Best Friends Ch. 05

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It had been the realization of my dreams to have made love with my son Lee and I was still trying to sort out in my mind how I could have experienced this incredible day. It started with Corey (Lee’s best friend), who was supposed to be working out at the gym with Lee, coming into my kitchen and seducing me, stripping my clothes and eating my pussy on the kitchen floor, then carrying me to Lee’s bedroom and fucking me to oblivion on his bed. I thought it was a dream but I awoke in the same bed. Lee was standing over me with what I thought was shock but, as we talked and then began fondling, it seemed that he had joined in too easily for him to have been surprised. In my semi-awake condition it puzzled me but I was still in a thick enough fog not to recognize that I had been set up. Then, I got caught up so completely in what Lee and I ended up doing that I forgot where my thoughts were leading me. It happened so easily and so completely that I found myself spent, not just from the passionate sex with my son, but with his friend as well. It had been a surreal afternoon of love making

We lay in each other’s arms, my pussy still tingling from being reamed by my son’s huge, young cock which made me feel, on one hand, depraved and on the other, eager to have him inside of me again. My pussy, still feeling the memories of two vibrant young cocks, both incredibly hard, fucking it so deliciously caused my imagination to work. I thought of the first taboo, an older woman fucking a friend of the family, much too young for societal approval, his thick cock opening me, sliding tightly into my incredibly wet cunt, fucking me, driving me into a wild orgasm then depositing his fertile load inside. That alone would have shocked me just a few months before; I was such a proper lady. But it made me feel confirmed as a woman. Then, I experienced an even greater no-no, incest with my son. I felt like such a slut and smiled at the newness and excitement of the whole experience.

Not wanting to move I held him close to me, knowing that we had to get up and dress before Arthur, my husband, Lee’s dad, came home from work…and what about dinner? Fuck it, I thought, we can go out to dinner. As we lay there, spooned, my body against his hot flesh, I listened to his satisfied breathing. I thought again about how he had come into the room and discovered me, naked, in his bed. The more I thought about it the clearer it became that he wasn’t surprised at all that I was there. And when he told me that he had picked up the clothes I had left on the kitchen floor, during my romp with Corey, I realized it must have been part of the plan. I turned my body so I could face him and questioned, “Baby?” He didn’t say anything and in his silence I sensed he knew my question. “What did you think when you found my clothes lying on the kitchen floor?”

He was silent for a moment. “It’s hard for me to tell you Mom, you’ll probably think I’m a creep.”

“Do you think I’m a creep, baby? Do you think I’m a creep for letting you, my own son, fuck me like this?”

“N…no Mom, I’ve been wishing that you would let me…uh…fuck you. I’ve been dreaming about it ever since I started getting hard-ons.”

I thought about what he said about fantasizing for such a long time and said, “Since both of our dreams have come true today baby, maybe we should stop. What do you think darlin?”

He thought for a moment. “I don’t want to stop Mom.”

I reached for his face and held it between my hands. Looking deep into his eyes I said, “If we’re going to be this intimate baby, we’re going to have to be very, very careful so nobody gets hurt. Do you understand?”

“D…do you mean that you w…want to do it more?”

“I want to do it more my sweet son…and often. But no one must find out.”

“Like dad?”

“Like dad,” I echoed, “and like your sister.” (Madison was six months away from her 18th birthday). “We need to be very careful Lee, and, we have to be completely honest with one another.” He nodded. I felt uncomfortable with the next question but everything had to be out in the open. “Did you know that Corey was coming here today?” He nodded. “And you knew why?” He nodded. “Can you tell me how it happened?”

“I’ve been thinking about you Mom for such a long time. I never expected that you would want to do anything with me, you being so big in the church and everything. I’ve wanted to be with you so bad. Lots of nights I would think about you and get hard, thinking about what it would be like to, uh…fuck you. I would… uh, jack off trying to imagine what it would feel like to have my cock inside you and wonder casino şirketleri if you would like it. The day you saw me…uh, jacking off was just one of many. I tried to set it up so many times, hoping that you would walk by and see me. And finally, that day, you stopped and you watched…”

“I enjoyed watching you very much sweetie…very much.”

“You probably didn’t think I knew you were watching, Mom.”

“I didn’t.”

“Anyway, I told Corey about it.” Lee looked at me kind of funny. “Ya know that woman I told you about, the one who has been kind of…uh…teaching Corey and me?” I nodded. “Well, I told her that you watched me jack off and she told me that you probably wanted to make love to me. I didn’t believe it but she said that any woman would have a difficult time looking at me playing with my hard cock and not imagining going to bed with me.” He blushed. “I told her that I didn’t know how to let you know and she said that, since Corey was such a close friend of the family, you probably had sexy feelings about him too. And, since Corey was so much more comfortable making advances than I was, she said that he should be the one to open the door.”

Open the door, I thought, feeling my pussy still tingling from all the sex I had that day. I marveled at how wise this woman was. But she had already been having sex with these boys; who knows for how long? “She’s a very smart woman Lee,” I said. “Can you tell me who she is?”

“Remember Mom, you told me that we should be very careful so nobody would get hurt.” I nodded. “Well, she said the same thing. Both Corey and I promised we wouldn’t blow her cover by talking with anybody about it.” He was quiet for a moment then asked, “Did you like what Corey did?”

“Mmmmm,” I purred, “It was quite a surprise sweetie, quite a surprise…and…Yes, I liked it very much. I was amazed at how much you two boys know about a woman’s body.”

“I was waiting outside of the door when he came out and he told me how hot you were. He told me that he cuddled with you and you went to sleep in my bed. And—I shouldn’t be telling you this Mom, you’ll probably think it’s gross.”

“Its ok baby, tell me; I want to hear it.”

“He told me, ‘The cum I left inside your mom’s pussy’ll make it easier to get that monster cock inside.” Then he winked and said, “Your mom’s kind of tight Lee.”

After having had two babies I was thrilled to hear that he’d said that. “That’s nasty,” I chuckled.

“You’re somethin Mom,” Lee said with a big grin.

We got up and showered before Madison, who was at cross country practice, and Arthur came in within fifteen minutes of each other.

Midway through dinner Arthur said, “The way you two are looking at each other you must have a secret. Your cheeks are so rosy. Have you both been working out?”

Lee answered, “Corey and I both had a great workout.” He rolled his eyes.

“It was a particularly busy day for me too,” I said. Neither of us lied.

Madison said, “What about my rosy cheeks Dad? I ran thirteen miles today.”

I was gripped by a tremendous surge of guilt and patted Arthur’s hand and said, “We’re so fortunate to have such athletic children.” Madison beamed. Lee smiled, looked at me askance then averted his eyes.

“Don’t be so modest Lee,” Arthur said, “You know you’re great.”

“He’s more than great,” I said, patting Arthur on the thigh while looking at Lee across the table. Our son’s demeanor was neither surprised nor merry. It was a look of a confederate in league with a woman who, as of today, had embarked on a different path. It had only been a few weeks since Amanda and I found each other, a relationship that had awakened my dormant libido, and now, after being fucked by both Amanda’s son, then my son, I realized that I had opened a door that could consume me.

The image of two cocks, Corey’s and Lee’s, and my memory of the feeling I had when each one opened and filled me, caused my pussy to flow again and I squirmed in my seat wanting to put my hand on both my husband’s and my son’s cock, to stroke them until they were hard. I wanted to have Lee bend me over the table and fuck my pussy while I sucked Arthur until his cum filled my mouth and dribbled down my chin. I was beginning to feel the insatiable need of a nymphomaniac and didn’t care who would be watching. I’m such a fucking whore, I thought, not with a trace of guilt, but with the joy of anticipation.

On the way home, while Arthur and the kids were talking about Madison’s chances of getting a running scholarship, I was silent. For years I had seethed about Arthur not satisfying casino firmaları me in sex. But, I realized again, that Arthur and Lee were alike in many ways: one being that they were both reticent to make advances on people. I reasoned that it took Corey to break the ice for Lee. I asked myself, who ever broke the ice for Arthur? I remembered how attentive he was before we got married. I was guilty of not communicating my needs. My eyes welled and tears wet my cheeks.

“Are you ok babe,” Arthur asked.

“I was just thinking about what a nice family we have,” I said, telling part of the truth.

That night, when Arthur and I were reading I decided that I had to bring him into the picture. But how? I snuggled up to him, kissed him on the cheek and slid my hand down his chest, to his stomach then wrapped my fingers around his soft, wrinkled penis, squeezing it like a farmer milking a cow, feeling it fill with his blood which ironed the wrinkles out.

“Do you want to fuck,” he said, squirming his ass on the bed.

“I want to suck your cock, Arthur,” I said, “to make you cum in my mouth and to swallow your hot load.” I looked at his face and saw his look of astonishment. I had never talked like that before. “I want to be your whore.” His bewilderment was delicious. “I want you to use me, to fuck me, to do what ever you want with me.” His eyes were wide and disbelieving. Our relationship had been so insipid and, from what I had learned about myself that day, from this night on it would never be that way again.

My mouth was on his cock sucking and slurping. I was snorting like a pig and I knew he would cum soon, so I went for it. I sucked him deep into the back of my throat and gagged, then tried to take him deeper but couldn’t. I worked my mouth faster and faster, gently squeezing his balls. His orgasm began with a whimper that, at his first ejaculation, built into a yelp and, as I continued sucking, into wildly pleasured moans. I used his semen as lubrication, sliding my lips through the slippery seed over his tantalized flesh. He came once—a forceful squirt that splashed against the back of my throat—then three more times, spurts of lesser volume. I gathered his sperm like an oyster then swallowed it in one gulp. Then, pressing my lips on his, I kissed and suckled his lips.

He slumped back into his pillow, looked at me with excited eyes and said, “Holy shit Mary, what has become of you?”

I stripped my nightgown and straddle his belly. “I’m going to teach you about sex Arthur. I have always pleased you and now, you’re going to learn to please me.” I felt somewhat foolish, having been married all of these years and having never asserted my needs. But I also felt liberated. “Fondle my breasts,” I commanded and his hands went obediently to my petite tits. He fondled them, almost naively. “Press on them and move them in a circle.” He complied. I felt warmed as his hands massaged my breasts around my chest… felt my pussy liquefying and leaking on his stomach. “Squeeze my nipples,” I said.

“But won’t that hurt, Mary?”

“Squeeze them Arthur. Do as I say!” I felt empowered. I was acting toward Arthur the way Amanda had been acting toward me. I was now the prime mover and intended to have my fill of my husband for the first time in years. He squeezed them insipidly and I commanded, “Squeeze my fucking nipples Arthur!” He looked almost frightened but he squeezed them. “Harder, goddamit!” He squeezed harder, his fingers and thumbs making my nipples burn. “Make them turn white!” He squeezed harder and I came, gasping my pleasure, wiggling my ass on his stomach, my pussy sliding through the pool on his belly.

I stretched out my legs and lay back, propping myself on my elbows, positioning my pussy so he had good view. “Look at my pussy Arthur and find my clitoris.” He was lost…such a schmuck, I thought. Then I thought how stupid I had been not to have guided him in the first place. But I had been a product of a clueless generation, never taught how beautiful sex could be. Now, within weeks I had become sexually alive and I wanted to share my excitement with the main I had enjoyed such little sexual enjoyment.

“Watch me,” I commanded as I laid back and placed the index and middle fingers of my right hand on my clitoris. “This is my clitoris baby; it’s sensitive, like the head of your cock. When I rub it I can make myself cum. His eyes were taking it in; he was fascinated. “You rub it,” I coaxed and his fingers touched me. “Not too hard dear,” I cautioned.

More gently he circled his finger tip through the wet film of the sensitive surface. güvenilir casino For the first time in our marriage I experienced the excitement of his touch on my button and I wiggled my ass in response. “That’s good baby,” I sighed. He was taken with his newfound knowledge and worked his finger faster, then slid his other finger inside my pussy and fucked me with it. I felt the pressure building: the warmth in my nipples, the electricity surging from my breasts to my clitoris, to my asshole. My toes clamped tight as I let out a shriek, “Arthur! Baby!” and I exploded, a small jet of cum squirting from my pussy.

“Oh Mary,” he said with a catch in his throat, “I never knew, I just never knew.”

I realized that his cock, brushing the side of my neck, was rock hard, harder than I remembered him capable.

“What else can I do to please you Mary,” he asked. “Can I, uh…eat your pussy?”

“Would you like to?” I asked incredulously.

“I’ve always wanted to Mary but you’ve always been so proper. I thought you might think it was dirty, that you would be offended.”

I was proper, and still am, but now only in public…never in my mind, or in the privacy of whatever encounter I am enjoying. I thought back to the times I had made comments about people who used double entendres or exhibited outward expressions of sexual enjoyment and my heart skipped a beat. I had been so foolish; I had been a prude. It wasn’t until Amanda seduced me that I began to open up and let the sexual prisoner inside me go free. I vowed, at that moment, that I was going to enjoy every possible sexual experience I could, and, I was going to include my husband wherever he would follow me.

“Oh baby,” I whispered, “I’ve wanted you to eat me for so long.”

I sat up, scootched my ass up Arthur’s torso, sliding through the output of my pussy. Bending my legs underneath me I rose up on my knees, walking on them until my dripping cunt was over his mouth, and lowered to make contact. I closed my eyes at the sensation of my husband eating me for the first time and I slowly undulated on his lips, feeling them suckle, feeling his tongue licking my cunt, my clitoris, my asshole and hearing his hungry moans enhanced by the slurpy noises of his feast.

I froze in a prolonged spasm, my petite tits jiggling wildly, electric sensations surging from the rims of my ears to the tips of my toes. “Holy shit, baby,” I yelped, feeling a gusher squirting from my pussy, and went even higher knowing that he was gulping my cum like a famished baby. We both writhed in our ecstasy as the thought went through my mind. Here I am, Mary Wilhelm, the icon of propriety, one of the matrons of the church, having fucked two young men today, one of them my son, and going wild with my husband who had no clue of the perversions I was capable of.

I could feel his warm, stiff cock brushing my neck. I wanted him. My pussy had been host to two cocks today and I wanted a third; three cocks for the fucking whore I had become. I loved the thought but didn’t dwell on it. Walking backwards on my knees I placed my hands upon Arthur’s shoulders, looking deeply into his eager eyes, and raised my ass, moving it backward until, reaching my left hand around his engorged shaft, I slid his head through my groove ’til I found my hole. I eased myself down, taking all of his meat inside me. He bucked up and raised my body then slumped down, his cock sliding halfway out. My cunt was tender from being fucked by one fat cock and another huge one. I was glad that my husband’s cock was smaller than Corey’s and smaller than his son’s. It was like the baby bear’s porridge that Goldilocks ate, just right, and I tightened my aching muscles around him, making him writhe with pleasure.

You fucking whore, I thought to myself while moving up and down, feeling his cock fucking me. Each time I slammed down on his thighs, his hard dick striving for my cervix, he bucked up and sent my pussy sliding up on his shaft. Our bodies slap, slap, slapped until we were both out of breath.

Finally, he jammed himself deep inside me and raised my body. He shivered, moaned breathlessly and I could feel the warmth of his semen oozing inside me. I was close but needed a little more so I touched my clitoris, rubbed it and whooped, “Oh fuck,” and collapsed, shivering on my husband’s limp body.

We lay there and kissed. We told each other of our love for one another then I rolled off and we snuggled. It was the first time we had done that in ages and we both felt the confirmation of our pleasure, of once again being together blissfully.

That day was the beginning of a phenomenal saga in my life, the day I had been seduced by a young friend, the day I had fucked my son, the day I re-established my marriage on a sexual basis. It was a landmark day that set the stage for many sexual adventures to come…

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