Building Harry’s harem – part 4

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He went through the motions Monday, his first class being potions. From all his independent study he didn’t need to look at the instructions when snape put them up on the board. He started chopping, dicing, stewing and boiling ingredients, throwing in a few not on the board, and stirring in a different way. No one seemed to notice. Hermione was next to him doing her own, while shooting him loving glances and continually brushing her hand against him.

At the end of the class Harry’s potion was perfect. It was the exact colour and texture asked for, with an aroma of blooming flowers. It was a potion for curing the common cold. Snape tried to take points and destroy the potions, but Harry glared at him with such hatred, anger, and power that snape paled and ran to his office, dismissing class. Harry made a conscious effort to look 100% normal in public. He figured he would be hugely suspect if all the girls started liking him and he was insane.

He turned the corner to see Malfoy accosting Daphne. “Get away from my girl, ferret!” he hissed.

“Your girl Potter? You couldn’t even get a first year!” Malfoy laughed nervously.

“I said back away.” Crabbe and Goyle headed towards him, as Malfoy’s hand started up her skirt, inching closer and closer to her centre. Daphne was staring at harry blissfully as malfoys hand suddenly stopped as if grabbed. He was pulled up to the ceiling with it, along with Crabbe and goyle. They and Daphne were the only witnesses. They looked wide eyed at Harry who’s power was seeping from him in waves, his anger clear.

“Potter, put us down! I mean it, I’ll tell my father!” Malfoy yelled. Harry Laughed.

“Tell daddy, ferret.” He said as Daphne came over and kissed him. “Or better yet tell mommy. Either way, you’ll be more like them after today. None of your family has any balls!” Harry yelled. All of a sudden the three boys screamed silently as Daphne waved her wand and 3 red stains appeared at their crotches and started spreading, and something short and thing dropped out the legs of their uniforms, followed by their balls. Harry couldn’t help but wince as blood started dripping from their clothes and they passed out.

“How long do you give them my love?” she asked him dreamily.

“I’d be surprised if they weren’t dead within 2 minutes, Daph.” He told her, wrapping his arm around her waist. He led her to the great hall for lunch, walking in with her in his arms certainly caused a lot of gossip. When the rest of his girls all came over and kissed him before sitting back down the boys were in uproar and the girls who didn’t love him were shocked. Harry smiled down at Daphne thinking ‘soon enough’.

Lunch took about half an hour, and he was fingering Daphne under the table while eating pumpkin juice and some scampi and chips. When they got up for lesson he walked with Daph, gently sucking his fingers. He arrived at Transfiguration 10 minutes early and sat in the back corner. The lesson was to last all afternoon, so he cast a cushioning charm on his chair and continued his fingering. Daphne was trying not to groan in pleasure or give any outward sign of anything going on. What she didn’t know was harry had put a confudus charm around the area they were sitting, so everyone would think they were paying strict attention to the lesson. It was a very complicated charm that responded when someone asked a question, and kept people from wanting to enter the charms AOE.

Minerva walked in and winked at the couple as she headed to the front of the room. As soon as she entered more people did. Harry’s girls sat as close as they could to him, filling about casino şirketleri a third of the room. The other side had all the guys, and the rest of Harry’s side of the room had girls. As Minerva started speaking Harry pushed up Daphne’s skirt and lifted her in front of him so she was sitting on the desk, her panties the only thing protecting her bum. He leant forward and licked the crotch of her panties, Daphne giving up her struggle and moaning loudly as she stroked his hair and pulled him deeper into her.

Harry was feeling slightly as if she was trying to take his control and pulled back, slapping her. “you are mine, not the other way around.” He hissed. Daphne apologised desperately, tears entering her eyes.

“I am sorry my love! I thought you wouldn’t mind and I just thought…”

“Don’t think! I will do as I want with you. You may ask, and you may receive, but you are never to assume!” he ordered stiffly. She sniffed and nodded and he smiled up at her. “Now, take off the panties.” She did, tears still dribbling down her face. She leant forwards towards his crotch to do so, and as she straightened up he grabbed her hair, pulling her face painfully towards his. She gasped at the pain, crying slightly, but smiled when he licked from her chin up to her eye, tasting her tears.

He threw her head backwards, towards the desk. She only just avoided hitting her head. He stood and pushed his own pants down, revealing his hard, huge member. She looked at him like a little schoolgirl, and with the outfit Harry loved it. He pulled her waist closer to the desk, holding onto her hips. He cunt was lined up directly above the desk and he flipped her over so her chest was rubbing the wood and her ass was facing him. He pushed into her cunt. He felt the muscles giving way as he pushed to let him in deeper. He felt every ring within her walls, squeezing down on his cock, and he saw her cunt stretching to accommodate him.

Once he was balls deep he fucked her hard and fast. He loved the feel of her moist, hot walls stroking him with every thrust, her moans of pleasure, the scraping of the desk against the wall as it was pushed forwards with his thrusting. He thrust and thrust over and over again, Daphnes moans reaching a peak.

“Oh love! You are the best! You are the only one, my soulmate! I love you so much! Oh! Oh! Oh!” she screamed as she came. There was no charm on her today to give pleasure. That reminded him. He flicked his little finger and she glowed grey. This had the added effect of sending a tingle through her body, almost like an electric current, which harry felt in his cock. He groaned at the feeling, and just as the spell took hold, he pulled out and came all over her uniform.

He sat back in his chair, daphne quickly following, and cancelled the charm. It took a few seconds for the images to change to how they are now. He vanished the mess on Daphne just before the charm cancelled.

“And Harry here will now be demonstrating how to conjure a wooden horse.” Minerva said. Harry had no idea what she had been saying beforehand. He stood, thanking whoever made them that the desks were above his waist, as his pants were still around his ankles. “Whenever your ready, Harry.”

He winked at the professor and she sat at the front, showing him her soaked panties under her work skirt. He grinned, and waved his wand, silently conjuring an extravagant carousel horse. It was as big as a real stallion with intricate designs all over it. “That do, professor?” he asked the shocked woman, who after a second looked at him in adoration.

“You always beat my expectations wonderfully Mr Potter. casino firmaları Your stamina… to cast a spell like that without being tired is… astounding.” She said. He bowed and sat down. The class continued, and as the others were all working on it, Minerva asked to see Harry in her office. Not wasting anytime, she closed and locked the door, throwing up a silencing ward and impenetrable shield around the room, Sitting on her office desk with her legs spread, and disappearing her panties with a flick of her wand. “Beat my expectations, Harry! Please, I need you badly!” she moaned, touching herself. Harry strode towards her and kissed her hard.

She grabbed his shoulders, pulling him towards her, and he grabbed her tit through her robes, squeezing hard. She screamed in pain and turned meek as harry glared at her. “I am sorry master. I should not make demands. I am yours to use as you please.” He nodded and kissed her more gently, pulling down his pants and plowing into her hard and fast. He fucked her like a jackhammer, and she screamed his name over and over again as he slid in and out at a ferocious pace. They came together after 5 minutes, and quickly straightened up, before walking out, Minerva with a huge smile, and harry grinning Sexily.

People looked up as they came out and Minerva gave him 70 points for a dazzling performance. People shrugged, assuming it was the horse, apart from his girls who looked jealously at Minerva.

He walked back to his seat and waved his wand, simultaneously conjuring teddy bears for each of his girls, and one in minerva’s office which she would find later. He left the class and took the girls to an empty classroom. “Ok, I am not going to add any more people tonight. We shall wait until Friday. Tonight I want 2 of my first years.” He told them. They sighed dissapointedly and headed down to the great hall for dinner. Harry again kissed all his girls before sitting with the Hufflepuffs. On his way to his seat he dropped a note by his first years. It simply read ‘meet me outside your common room at 11.’ He then continued over to Susan, who stood and had him sit, before sitting on his lap and wrapping her arms around him, with adoring eyes. Her friends seemed shocked at her behaviour, but accepted it. Harry fed susan her dinner slowly, before eating himself, and susan fed him dessert with a spoon, licking any that missed, which seemed to be a lot.

When dinner finished he stood with susan in his arms, stepped away from the bench, and put her back down before leaving. She followed him quickly, grabbing his hand on the grand staircase and leading him towards the puff dorms. She led him up to her dorm and started kissing him, shoving him onto her bed and closing the curtains, casting wards much like harry had in transfiguration. When the silencing wards was up along with the impenetrable and confounding ward, harry whipped out his wand.

“Crucio.” He hissed. Susan started screaming bloody murder. He held it on her for 20 seconds. “Never try to take control.” He hissed. She nodded, looking down apologetically.

“I am sorry my love. I know you only do whats best for me.” She said. Her grabbed her by the shoulders and threw her onto her front, savagely ripping off her clothes. There were tattered pieces clinging to her. He grabbed her around her stomach and held her up so she was kneeling, before savagely entering her ass. She screamed in pain, crying huge tears as he pounded away at her perfect figure. He felt her tits swinging like huge pendulums, heard the slap as they hit her stomach. She was whimpering and crying for at least 10 minutes before she seemed to start enjoying güvenilir casino it. He wasn’t using the pleasure charm again, wanting to punish her.

Her ass was raw when he pulled out after 40 minutes. It was gaping wide, her shit visible in her anal tunnel. When she turned around, her ass was so abused that her shit just dropped out without anything but gravity effecting it. Harry picked it up and bit some off, tasting it, before frenching a reluctant susan, pushing it into her mouth and flattening it against her tongue. She moaned and tried to spit it out, but harry didn’t remove his mouth from hers until she swallowed. He pushed his cock in her face, and she took the shit covered dick into her mouth, sucking it as she cried more.

After another 10 minutes harry shoved hard until he felt her throat squeezing him. He heard her choke and pulled out, pushing as deep as he could and pulling out again, until she had no problems taking him. Every time he thrust he saw her throat getting wider. He smirked down at her and pushed in as far as he could, seeing the tip pushing out at her skin, and started pissing straight down her throat. Her eyes widened as he continued to piss for over 30 seconds with his cock in her throat, and they widened more as he started slowly pulling out while the fluid gushed into her. She opened her mouth wide as he pissed into it. He simply glared at her and she shut it, swallowing as much of his piss as she could.

After a while she seemed to start liking it, and after 3 minutes he finally stopped pissing into her mouth. Her head was soaked from when she couldn’t swallow fast enough, her hair plastered to her head. he slid down her body and thrust into her cunt, fucking it for an hour before cumming into her. She had cast the protection charm earlier. They lay there, Susan thanking him for loving her, and telling him she loved what he did to her, it had just taken her a second. She loved eating her own shit, could she eat her masters sometime? Harry smirked as he groped her tits. He held them in his hand so they were like weights and hefted them. They were quite heavy.

He just lay there, holding and fondling her as she fell asleep. He didn’t bother putting on his clothes as he snuck out of the 7th year dorm and to the 1st years. It was only 10:30, so they were all there. They squeeled, and he quickly waved his wands, casting the wards again. They jumped on him, and he made their beds disappear, waving it again to make the entire floor into a bed and padding the walls. He pushed one of the first years down savagely, ripping her bed clothes off like he had susan, and pushed into her, tearing her baby cunt open.

She screamed and squeeled for a few minutes, before starting to like it. He had forgoteen that they couldn’t produce their own juices yet, and it was a very dry fuck. He fucked the cunt for 10 minutes before cumming in her, damning her tightness as it made him cum quicker. He literally threw her away from him into the wall before grabbing the next one and repeating the process. Fuck the tight cunt, get them a little looser, throw them against the wall once they were used, and use the next one. They all stood against the door when he had finished with the fifth and he groaned at the sight.

Their pussies had all stretched slightly, and closed up. Their cunts were gaping open, looking wider than they were due to their small size. The holes looked maybe a fourth of Harry’s cock size. He walked over and started eating their holes, drinking up his own cum from them, holding it in his mouth, and kissing the first years, putting it into their mouths. The beamed at him when he was finished, and he went back up to Susans dorm, wrapping his arms around her, grabbing her chest, and resting his cock inside her, waking her up, before falling asleep.

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