Britnee’s Trailer Park Adventures Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: Thanks to everyone for reading and giving my first story such high marks!

I’ll try to keep the heat on and the silliness in the continuing installments.

As always, all characters in the story are over the age of 18.

There were no GMOs used in the making of this story.


The trailer park where Britnee lived was located on the outskirts of a town that had seen better days. Most of the people with any money had moved a few miles away to the new, bright subdivisions that had been built back in the 90’s during an economic boom that also brought in the usual malls and chain restaurants that could be found just about five minutes from anywhere in the USA. The old town was dying a slow death and populated with a mixture of rednecks, hillbillies, good old boys, pimps, prostitutes and drug dealers/addicts.

The young beauty dreamed of getting away to somewhere like Vegas or Miami Beach. She also knew cities like those had a million girls with her looks and figure. If she ever did move, she figured at best she’d find work dancing in a strip club with a hundred other girls or serving coffee at an all-night diner. Neither job appealed much to her. She was thinking about this as she stared out the windshield of Jed’s beater truck when a voice broke through her train of thought.

“…let us do the talkin'”.

Britnee blinked and looked over at Jayden, “What?”

She was seated between the two idiots in the truck’s only seat. Jayden was staring slack-jawed at the cleavage of her massive tits.

“What’d ya say,” she asked, turning down the loud death metal blaring from the truck’s radio.

Jayden wiped a little drool from his lip and repeated, “I say-ed… When we gets there, just let us do the talkin!”

Britnee laughed so hard, her tube top slipped off her jiggling breasts! “Oh, my…,” she giggled, pulling her top up, “You two lunkheads are sumpthin! Fuckin’ if I let you two talk, you’ll be broke before sunset!”

Sliding her hands up their thighs, she unzipped their shorts and pulled out their growing cocks. Tugging on them, she giggled again, “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything. Now tell me ’bout this Leo guy…”

Both men were hard as steel as Britnee stroked them. Jayden groaned and shifted his hips before he found his voice again, “He’s a big dude. Big n mean!”

“Yeah,” Jed chimed in, “Old too. At least fifty, I guess. He’s ugly as sin too! Got these scars an’ all. I know I ain’t gonna fuck with him!”

“Nope, I heard he killed a guy once jus’ by squeezin’ the guy’s head in his hands! I think he’s a furinner. Russian or Greek or somethin'”

Jed nodded, “Yup! He’s like the head of the mafia or sumpthin’. You ‘on’t wanna mess with that fucker, believe you me!”

Britnee, still stroking the two huge cocks, thought a moment… “Does he have a scar like right across his eye? Like somebody cut him all up n shit?”

Jed grinned a toothless grin, “That’s the guy! Why, you know ‘im?”

Brandee bent down to lick the salty precum from Jayden’s big cock, “Back ’bout the time I got kicked outta school, my mom was bangin’ this weirdo with a scar on his eye. He had a funny accent, too….! Boys! I know exactly what to do! ‘Fact, I’m gonna make a deal so good, you’ll wanna suck each other’s dicks!”

The twin fools looked at each other with a little fear and a lot of uncertainty. Britnee giggled and wrapped her lips around Jayden’s pulsing cockhead and went to work.

Britnee truly loved sucking cock and, with cocks as big as the ones in her hands, she was in cock heaven! Jed’s was like a steel pipe, curving upwards a bit and fat like a beer can. Her fingers barely touched as they stroked the heavy shaft, the more she tugged and jerked, the harder and thicker it grew! She could almost feel the hot blood coursing through the thick gnarly veins that bulged and twisted around and down the length of its shaft. And the head — big, fat and purple-red– almost scary in size!

Britnee pulled herself off Jayden’s fat cock to make a comparison. While his cock was just as long, or a bit longer than Jed’s, and, just as fat, it was heavier and less rigid. Thinner at the base, then growing thicker through the middle and tapering to a smaller head the last few inches, it had a natural downward curve that twisted to the left. The veins were not as prominent, and it had a smoothness that felt sweet to the touch. Britnee was awed by the way it was rock hard, as hard as Jed’s, but still flexible! The massive dong was like a snake, twisting and bending as she stroked it in her tiny hand!

The twins squirmed in their seats and grunted as the 19 teen-year-old slut continued jacking their cocks. Both young studs were sweating as they grew closer to another hot orgasm and groaned loud, needing release!

“Ima wreck this truck you keep doin’ that, girl,” Jed moaned, trying to keep his eyes from rolling back in his head.

Jayden was so horny, his cock reared up, reaching maximum hardness and losing all flexibility, “Jeezus, Britnee, he whined, I ain’t never been antalya escort this hard! ‘Least not from a handjob!”

Britnee just grinned and squeezed her hands around their swollen cockheads, jerking them harder and faster!

“You losers wanna cum? You wanna shoot those heavy loads?’ she hissed, loving the tortured looks on their faces, ” Ya wanna bust those fuckin’ nuts right here right now?”

‘Ahh, mama, I’m gonna die,” Jayden cried, desperate for release!

“Shit! We is here,” Jed shouted, swerving the truck off the road and almost flipping it in the process.

He pulled into a parking lot in front of an empty, run down strip mall and parked at the end in front of an empty laundromat.

“This is it,” Britnee asked with a confused look, “Seriously?”

“Yep,” replied Jayden, “This the place! Leo’s got an office in back.”

Britnee wiped her hand on the seat and adjusted her sunglasses, “Well? You guys gonna let me out?”

Jayden jerked and leaped out of the truck, his cock still hard and flopping against his thighs.

“You want we come in witcha?”

“No,”Britnee replied, “I know exactly how to handle the asshole. Now, you two stay in the truck an’ wait for me! An’ don’t be jerkin’ your puds while I’m gone! I ain’t havin’ ya waste any of that sweet cum. It, and yer cocks, belong to me now!”

Jed and Jayden grunted their agreement and sat in the truck, staring at Britnee’s bouncing ass cheeks as she walked away, and trying to will their painful hardons down.


Merle was on the phone ordering parts. Parts for what, he wouldn’t say, but to Brandee, his wife, it sounded like he was getting ready to build that addition onto the trailer like she had been nagging him to do for months.

“… That’s right, 3 inch. Yup, six of those… eight outta do it… Yeah, brass fittings. Make sure their brass…”

“Hey git one a them shower heads like they got in them fancy houses,” Brandee called out, “Like wit the massagin’ water n all!”

Merle scratched his fat belly ignoring his new bride, “Yeah, that’ll do it… an hour? Yup! I’ll be there right quick! Well, you have a nice day too!”

The fat slob put the phone down and lit the cigar stub he’d been chewing on, “I told ya I’d get that little bitch o’ a daughter yers! An’ now my plans is in motion,” he grinned.

Brandee got up and went to the fridge, looking for the vodka, “What are you goin’ on ’bout now, baby? Ain’t you given up on all that silly revenge stuff? From the sound of it, yer gonna fix her leaky pipes!”

Merle looked over at his wife, admiring the sight of her bent over at the waist. He never could resist the sight of Brandee’s full hips and big, round ass. ‘What the hell,’ he thought, i’I got an hour or so…’ then aloud, “I’m a goona fix yer pipes, baby!”

Brandee let out a tiny groan as she felt her husband’s thick, pudgy fingers squeezing her hips and his fat, 8-inch cock rubbing up against her ass cleavage

“Oh, daddy,” she moaned, “Feed me, daddy! Mama’s hungry!”

“Hungry? You feelin’ hungry, mama?” Merle sneered, “Wanna eat some hot cock sausage?” He stuffed his hard prick deep in her always wet snatch and started pumping in and out slowly.

“That’ sit, daddy,” Brandee moaned, feeling the hard meat stretch her cunt.Rotating her hips back to his crotch she moaned, “Gimme that meat! I’m hungry for a cockmeat sammich!”

“Ima give it to ya! Ima give it all to you, mama!”

His fingers dug deeper into her soft ass cheeks as he began sawing his hard cock deeper into her tight cunt. Brandee squealed with delight. She clamped her well trained cunt muscles around his fat cock head and milked it with every stroke! This always drove Merle crazy and soon the couple was fucking so hard, the fridge threatened to tip over from all the shaking it got from Brandee holding onto it for support! Her heavy tits slapped the bottles and jars on the shelves with every thrust adding to the sounds of her ass smacking against her husband’s fat belly and the squishy, sucking sounds emanating from her overstuffed pussy!

‘Merle ain’t that great a husband,’ she thought, ‘He ain’t very bright, and he could lose a few pounds, but Goddam, he can fuck!’

Brandee was banging back on Merle as hard as he was ramming her. Her cunt walls rippled up and down the length of his cock, milking it with every thrust!

“Fuckkk Meeeeee! Fuck me Daddy,” she cried loud enough to wake the neighbors, “Feed my pusseee!”

Merle’s breathing became ragged and heavy. He was so horny, he ignored the pain in his chest and the slight numb feeling in his left arm. His balls churned with every hard slap against Brandee’s cunt! His grunts and her cries with every stroke filled the trailer.

“OOHHHH DADDYYY!!! I’m Gonna CUMMMM!!!” Brandee screamed, feeling her orgasm reach the breaking point! “FUCK!!! FUCKING CUMMINNNNGGGGG!!!! CUMMING ON YER COCK!!!!!”

The big O ripped through her fethiye escort quaking body! She came so hard, she ripped the shelves down in the fridge! Her throbbing hole was too much for Merle and he howled in pleasure, “Mama!I’m Cumming!!!”

His long, fat cock erupted deep in her spasming cunt, shooting thick wads of cum deep. He pulled Brandee back against him hard as his balls pumped man-juice out his pisshole over and over! He heaved and grunted with each blast, sweat dripping off his bald head as his wife moaned and ground her hips against him.

As Merle’s breathing calmed down, Brandee bumped him back and twisted around, squatting in front of him, sighing a happy sigh, “Mmm, daddy, yer cock is all wet n sticky! Hows about mama cleaning it up for you…”

With that, she pressed her fat, round juggs around his still pulsing meatstick and slowly stroked them up and down that fat cock. Small globs of cum burped from the throbbing head, welling up in her cleavage.

“Mmm, that’s it, daddy, give mama all of yer hot love juice,” she crooned flicking her tongue at his piss hole and sucking on the tip as it poked through her massive tits.

Merle trembled as he watched through half closed eyes, “Oh, baby! You always know how to take care of me!”

Brandee released the bulging prick from her tits and slipped her mouth over it, sucking hard, draining the last drop of cum from his balls. Pulling off, she opened her mouth and drooled the sticky cream onto her tits and smeared it all over her flesh.

“MMM so fuckin’ good, baby,” she whimpered, gazing up at the fat fuck of a husband, “Now you run along n get ‘er done while i clean up this mess!”

Merle stuffed his deflating prick back in his pants and grinned at his wife, “Sure, baby, just like you says.”


Thirty minutes after Britnee, walked into the abandoned laundromat, she walked out waving a wad of bills at her new business partners. Jayden and Jed watched in disbelief as she jumped up into the truck and made herself comfortable.

“You two gonna stand there, or are we gettin’ outta here? I ain’t got all day,” the little slut called.

“Didja-” “How’d ya-” ‘Where’d ya git tha-” the twin rednecks sputtered as they drove off.

Britnee laughed, “It shore is amazin’ what a good tongue bath will do t’ put me in a good mood!”

Jayden and Jed looked at her even more confused than before. Britnee laughed again,

“Okay, I’ll tells ya… Hey! Light that joint I left ya! Okay…Back a few years ago, my mom was fuckin’ this weird dude what had a funny accent. He had this thing about havin’ my mom sit on his face! I know, right? So anyway, this dude wanted her to smother him with her ass while he jacked off! She said he’d fuck her n he had a fat cock, but what he loved most was eating ass n getting squashed by her buttcheeks!” Britnee started counting the bills as she took a drag on the weed and continued,

“I saw ‘im a couple times, as he was comin’ n goin’, big ugly fucker with a scar ‘cross his face! Well, guess what?”

“Umm… wha-at?” guessed Jed.

“He’s Leo, ya dumbass jerk! Leo is the guy my mom use to fuck! Get it now?”

“Uhhh…”Jayed replied.

“So I walk up to him and tell him to give you two more money n he says ‘Who the fuck are you/’ and I says I’m Brandee’s daughter n I’ll sit on your face 3 times a week but you gotta give my friends, 60% instead of 20! An’ to show him i meant bidniss, I got up on his desk, pulled down my pants and shoved this big, phat, ghetto ass right in his face!”

“An’ just like that him give ya the money?” Jed asked, trying to watch the road n count the money in her hands at the same time.

“No, retard! Ima gettin’ to that! So he says,’So? I can get that anywhere. So I says, Iffen you don’t, I” tell the cops you n yer friends gang raped me! And you been doin’ it to me since I was little! And that’s when I pulled my cheeks wide apart n showed him my tight lil’ holes! Boy, he was in there in a minute! N let me tell ya, that sick fucker kin eat ass better n anybody! There I was squatting on his desk, pressing my ass hard on him, makin’ him lick my hole clean n him just lickin’ away n jerkin’ his cock! It’s a biggun, too! Not like yers, but big enough!”

“So-“started Jayden,

‘So after he blew his load all over my feet n I made him clean it up,” Britnee made a face, “I says, Deal? N he says ‘Maybe’ n I says Maybe I’ll come back here with a bat and a can of gasoline n burn this mother down after I split yer fuckin’ skull open! And he just laughs n reaches in his pocket and hands me this here wad n says, ‘I like little girl. You got big balls! You make Leo happy! Okay, little girl, we make like friends and everybody happy! Big balls!

Now go. Go make Leo money happy!’ n that’s it!”

There was silence in the truck for a good ten seconds then, Jayden and Jed whooped and hollered like they had just hit the lottery! kaş escort

“HooWeee!!!” Yeah, Baby!” “Fuck we is Richhh!!!”

“So how much didja got there,”Jed grinned.

‘Le’s see… 1000 for you,” Britnee replied handing it to Jayden, “1000 for you,” handing it to Jed, “And 1000 for me.” She didn’t tell them about the $1000 she slipped down her panties before she left the building.

“Yeah,” Jayden hollered, ‘we outta celebrate! To our new partner!”

Jed echoed his cousin/brother, “To our new partner!”

“Boys, boys,” Britnee giggled, “We gonna have us a fuckin’ party! We gonna get drunk! We gonna get high! And we gonna get coked up n then we gonna fuck all night! I just gotta give them blue balls I give earlier some relief!”

“Yeah, Bitchez!,” cried Jayden, “Blue Balls!”

As they drove off down the road, Britnee fished around in her purse, looking for her smokes. “Hey, we gotta stop at the gas station!” Which one of you sweet young boys is gonna git me some cigs and a Slurpee? All this heat n sex n all is makin’ me thirsty!”

There was a little trouble at the station when the cashier asked to see some I.D. for the cigarettes. Britnee leaned over the counter and pulled her top down, showing the man her enormous tits, “Here’s my I.D.,” she cooed, “Don’t I look old enough?”

The startled cashier stammered something unintelligible and handed her the pack without ringing it up. “Have a nice day!’ he managed to say, “Come back soon! Please!”

Britnee couldn’t believe how good she felt as they pulled into the trailer park. This had turned into the best day ever, she thought, grinning from ear to ear. Then she noticed the smell…

“Boys, one thing…” she said, climbing out of the truck. “In my home, there’s no clothes allowed. And you two gotta shower! You two stink! And I mean it’s Fun-kyyy!”

Jed bristled and puffed out his chest, ‘but I’s took a shower 3 days ago! I ain’t need one today!”

Britnee pulled down her shades and gave him the hard look, “Inside! In the shower! Now! Both of you! There’s soap n towels n plenty of hot water! Now git!!!”

The twin losers did as they were told and ran into the trailer. Britnee stood outside for a moment, smoking her cigarette and watching Merle pull lumber and hardware off the back of his truck. When he noticed her watching him, he ran around the side of his home and hid. Britnee shrugged her shoulders, flipped her smoke on the ground and headed inside.

Britnee puttered around her home getting drinks and snacks ready as the twin cock slingers finished up in the shower. “God, I hope they don’t break anything!’ she muttered, taking a swig of moonshine from a jar and washing it down with a beer. “Hurry up in there, you lunkheads! Let’s get this party started!”

Shortly, the two idiots emerged from the tiny bathroom naked and clean. Britnee sniffed the air with approval, “Wow! You guys smell good! See what a little soap will do? ‘ course, you’re still both ugly as mud.”

“Aww…” was all they could reply, standing there with shy looks on their faces.

Britnee looked them up and down, admiring their lean bodies and their long, thick cocks hanging between their thighs. She wanted to suck them both to the root but that would have to wait until later. In the meantime, she told them to grab some drinks and roll a couple of fat joints while she got cleaned up herself.

She showered and took her time primping in the mirror. She wasn’t sure why she wanted to look her best for the 2 rejects, but, she did. She even shaved her already shaven pussy and legs, just to make sure she was smooth. “Lord, what has gotten into me,” she uttered aloud.

Walking out to the living room, Britnee turned the music up on her stereo and strutted her naked body around the small room, giving Jayden and Jed a little show. The guys were just lighting a joint when she appeared and they almost dropped as they stared at her incredible body! Britnee giggled and bent over at the waist, jiggling her huge, round tits in Jed’s face as she took the joint and inhaled deeply, then exhaling the smoke into his gaping mouth. Grabbing the whiskey bottle, she danced around the room for the twins, showing off her stripper moves.

“C’mon, guys! It’s a fuckin’ party!” she cried spinning around and twerking her naked, impossibly perfect bubble butt in front of them. “Ya think I can get that job at the club?”

She dropped into a full split then rolled over on her back and began lifting and undulating her hips and pelvis while pressing her tits together, offering them to the roof. “Ya think I’ll make lots of money with these sweet babies?”

Jed, was on the love seat against one wall, Jayden on an easy chair perpendicular to it with a small coffee table filled with booze and weed completing the set, Both dullards were speechless. Their massive cocks did the talking for them. Jed’s steel rod was slapping against his belly, Jayden’s meat python flopped from one thigh to the other, dripping a few drops of precum.

“Ah, c’mon, dudes,” Britnee grinned, “This ain’t nothin’ y’all ain’t seen before! Hell, you were both fuckin’ this hot tramp ass a few hours ago! Move,over Jethro,” she bumped Jed with her hip and sat down, Taking another drag off the joint, Britnee started to talk about her plans for their little crime family.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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