Brazilian Stepmom

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Jen Roza awoke one Friday morning feeling the best she had in days. She felt up to anything, and she felt like she could look even more perfect than she felt then. She was right, and even right out of bed was an exquisite beauty. Confirming this by getting up out of bed and walking with her regular slightly swaying gait over to her full-body mirror, Jen did as she always did after waking up.

She put herself in her most seductive pose and raked herself up and down with critical eyes. She always started at the top and worked her way down to the bottom, pointing out every error she could find and then fixing them, even though it could sometimes take hours. Today she stuck her hip out to the left, showing part of a generous butt, and leaned her upper body slightly to the other side while putting one hand on the hip that was outwards.

She also spread her legs just wide enough apart that she caused eyes to glance towards her womanly parts, and put her shoulders back far enough to make her all natural 40DD breasts clearly visible but not obnoxious. She tossed her wavy brown hair with streaks of shining blonde over her shoulder, but left enough still in front to drape over her right breast, slightly tickling and giving her a small bit of hardness to her nipples as she breathed.

She started immediately after that, and her eyes focused on themselves, and Jen was struck, as she was every day, by her gorgeous green eyes that reflected the light perfectly while still retaining an intoxicating quality that was really the reason why so many people wanted to get in Jen’s pants.

She then moved slightly downwards, to her barely open mouth surrounded by perfect, full lips that she licked every once in awhile. That mouth had been in many places, doing many things, and Jen smiled at the thought, revealing white, straight teeth that had been achieved through braces when she was eleven, and dedication to having a flawless smile. Her eyes settled farther still, on what Jen considered her best quality- her breasts.

As mentioned before, they were 40DD and natural, which was a rare trait, and better yet, Jen always made sure that her cleavage was available to look at by anyone who wanted to. Now she wore a bra from Victoria’s Secret that showed off most of her boobs, and even though the straps hurt, Jen was use to it, and swore she would never get a breast reduction. Her toned skin below her breasts was fine as well, and Jen flexed her abs, showing a finely muscled core, but not disgustingly so.

She swayed her hips that stuck out the perfect amount, and turned around to look at her second-best quality- her ass. Her butt wasn’t ridiculously jiggly, but she could really work it if she wanted to. Its arc was so elegant that the mere sight of it reduced most men, and lots of women, to staring idiots unaware of their surroundings. Jen’s long legs were incredible that day, the way the morning sun shone on them perfectly accentuated the graceful curves of her thighs that swept down into calves that were as finely exercised as her abs.

Her examination complete, Jen declared that day successful so far, and went into her closet to get dressed for work. When she came out, she looked even more stunning than she had before. Despite the fact that her top that showed a little of her belly and lots of her breasts and her bottom that hugged her ass like it was the last lifeboat on the Titanic pushed the dress code a little too far for most people’s likings, her 50-year-old boss with absolutely no chance with Jen was ridiculously infatuated, and let it slide.

Jen wondered, as she ate her breakfast of steel-cut oats with strawberries and a cup of hot coffee, why she went to so much trouble to look nice. It wasn’t like she had anyone to impress, after all. The true love of her life had been discovered to be cheating four days before they were to be married, a year ago when he was forty-nine, a bit old, but Jen was fine with him until then. Jen was revolted at his unloyalty, as was his son from a previous marriage, seventeen and in his junior year of high school at the time.

Jen believed that unfaithfulness was the worst thing you could do to someone outside of murder, and obviously the man’s son was too, as he casino şirketleri had decided that he would like to stay with Jen, if it was okay with her. Jen was delighted to take in Ben. After all, they had grown especially close in the time of Jen and his father’s relationship. Jen decided not to pursue custody, because Ben turned eighteen two months after that incident, in July.

His father had been one hundred percent fine with this agreement, saying that if his own son didn’t want to be with him then he could do whatever he wanted. Jen pushed her thoughts back to her own question, and realized something so simple she laughed. She was Brazilian, of course. Her mother was an immigrant to the U.S.A. when she and her parents were robbed by a street gang who threatened to burn down their house if they didn’t hand over all their money. Jen was four years old when it happened, and remembered none of it.

Luckily, her parents made a fortune by investing in Microsoft, and after her father landed an executive position at the Brazilian Embassy, their money troubles were solved. Jen had lived a happy life ever since, and as she grew to the age of sixteen she began to worry. Her developing body was already attracting attention of men way above her age, which went against everything she believed in. What could she do about this predicament other than wait, her friends told her, and at least she never had the problem of finding a boyfriend.

Her friends were right, and when she went off to college and finally lost her virginity, she was happy about her assets. Jen loved sex from the first time she had it, and she embraced her body, as any good Brazilian girl would do. Jen also believed that her body was a gift from God, and she thought that anyone had the right to look at her body, or at least however much was exposed. This belief helped with her now day-to-day struggle, which was to find a sexual partner.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a problem if she stayed out every night at a bar and seduced some horny man or woman, as Jen was open to sex with whomever wanted it. But she couldn’t, because she worked for a business and was the head of advertising. So she would take off her jacket, or whatever concealed her body from the public, and wait for someone to start staring. When someone did, she would grab their arm, bring them close to herself so that her breasts were pressed up against their chest, and say, “Do you like what you see?” while giving them the sexiest look she could muster.

This worked most of the time when Jen didn’t have a romantic partner, but occasionally she wasn’t satisfied. When this happened, she would go home and masturbate. The reason Jen went about this every day was because, as stated before, Jen loved sex. Jen loved it so much that she had to have it every day, which was one of the main reasons why she had a harder time than most with holding down a girlfriend or boyfriend.

However, sometimes she would meet someone with a particularly nice personality, and of course that someone would have to have great sex. Most times, a man, but a lot of times a woman would appeal to Jen as well, and she would invest in having a relationship with this person. Jen had just now broken up with her latest girlfriend, a white girl who was a nice twenty years old to Jen’s twenty-five, and had 34DD breasts, but wasn’t willing to have sex with Jen every day.

There were plenty of fish in the sea, Jen thought to herself as she ate. Today was going to be a good day, and Jen wanted to have some of the best sex in the world, and just thinking about how hard she would come made her wet already. She squirmed a little, trying to contain it, and kept eating. Then she realized something that she had completely forgotten about.

Her stepson, Ben, still had school today, and it was ten minutes until he would be late. Jen leapt out of her chair and ran up the stairs, thinking about how fast Ben would need to drive to get to his classes on time. It was probably a little over the speed limit, and if he ate, it would be hopeless for Ben to even try. Must have forgotten his alarm again, thought Jen, as she rounded the corner to Ben’s closed door.

Remembering how hard he slept, Jen opened the door casino firmaları with a crash and yelled, “Ben, get up! You’re going to be late for school! Just skip breakfast today or else…” She trailed off as she realized what was before her eyes. Ben was sleeping on his back, not stirred in the slightest by the raucous noise, with no clothes on. Jen’s eyes immediately fixed on his nether regions. What she saw made her gasp and redden in the cheeks.

Ben’s cock was standing on end, with what was probably nine inches fully awake and throbbing, and Jen was astounded at the tingling she felt in her crotch. This was the biggest cock she had ever seen- but this was her stepson, Jen chided herself, wrenching her thoughts away from what would have been an amazing morning fuck if her pussy had control over her brain.

Jen decided to pretend she had never seen any of that, and walked out of the room, slightly shaking. She slammed the door with all her might, making a glass-shattering bang, and yelled again, “GET UP! YOU’RE LATE!” with a newfound motivation. She could hear Ben startle awake inside, and after a couple seconds she heard, “Shit!” and a thump on the ground, as Ben fell off of his bed.

“Good luck getting to school on time,” Jen laughed over her shoulder, but couldn’t get the image of Ben’s erect manhood out of her brain. All through the twenty minute drive to downtown Santa Barbara, where the business firm was located, Jen had to keep her mind away from that magnificent member and turned up the radio louder to try and focus. Even at work, she shook her head multiple times in an unsuccessful effort to concentrate on her job, and was sure her boss could notice the growing wet spot of the front of her pants, judging by the four-inch lump in his beige pants.

Jen scooted her chair farther underneath her desk to try and cover her arousal, but the scent was starting to spread. Luckily, there was some sort of dead animal in the vents after lunch, and Jen was able to mask the musky smell of her juices, although they didn’t go away. She would have much preferred another smell, as would have everyone else there, but she made do until she finally went home. Jen couldn’t resist a little wank, even getting it started while still driving. She pushed her hand down into her soaking wet panties and let out a sigh of relief as she finally gave herself the physical pleasure she needed.

Jen made sure to go slowly, because she really wanted an amazing wank today. As she was getting out of the car, Jen pulled off her shirt and bra, letting loose her wonderful tits to the whole world. Jen was still rubbing her pussy through her tits, and looked up as she moaned with pleasure, almost to the door. What she saw through her nearly closed eyelids made her jerk a little, but she instantly tried to mask it by moaning louder. There was Ben, ogling Jen’s perfect body, through an open window in her bedroom, slightly shaking back and forth, with what Jen assumed to be masturbatory strokes of his cock.

Jen remembered that Ben was her stepson, but she took her hand out of her pants and put it in her mouth. The taste of her own juices aroused her even further, sending her to an orgasm. Jen tore off her pants and fell backwards into the grass, throwing the tight clothing behind her and angling her spread legs in the perfect line of sight for Ben. After her intense climax was over, Jen stood up, walked over to her pants, and bent over, again giving Ben a perfect view of her body, this time her plump ass and tender pussy.

Then she slung them over her shoulder, feeling her fluids drip down from her panties, onto her shoulder, and finally on her tits. Jen gathered all her courage, and thrust her shoulders back, making her breasts jiggle, opened her eyes, staring right at Ben’s astonished face, and blew him a kiss.

Jen walked inside, heart racing. She contemplated why she had just done all that, as she and Ben had never had a sexual sort of relationship before. Then she nearly slapped herself at the realization that she would have to talk to Ben in the very near future. If Ben didn’t want a sexual relationship with Jen, then it was all over for them, something that could never be fixed. Jen knew what she had to do, güvenilir casino though, and with a monumental effort, walked upstairs after putting away her soiled clothes.

Then she turned around and went to her bedroom. If I’m going to have sex with my stepson, I may as well look my best for it. Jen put on her sexiest and most revealing underwear in her bedroom closet, a black lacy push-up bra that would show her nipples with the slightest effort and a black g-string that was not much more than a couple pieces of elastic tied together, but still made all eyes lock onto her round butt. Jen then thought again about what she was going to do, and how it would affect her life.

She knew that Ben wasn’t a virgin, after many incidents where he had taken girls home, but what about her life? She would have to make sure Ben was ok with her having a romantic partner at times, and she would have to make sure that nobody ever found out about this. Jen decided that she had to keep going with what she had started, and climbed the flight of stairs to Ben’s room, apprehension growing with each step. Jen was sure that Ben could hear her coming, and she made no effort to conceal her steps.

An updraft blew across Jen’s revealed body, sending oddly appropriate goosebumps down her spine. Jen rounded the corner for the second time that day, and only the thought of Ben’s cock embedded firmly in her tight pussy propelled her onwards. She took a deep breath and knocked on Ben’s door. With no response, she pushed the door open, heartbeat pounding like a drum.

Ben immediately ran up to her, this time fully clothed, pleading, “Oh, Jen, I’m so sorry, how can I ever forgive you-” before he was cut off at the sight of Jen with nearly her entire body shown to him.

“If you liked me that much, why didn’t you tell me before?” asked Jen with a small smile. Reddening, Ben answered while backing slowly away, “Um… I mean…”

“Oh, no need to feel embarrassed!” Jen put her finger on his lips, quieting him. “Now, I just have a simple question to ask you. Do you want to fuck me, or not?”

“Well… If it’s ok with you…” Jen quieted him again, knowing his answer would be yes, by wrapping her arms around him and kissing him hard on the mouth. Her tongue infiltrated the inner chambers of Ben’s mouth as they stumbled backwards onto Ben’s bed, with Jen on top of Ben. Jen pulled away, licked her lips, and said, “How do you like that?”

Flustered, Ben just nodded. Jen laughed and pulled off her bra, exposing for the second time that day her large and natural breasts. The nipples in the middle of the brown beauties were already hard as cobalt, and Jen dangled them in front of Ben’s face.

“Come on! What are you waiting for?” Ben needed no further encouragement and put his mouth around Jen’s left nipple while caressing her right tit, and the sensation caused Jen to moan. She settled herself on Ben’s lap, as he was now sitting upright on the edge of his bed, and ground her pussy on Ben’s semi-erect cock, loving the combined feelings of the breast stimulation and the growing lump rubbing up and down her pussy. After a little, Ben switched boobs, and in between switching, he clenched his now fully erect cock, causing Jen to jump a little in pleasure.

Jen then rolled off of Ben and took off her drenched thong, then lay down with her legs spread. Ben unzipped his pants, revealing his throbbing cock at full power, and Jen got wetter just thinking about it inside her pussy. He positioned it right in front of her spread lips and Jen nodded. He pushed it completely inside of her, squeezing a gasp out of Jen.

“Don’t worry, I’m on the pill,” panted Jen, and Ben started to thrust in and out of Jen, slowly at first but building up speed until he was ramming his ready dick into jen with such force that the bed was shoved backwards with every thrust. Jen was screaming in pure passion, and Ben grunted with every thrust. He reached down and started to roughly grasp her tits and stimulate the nipples, with more powerful screams from Jen as she started one of the best orgasms she had ever had.

As she exploded around Ben, he too came, shooting his sperm into Jen’s writhing body. He lay on top of her, both panting. Jen kissed Ben one last time before taking his cock out of her tender pussy.

“There’s more of that whenever you feel like it,” said Jen over her shoulder as she walked out of the room, leaving a pleasured but very confused Ben behind her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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