Bellevue Pt. 02

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My hands worked his head and just placed him as deep as I could into my core, his mouth singing my twat to madness. He now pushed me completely back and lifted my legs high, really digging into me, his head moving aggressively. My gyrations gave to a luscious feathering that tingled from my thighs toward the inside of my stomach, its fullness stretching the sensations taut across my abdomen.

I started shaking uncontrollably as my first wave of orgasm erupted, my legs clenching his head and I screamed out, “oh, oh, yes…mmmmmm,” and I came into his mouth, him drinking everything I could give him. It was as if I was pumping my warmth and wetness into him, his tender but feisty mouth lapping every drop. The tongue went on and on, not stopping for a beat. And then I released.

The build-up was too much and my gratifying break in tension just relaxed all my tubular muscles and I gushed. My belly immediately tightened and flipped his head off my coozy just enough for the first arc to shoot out of me.

“Ahhhhh,” I breathed out loudly as my pee streamed into the air. Red knew instantly what was happening, having made me hold it in, what was he thinking? He deftly returned to my heated gusher and capped his mouth over the fountainhead, doing his best to capture my liquid and swallow it. It flowed too hard and too thick for him and soon his face was drenched with my piss, pouring from his mouth mixed with his saliva.

My hips moved to meet his lips and our fleshed gyrated together as my bladder began losing pressure, emptying into my new lover.

“Shit, it’s so hot, don’t stop,” he yelped between gulps, seemingly not wanting to lose any.

Still peeing, I yanked his face off my spout and brought his head to mine, finding his lips. I tasted my seething pee on his face, darting my tongue into his mouth, searching for my water. He poured what was in his mouth into mine and we shared the swallow, our kisses now more passionate and desperate than ever.

My lower abdomen was heaving gently, the pressing urge now completely relieved and the afterglow of a delicious cum wafting through my groin. Not yet sated, R moved down my body again, grabbing one of my tits in each hand and nuzzling them as he passed. Kissing my sopping belly and returning his tongue to my clit, he began all over again.

As his probings pulsed my insides, the release of my piss somehow activated other sensations farther deep within me, and a small cramp passed down my innards, causing a slight burst of gas to erupt.

She sucked the last of her golden serum from my mouth, dribbling her delicious spit into me. Our tongues dances together as I felt her swallow her own drink. I was still holding her tight, bringing her closer to me, feeling the living, breathing love she was radiating.

Suddenly, her gut, sodden with piss and our love bathed sweat, clenched and I heard a small sound come from under her cunt. The smell that flowed after was unmistakable, the tingly earthly scent of a girl fart. I quickly returned my face to her crotch, now nose in her sopping cunny and lips gently nuzzling her rosie purse. I breathed in deeply, inhaling cunt air and the remains of her wind. I wanted another, I felt now, after all that hot piss, I needed a thick eggy blast.

I blew ever so lightly along her crack, letting the air cool the dampness around her button, sending sensations into her. I ran a finger back and forth, light enough to barely touch the fine hairs on her delicate skin. She moaned and bucked her ass slightly toward my fingers, which responded by increasing the touch.

I traced light circles around the brownie, watching it glisten and her breathing began pacing up. I touched the center, puckered up tight and wrinkled, dark short hairs sticking out and around. The spider began dancing to the rhythm of my index, now pushing gently in and around the opening. It moved around and around, and I pulled back, returning my mouth to her ass, now licking the crack. That was the end for her.

“mmmmm,” she purred in delight, as my tongue touched and rimmed her lovingly. The tease was killing her and she tried to meet my mouth with force, but I refused, still skipping lightly in and around that gorgeous star. I then inserted the tip of my tongue into the crevices, tasting each nub and crook, making her squirm.

“uggghhhhh,” she murmured, “nooooo, you can’t do that now, I have to…uggggggggh,”

I now felt his fingers tracing my asshole. I moaned in the unbelievable pleasure of the whole thing. But my gut clenched again. I was wanting him bad now, but this desperate purging was sure to ruin the night. I was going to dump, the urge now pushing down harder, my butthole tightly locked where it should’ve been inviting.

The more I tried to ignore it, the stronger the feeling became… then the unmistakable sensation of a liquid release, a slimy gross poop. “Oh shit,” I thought quite literally, it was coming out on it’s own, the inner gas bahis firmaları forcing out my toxic waste. I didn’t know what to do. He seemed to be getting hotter and hotter down there, I feared he was about to finger me and all hell would break out, pouring out of me, gushing filth. I quickly got up and jumped on the floor, heading to the bathroom for my own solitary embarrassment, hoping somehow to salvage the evening.

“Oh yeah,” he yelled out in surprise, and catching me around my waist, firmly but delicately threw me back on the bed, on my back, his lips gathering mine and probing my mouth again with his tantalizing tongue.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he asked playfully, taking an erect nipple and squeezing it around and around. “I know what you’re thinking, what you’re fearing. I want every piece of you now. Every morsel,” he reassured me.

“No, you have to let me go, I’ll come right back, it’ll be a disaster, it’ll be a total mess. I really have to go…” but he sealed my lips with another passionate kiss, lasting a long time. He then moved toward my mound and flicked within the crack while lifting my legs and putting one of my hands on each buttock, somehow wordlessly instructing me to pull them wide apart.

Realizing in some way that he was prepared for what might happen, I relaxed and gave in, my hips now raised, each hand spreading my nearly shaking ass cheeks, his mouth still busy with my cunt, getting it wet again. His clit work raised my pulse and I concentrated on that for the moment, feeling the intricate tingles within.

He then moved down lower, pushing the flat of his tongue hard on my stain hole, slowly loosening. But that feeling is one that I share with few others. If I’m sitting on the can, waiting to dump, all I need to do is press against my starfish, not even go in, but just press, and it causes my sphincter to open gratefully. It’s like an automatic response. He couldn’t have known this, but here he was.

I somehow got her back on the bed and she was pulling her ass cheeks wide, her pucker tight but exposed. I knew her fart and cramps meant an intimate mess was upon us, but knew the taboo nature of us being here, the unlikely coupling, and the shear nastiness of it all was going to happen. And I probably would end up loving her for it. I felt ready, I just didn’t want to hurt her, or make her uncomfortable. She came to me first, I kept telling myself.

A final cramp shuddered through her, I felt as I returned to tonguing her rim, her belly rises and a slithering sound escaped her anus. I pull back to the telltale stink and watch as a blob of white thick liquid squeezes out, hanging from the hole, then sticks onto one cheek, about a teaspoon’s worth, glistening in the dim light. What the fuck?

I move to wipe away the ooze. “What’s this jizz, it’s cream from your ass, you’re not going to tell me…”

“Put it in my cunt, put it on my twat,” she whispers, breathing a bit faster.

“What the fuck?” I say.

“It’s his spunk,” she says, “I gave him a birthday fuck before dinner. I was afraid of that. Please don’t be mad.”

“Mad?” I said, “that’s insane. But I find that so sexy, you’ve been warmed up already.”

“Look, I wanted to empty his balls out as much as possible for his trip, figuring he was off to fuck himself silly, maybe this would dim his spirit. It wasn’t for his pleasure, just for your information, it was for mine. I’m hoping he won’t be able to get it up for that witch.”

“Ohhhhhh, I love it,” I replied. I found it some weird turn-on that her husband had opened her up for me and didn’t even know it.

He was now entering my bunger, and I felt the urgency was so close, I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t just drop it, but I also couldn’t get up and break our incredible slow dance.

“I want you to nasty me,” I quipped.

“Jen, oh, please, I’m nasty, I’ll do anything, anything.”

“R, can you nasty me, are you up for that?,” I teased.

She was now moaning, and began grinding her ass into my face, but gently pushed my head back, away from the heat. She pulled back her legs and grabbed a cheek in each hand and held them far apart. I just watched for a moment.

“You better forgive me, or I’ll never forgive myself… UGgghhh,” she grunted, “It’s coming, ooohhhhh, move R, move…”

I watched in silence from a foot away as she held her buttocks wide apart, the rose hole beginning to bloom slowly. It shuddered a very slight whisper and I took in a waft of pure anal scent, not gross, but smooth and earthy. It got bigger, forming an O as it expanded.

A chocolate morsel emerged, the size of a marble, pushing forth at a snail’s pace. She had amazing control, like a dancer moving at a deliberate slowness for effect. As it squeezed out, it grew in size, now a mass about an inch in diameter taking shape. Her rim continued to stretch, its elastic lips enlarged to meet the increasing load.

“Oohhhh, I’m going kaçak iddaa to drop it,” she paused a moment.

She had this unbelievable muscle control, letting the clumps out and dangle without just breaking and slopping about. Her asshole was easily open around an inch and a half, maybe more, and a large round braided ball lowered in place, everything else still. Her grunts picked up a bit and then, without warning, she gave a concerted push and her pucker kissed this giant mocha mound on the sheets.

Her hole momentarily resembled a protruding flesh tube, then retracted and resumed its delicate size, the incredible dilation complete. I looked up at her beauty, her closed eyes, and detected a momentary calm within her incredible body. Her breathing was slowing down a bit, her stomach moving up and down less frantically.

“R, play with me, play. I’ve never done this before, come,” she breathed, eyes, still closed, “I’m totally yours.”

She now let go of her cheeks, and let her weight down on the bed, feet now resting on the sheets, those lovely feet. I started sucking her toes, working on the baby toe first, and then taking three in my mouth. She squirmed. I stared at her shiny ass, its pucker slightly smeared with tint, her cunny wet with shimmering piss and the remnants of semen from an earlier ass fuck by her husband. Where would this all go?

She really started getting into the toe sucking and by tongue was all over the cracks between each toe, now on the top, then around the side, almost to the heel. I travelled beyond her foot to the meat pile she dropped. Without opening her eyes, she knew where I was, she felt it.

“R, give me some. Do me nasty. Do me hard.”

I tentatively tongued the turd, hard, round, mostly a braided cylinder about five inches long, an inch or so across. It was waxy, gummy, and bitter. Dark tasting, but incredibly intimate. I sank my teeth into the end, biting off a length and rolled it in my mouth.

He came up to me and placed his mouth above mine, about to kiss me, and slowly pushed out a piece of my fudge stick into my mouth. I took it from him as if it were the most natural thing. We shared this tube and our lips met, the shit now within our collective mouths. We both found it so sexy. I chewed mine until it softened with my spit and I let the mixture run out on my chin. He dropped his piece, which stuck on my tit. We locked in a passionate kiss that took me into his arms and he lifted me onto him, holding me close.

We continued kissing as he returned his fingers into my kitty, regaining my froth. They danced in me, his fingers, rubbing and digging deep. I grew dizzy between the kisses and the nasty shit taste in our mouths. Now my cunt was ablaze and began running juices around his hand. My hips gyrating into his hand as he cupped my left tit with his free hand, moving his mouth down to it. He took the nipple morsel of my mud in his mouth and just savored it. He had enough and with my cunny steaming toward another cum, he jogged back down to my quim, trailing his wet tongue along the way.

Pulling out his fingers, drenched in my honey, he dove face-first into my vag cave, sucking my clit without any warning. The speed and fierceness of it, compounded by his frigging sent me into a tailspin. I came very quickly into his mouth, drinking me deeply. I felt that I gushed my liquid warmth into him and he wouldn’t miss a drop. He seemed desperate for me, for my gush. He lapped and tongued my cunt, my button clit still hard as marble and glowing pink beneath the bush hair.

“Oh Jen, Jen,” he purred affectionately at me.

My erotic throbbing was now on high, my shaking orgasm peaking with his tongue thrusts, which seemed endless. I yelled out in ecstasy as I came, sweet, sweet, come all over his beautiful face.

But instead of finishing, he seemed to warm up more, now moving lower and returning to my slowly panting starfish. He now digs down and rims my brownie, the generous half-turd lying a few inches away on the white sheets. Moving over me he holds my legs wide apart and goes for the gold. He’s lying over me, his bulging cock trying to burst out of his jean rubbing now on my tits, now over my head. As he buries deeper, I undo his buttons and slide off his pants, releasing a very hard incredible man cock.

I lick the sides, slobbering hungrily along them, playing with the tip and the flesh, watching it grow. He now has his mouth entirely around my asshole, beginning to suck it loudly, making loud sounds. His tongue enters, probes hard, parting the flesh. My gates open and let him in. The sensations are incredible, there is electricity all over, I feel myself just give into him, dilating more and more. I take his cock in my mouth, inching it deeper back behind my tongue, hitting the back of my throat. He moans. My tongue is all over that delicious tool.

My mouth was in and around the most beautiful asshole in the world. She was loving it. I entered her kaçak bahis spider and it’s as if the doors just let loose, slamming open wide for me. I tasted the residual frosting her mammoth left behind, pushing it back it, then trying to bring it out again. These actions made her wail and sing, her bottom just dancing on my mouth. She was sucking my stiffer deep now, I had hardly recalled losing my pants and now my cock was down her throat, I was in love with this amazing woman, I felt the beginning of a journey through my nasty soul. She then pushed out hard, the hole suddenly turning into an outward donut, then sucked inward again, the hole returning; my tongue never losing a beat. She kept her rhythm on my dick.

I felt another cramp and with his cock down my throat, I couldn’t stop anything, I felt the build-up of more gas.

She bucked up hard, still pleasuring my flesh, stroking my balls now, and let loose a loud wet fart into my sucking mouth. I inhaled the spray and attacked deeper, a trickle of slurry coming out. This was too much.

If I could define sensual, this was it. He pulled out of my mouth and returned to kiss me, sharing my fart and anal wetness with me. Still on my back, he raised my ass in the air high and rubbed his very turgid and wet cock against my glowing anus. Pushing insistently, the rim stretched to allow him access. He didn’t stop and wait, just pushed, gently but firmly, knowing what he wanted. Knowing Dave had fucked me there only hours before made him want to one-up my husband.

He got a few inches in as I groaned with a mix of pleasure and discomfort, he was pretty huge as the shiny head separated my cheeks. With a contorted physicality, he deep kissed me while furthering into my rectum. He then pulled out and quickly released my mouth to spit a gob of drool onto my Betty. Returning to kiss me, holding my tongue in his, he resumed his thrusts, now back in corner, but deeper, up past the second ring. He was in. He felt it.

Trying to keep our kisses, he thrust in and out of my ass with quickened pace. My hand fell to my clit again, still soapy with my recent come. We made a musical rhythm as he pounded my shitter, deeper and wetter each thrust. I loosened enough to begin taking him lovingly all the way into my colon, extending my flexibility, sucking him each push, spitting him out each pull, it got more intense. His pistons began pushing the remaining shit out of my hole, it just squeezed out the corners in little blobs and bolts. He felt this and wipes up some goop and pushed the filthy finger between our locked mouths. I tasted dark chocolate and the earthiness of lust.

I almost reached the point of no return, beginning to pound her incredible ass, but wanted this unfathomable session to last beyond light years. I pulled out of her dumphole, which by now was everything pink, brown, shiny, and stretched, and grabbed her buttocks, pulling them to surround my wild mouth. Her prickly ass hairs were clogged with shit residue, which packed all the way up toward her cunt. The hair was thick and caked with soft waste, smelling of deep sensuality. I sucked those hairs from south to north, filtering out the nutrients and tiny shrimp like a whale’s baleen. I cleaned her glistening pubes and curlies until they were spotless, my mouth dissolving the brown, savoring her sacred substance.

With a dramatic pop, he pulled all the way out and moved over my head, his asshole on my tits, the head of his shit-covered cock on my lips. Without consideration, I just took it back in, deep throating it again, now licking the pudding, my own chocolate, off each crevice. Both of us entirely naked, he got back to his favorite 69 and dove into my bloated anus again, now shimmering in brown film. He licked up the remaining turd and tried to jam it back in me.

As she sucked my face in her cunny, she let go a huge blast, which I literally inhaled and it condensed in my throat, a thick liquid mist that I continued to swallow. I got a piece of log and tried pushing it back into its ass berth, but it broke and smeared up and down that amazing flesh crack. Her hole resembled the most beautiful star-shaped lips, I couldn’t help but kiss it deeply, sucking in every flavor I could, I was frenching her ass mouth with love.

“Oh R, nasty me, dirty me, play with me really dirty, now, goddamnit, fuck, now!” she squealed. With incredible control, I took the remaining piece of Jen’s shit turd from the soiled sheets and pushed it easily into her cunt, slimy still from her husband’s cum; it went all the way in and disappeared. Feeling that fullness, she moaned, “You better fuck my clit! Jam my kitty! Jam my girl cunt.” Obliging, I slid my turgid mansteamer up to my balls, pushing the shit way up her babymaker. Our fucking took on an new spirit as our mouths were reunited in bliss. I pumped her for a long while, she getting her fingers around her clit, frigging pleasure into herself.

She started creaming and moaning, “Oh R, it’s going, uh…uh…oh,” and her breathing became more rapid.

I wanted her so much to come, but I didn’t want to shoot off in her husband-violated cunt. As she moved higher and higher, her pace quickened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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