Brent’s First Time Fantasy Pt. 02

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One month later.

“You look so sexy darling!” Brent said complimenting his wife seeing her in front of the mirror.

“Oh, Thank you baby!” she replied tilting her head, he watched as she pushed her drop silver earring in her ear.

She turned around and adjusted her long silvery blonde hair in her tie, looking at her husband, he looked over her grinning, as he stepped up to her putting his hands on her hips. His admired her slim but athletic figure, seeing her cleavage pushing out from the sides of the deep plunging V neck of her dress, a small red thin tie holding the sides together, roughly about nipple height, the curvy sides of her breasts clearly visible, the middle of his wife’s front from her neck to her belly button on display, the sheer material tight over her hips covering a third of her thighs, the top third.

He kissed her lightly on her lips, “Fuck you look hot in this dress, just a hint of your tits on display, your chest, your stomach, you know baby, I don’t know if I want to share you tonight!”

“Really, why not darling? Well I suppose you are the only man who has had sex with me, let alone seen me naked.” she replied lifting his tie pulling him in kissing his lips lightly.

“Ummm, yes babe. Can’t believe we are doing this, with another man.”

She looked at him, “Well if I’d known you were bi sexual earlier, I would have joined in earlier.” she replied.

“So it turns you on?”

“Yeh, kind off, look I’ve always thought about inviting another person into our life, I’ve wondered if we get a female, or a male, now the fact you like to go Greek on me, it is so erotic, and it’s something I’ve never really considered.”

“Yes, I enjoyed breaking your rectal virginity.” he said grinning at her.

“Rectal virginity, is that what its called these days, yes and I did enjoy it, I especially love pegging you now, I’d never thought the anus could be so much fun, we should have brought the strap-on years ago.” she said with a kinky look in her eye.

“Umm yes baby,”

“You know I kept thinking today at work, tonight I’m going to join my husband with another man, I’m going to make love with another man, a bi sexual man.”

“Yes and a older bi sexual man, 20 years your senior.”

“You know, I actually can’t wait. It just feels so erotic and so kinky Brent.”

“Yes it does,” he replied pulling his wife into him. He lifted his hand sliding his knuckles down her cheek, he kissed her lips, ” You look so beautiful and sexy tonight, I could make love to you right here and now.” Brent replied.

The taxi ride to the hotel seemed to take forever, they sat in silence both thinking about what was going to happen tonight, they held hands their fingers interlocked, he softly rubbed her hand with a reassuring rub, every few minutes he would turn and look at her, a small smile followed, the smile reassuring her, she was going to enjoy it.

The taxi pulled up into the drive through foyer, the concierge opening the door, the young boy about twenty ogling his eyes over her dress greeting her with a approving smile, she felt like royalty, nice hotel, nice expensive dress. Brent stepped out, grabbing his wife’s hand, he tipped the young boy, he looked at him with a ‘she’s way out of your league.’ look, he held her hand as they walked into the hotel lobby.

Brent saw Danny sitting in the foyer waiting, he was dressed in a business suit, he stood as they smiled at each other, Danny’s smile was more approving of the attachment on Brent’s arm, his beautiful wife.

“Aghh Brent!” Danny said walking up to him extending his hand, the two men shaking hands

“Good to see you!” Danny said. “Who is lovely specimen on your arm?”

“This is Emma, my wife.” Brent said.

Danny’s eyes looked up and down her dress, her cleavage, amazed at the beautiful, very sexy woman by Brent’s side. “Your far to beautiful to be with Brent arn’t you?” Danny replied.

She laughted, “I tell myself that every day!” she said.

“Well its a absolute pleasure to meet you!” he said leaning in placing his hand on her hip kissing her cheek.

Brent felt like he was a pimp, handing over his girl to a paying client, for her services. The look in their eyes, as they greeted each other.

“Yes, likewise.” she replied kissing his cheek, she couldn’t stop thinking about this been the other man in her husbands sex life.

“Drink?” Danny asked extending his hand towards the bar. Eyes turned looking at Emma; her long legs, her slim figure, her 34D bust, her beautiful features.

Brent followed his wife, “Yes, the usual.” Brent said looking at Danny, “Emma will have a red wine.”

“You know your wife well?” Danny said.

“Yeh, well she likes red.”

She leant into Danny’s ear. “Just like the underwear I’m wearing.” she whispered into Danny’s ear.

They went to get a table as Danny went to order the drinks, a table in the corner away from the crowd.

“He seems really nice?” Emma said holding her husbands hand.

“Red bahçelievler escort underwear aye?” he replied winking at his wife.

“Yes baby, to match the dress.”

“Oh ok, well to answer your question. Yes he is nice. We get on well.”

“So my husbands other man, I really thought if you were going to see someone else it would have been Kim?”

“Kim, my secetary?” he said looking at his wife.

“Yeh, she’s sexy, attractive…”

” … unhappily married, lets just say she has a preference towards women, not men. She’s wanted a baby, but her husband … lets just say … his swimmers are not that strong!”

“Well maybe you could give her one!” Emma laughted as Danny arrived with the drinks.

“Right, Scotch for Brent, a red house wine for the beautiful sexy lady, and Scotch for me.” Danny said setting them on the table. He sat on the seat next to Emma, inhaling the beautiful scent of the female beside him.

“Nice!” Brent said lifting his Scotch to his mouth, Emma sipped her wine glancing at over at Danny, she already felt attracted to him, she knew soon she was going to be fucking him, and her husband.

“So Danny? Brent tells me your wife knows about your sexual preferences.”

“Yes, she is fine with it, she has been very supportive.”

“Thats so good, Brent and I have been wondering about bringing someone else into our sex life, and I really like what I see!”

“Oh good, I expected you to run a mile!” he joked.

“Oh no, you look very exotic!” she said moving her hand to his knee. Brent looked down at her hand on his leg,

“Thank you!” he replied.

For twenty minutes they sat drinking and talking, Danny’s hand had been on her knee for ten minutes, his finger rubbing her leg, she opened her leg slightly letting his hand slid inside her thigh, his hand pushed her dress up to her groin as his finger met her panties, Brent’s eyes looking down at progress under the table as they talked.

Danny’s finger found its way under her underwear grazing her clit,

“Ummm.” Emma moaned as she talked feeling her pussy get wetter and moister by the minute, finally Danny made the suggestion she had been waiting for.

“Think its time we went upstairs?” Danny said.

“Oh yes please.” she said with desperation in her voice. They stood and made their way to the lift, once in and the door closed, Danny’s hand found its way to her arse, squeezing her bottom, he leant in kissing her lips, he then kissed Brent, Emma finally seeing her husband and Danny interact.

“I brought condoms this time!” Brent said leaning over kissing Danny again, this time a lingering kiss in front of his wife.

“Yes, good, and thank you for sharing your husband with me,” he said to Emma.

“Oh, well yes, ok, fuck seeing my husband kiss another man is actually a turn on!” she said as the lift reached the floor, the doors opened and they stepped into the hallway.

Brent held his wife’s hand as they walked to the room, Danny’s hand sliding onto her arse rubbing her dress.

“Oh Danny!” she gasped looking at him.

“Sorry.” he replied taking his hand away.

“Oh no baby, don’t stop, my husband dosn’t mind.” she said breaking her hold with her husband, she turned sliding her hands onto Danny’s hips leaning in kissing him, “You don’t mind do you baby?” she said turning looking at her husband.

“Aghh no!” he replied looking for the key card, he found it as a young couple came out of their room next door, they looked at Emma hugging Danny, as Brent slid the card in the slot. The door clicked open,

“Threesome, you should try it!” she said to the couple as they walked into the room.

“Emma!” Brent said.

She smiled at her husband, holding Danny’s hand. He watched his wife hug Danny, She undid his tie taking it off. She unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off his shoulders pushing it down his back. She leant in kissing his chest moving her tongue around his nipples, her hand sliding to his trousers, her fingers pushing between his trousers and skin, she looked at him and then Brent.

“Let’s see what we have in here shall we?” she said sitting on the bed, “Love a wine darling!” she added looking at her husband as she unclipped Danny’s belt, and unzipped trousers eager to get his cock out. She was horny and needed sex.

She pushed Danny’s trousers and underwear to the floor, “Wow hello!” she said to his hard cock as it spung to attention. Brent brought over the glass of wine seeing her fingers wrapped around the shaft on Danny’s cock.

She sipped her wine as she stroked it, she placed the glass on the small side table, she leant in licking around his knob.

“Oh yes!” Danny moaned as her tongue explored the outside of his erection, her fingers cupped his balls as she moved her mouth down his shaft.

“Ummm,” she moaned slowly moving up and down his shaft, feeling his bulging knob at the back of her throat. She took it out, she looked at her husband. “I want to watch bahçeşehir escort you suck it!” she said.

“Ok,” Brent said grabbing Danny’s shaft and leant in kissing his knob, he licked over his shaft, listening to his moans looking down watching Brent suck him, his wife sitting next to him watching.

“Suck it hard darling!” she whispered in his ear, Brent taking Danny’s full cock in his mouth.

“Oh yes!” Danny moaned looking down. Emma stood up and placed her hand on his chest, she kissed Danny’s lips.

“Touch my bust!” she said winking at him, He looked at her reaching up feeling her breast over her dress. “Oh yes!” she moaned.

They kissed softly, their lips exploring and tasting each other, she rubbed his chest moving her fingers through his chest hair, she moved her hand onto the top of her husbands head, feeling it move over Danny’s cock. Brent looked up at Danny, and his wife kissing, seeing her sexually interact with another man aroused him

She kissed down Danny’s body, his neck, his chest, over his stomach, leaving wet kisses behind, she knelt next to her husband, she kissed Danny’s hip watching her husbands mouth firmly around Danny’s cock.

“Is that nice?” she asked her husband. Brent looked at her nodding “Ummmm.” he mumbled.

“Give me a turn.” she said taking Danny’s cock from her husband, Brent watched his wife slid her lips down the wet slimy shaft.

“Nice cock?” Brent asked looking at his wife.

She grinned, taking it out, “Lets make him cum, and lick his cum together.” she said.

“Fuck yes!” Danny said as Emma handed her husband the cock, Brent moving his mouth back down Danny’s shaft.

Together they took turns sucking, and stroking, and playing, Danny moaning. Danny gasped as Emma stroked it, her mouth open, his knob on her tongue, Brent’s mouth open as she wanked him.

A minute later Danny cum, shooting his cum into Emma’s mouth, Emma pushed his cock to Brent’s mouth, he swallowed cum for the first time, together as husband and wife they licked and sucked Danny’s cock clean.

Emma held Danny’s cock leaning into her husband, they kissed, together they french kissed swapping Danny’s cum between their mouths, semen dripped down their chins as they licked and cleaned each other

“Oh nice!” Emma said licking a droplet off her husbands chin.

Emma stood and kissed Danny on the lips, “Ready to do my husband now?” she asked.

“Yes!” Danny said.

“Get undressed!” Emma ordered her husband.

Brent stripped off and stood naked. Emma stepped behind her husband and tied his hands with Danny’s tie, she moved to Danny and kissed his lips, as she hugged him and rubbed his chest, he held her sides, Emma making sure her husband could see their lips touching.

“Your so beautiful!” Danny said to Emma.

“Thank you, now would you like to undress me while my husband watchs us.

“Yes please!” Danny said. She stood in front of him, he slid his hands on her stomach through the gap in the front of her dress, his hands slid up onto the breast tape.

“Breast tape!” she said, saves accidents with dresses with no bras, that tie unclips” she said. Danny unclipped it, her front falling open more, the nude colored breast tape in view, she watched as he slid his hands over her skin, up over her breasts over the tape, he leant in kissing her skin, her cleavage, she turned her back to him, Danny unzipped the back of her dress and pushed the shoulder straps forward, she smiled at her husband as Danny slid her dress to the floor.

She turned to him, wearing just a thin lacy red thong, her wet moist vulva creating a cameltoe in the lace, he reached up pulling the supporting booby tape off her breasts.

“Great stuff when you can’t wear a bra.” she said.

Danny fondled and caressed her breasts, her nipples sticking out hard and erect.

“You have nice breasts.” he said leaning in kissing one.

“Ummm yes thats so nice!” she moaned, her husband watching Danny suck his wife’s nipple.

“Ready to suck some nice hard cock?” she said looking at Danny running her finger down his chest

“Yes please!” he said as they both got to their knees in front of Brent.

“Swallow my husbands yummy cum, it is; thick, creamy, salty and delicious.” she said.

“It is!” Danny said leaning in kissing Emma’s lips.”

“Umm then I want you to fuck my husbands arse, then my arse ok?”

“Yes ma’am” he replied lifting Brent’s cock to his mouth sliding his lips over his thick shaft, Emma watched as Danny sucked slowly up her husbands cock, slurping and sucking, taking it out licking his shaft,

“Then Brent is going to lick your cock, as it fucks my wet moist pussy, licking my sweet pussy juices of your hard cock.”

“Ummmm yes.” Danny moaned at the thought.

“Your friend is going to fuck both my holes!” Emma said looking up at her husband. “Do you want him to rape my wet moist tight holes?”

“Ok baby!” Brent said looking, watching bakırköy escort his wife softly kissing his shaft as Danny sucked his over his knob.

“Your going to cum for us!” she said, “Watch us swallow your cum.”

Brent moaned watching his cock been swapped between his wife and Danny, the feeling of both a male and female mouth over his cock, Emma and Danny kissing each side of his cock, licking each side of his cock, swapping over sharing sucking it.

He moaned as his wife sucked him, moving her mouth up and down his cock, deepthroating him, they took turns deep throating him. Danny then gripped his shaft and started wanking him off, Emma and Danny had their mouths open awaiting his cum.

“Cum baby, cum for us.” she said.

He looked up at the ceiling, he moaned as his body jolted, as a stream of cum shot into their open mouths.

“Oh baby yes,” Emma said glancing at Danny as they took turns, filling their mouths with Brent’s cum, they licked and sucked Brent’s cock clean.

He looked down at his topless wife, his cum dripping onto her breasts, running down her nipple, Danny leaning it licking her nipple clean.

She looked down and pushed her husbands cum out off her mouth with her tongue, she made more drip onto her D Cup breast for Danny to lick up. Danny licked it up as it dripped from her chin onto her breasts; licking, sucking, fondling.

“Oh good boy!” Emma said holding Danny’s head into her bust, she felt his mouth and tongue kiss and lick her breasts, he then looked up at Emma leaning in kissing her lips, he french kissed her, swapping Brent’s cum between them.

Emma stood and grabbed her husbands cock. She kissed his lips, and rubbed his chest.

“Now I want you to watch me been handled by another man, do you want to do that?” she asked.

“Ok!” he said. She turned to face Danny who was on his knees licking Brent’s cock, she lifted a leg up resting her foot on the bed, her wet pussy in full view through the wet thin material of her thong.

“Lick my pussy now baby,” she ordered as Danny looked into her groin, he moved over to her, he licked over her underwear, she pulled his head into pussy, she moaned as she looked at the ceiling her eyes closed.

Danny pushed his tongue under her thong licking her clit and vulva, tasting her juicy sweet pussy.

“Oh yes, yes!” she moaned, “Eat my pussy yes!”

Brent stood hands tied,

“Make me your bitch!” she moaned. Danny gripped each arse cheeks squeezing them, pushing his tongue into her pussy, her hands on his head pulling him in.

“Put your fingers in me!” she ordered. She felt his hands move off her arse, one hand pulling her thong to the side, her wet swollen vulva now in full view, he opened her labias, moving his other fingers onto her wet box, he pushed up inside her, “Ohhh fuck yessss. Finger fuck me please.” she moaned.

He licked her clit as he fingered her pussy, she turned to Brent undoing his tie,

“Finger my fucking arse!” she said to her husband, Brent reached for the lube, he watched as Danny licked her pussy, his wife’s pussy, fingering her vagina. He pulled her thong to the side lubing his finger, he wiped it around her anus then slowly pushed it in, fingering her with one finger, as Danny fingered her vagina.

“You like that?” Brent asked.

“Ohhhh fuuck yeesss.” she moaned. Two sets of fingers double penetrating her.

She gripped Danny’s head, she loved the attention in both holes, she moaned as fingers penetrated her, her body shuddered as her orgasm spasmed through her body. “Oh fuck stop!” she said as the guys stopped, Danny’s fingers in her pussy, Brent’s fingers in her anus.

She lowered her foot as the fingers came out, she pushed off her thong, “Oh fuck yes.” she said, “Must be shower time.”

They all went to the shower and showered. She watched as Brent and Danny washed each others bodies. Soaping and lathering each other up, Danny and Brent then washed Emma, Danny loving washing her body, her breasts, having the taste of her pussy on his lips, Brent’s cum in his mouth. Husband and wife so willing to share each other with him.

After showering Emma walked over to the drinks cabinet, she poured a glass of wine, enjoying been naked with her husband and another man, Danny walked over and poured two glasses of Scotch.

“I’m a lucky man getting to play with such a sexy woman!” he said.

“Ummmm, I’m lucky to be having such a nice man.” she replied as her husband stepped into the room, she leant in making sure her breasts touched Danny’s chest leaning in kissing his lips.

“Stealing my wife?” Brent joked seeing Emma passionately kiss Danny on the lips, a long lingering kiss.

Brent waited ten seconds, watching them slowly french kiss, watching each others tongues in each others mouth, she broke the kiss, “No baby!” she said reaching down holding Danny’s erect cock.

“Ready to fuck my husband?” she asked.

“Yes!” he said.

“Good!” she replied looking over at Brent, “His arse is waiting. Isn’t it baby ready for this cock?”

“Aghhh yes!” Brent said.

“Good!” Emma replied as she walked over to him and kissed him, she lead him over to the bed and made him lie down. Danny walked over and Emma grabbed a condom, she unwrapped it and put it on Danny’s cock. “Lift your legs!” she ordered looking at her husband.

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