Birthday Surprise Ch. 01

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This was it. Tonight was FINALLY the night. My boyfriend was turning 30 and I had determined to make it the best birthday he’d ever had. I smoothed the slinky red dress I’d bought just for the occasion over the satin garter holding up my lace stockings. Once I slipped my 5″ stilettos on I turned admiringly in front of the mirror knowing that my man would be well pleased.

We started our evening with dinner at a fancy steakhouse. You know the type; dim lighting so you can’t see the outrageous prices? Yeah, costly but the dim lighting was just what I was after. We toasted his birthday with a glass of wine and I could see his eyes already wandering over my low-cut dress. I started rubbing my stockinged foot up and down his leg and enjoyed watching his discomfort. My man is many wonderful things but he is very bashful and gets easily embarrassed easily. I knew he was torn between wanting to stop me before someone saw and letting me continue my erotic doings.

While we ate I continued to torment him. As we finished our last glass of wine and paid the check, he asked if we were going to go home and finish what I’d started. I laughingly told him that his night was just beginning. And so it was. The look on his face was one of pure misery. As we left I gave him a long kiss that had him moaning into my mouth. Perfect.

Our next stop was where -if all went as I hoped- his birthday would become truly memorable. We went to a local nightclub well known for its provocative dancers, dark seating and ear-shattering music. As soon as we got our first round of drinks we went to the balcony overlooking the main dance floor. No booths were available but I knew that if we waited we’d get one and for what I had in mind we needed one. Sure enough, not 15 mins went by before a couple of college boys made their way out of one and headed to the stairs. They looked me up and down as they went by and my man tightened his hold on my waist. “See?” he whispered. “I’m not the only one who thinks you look damn sexy.” I just smiled as we took their vacated seats. That’s when my searching began.

Let me explain; I’d always fantasized about watching my boyfriend with another woman and every time I brought it up, Jake would turn into a complete cum-machine. I knew the thought excited him but he’d never actually do it. That’s why I was gonna have to take charge. It wasn’t long before I saw him watching a group of girls off to the side pendik escort of the dance floor. There was one in particular he couldn’t take his eye off of; a tall, leggy redhead in a short silver dress. He saw me watching and looked away guiltily but I didn’t care. I excused myself to go to the restroom then headed downstairs to find the girl Jake couldn’t take his eyes off of.

I saw her at the bar, apparently waiting for a drink. I quickly went up and complimented her on her dress. She turned to me, surprised, but then laughed and thanked me. We started chatting and I invited her to come upstairs and and have a drink with us. She was more than willing as her high heels were starting to hurt her feet. I ordered more drinks for all of us then led her to our booth.

The look on Jake’s face when he saw his object of lust sliding in across from him was priceless. I introduced them, her name was Felicia, and we proceeded to try to make conversation over the thumping music. It wasn’t long before the liquor worked its magic.

We were all loosened up and having a good time when I suggested Jake take Felicia out on the floor for a dance. She and I both laughed when his eyes nearly popped out of his head. I said my stomach was hurting so didn’t feel like dancing but it WAS his birthday and he needed to dance. To further instigate, I squeezed his thigh and ran my nails down the inside of it, so close to his sac but not actually touching. He was already semi-hard and that instantly stiffened him. He looked at me with a ‘what the hell are you thinking’ look and I gave him my sweetest smile. His pulse had quickened considerably when Felicia laughingly tugged at his arm, “C’mon, stud, show me a good time.”

He stood up awkwardly, trying to conceal his considerable hard-on. Her eyes widened as she took in the lengthy bulge he was trying to cover, then she looked at me. I winked and told them to go on and have fun.

It wasn’t long before I spotted them on the floor, bumping and grinding. I have to admit; I always thought I had a nice ass but that girl’s put mine to shame. It was a thing of beauty and appeared to be caught in Jake’s zipper because not once did she stop rubbing it against his crotch. Finally the next song started and she turned and slipped her leg between his. They started moving to the beat and I could see Jake’s eyes closing as she would casually press tuzla escort her very ample breasts against his chest. From my vantage point above I could see everything and boy, was I getting a show. I was also getting pretty damn horny myself.

They came back to the booth and I left to get fresh drinks. When I came back I could see something had been going on in my absence. Jake was flushed and breathing heavily. I passed out the shots and when I sat down I saw Felicia’s foot, still rubbing his crotch. I jumped back up teasing Jake that he was too sweaty from dancing; he needed to sit with Felicia so I could have some fresh air. He stared at me as tho he couldn’t comprehend what he was hearing. She quickly got up saying I could take her seat since Jake seemed incapable of moving and slid in next to him. Her hand never came above the table and when his eyes started rolling back I knew she was doing all the right things. I suggested we go ahead and pound our shots so we quickly downed them. After catching my breath I asked Felicia if she’d accompany me to the bathroom. The look she and Jake gave each other was one of longing but she smiled and agreed.

We made our way downstairs and once we were in the relatively quiet bathroom I told her what I wanted her to do. The look on her face made me laugh and I assured her that I was serious. I knew she was ready to jump on Jake and ride him hard so it didn’t take much persuading.

Back at the booth I suddenly grabbed my stomach and said I needed to go back to the bathroom. Jake looked at me concerned and I assured him it was probably just something I ate plus all the drinks taking their toll. I asked Felicia to take care of Jake for me and make sure he had some fun because I was probably going to be in the bathroom a while, then I slipped out of the booth. I found a dark corner on the main floor where I could see both the stairs and the entrance and waited. It wasn’t two minutes before I saw them coming, arms wrapped around each other and Jake’s hard-on showing proudly to the world. I grinned as I saw them exit, then hurried out behind them.

They were already headed to the back of the parking lot where we’d left our Jeep when I spotted them. As they reached it Felicia turned and grabbed Jake, pushed him against the truck and proceeded to rip his shirt open and run her nails down his chest. His hands grabbed her ass maltepe escort hard as they kissed, their bodies molding together perfectly. She reached down and started caressing his bulge as they kissed and he broke away frantically trying to find the keys.

He unlocked the truck and they both got in the backseat. From where I was hiding behind a big truck I couldn’t see them, not that I’d much be able to anyway, with the dark tints on the Jeep. We’d parked in the last row, facing away from a stand of trees, so no one would be around to spy. Well, except for me. I took off my shoes and crept up to the car parked next to ours. Even with the windows closed I could hear their moaning and gasps. I figured I could probably open the door and watch and they’d be too involved with each other to notice me. Instead, I settled for creeping up to the tailgate and peering through.

Felicia was nowhere to be seen but Jake’s head was leaning against the seat and I knew he was getting a blowjob he’d never forget. His moans got louder and he started pleading with her to ride him. I’d never heard that frantic tone in his voice before. All this had me so damn horny I pulled my dress up and started fingering myself. I was soaking wet and starting to feel jealous that I wasn’t getting any of the action going on in the truck.

Felicia came back up and straddled Jake but he didn’t stop begging so apparently she wasn’t giving him the ultimate pleasure yet. She leaned over to kiss his neck and saw me staring in the back window. She gave me the most evil smile then sat back and slowly pulled her dress up over her head. My god she had the most majestic boobs I’d ever seen. I caught myself moaning and rubbed my clit faster, feeling my own breasts tingling.

Jake’s mouth was all over those beautiful jugs when she moved up then sat slowly back down. Jake’s head flew back and his loud guttural moan told me that she’d just slid down his rod and I nearly came. This was hotter than I’d ever imagined and I was loving it.

Their cries were getting louder and I worried that someone walking through the parking lot would hear them. I didn’t care. I was thrusting against my hand as I watched her move up and down and saw her titties slapping my boyfriend in the face. I knew Jake wouldn’t take long to cum and sure enough, all of a sudden he sat nearly straight up and yelled, grabbing her by the hair and pulling her down tight against him. I’m glad he was as loud as he was because he couldn’t hear me cumming behind him, outside the truck.

When I looked back in they were kissing and hands were going everywhere. I figured I’d probably better head back inside to avoid getting caught. So far, everything about this night had been PERFECT!

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