Business Trip Rendezvous

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Carl was a little apprehensive walking into the bar. Here he was, a single guy in a strange city going to meet someone he’d never met. His nervousness melted away as soon as he saw her green eyes and shoulder length black hair. “Tracey?” He said. “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“It’s nice to finally meet you too, Carl.” She responded as they first shook hands, then leaned in and kissed each other on the cheek. They’d chatted for months online; sometimes flirty, sometimes dirty, sometimes about nothing in particular. There was a good chemistry online, but neither knew what to expect in person. It’s easy to click with someone through a keyboard and computer when there’s no expectation of meeting, but when Carl told her he’d be heading to her city on a weeklong business trip, they figured they should meet in person. Meeting at a bar on a Tuesday night seemed like a low pressure situation, if they didn’t click, they could go their separate ways without feeling like the night had been a total loss.

It wasn’t long before they realized that they did indeed click. They leaned in towards each other as they talked and laughed, her hand on his knee, his arm around her back. “I’d love to stay out and chat all night, but I have to work in the morning,” Tracey said apologetically as she rubbed her hand up his leg. “When are you leaving?”

“My conference ends on Friday, but I’m not leaving until Sunday,” Carl replied. “I figured I’d give myself a day to do some sightseeing.”

“Well, let’s get together Friday night,” Tracey suggested.

“I can’t wait.” Carl said as they walked out of the bar. They looked in each other’s eyes and realized they were at the awkward moment of whether or not to kiss goodnight. Carl leaned in towards her and their lips met, both mouths slightly open. It wasn’t exactly the most passionate kiss, but Carl antalya escort was sure it was more than a “let’s be friends” kiss. He didn’t sleep much that night, or Wednesday night, thinking about Tracey. Even masturbation couldn’t put him to sleep.

Carl had just walked into his hotel room Thursday afternoon when his phone rang. “Hey, it’s Tracey. Two questions for you. First, would you mind if we met up with my friend Vickie and her husband on Saturday instead of going out on Friday?”

“Sure, that’s no problem.” Carl replied, although he was dejected, figuring she must want to be around friends to make sure nothing happened.

“Great! You’ll love them. They’re a lot of fun. OK, second thing. I can’t get you out of my mind since that kiss. I have an early morning tomorrow, but I don’t suppose we could get together tonight, could we?”

“Absolutely!” Carl said, realizing after it came out of his mouth that he might have sounded a little too excited. “Where do you want to meet?”

“Actually, I’m pulling into your hotel parking lot now.” Tracey said with a wink in her voice. “What room number are you?”

Carl knew he wouldn’t have time to freshen up, so he took off his tie, ran to the bathroom and immediately brushed his teeth. He was rinsing his mouth out with water to hide the toothpaste taste when there was a knock at the door. Tracey walked in wearing a light blue sweater and jeans that fit her body so well you could tell she had a perfect ass even when looking at her from the front. They both smiled at each other and without a word passionately engaged in a kiss. He pulled her sweater over her head and tossed it onto the floor, revealing a black lace bra over her 34C breasts. He kissed both breasts, then returned to her mouth.

Tracey began to push Carl back towards the bed, unbuttoning his shirt alanya escort as they went. He sat down on the bed and took the shirt off, throwing it aimlessly. Tracey pushed him onto his back, sat astride of him and leaned in to suck on his nipples. She knew what he liked from their flirty chats. She bit them and teased them with his tongue, evoking a moan of pleasure. He gently scratched his fingers down her back until he got to her bra strap. He undid it and could feel her breasts spring forward against his body as she continued to play with his nipples.

She sat up, pulled the bra off of her body, and whipped the hair out of her face. Carl thought to himself that she looked like a porn star with her beautiful body, and that naughty look on her face. He grabbed her breasts and played with them. Tracey let out an approving moan as she arched her back. She could feel his rock hard cock through his pants and immediately started to undo his fly. She stepped off of the bed and pulled Carl’s pants off of his body and onto the floor. She licked her lips and grinned as his eight inch cock stood erect towards the ceiling.

Tracey grabbed it with her right hand and licked up the length of the shaft. Carl let out another moan, then breathily said, “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I’m skipping dinner for this, I need something to put in my mouth too.” Tracey pulled off her jeans and climbed onto the bed, putting one knee on either side of Carl’s head and lowered her now moistening pussy to his mouth. She tensed when his tongue first met her nether lips, but quickly relaxed and returned to what she’d been doing before getting interrupted.

Tracey laid down on top of Carl and completed the sixty-nine taking his cock into her mouth. She sucked up and down the shaft, occasionally stopping to play with the tip, sometimes belek escort with her tongue, sometimes gently with her teeth. Sometimes she’d stop because she was overwhelmed by his tongue skills between her thighs. With one hand holding Tracey’s hair to keep it out of her way, Carl licked her pussy, sucked her clit, and rubbed his five o’clock shadow against her now wet and swollen cunt. With his free hand he’d thumb her pussy, occasionally slipping his ring finger into her back door.

Finally, Carl couldn’t take it anymore. He felt an orgasm coming and moved his mouth away from her body to warn her. “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” He yelled as his knees locked up and his toes curled. He shot his creamy load into Tracey’s mouth as she swallowed. So turned on by Tracey’s swallowing skills, Carl buried his face between her legs, fingering her asshole as he did. In no time, Tracey shook with orgasmic pleasure, pushing herself deeper into Carl’s mouth.

Tracey spun around so that the two were face to face. They kissed each other deeply, still able to taste their own juices in the other’s mouth. Tracey licked some of her cum off of his chin, Carl licked some of his from the side of her mouth. They giggled and laughed. Tracey felt his cock coming back to life. “So soon?” she asked, impressed.

“Ready for round two?” Carl propositioned.

“I can’t” Tracey pouted, “I have an early meeting in the morning.” She said as she rubbed her pussy up and down the length of his hardening cock.”

“You can’t say ‘No’ while you tease me like that. That’s not fair,” Carl protested. “Grab a condom out of the drawer next to the bed.”

“I really have to go,” Tracey apologized as she got up to collect her clothes. “Besides, we’ll need all the condoms we can get on Saturday when we go out with Vicki and Ted,” she said as she kissed Carl goodbye. “I told you they’re a lot of fun.”

As Tracey walked out of the room, Carl smiled at the thought of meeting Tracey’s friends. He started stroking his re-hardened cock as he figured he’d probably go another couple more nights without getting much sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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