Budding Of Bree

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Closing the door behind her, Bree leaned back against it, her knees still a little wobbly from her evening’s activities. Gathering her strength, she kicked of her shoes and walked over to the sofa and plopped down on it. She was completely sated. It had been a remarkable and surprising night.

Sitting there so relaxed and so tired, she thought back to just a week before. Her friend Emma had taken her to a party with the promise of meeting new and interesting people. Bree could use a party and Emma had this knack for having lots of interesting friends. Plus it was fun to get all dressed up every once in a while and go out kick up your heels.

The party was fun. Lots of good food and drink and the people there were interesting enough. Bree was standing near the table, placing little munchies on her plate when Emma bounced up to her and grabbed her by the arm.

“Bree, you simply have to meet this guy!” she bubbled, pulling her off between the people chatting in the room. “I just know you’re going to like him.”

Emma had lots of interesting friends, but the men she knew were usually even more interesting. Bree knew that Emma’s male friends were always young and hot, so she eagerly went allong with her close friend.

Stopping at the entrance to an adjacent room, Emma pointed him out. “There he is, over there.”

Looking across the room for a hot young stud, Bree could only see a relatively ordinary-looking man standing, looking out over the party. “Him?” Bree asked, almost dumbfounded by the sight of the man, older than most, if not all, of the other people at the party.

What’s going on here, Bree thought to herself. This was not the typical guy that made Emma’s panties wet!

Approaching the man, Emma introduced them to each other. “Andrew, this is Bree, my best friend, and Bree, this is Andrew, a new friend of mine.”

“I’m pleased to meet you, Bree,” said Andrew, taking her hand and giving it a polite shake. “Emma has told me so much about you.”

“She has? Like what?” asked Bree, giving her friend a questioning look.

“Oh, only good things, I assure you, ” he replied with a glimmer in his eye.

A woman at the entrance to the room waved, catching Emma’s attention, and Emma excused herself, “Pardon, me, but I have to talk to Susan for a bit.”

A little irked that Emma had left her on her own with Andrew, Bree frowned.

“Oh, I’m not that bad of company, am I?” said Andrew.

Looking at the man, Bree said, “Oh, no, its just that Emma has this tendency to put me into awkward positions sometimes.”

Touching her arm gently, Andrew said, “Oh, you’ll be okay. I won’t bite.”

Andrew was tall and a little stocky, but he had a soothing voice, and very intense eyes, and it wasn’t long before Bree was totally engrossed in their conversation. She was surprised to learn that that had many of the same tastes in movies and music. He was smart and witty, and more than a little charming. The two of them stood and talked for the whole party, and when Emma finally pulled her away to leave, Bree had already given Andrew her phone number.

“I knew you’d like him, Bree,” said Emma with a twinkle in her eyes. “He’s a man of many talents, but he’s a little too intellectual for me,” she said giggling.

A few nights later, Bree was sitting watching TV when the phone rang. It was Andrew.

They talked for several hours and Bree found him quite easy to talk to, telling him things she had never told anyone before, not even Emma. She found herself talking to him about sex and her secret desires, surprising herself antalya escort at the things that slipped out of her mouth. He told her of his desires as well, and she discovered that he was a very passionate, sensual person.

The next evening he called again, and the evening after that. Each conversation went a little deeper. Each conversation a little more erotic. And with each conversation, Bree felt more comfortable with Andrew. She expressed a desire to meet him again.

“Bree, I want you to come over to my place this Friday night. Talking to you these past nights have given me an intense desire to please you. I know what you want. What desires burn inside you. And I want to give you a night to remember.”

Andrew’s words scared Bree a little. What could he mean? But they also excited her. As Andrew talked she felt a warmth surging through her body, a warmth that she knew would grow to an intense heat when then met on Friday.

Arriving at Andrew’s place at the prescribed time, she saw a note tacked to the door, labled “To Bree.” Immediately thinking that something had come up that had made Andrew cancel, she quickly grabbed the note and read, “My Sweet Bree, the door is open, please enter and go up the staircase before you. Enter the room at the top of the stairs and follow the instructions.”

A stab of panic shot through her for a moment. What is going on, she thought. She turned to leave, but stopped in her tracks. Looking at the note again, and thinking of their conversations, she felt excitement replace fear. Turning again, she opened the door and walked in.

The room was dimly lit. Just an ordinary room. Seeing the stairs before her, Bree walked up them, holding onto the railing for support. At the top of the stairs, there was a light coming from a room to the right. Looking into the room, Bree saw that it was an elegant bath room, lit only by candlelight, nearly 20 or so, scattered along the counter, and the rim of the bathtub. There were bottles of bath oils on the counter and a small folded garment near the side. And a note was attached to the mirror.

Opening the note, Bree read, “Sweet Bree, your bath is drawn. Please bath yourself and relax. These bath oils are soothing as well as fragrant. When you are through, please put on this robe and move down the hallway to the room at the end.

Another stab of panic shot through Bree, but not as strong as the first one. I quickly subsided. The bath was drawn and the room so enticing that she couldn’t resist. Andrew certainly knew how to get to a woman. Bree closed the door and disrobed, stopping to look at herself in the mirror. She noticed how erect her nipples were, such was her excitement.

Stepping into the bath, the hot water felt good against her skin and when she poured some of the bath oils into the water, the fragrance was intoxicating. As she lay in the water, surrounded by candles, with the oils permeating her skin, she felt totally relaxed and closed her eyes to bask in the pleasure of the bath.

After some minutes, she heard a soft swishing sound. Bree opened her eyes to see a note had been pushed under the door. Getting out of the water and taking a towell from the counter she dried herself off, gently dabbing her skin before bending to pick up the note. “Bree, it is time to put on the robe and come to the room at the end of the hall.”

Bree moved to the end of the counter and held up the robe that was waiting for her there. It was sheer, but not quite transparent. Putting it on and tying the silk drawstring she once again admired herself in the mirror. kemer escort She looked good, she thought to herself. The shadow of her body could be seen through the robe’s material, but no real details.

Opening the door, she was surprised to see that the hallway was now dimly lit. At the end of the hallway was another door, and there was another note tacked to it. Walking barefoot to the door, she pulled down the note and eagerly read it, her heart starting to race in anticipation.

“My sweet Bree, please open the door and move toward the center of the room.”

Bree’s heart was really pounding now as she turned the door knob to open the door. Letting the it swing open she almost gasped at the sight before her. A large bed with an elegant bedspread and pillows stood near the wall some few feet directly in front of her. On either side were hundreds of candles, each flickering and beckoning her inside.

As she stepped into the room, she could see that all of the candles lined the wall from the middle of the room forward toward the opposite wall, and it was very dark at the end of the room by the doorway.

With much trepidation, Bree walked toward the bed, she turned her head to look back into the dark corners of the room, but heard a strong voice say, “No, don’t look back, Bree.” Bree instinctlively turned back to face the bed, her heart about to jump out of her chest.

She knew it was Andrew speaking. But it was not the soothing voice from the party or from the phone. It was not a harsh voice either, just a commanding one.

“Now let your robe fall to the floor, Bree, ” came Andrew’s strong voice.

A shiver of excitement went up Bree’s spine as she obeyed this command, letting the robe fall into a pile at her feet.

“You are lovely beyond belief, Bree. The shadows from the candlelight look as though they are caressing your body.”

“Thank you,” Bree said with excitement and she turned to look at Andrew.

‘NO, don’t look back. Please do as I ask.”

Again Bree turned back toward the bed and waited for her next instruction.

“Bree, I want you to crawl onto the bed and kneel on all fours in the center of the bed.”

Following Andrew’s instructions, Bree crawled onto the bed and into its center. She knew that her pussy was now totally exposed to him, and she was almost afraid her knees would buckle, she was so excited. The warmth inside her was now growing into an inferno of desire. She didn’t know what exactly was going to happen next but she wanted it desperately. The idea of giving herself to this man, this confident man, was bringing forth desires she didn’t know existed within her.

As Bree knelt on the bed, she heard movement behind her, the sound of cloth falling to the floor, the sound of feet padding across the floor. She felt the bed move as Andrews got onto it behind her and heard the squeak of the springs and he moved closer to her.

“I didn’t expect such loveliness,” he said. At the touch of his hand on her ass, Bree let out a moan, out of surprise and also of pleasure. She could feel the wetness growing between her legs as Andrew’s hands explored her ass, her legs, down to her bare feet, up her thighs. She could feel this hot breath on her skin as he bent down to kiss her ass, his hands moving deftly up her inner thigh so that his fingers just barely touched her pussy.

The nipples on her small pert breasts ached, her long red hair cascaded onto her bare shoulders and Bree closed her eyes to give in to Andrew’s fondling. She wanted him to touch konyaaltı escort her everywhere. She wanted him to do whatever he wished. She was giving herself to him this evening.

As Andrew’s fingers probed her wet pussy, he said,” Sweet Bree, I want to please you. I am GOING to please you. I know what you want, and I know what you need.”

Feeling his weight shift on the bed, Bree jumped at the sudden sting on her butt. This was quickly followed by another, even harder smack. And then another even harder smack. Bree swooned as she felt the buzz on her ass. “Mmmmmm so nice and rosy, just like you like it?, Isn’t that so, Bree?”

The words seemed be caught in her throat, so overcome by the shock and pleasure of the spanking. ” Y-Y-Yes, I love it!”, she cried out.

Another sharp crack of Andrew’s hand was applied to her other cheek, following by another and another, each harder than the one before. His fingers probed her now soaking pussy, as Andrew continued to alternate the hard slaps of the spanking with the soft kisses and caresses of his tongue on her ass.

Bree’s head fell to the surface of the bed, she being no longer able to hold her torso up. This exposed her pussy even more and when the smacks began to fall across her pussy lips, she came in a spasm of pleasure, her cries muffled by the pillows on the bed.

Just as the intense orgasm began to subside, Bree felt Andrew’s tongue penetrate her pussy, licking up from the clit, deep between her lips, and up to and into her asshole. Insert two fingers inside her pussy and curling them downward toward her g-spot, Andrew stroked her and licked her, devouring her juices, inhaling her musk, inciting her moans. Bree’s body tensed again as another wave of orgasm coursed through her. She had never known such pleasure.

There was no further talking by Andrew. All that Bree could hear was his heavy excited breathing, the lapping of his tongue, some grunts and moans, and the sloshing of his fingers in her pussy.

When at last he pulled out of her, Bree though she would collapse, but Andrew’s hand reached under her to hold her up and let her know that he expected her to keep her ass up. Feeling the bed shifting again and his body positioning itself behind her, Bree knew what was coming and she wanted it desperately.

Giving her ass another hard smack, Andrew drove his cock into her in one long deep stroke, making her cry out again. He began pumping her, holding her hips with one hand as the other glided across her back. On one hard stroke, Bree felt her head snap back, her hair held tightly in Andrew’s hand. Bree was under Andrew’s control, completely and willingly. She bucked under him as he fucked her hard from behind, constantly tugging on her hair, and hitting her ass occasionally, until she felt him stiffen behind her and cry out as he emptied his cum into her soaking pussy.

Collapsing on top of her, they both sank to the bed, and his kisses along her neck betrayed the sensitivity held with him. Rolling off he lay beside her and she turned to finally look into his eyes, his intensely blue eyes. As the shadows flickered across his face, she kissed him and he took her in his arms, where they lay together for some time.

After a time Bree got up off the bed, and went down the hall to bathroom to gather her things. Remarkably, the room was transformed back into an ordinary bathroom with no sign of candles or oils. How had this happened, she thought to herself. Catching a glimpse of something moving in the mirror, Bree turned quickly see a shadow and to hear some giggling. Looking out into the hallway, she saw the door to Andrew’s room closing. Walking naked down the hallway, clutching her things, she opened the door. Inside she saw Emma, naked, on the bed and kissing Andrew. Looking up at Bree, Emma laughed and said, “Didn’t I tell you you’d like him.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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