered face toward Nick.

“That really was a huge load you pumped up Mia’s ass, Nick… Mmhh so good, so creamy…” Ashley cooed, licking her lips as if trying to taste once again the extra generous batch of dense sperm she had slurped straight out of Mia’s winking asshole earlier. All the while, Ashley’s lust-clouded eyes focused on the mighty slab of dickmeat jutting proudly from Nick’s crotch mere inches from her mouth, the shaft glistening with her own pussy juices and the huge purple cockhead all shiny with leaking precum. “Please, give me a big load up the ass too, Nick! I want you to fuck my slutty asshole hard and fill it with cum!”

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